The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 259: The Ten Great Bodyguards

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Chapter 259: The Ten Great Bodyguards

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio


The spiritual energy that he emitted was thirty Chinese feet long. It dispelled the 300-foot long sword energy on the spot. Wu Yaoyue was. .h.i.t by an electrical attack. He was then sent flying and he fell down the arena!

Wu Yaoyue was defeated!

Even though the last form of Three Forms Blood Sword had achieved the power of a Dragon Realm Level Seven Peak, it was also conquered! The other party was an Immortal Realm genius who had kept his abilities deeply hidden!

"Who is that? Which force nurtured such a young genius of the Immortal Realm?"

Nameless's abilities were absolutely matchless.

Su Yu's eyes were filled with an expression of deep contemplation. Who exactly is Nameless?

Han Jianglin revealed a grinning expression. He looked as though he was drinking tea leisurely. The outcome of the match seemed to be within his expectation.

The referee was shocked for some time, then declared the outcome of the duel.

"Next match, Yin Yu versus Wu Yaoyue!"


Wu Yaoyue stared at Nameless deeply, and a dissatisfied expression remained in his eyes. With the addition of the divine artifact, he could fight with someone three tiers above him. However, he was still defeated! Moreover, the reason was that the other party was a genius of the Immortal Realm!

"Wu Yaoyue, you're up!" Seeing that Wu Yaoyue was unconcerned, the referee frowned and repeated his instructions.

Wu Yaoyue seemed unwilling to remove his gaze from Nameless. He did not even glance at Su Yu, who was atop the arena. He turned his body expressionlessly and headed outside the Beast Fighting Arena.

As for Huang Xiaoyan, she turned her head and stared at Su Yu. After which, she accompanied Wu Yaoyue and left together with him.

"Wu Yaoyue! If you do not come up to the arena, you would be disqualified from the compet.i.tion!" The referee declared.

Wu Yaoyue did not even turn his head. He walked straight to the outside of the Beast Fighting Arena. Only when his figure was about to disappear did he leave behind some buoyant words: "If I cannot attain number one, then this compet.i.tion is meaningless to me. If all of you like to fight, go ahead. I withdraw from the compet.i.tion!"

The audience was in an uproar. The Alliance Meet was quite famous, and the young men who gained achievements here would be seen as heroes. However, a genius like Wu Yaoyue, who defied the natural order, actually gave up on the compet.i.tion!

Moreover, there was also Huang Xiaoyan, who did not feel reluctant to leave in the slightest bit! Could it be that they were not concerned about the Shentian Manor, either?

After everyone remained silent for some time, the referee declared, "Wu Yaoyue has withdrawn from the compet.i.tion. Su Yu is victorious!"

For the second time in a row, Su Yu won unaccountably. Lin Aojue had admitted defeat, and Wu Yaoyue had withdrawn from the compet.i.tion. Su Yu had not fought at all!

There were many people who felt resentful.

"It is unaccountable that he could also rise in rank in this way!" some murmured.

Nameless stood with his hands clasped behind his back, standing beneath the arena. He closed his mouth slightly and revealed an indifferent and mocking expression. "Your luck is impressive."

During the match three days ago, Nameless had been there. Hence, how could he not understand that Lin Aojue and Wu Yaoyue were both not Su Yu's equal? At the very moment, he denounced Su Yu intentionally in front of everyone by telling them that Su Yu had come this far because of his luck.

Su Yu raised his eyes and looked over. He then gave a cold hum. "Luck? A person whose ranking has been fixed has the right to talk about the luck of someone else?"

Nameless smiled just indifferently as before. "Fixed? Who said my ranking was fixed? You have slandered me venomously in front of everyone. Do you really think that no one will dare to do anything about you? In this world, you can eat whatever you want, but you cannot say irresponsible words without consequences!"

Su Yu could not help but laugh. "I slandered you venomously? Can I ask, why are Mister Feng Yue and Feng Yuelin not present for the compet.i.tion? Can I ask, where did head referee Lin Lengjian and the Feng family grandmaster go? Why not let me tell everyone why they are not here?"

Nameless' expression changed wildly, this time. Now, he dared not talk back.

"You cannot continue your speech? Then just keep your mouth shut!" Su Yu snapped.

Nameless's cheek muscles flexed slightly, and he glared firmly at Su Yu. However, he did not dare to continue to confront him.

Atop the Masters' stage, Han Jianglin's expression was dark and cold. He then revealed a thread of inconspicuous murderous intents. "Yin Yu, if no one taught you to speak and act cautiously, then I don't mind teaching you on behalf of your master."

He gathered a lump of spiritual energy within his palm secretly. He could make his move any time and kill Su Yu from a long distance away.

After hearing what was said, Su Yu laughed loudly. "Are you threatening me?"

Han Jianglin's expression became even darker and colder. "I am only teaching you how to be a person."

Su Yu laughed humorlessly. "I do not need a perfidious villain to teach me how to be a person!"

Han Jianglin's expression became even more bitter. Had Su Yu actually scolded him by calling him perfidious? And in front of all these people?

"Do you know how serious it is to defame the Alliance Master?" Han Jianglin waited to take action, as he had already made his preparations.

Su Yu laughed again. "Defame you? I am merely stating the facts! Although you have organized the Alliance Meet, you could not bear to hand over the Flesh Regeneration Elixirs. Hence, you won over the ten strongest martial artists and also arranged their rankings as well. Can I ask if this kind of person is perfidious? You promised to restore the Hundred Territories Alliance along with Housemaster Zi. Yet, at the moment when the Housemaster was severely injured, you took advantage of that opportunity to kill him. Can I ask if this kind of person is perfidious? If a person like you is not considered perfidious, then there would not be a single evil person in the world!"

The words fell hard in the arena, echoing loudly as everyone present attempted to take in this shocking story that had gone on behind the scenes. The 100,000-strong audience was astonished. They looked at one another repeatedly and became frightened.

Could Yin Yu be telling the truth? Controlling the compet.i.tion was a small matter. However, killing Housemaster Zi was a monumental accusation! Could it be that harm had come Housemaster Zi's way?

Recalled Housemaster Zi's abrupt absence from the Alliance Meet's final segment, everyone became filled with suspicion at once. The pupils of Nameless and Han Jianglin both shrank. How excessively bold was Su Yu! He actually dared to reveal the truth!


Han Jianglin banged the table and stood up. His whole face was filled with anger, and he shouted with the force of justice, "Presumptuous! A mere junior actually dares to slander the alliance! Men, capture him!"

With a shout, ten people rushed out with a whoos.h.i.+ng sound from each and every corner of the Beast Fighting Arena. They wore black-colored armor and were filled with murderous intents. They were all strong martial artists of Dragon Realm Level Seven!

The audience gasped. "The Alliance Master's personal bodyguards!"

It was rumored that the Alliance Master had nurtured a group of bodyguards who followed him everywhere throughout the year. There were ten people in the group of bodyguards. Every one of them was a strong martial artist of Dragon Realm Level Seven. Normally, they would have been the reserves of the Deputy Alliance Master.

Su Yu laughed coldly and questioned in reply, "Your true colors are about to be exposed, so you fly into a rage out of shame?"

Murderous intents were hidden within Han Jianglin's expression!

Nameless' expression changed greatly. "Insolent brat! You have created confusion in this compet.i.tion again and again!"

The audience gradually regained their senses. Most of them found it difficult to believe that the Alliance Master whom they respected would do such an earth-shaking thing.

"Yin Yu, don't try to be presumptuous. You actually dared to vilify the Alliance Master in front of everyone!"

Some began to laugh. "Yin Yu! You are too presumptuous! How can the Alliance Master tolerate your vilification! After all, he is a dignified Alliance Master. Why would he be concerned about a few elixirs?"

Furious rebukes could be heard, one after another. The words that Su Yu had said in front of everyone had angered many people who were loyal and devoted to Han Jianglin!

Having been spat upon by everyone, Su Yu looked up to Heaven and gave a long and mournful cry. "A group of ignorant people! Since all of you are so certain, then I will let all of you see his true colors!"

After his speech, Su Yu swept his cold eyes around the area and shot his gaze toward Nameless.

"Get up here! Let me see who are you exactly!" Su Yu gave a cold hum.

Su Yu had always felt that Nameless was extremely mysterious, as there was a layer of inconspicuous uncertainty about him. Combined with his frightening cultivation base, Su Yu was more or less sure that there was something strange about Nameless. If there were really such a genius, why was there not the slightest bit of rumor regarding him?

To everyone's surprise, Nameless was not moved by Su Yu's demand. He gave a cold hum. "Are you worthy of having a match with me?"

Su Yu laughed coldly. "Why? Are you so scared you don't dare to have a match with me? Just now, didn't you say that I relied on luck? Why don't you dare to have a match with me? Didn't you brag that you are the number one in the alliance? Didn't you always say that your opponent's moves are insignificant? Why don't you dare to fight?"

Nameless' expression turned dark. "Does a treasonous criminal like you have the right to have a match with me? Allow yourself to be arrested without putting a fight at once and wait for your verdict!"

"If you don't dare to fight, so be it. Why are you still being so talkative?" Su Yu scoffed. "A person who does not even have the courage to pick up a fight still has the face to stand at the top of the Alliance Meet. If I say that your ranking is not fixed, who would believe me?"

Nameless gritted his teeth. He felt hatred but also a shred of fear. To him, Su Yu's Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters was frighteningly powerful. Under such a situation, he really did not dare to have a match with Su Yu face to face!

"Do you only know how to launch a surprise attack?" Su Yu laughed as he walked down from the arena and moved quickly toward Nameless. "Since you don't dare to come up, then I will come down!"

Nameless' eyebrows twitched. His eyes were filled with struggle, and he was unsure whether he should fight!

At that moment, atop the arena, Han Jianglin spoke up. "Humph! Who allowed you to continue partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion? I hereby declare that Yin Yu has violated the rules of the Alliance Meet and is disqualified from the compet.i.tion!" His eyes were overflowing with a thread of murderous intents. "Bodyguards, capture him! If he dares to resist, kill him on the spot with the authority of the law!" Han Jianglin shouted loudly.

Whiz, whiz, whiz—

The ten Dragon Realm Level Seven bodyguards came together from all directions with murderous intents and surrounded Su Yu in the middle.

Su Yu laughed: "A group-attack strategy to force me to wear myself out with my secret technique?"

Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters could not be used too many times. Han Jianglin and Nameless, who had been there that day, had surely made note of this fact. It was impossible to capture Su Yu alive with the abilities of the ten bodyguards. Their only chance was to wear out the troublesome Buddhist Saint's Eight Characters.

Nameless's heart became slightly more relaxed. He regained his confidence again and stood with his hands clasped behind his back outside the circle of bodyguards surrounding Su Yu. He then said coldly, "What a joke! It's not that I don't dare. It's because I feel that it is beneath my dignity to have a fight with you! Your level is too low. Hence, it is difficult for me to whip up the courage to have a match with you. Why not let these bodyguards do it on my behalf?"

It was evident that he feared Su Yu. However, he bragged unashamedly at the moment.

As Nameless spoke, he reclined at the edge of the arena leisurely and said, with a sarcastic smile, "You can begin now. I will give some comments and criticism accordingly."

The ten bodyguards made their moves openly! The person who made his move first was a strong martial artist of Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier.


His palms swept past his waist, and numerous darts appeared on his palm at once. There was a pitch-black color glowing at the tips of the darts, and one could tell that it was a deadly poison from a look!

Whiz, whiz—

He flicked his wrists. Three darts created fragmentary shadows in the sky in succession and headed straight for Su Yu's face.

Su Yu did not have time to react. The darts pierced through him on the spot!

"You are nothing more than this!" The Dragon Realm Level Seven bodyguard shook his head slightly, his face filled with disdain.


However, at that moment, Su Yu's silhouette—which had been pierced through—vanished into thin air! It was a fragmentary shadow!

The bodyguard's heart skipped a beat, and his expression changed greatly at once! Not good! By the time he reacted, it was already too late!

"Too slow!" A cold hum drifted to him from behind his back!

The bodyguard's whole body turned stiff, and his pupils shrank. When he turned his head back rigidly, there was a figure with unfolded, white wings 1,000 feet broad, standing quietly ten feet behind him!

His speed was too frightening. Under a situation where the bodyguard did not notice, he had actually circled behind him!


Su Yu did not give the bodyguard any chances. He attacked with his palm and sent the bodyguard flying with a serious injury! One move! He defeated a Dragon Realm Level Seven Lower Tier with one move!

The audience was stunned.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 259: The Ten Great Bodyguards

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