The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 279: The Historical Moment

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Chapter 279: The Historical Moment

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Looking at Yinyu Manor, the person who was weak was not Su Yu, who tolerated the humiliation. Instead, it was those who were filled with indignation!

When Hong Mo behaved unscrupulously, they only used words to go against him. Moreover, no one dared to stand up and use actions against him.

The fiercer the words against him they publicly p.r.o.nounced, the more cowardice they concealed secretly within their hearts.

However, looking at Su Yu, he did not really speak to Hong Mo fiercely. Instead, he used his actions to prove everything.

They were once disappointed with the Palace Master's "cowardice". However, in actual fact, they were the real cowards!

Fan Haisheng's old face turned slightly red, and he said sincerely, like before: "However, even if that were the case, by killing the special envoy, we will destroy the relations.h.i.+p between the Yinyu Area and Fengqing Area, which will result into a war between both sides."

After hearing what was said, Su Yu laughed, really coldly.

"If Palace Master Feng Qing is really concerned about the relations.h.i.+p between our areas, would he give such an imperial edict? If he is really concerned about the relations.h.i.+p between our areas, would he send an impudent person to insult us wantonly?"

"Since he is not concerned about the relations.h.i.+p between our areas, what are you still concerned about? Are you thinking from Yinyu Area's point of view or Fengqing Area's point of view?"

This continuous questioning caused Fan Haisheng to become extremely embarra.s.sed.

That's right. In Palace Master Feng Qing's eyes, the Yinyu Area was merely an official under an emperor that was at his beck and call.

At that very moment, Palace Master Feng Qing had forced them up to their very doorstep. However, they were still concerned about the relations.h.i.+p between the two areas. Putting it in a good way, they were thinking from the other party's point of view. Putting it in a bad way, they were traitors, where their people were at Yinyu Area while their hearts belonged to the Fengqing Area!

In essence, Yinyu Area had just been established. Hence, they did not have any sense of belonging to it and were subconsciously under the impression that they were still under the charge of Fengqing Area, which managed their area on behalf of the Palace Master that had yet to come.

Everyone on-site had no more questions.

Su Yu's cold eyes looked towards Hong Mo, who wore a pale expression.


Without hesitation, Hong Mo s.h.i.+vered with fear and made his escape!

This Palace Master Yin Yu was too ruthless and daring!

At that very moment, Hong Mo's heart was filled with indescribable regret. If he had known that the special envoy's ident.i.ty was worthless in front of Su Yu, would he dare to have been so arrogant?

"Palace Master Yin Yu, I am just acting under orders, I hope you understand!" As Hong Mo escaped, he turned back and said sternly.

Su Yu exhibited his white wings, chased Hong Mo with his full strength, and said coldly: "Asking me to kneel down and receive the imperial edict was also Palace Master Feng Qing's order? Occupying my seat forcefully was also Palace Master Feng Qing's order? Injuring my men was also Palace Master Feng Qing's order? s.n.a.t.c.hing the woman in my Manor was also Palace Master Feng Qing's order?"

"The moment you charged into the Manor, you should have understood that your life no longer belonged to you!"


Su Yu caught up with him in an instant, and a finger of Thunder Star Finger struck his chest while he was giving a horrible shriek.

After which, Su Yu lifted up his finger slightly. His Divine Ice Threads became a long sword, beheading him on the spot.

Rustle, rustle, rustle-

Su Yu unfolded the imperial edict that had been beautified with peach blossoms by Palace Mast Feng Qing. He dipped his hands in blood, removed the peach blossoms, and left behind these b.l.o.o.d.y words:

"You have achieved your objective, bring it on!"

It was obvious that the imperial edict, as well as the bossy Hong Mo, were arranged by Palace Master Feng Qing intentionally. His motive was to anger Su Yu and make him kill the special envoy, so that he could create a false impression that Su Yu had provoked him unilaterally, causing the relations.h.i.+ps of both sides to be destroyed as a result.

As such, it would be justifiable for Palace Master Feng Qing to make a move on Su Yu.

Su Yu understood his objective when Hong Mo appeared in his area.

It could be said that this was an overt plot.

If Su Yu were to tolerate it, he would lose all trust among the ten Deputy Palace Masters.

If Su Yu were to not tolerate it, it would give Palace Master Feng Qing a reason to make a move personally.

Rather than cowering in fear, Su Yu chose the latter option, forging on and undeterred by the dangers ahead!

"Within three days, send both the human head and the order over to the Fengqing Area!"

Upon hearing this, the heart of the audience became cold!

A great battle was about to occur!

Comparing abilities, Palace Master Feng Qing's alone were extraordinary and far above Su Yu's. Moreover, he had countless strong martial artists under him.

Looking at Su Yu, he had just taken over Yinyu Area, and an announcement had not even been made yet to the residents of Yinyu Area.

With such a great difference in abilities, was there any need to talk about going head to head with Palace Master Feng Qing?

"Give an announcement to the whole Yinyu Area. Five days from now, we will hold an Offering Ceremony! Using that opportunity, we will officially name this area as Yinyu Area!" Su Yu lifted his head and looked at the nameless giant stone tablet in the middle of the city.

Every Palace Master's city, in every area, had that stone tablet.

When an Area Master descended and bestowed a name upon the area, the city would be completely under his control.

Su Yu had just a.s.sumed the position of Area Master, and most people in the area did not know the existence of Palace Master Yin Yu.

Hence, five days later, the paying of tribute once every month was the best opportunity for Su Yu to show himself and bestow a name upon the Nameless Area!

During that occasion, if he could get the thousands of people to pledge allegiance to him, he would not need to worry about not being able to recruit strong martial artists to serve the Yinyu Manor.

Hence, he would then be able to go head to head with the Fengqing Area.

After giving his orders, Su Yu shut himself off from the outside world immediately to prepare for the Offering Ceremony, which would be held in five days.

That would be the day where Su Yu showed his brilliance for the first time since entering the Empire of Darkness.

The Yinyu Manor became busy.

Within the area, at a random place of the broken city walls.

Gunpowder smoke filled the air and corpses were lying all around. The remaining limbs, their flesh eaten, were scattered all over the deathly still street.

Half a year ago, a beast tide came by suddenly and engulfed the whole city.

The people were plunged into an abyss of misery, countless numbers of them were injured or died.

Within the city, even though the beast tide had pa.s.sed, a layer of dust and an inconspicuous aura covered the city.

The aura was as though it belonged to human beings and yet did not belong to human beings at the same time. It was extremely unusual.

In the middle of the city, on ground which had caved in, the entrance of a black cave opened silently, as though it was the mouth of a beast.

Looking at it, it was difficult to see the end of the cave.

However, a cold yet not cold aura was emitted from the cave, as if the cave led to h.e.l.l.

"Haha. As expected of the Saint Master, the second door has been found!"


At the Fengqing Area.

Under the colorful peach blossoms, Palace Master Feng Qing stood relaxed.

The person and flower fused together, and his whole body was covered with a simple and natural aura.

A that moment, it was as if he were peach blossoms that filled the sky.

Palace Master Feng Qing opened his eyes slowly and said indifferently: "What's the matter?"

Zi Mo knelt down on the floor. His eyes were filled with hatred and he bit his teeth tightly: "Palace Master! Please avenge Hong Mo! Palace Master Yin Yu showed no consideration for the relations.h.i.+p between the two areas and killed the special envoy!"


Zi Mo took out the wooden box and an imperial edict.

Palace Master Feng Qing's gaze shot past the head within the wooden box dully and without response, as if it had already been considered within his calculations.

Only the returned scroll made him slightly surprised.


He grabbed the air and the scroll landed on his palm. When he unfolded the scroll, his indifferent expression turned slightly serious.

An indifferent and pondering laughter flashed past his long and narrow eyes: "Interesting. It seems like I have underestimated this Yin Yu."

"Zi Mo, how is the organization of the Fengqing Guards?" Palace Master Feng Qing grabbed the scroll with his five fingers and it turned into powder.

Zi Mo was slightly stunned: "All of them gathered three days ago, so you can do your monthly inspection parade any time."

The Fengqing Guards were bodyguards directly under Palace Master Feng Qing. The collective was formed after choosing the most outstanding martial artists from the Fengqing Area.

They totaled up to twenty people. When combined together, they were a powerful and frightening force to be reckoned with.

When the twenty of them teamed up, looking at the whole Fengqing Area, no one could go against them, even Palace Master Feng Qing himself!

"Call off the inspection parade. Organize them immediately and follow me to suppress Yinyu Area!"


Zi Mo was terrified. Palace Master Feng Qing actually wanted to go to war with the Yinyu Area?

"Understood!" Although Zi Mo felt that Palace Master Feng Qing had come to a conclusion too quickly, yet he still followed his orders.

The time pa.s.sed slowly.

The Nameless Area's monthly Offering Ceremony.

The Eighteen City Masters within the area brought resources that they collected within one month to the middle of the area, their intention being to offer these to the Palace Master.

At that moment, the Yinyu Area, which was already extremely lively, was overcrowded with people.

As for the people outside of the city, they had just gotten the information that the Nameless Area had undergone an earthshaking change within the last ten days.

The north continent's Sub Palace's last Deputy Palace Master had been born.

Not only did he descend upon the Nameless Area, he killed the acting Palace Master on the spot, in order to take back the authority needed to manage the Nameless Area.

His ruthlessness was shocking.

They also understood the significance of the Offering Ceremony this time around.

During the Offering Ceremony, they would witness the birth of a new area!

Looking at the giant stone tablet, the people outside the city were filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Within the Yinyu Manor.

Su Yu stopped training in seclusion. He quietly stood up in his courtyard and listened to Zi Yunxiang's report silently.

"The Offering Ceremony will not be peaceful. Palace Master, please prepare yourself," Zi Yunxiang said softly and elegantly. Her face was filled with concern.

Su Yu lifted up his head and looked at the distant horizon. The white clouds stretched across the clear blue sky. He wore a casual and indifferent smile: "What I am worried about, is that it will be too smooth!"

Zi Yunxiang became stupefied and laughed bitterly: "What I meant was that this is your first Offering Ceremony. There might be uninvited guests attending the ceremony, as well the other Deputy Palace Masters! I believe that they will be interested in you, the new Deputy Palace Master."

Su Yu laughed lightly: "Anyone who comes will be considered as guests. Since they are willing to attend the ceremony, just let them be! If they abide by the rules, I will naturally treat them with respect. If they act recklessly, then don't blame me for being heartless."

Zi Yunxiang concealed her laughter and could not help but say: "Your way of doing things is the same as before! Great, as long as you know what you are doing, then all is good."

Two days pa.s.sed slowly.

Within Yinyu City, the atmosphere gradually became even livelier.

The audience raised their heads in antic.i.p.ation of seeing Palace Master Yin Yu's graceful bearing.

The day finally came.

The Offering Ceremony was held in the middle of city, below the giant stone tablet.

That was an outdoor public square.

Yinyu Manor's guards cleared the public square beforehand and guarded all directions.

The crowd looked at the middle of the public square excitedly. Under the giant stone tablet stood a lone throne, exclusive to the Palace Master.

The time for the Offering Ceremony finally arrived.

Acting as the Offering Ceremony's organizer, Zi Yunxiang's gentle voice echoed: "The Offering Ceremony shall begin now. Let us now invite Palace Master Yin Yu into the public square!"

However, no one was present, on all sides.

The audience was at a loss. Why did they not see the rumored Tenth Deputy Palace Master rus.h.i.+ng over?

However, at that moment...

An unknown cry: "What a fast movement technique!"

The audience looked over. It was unknown then, but a silver-haired young man wearing a Moon White Long Robe strangely appeared on the throne, which had been completely empty a mere moment ago.

He had a thin body that made him incompatible with the big throne.

However, when he sat down on the throne, he gave off a majestic aura, which looked down on everything in the world.

Those eyes, which looked as deep as the galaxy, looked down on all living creatures and caused people to respect him from the bottom of their hearts.

Silver-hair, silver-face, and Moon White Long Robe were the first descriptive impressions that Palace Master Yin Yu gave everyone!

Su Yu looked at the audience for a long time before speaking.

Even though it was evident that his words were dull, it gave people a mighty feeling and also enlightened them.

"I, Yin Yu, in the name of the Palace Master, declare to the world that I will officially give Nameless Area a name. From now on, the Nameless Area shall be known as Yinyu Area!"


Su Yu leaped onto the stone tablet. In front of these thousands of people, he lifted his hand with the intention of carving the word Yinyu.

This was the historical moment of the Nameless Area!

Under the witness of thousands of people, Yinyu Area was about to be born!

However, at the moment when Su Yu was about to carve the word Yinyu, one could hear someone shouting from the horizon!

"Palace Master Feng Qing's orders have arrived!"

A purple-robed figure flew over, as though it was lightning.

"Pa.s.sing on the orders from Palace Master Feng Qing. The changing of the Nameless Area's name shall stop temporarily! Best regards, Emperor!"

The audience was in an uproar!

The expressions of a number of City Masters changed to respectful expressions.

They had been serving under the powerful Palace Master Feng Qing for a long time. Hence, they respected him instinctively.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 279: The Historical Moment

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