The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 223: Unleashing His Fighting Abilities

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Chapter 223: Unleas.h.i.+ng His Fighting Abilities

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

"Scram!" shouted Lin Long as he charged.

However, Su Yu did not even need to avoid his attack! He exhibited Wind Shadow Step, and a giant footprint attacked Lin Long's chest!


Lin Long spat a mouthful of blood and gave a horrible shriek. He was sent flying into a cl.u.s.ter of flowers, creating a cloud of pollen and petals.

Lin Long sat up, his expression shocked.

"Immortal-level cultivation technique?" he said. "You? How is it possible? Even I have not managed to learn it. How could you…?"

"Do you want me to do it again?" Su Yu said indifferently.

Lin Long shut his mouth at once.

At the pavilion, everyone was stunned. Their silence seemed to say, A little kid of Dragon Realm Level One actually sent Lin Long flying with a kick?

Unless they were mistaken, Su Yu must have been hiding his true cultivation base. Considering his age—just 15 years old—for him to have such a cultivation base would have made him a rare genius.

Clap, clap, clap—

The arrogant young lady in the red robe stood up and applauded him. She lifted her snow-white chin, looking like an arrogant peac.o.c.k standing on a flight of stairs looking down at Su Yu.

"Not bad," she said. "You are stronger than Lin Long. Who are you? A powerful disciple training with our Lin family? If that is the case, follow me in the future."

Yet another person with an exceedingly high opinion of herself? thought Su Yu.

He shook his head. "I am not anyone related to the Lin family. I only wish to meet the home grandmaster. Please excuse me."

"Stop right there!" said the red-robed young lady, displeased. "You have not answered my question yet! Who are you? I do not wish to repeat my question a second time!"

Su Yu did not even turn his head before disappearing into the flower garden.

"Hong-er, why are you concerning yourself with this kind of people?" Lin Hai said, glaring at Su Yu's back as he left.

Lin Hong was the prettiest woman in the Lin family. Many people wished to earn her favor but did not have the opportunity to do so. Yet a little kid of dubious background had become the first to earn her favor!

Lin Hong shot a glance at Lin Hai with disdain. "Do I need you to interfere in my affairs?"

Lin Hai relented. "I was a busybody," he said. The embarra.s.sment made his heart burn with even more jealousy.

With a guide leading the way, Su Yu came before the home grandmaster's room.

"Home grandmaster," the guard announced to the closed door, "I come bearing an introduction letter from Master Lin. He has recommended a gentleman to train in the Nine Cloud Tower."

The house became quiet for some time. After which, a gust of wind swept past them and dexterously carried the letter into the room via a crack in the door.

The ability made Su Yu blink in surprise. He did not rely on spiritual energy or a cultivation technique. Instead, he controlled the wind from Heaven and Earth to retrieve the item. What kind of skill was that?

After a long time, a dull voice could be heard from the room. "Yes," said the voice. "It is a handwritten letter from Yunhe. Yin Yu, right? You can go ahead. You there, boy, please bring him."

At the entrance of the room, a nine-year-old boy who served as doorkeeper responded to the home grandmaster. He brought Su Yu along with him and left.

After a long time, a sigh could be heard from the room.

"This Yunhe," said the voice. "How many times has it been? How many times has he given the family's resources to outsiders for free? Humph! Please inform the other doorkeepers that from today onwards, if they receive any letters of recommendation from Yunhe, deny that person entry by saying that I am not in!"

There was nothing the guards could do. Su Yu was not the first disciple recommended by Lin Yunhe. In the past, there were some outstanding disciples whom Lin Yunhe felt were promising. However, their family backgrounds were often inadequate, and they lacked resources to train. As Lin Yunhe valued talent above all else, he recommended them to train in the Lin family's Nine Cloud Tower.

Out of consideration for Lin Yunhe's status as the Lin family's honored Great Elder—as well as an influential figure of the Hundred Territories Alliance—the home grandmaster could only exercise forbearance. However, the addition of an outsider meant that there would be one less opportunity for the house's disciples. Hence, this placed the home grandmaster in a difficult position. For this reason, the home grandmaster hatched his plan at the very moment.

"Home grandmaster, should we take this Yin Yu in and nurture him into a genius of the Lin family?" the doorkeeper asked.

Among the outstanding disciples recommended by Lin Yunhe, some of them, indeed, had shocking talents and were taken in by the Lin family to be mentored and nurtured into geniuses. However, such cases were few and far between.

At the age of 15, Su Yu had the abilities to suppress someone of Dragon Realm Level Four Lower Tier. Although his abilities appeared frightening, even this might not be able to catch the eye of the Lin family. There were quite a few disciples in the Lin family who were more outstanding than Su Yu. Hence, there was no need for them to take in an outsider.

"We will discuss this after looking at his performance," concluded the grandmaster.

The small boy guided Su Yu to a copper tower deep inside the Lin family home. The copper tower stretched all the way to the clouds and was surrounded by the clouds of Heaven. Hence, it was known as the Nine Cloud Tower.

"The Nine Cloud Tower contains the earth's core, which is filled with raging flame," said the boy. "Its temperature is extremely high, and it also gives off energy from the earth's core at the same time. Staying in the raging flame for a longer period of time allows one to absorb stronger earth energy, which will allow your cultivation base to progress more."

"Nine Cloud Tower is split into two levels," the boy continued. "The first floor is at ground level, and there are few flames from the earth's core. However, for disciples of Dragon Realm Level Five and below, even that small amount of raging flames is enough. The second floor is one level below ground level, and it is filled with raging flame. Moreover, the earth core's raging flames are unstable and to unexpected changes, making it is extremely dangerous. If you do not have abilities above Dragon Realm Level Five, please do not enter. This tower tests your endurance. The longer you endure, the greater your gains."

"One more thing," said the small boy, expressionlessly. "When opened, the first level can only accommodate nine people, and you must fight for the chance to get in."

Su Yu nodded. "Understood."

Whiz, whiz, whi—

A great number of shadows suddenly flew overhead. Most were young men with whom he was unfamiliar. However, among the crowd, Su Yu discovered three familiar faces. Lin Long, Lin Hai, and Lin Hong had all rushed to Nine Cloud Tower.

Among the disciples of the Lin family, Lin Hong's abilities were the greatest. However, when Su Yu swept his eyes across all the disciples on site, his eyes widened. There were three young men of Dragon Realm Level Five! Among the three of them, one had just turned 20 years old and the remaining two were around 19 years old!

What amazing talents! In the Liuxian Faction, only the Fifth Elder and onward had a cultivation base of Dragon Realm Level Five, and he had only achieved his cultivation base after training for over 80 years. Even though the three people in front of him were not fully 20 years old, they had great abilities! The Lin family hid three shocking geniuses. It was little wonder that the family was, indeed, hailed as the best!

Lin Hai noticed Su Yu with a glance. Su Yu had a magnanimous temperament, unique silver hair, and a mysterious mask. Hence, it was difficult for him not to attract the attention of other people.

Lin Hai's face became hostile at once. "It's you!" he said. "You are actually here to compete with us for the resources from the Nine Cloud Tower of our Lin family?"

After hearing what was said, the other Lin family members were filled with a similar hostility. Only Su Yu remained composed, saying leisurely, "I am recommended by Elder Lin Yunhe to come here. Do you have any comments?"

Lin Hai gave an angry grunt. "Lin Yunhe? Again? He's just a meddlesome old b.a.s.t.a.r.d!"

Eh? Su Yu frowned slightly and his gaze gradually became cold. "I do not know about the factions within your family. However, Lin Yunhe is an elder of your family, and you should speak kindly of him. A big family should have the manners of a big family!"

Su Yu was grateful to Lin Yunhe for recognizing his talents. Now, Lin Yunhe was vilified by a junior, and Su Yu could not remain neutral.

Lin Hai had a lot of complaints towards Su Yu. After hearing what was said, he became filled with anger. He separated the crowd, walked over fiercely, and berated coldly, "Do I need you, an outsider, to meddle in my own family? Realize your own ident.i.ty. Who do you think you are that you can interfere with the Lin family's affairs?"

"Even if I am someone insignificant," Su Yu said without pa.s.sion, "I am still better than someone who does not know how to respect his elders!"

Lin Hai glared at Su Yu. "You dare to be presumptuous of my Lin family? You really do not know how death word is spelled! Seems like if I don't wake you up, you will still be unable to understand what situation you are in!"

Lin Hong thought particularly highly of Su Yu. As a result, Lin Hai was burning with jealousy. He was just asking for a reason to lay his hands on Su Yu, and the geniuses of the Lin family had no intentions of stopping him. Although they felt that Lin Hai was being unreasonable, even the most accommodating among them was uncomfortable with the thought of their training resources being used by an outsider.


Lin Hai made his move. He took out a sword in an instant and swung it toward Su Yu's head!

"Sky Slicing Sword!"

In a split second, the sword glowed like fireworks. It carried a piercingly cold cutting edge, as if its blade could scar the very horizon. The Lin family's disciples watched in awe. Even a few of the Dragon Realm Level Five martial artists nodded their heads in commendation.

"As expected of the Great Elder's grandson," said one. "He has actually managed to comprehend a small part of Sky Slicing Sword—one of the three immortal-level cultivation techniques of the family—and he has high hopes of achieving Stage One!"

"If an immortal-level cultivation technique has been exhibited, who would fight him?" commented another.

The power of an immortal-level cultivation technique was extraordinary and unsurpa.s.sed, allowing one a fighting chance even against someone of a greater cultivation base.

"Little kid!" cried Lin Hai. "Do you think you are the only one who knows immortal-level cultivation technique? Eat my attack!"

Su Yu had a dull gaze. He lashed out with his leg.

"Wind Shadow Step!"


A huge footprint appeared! The footprint and the glowing sword collided between them. However, the outcome exceeded all expectations.


The footprint was annihilated, and a thread of remaining light from the sword continued toward Su Yu's face! Although it was only a remnant of the full attack, it could still kill!

Su Yu's expression changed slightly. As he retreated, his White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe shook.

Clang, clang—

The White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe emitted a cold spark, and a shallow mark was left behind. It had successfully blocked Lin Hai's attack!

Rub, rub, rub—

Su Yu was forced by the sword energy to retreat by three steps, and his chest tingled.

Lin Long, who had been hit by Su Yu's Wind Shadow Step attack before, wore a mocking smile. "That's all you've got, isn't it?" he said. "By secretly learning a small part of an immortal-level cultivation technique from somewhere, you think you have become someone great?"

Lin Hong was a bit disappointed and shook her head, muttering, "Seems like he is nothing more than this!"

Lin Hai smiled coldly and quickly followed up with another attack.

"Your armor is not bad," he said. "I will like to see how long you can last!"

His sword glowed again. He did not give Su Yu any chance. Every one of his moves was ruthless!

Su Yu's expression iced over. "Well," he said. "It seems I do not need to hold back anymore!"

He shook his wrist, and the meteorite bracelet fell silently. But when that seemingly ordinary bracelet hit the ground…

Rumble, rumble—

The Earth shook ferociously, as if a giant mountain had fallen, and the ground sank three meters deep beneath the bracelet. The huge crack extended in all directions.

All the Lin family's disciples stiffened, stupefied on the spot! This mysterious n.o.bleman had been fighting with Lin Hai while carrying such a frightening weight? Training while carrying such an extremely heavy load was insane!

After training with the bracelet for one month, this was the first time Su Yu had removed the extremely heavy meteorite bracelet since first placing it on his wrist. The blood energy and spiritual energy that was constrained in his body were released to an unprecedented level. It was as if a great river had shattered a dam within him, and the water flowed powerfully.

His cultivation base, which had been constrained, was restored abruptly! His body at once became hungry and thirsty, causing it to insatiably absorb the spiritual energy from Heaven and Earth! All the spiritual energy within a half a mile radius of Su Yu was absorbed. His cultivation base, which was supposed to be Dragon Realm Level Three Lower Tier, made a breakthrough to Dragon Realm Level Three Upper Tier! That was the benefit of carrying the heaviest load one could bear!

At that moment, Lin Hai's sword headed for Su Yu. The cutting edge was swift and fierce. It dispersed the silver hair in front of Su Yu's forehead with a gust of wind and revealed the icy-cold expression in his eyes.

"Wind Shadow Step!"

The abilities of Su Yu, now released from his restraints, rose exponentially. It was the same immortal-level cultivation technique, but when exhibited at the pinnacle of his condition, its abilities rose by a level!


A 30-foot-wide footprint stamped toward the ground from the sky! When the footprint and glowing sword collided this time around, the glowing sword did not even manage to pierce the footprint. It was extinguished by the footprint as the footprint stamped onto it—and the footprint landed on Lin Hai's chest!



Lin Hai screamed, gasped in astonishment, spat blood, and was sent flying. Several of his ribs were cracked on the spot.

The change in Su Yu's abilities, before and after removing the bracelet, was like the difference between two unique people! The Lin family's disciples were stunned.

Su Yu squatted down and picked up his meteorite bracelet calmly. He did so much as not look at Lin Hai. It was as if defeating him was not even an achievement worth mentioning.

The Lin family's disciples watched, all wondering, How strong is this silver-haired youngster?

However, at that moment, a shadow flew out from the Nine Cloud Tower.

"You have behaved atrociously at an important place in my Lin family!" rebuked the shadow. "I will not forgive you!"

A lump of shocking, murderous aura swept out from the tower and abruptly locked onto Su Yu! Only someone of the Immortal Realm possessed an aura that strong.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 223: Unleashing His Fighting Abilities

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