The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 257: Returning the Debt of Blood

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Chapter 257: Returning the Debt of Blood

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Yu extended his hand and wiped the tear-stains from Zi Yunxiang's face. He then had an extremely cold expression. "I, Su Yu, will definitely avenge Housemaster Zi!"

He would kill Han Jianglin with his own hands!

Zi Yunxiang shed tears quietly and allowed Su Yu to help her wipe them off. In her heart, she was moved, and her tearful eyes turned hazy: "Thank… you…"

Su Yu became silent for some time. With a glance from the corner of his eyes, he realized that there was a distinct crack left behind in the Tai Chi Fish on his neck.

"What is this Yin-Yang Fish?" Su Yu questioned.

During the dire situation, it had been the s.p.a.ce energy hidden within the Yin-Yang Fish which had transported them and allowed them to escape. Zi Yunxiang lifted her eyes. As she closed her mouth, she took out a pendant from her neckband. Impressively, it was also a Tai Chi Fish. Su Yu's Tai Chi Fish was black in color while Zi Yunxiang's was white. When both of the Tai Chi Fishes were pieced together, it formed a perfect Tai Chi diagram.

"This is my Zi family's heirloom," she explained. "It is an incomplete divine artifact which contains s.p.a.ce energy and can transport someone with it to another s.p.a.ce a small distance away. Originally, it was supposed to be my dowry…" As Zi Yunxiang said this, her beautiful face became slightly red.

That day, when Housemaster Zi had bestowed the black Tai Chi Fish to Su Yu, Zi Yunxiang had given an unusual expression. However, Su Yu had not noticed at the time. That item was supposed to be given the Zi family's future son-in-law, but Su Yu had accepted it ignorantly.

In an instant, Su Yu's hands felt heavy. Even though they had only met for the first time—and with the fact that he was recommended by Lin Yunhe—Zi Donglai had confided in him to such an extent?

Su Yu was unable to repay his debt of grat.i.tude for Zi Donglai's recognition and appreciation.

"So, Housemaster had already antic.i.p.ated and made arrangements for this…" Su Yu sighed lightly.

Zi Donglai had bestowed two treasures used to help Su Yu escape. Perhaps, at that time, Zi Donglai already had a bad premonition and had made preparations for it. However, if Zi Donglai had left the treasure for himself, it was evident that he would not have needed to die. Instead, he had pa.s.sed the hope of living to Su Yu! Su Yu did not know how to repay him for such affection and grat.i.tude.

"There is another use for this pair of jade pendants, and that is mutual detection," Zi Yunxiang added. "If used within an appropriate range, we can set the destination of the transportation mutually. Within a 100-mile range, I can be transported to your location at any time, and you can also be transported to my location. However, this can only be used twice. After which, the s.p.a.ce energy within the jade pendants will disappear."

In other words, within 100 miles, Su Yu could easily return to their current location. As expected of the incomplete divine artifact.

Su Yu nodded his head and looked around. "Where is the Ouyang family grandmaster? I wish to thank him personally." If not for the Ouyang family's selfless repayment, Su Yu would have become an icy corpse long ago.

"They already headed to the location of the Alliance Meet," said Zi Yunxiang.

With the existence of Han Jianglin, would Ouyang Long dare give himself away?

"Alliance Meet? It has already begun?" Su Yu's pupils shrank.


Su Yu got up abruptly.

"What are you doing?" Zi Yunxiang said, surprised.

Su Yu's eyes were glowing with a cold light. "I am of course going to settle the debt of blood first!"

"Wait for me!"

After leaving behind a sentence, Su Yu left the secret room.

At the Beast Fighting Arena, an audience of 100,000 had gathered again. The elimination compet.i.tion that had occurred three days ago was brilliant, as wonderful matches occurred one after another. Not only were the Three Great Legends' shocking abilities extremely amazing, but there were also a few dark horses who left a great impression on many people. The crossed-eyed, yellow-teethed Huang Xiaoyan, the cold and heartless Wu Yaoyue, the unfathomable Yin Yu, and a strange person known only as Nameless!

In the antic.i.p.ation of the 100,000-strong audience, the partic.i.p.ants who had been pa.s.sed the elimination compet.i.tion entered the arena. There were a total of 100 of them. Unsurprisingly, they would be successful in entering the Shentian Manor.

The Liuxian Faction Master's face was filled with an expression of deep grat.i.tude. He stared at his disciple, Ji Hongxue, whom he who was so proud of.

Ji Hongxue was Dragon Realm Level Three. When combined with immortal-level cultivation techniques, without falling short of expectations, he had succeeded in fighting into the top 100.

In the history of Liuxian faction, apart from An Yurou, a second Shentian Manor disciple appeared. This led the Liuxian Faction Master, who had pent-up grievances in his heart, to reveal a shred of happiness for the first time.

As the Liuxian Faction Master recalled Su Yu, he looked around at the 100 disciples in the arena and could not help but shake his head. "So what if you are extremely gifted? The Shentian Manor is a place for development. It is only a matter of time before Ji Hongxue you."

After having a reasonable thought, the Liuxian Faction Master felt refreshed, and he was filled with hopes for the future again.


Han Jianglin descended atop the Masters' stage and attracted the attention of everyone. "As Housemaster Zi is currently predisposed, he has left the Alliance City. Today, I will run the ranking compet.i.tion."

When the audience looked around, it was not only Housemaster Zi who was not present. Also missing were Lin Lengjian, the head referee three days ago, the Feng family grandmaster, and the Zeng family grandmaster.

"In addition, there is another matter that is very regretful," Han Jianglin said. "The following people, Mister Feng Yue, Feng Yuelin, Zhao Wuming, Tan Duanfei, are also predisposed and have given up on the compet.i.tion. In addition, because of their abilities, Zi Yunxiang and Yin Yu admitted defeat willingly."

Once those words came out of his mouth, the audience was in an uproar. How could so many of those geniuses be absent for the compet.i.tion? Moreover, they were a group of geniuses that were considered first-rate.

The Liuxian Faction Master was slightly stunned. He did not have a deep impression of the rest of the people. However, he did have a deep impression of the young man known as Yin Yu in his memory. Apart from the rest, Yin Yu was one of the few dark horse geniuses who came from outside the Alliance City. As a force from outside the Alliance City, the Liuxian Faction Master could not help but feel surprised and have a good impression of him. What force could have nurtured such an unmatched genius?

Han Jianglin pressed his hand and declared, "With that, the compet.i.tion shall officially begin now—"

However, before his words had landed on the audience, indifferent laughter drifted down from the sky.

"Alliance Master Han," said a cold, raspy voice, "when did I say that I would admit defeat and withdraw from the compet.i.tion?"

From the horizon, a Moon White, Long-Robed young man flew over hurriedly.


As his legs descended upon the arena, a distinct figure appeared. Silver-faced, silver-haired, and a White Moon Ice Spiritual Robe—who else could it be besides Yin Yu?

The stunning scene could not help but cause the audience to make wild guesses.

Han Jianglin's gaze gradually narrowed. "You actually dare to come?"

"Why not?" Su Yu replied calmly. "Could it be that Alliance Master Han threatened me and my group of people so that we would not partic.i.p.ate in the compet.i.tion?"

Han Jianglin's expression turned slightly cold. He cast aside his coldness and quickly switched to a dull expression. "This means I have made a mistake. Enter the group quickly and prepare to go up to the arena!"

Under the attention of 100,000 people, how could he kill Su Yu on the spot? However, Su Yu's appearance was extremely unexpected! The families under Han Jianglin's command were extremely shocked as well. Su Yu, whom they had been tracking for three days to no avail, had actually appeared at their current location!

The hands and feet of the geniuses, with Lin Aojue as their head, who had prepared to fight, felt icy cold! The b.l.o.o.d.y scene of Su Yu slaughtering the geniuses of the Alliance City and killing three elders of the Immortal Realm remained clear in their minds!

"The compet.i.tion will begin now!"

The battles between the 100 people were carried out in ten arenas. At the arena that Su Yu was at, there were very few opponents who were a match for him, and he successfully rose into the top ten. As for Ji Hongxue, he was eliminated. His abilities were at the level of the seventies and eighties.

When Ji Hongxue returned to the battle observation stage, his snow-like face was ruddy, and unfading intentions to fight remained in his eyes. "This is so satisfying! It is impossible to experience this kind of hearty battle in the Liuxian Faction! If only Junior Su were here. With his abilities, he might even fight into the top 50…"

Realizing his mistake, Ji Hongxue's words ceased abruptly. At the Liuxian Faction, Su Yu's name was taboo. The faction ordered strictly that no one mention his name. If not, the person would be punished severely!

The very subject of Su Yu was off limits. Everyone knew of his existence. However, no one dared to mention his existence. Even after thousands and hundreds of years, in the history of Liuxian Faction, Su Yu would still remain a legend who was unmentionable. That b.l.o.o.d.y and dark past event had caused his name to be buried in the dust of history.

The Liuxian Faction Master wore a complex expression, and he sighed lightly. Ji Hongxue had carelessly touched the pain in his master's heart, and he changed the subject hurriedly. "Master, what kind of forces nurtured the three dark horses, Yin Yu, Wu Yaoyue, and Huang Xiaoyan? They are so amazing."

The Liuxian Faction Master's gaze stopped at Su Yu, and he nodded his head slowly. "The bodies of the other two of them have a barbarous and remote aura. They should be disciples nurtured by forces near the Dark Moon Forest. That Yin Yu, however, is extremely mysterious. He does not emit even the slightest bit of his aura, and I cannot tell his origin at all. Thinking about it, he should be nurtured by an extremely huge force from outside the Alliance City. If not, it is difficult to imagine that an extremely brilliant genius would appear from within the Hundred Territories." When the Liuxian Faction Master mentioned Yin Yu, he could not conceal his admiration.

Ji Hongxue turned his head and looked over. His eyes were filled with respect. "He is indeed unfathomable."

Nameless, Lin Aojue, Wu Yaoyue, Huang Xiaoyan, Ouyang Yuxin, Li Yan, Su Yu, and three others qualified for the Ten Great Compet.i.tion.

"First match, Yin Yu versus Lin Aojue!"

The number plates randomly thrown by the referee caused the whole place to become excited at once.

"It's just the first match, and we get to see Lin Aojue!"

"What is even more interesting is that it is the both of them again!"

"During the elimination compet.i.tion, Lin Aojue felt that it was beneath his dignity to fight with Yin Yu. Hence, he admitted defeat straight away and caused Yin Yu to lose all his face."

"Today, they come across each other again. This will definitely be interesting."


Two shadows flew onto the arena stage.

Su Yu looked at the distant Han Jianglin, and his face wore a cold smile.

Fixed ranking?

Su Yu withdrew his gaze and shot it toward Lin Aojue coldly.

Su Yu did not say anything. Even though it was just a gaze, it caused Lin Aojue to feel as if he was frozen in a freezer locker, and his whole body grew frigid! It was as if he had seen that in the next moment, his head would be smashed into pieces by a finger!

Having understood their difference clearly, Lin Aojue kept his mouth shut, turned his body and walked down from the arena!

This scene caused the audience on site to look at each other in blank dismay.

"Lin Aojue… He… admitted defeat again?"

"For the second time!" laughed one onlooker. "That Yin Yu must be extremely depressed, right?"

"If I were him, I would lose all my face as well. For two times, the other party felt that it was beneath his dignity to fight."

The Liuxian Faction Master sighed. "In the end, Lin Aojue is more superior to him. It can only be considered unlucky that Yin Yu came across him."

Ji Hongxue felt the same way, deep down. "After all, he is the head of the Three Great Legends, and he possesses the qualities to be wildly arrogant."

The audience probably felt either sympathy for Su Yu or took pleasure in his misfortune.

However, at that moment, Su Yu said coldly, "Who allowed you to go down? Come back!"

Lin Aojue's footsteps paused, and his heart trembled abruptly.

Having felt that Su Yu's words were aggressive, Lin Aojue could only feel ashamed. He came to a standstill at his position, turned his head and said, "I have already gone down from the arena. What else do you want?"

Su Yu said: "What is the meaning of you going down from the arena?"

Lin Aojue clenched his fists, and his lips wriggled for some time. He then opened his lips with some difficulty. "Of course, I am… admitting defeat!"

The two words "admitting defeat" were like a disgrace toward him, and he found it difficult to open his mouth. Previously, he had admitted defeat to Su Yu because he felt that it was beneath his dignity to have a match with him. Now, it was because he did not dare to have a match with Su Yu!

"If you wish to admit defeat, get up to the arena and admit defeat in front of everyone!" Su Yu shouted coldly. "You kept silent and walked down. Who knows what you are doing?"

Lin Aojue grew slightly furious. "You! Don't a.s.sume too much!" It was evident that Su Yu intended to humiliate him!

"As the Alliance Master's unofficial disciple, you don't even dare to admit defeat in front of everyone?" Su Yu reb.u.t.ted fiercely. "Is it because you feel that your ident.i.ty is magnanimous? Is it because you feel that you cannot allow yourself to be disgraced? Or is it because you feel that you cannot afford to lose? If you cannot afford to lose, don't come to the arena. Hide among your Lin family, hide behind the Alliance Master, look at the sky from the bottom of a well and become a narrow-minded person!"

When had Lin Aojue even been reprimanded like this, in front of everyone? Only with Su Yu!

Atop the Masters' stage, Han Jianglin's gaze became narrower, and murderous intents flowed from his eyes.

Su Yu was not humiliating Lin Aojue. Su Yu was obviously humiliating Han Jianglin!

Han Jianglin restored his expression back to normal and said coldly, "Yin Yu, know your limits!"

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 257: Returning the Debt of Blood

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