The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 345 Matchmaking Session

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Su Yu felt that the situation was dangerous. For the Demonic Beast Emperor to have appeared, what kind of danger was there?

"Also, I have one more matter to report to Palace Master. I have killed Inspector Bai He!" Su Yu said.

Ling Xiaotian was surprised, his eyes glowing brilliantly: "Even though this old crow escaped from the divine artifact that day, he still dared to tail behind both of you to plot something unlawful?"

Ling Xiaotian's eyes were glowing with coldness, as he said coldly: "He should have rejoiced that he died at your hands. If he had not, I would have gone after him personally and let him know that he had no way of escaping!"

After hearing what was said, Su Yu heaved a sigh of relief. It seemed that there was no problem in him having killed Inspector Bai He.

"If Palace Master has nothing else for me, I shall return to Yinyu Area. I have not returned for many months and wonder how my area is doing." Su Yu took his leave.

"Wait!" Ling Xiaotian stopped Su Yu.

"Do you remember that, before the training, I said something to you?" Ling Xiaotian said.

Eh? Su Yu tried his best to recall and finally managed to remember it: "Palace Master said that, after I return from the training, you would give us another important task."

Ling Xiaotian smiled and nodded his head: "That's right. Letting all of you train was in order to make preparations for this matter."

"Palace Master, please give me the instructions." Su Yu was stern.

Ling Xiaotian smiled silently: "No need to be anxious, you are not going to carry out a task. Instead, you will partic.i.p.ate in a ma.s.s meeting."

"What ma.s.s meeting?" Su Yu was confused.

"The north continent's Phoenix Meet!" Ling Xiaotian said.

Phoenix Meet? Su Yu was at a loss: "What kind of ma.s.s meeting is that, is it very famous?"

For this event to be labeled with the north continent's name, it must be a major ma.s.s meeting indeed.

Ling Xiaotian's mouth twitched, as he recalled that Su Yu came from a far away island. Hence, it was natural for Su Yu to not already be familiar with the north continent's grand occasion.

"The Phoenix Meet is held once every ten years. The people who are invited are of the most outstanding young men of the current generation. Here, all the splendid young men come together at once."

Su Yu was a bit disappointed: "Another martial arts compet.i.tion?"

Su Yu was not interested in a martial arts compet.i.tion that had no significance.

At that point in time, settling down and concentrating on his training was more meaningful to Su Yu.

"Nope!" Ling Xiaotian's answer was unexpected: "It is a matchmaking session."

Matchmaking session? Su Yu was lucky that he did not bite his tongue off. It was actually a matchmaking session.

As such, he was now even less interested: "Thank you Palace Master, for your kindness. But I think that I do not need…"

Since he already had Xianer, how could he partic.i.p.ate in the matchmaking session?

"Haha, are you not worried that your fiancée might be s.n.a.t.c.hed away by others?" Ling Xiaotian had a true yet fake smile.

Su Yu was slightly stunned and thought about the Phoenix Meet again. Suddenly, a flash of lightning flickered through his mind: "The continent's young men are being matched to the Phoenix Cabinet?"

Ling Xiaotian nodded his head: "That's right. Throughout the ages, the Phoenix Cabinet only takes in female disciples. Hence, the Cabinet lacks men. Throughout the years, the outstanding female disciples got married and left the Cabinet, resulting in brain drain."

"As such, the Phoenix Cabinet's Master took the initiative to start the Phoenix Meet, to help the Cabinet's female disciples look for spouses. By pulling strings, not only did she manage to keep the female disciples within the Cabinet, she also gained a few outstanding male disciples from the factions outside. With that, she managed to kill two birds with one stone."

"Moreover, the north continent's exceptional young men are also keen on finding their partners in the Phoenix Cabinet. The Phoenix Cabinet is a place where the north continent's most outstanding women gather, and also, all the female disciples within the Phoenix Cabinet have extraordinary looks!"

"In this ma.s.s meeting, if there is someone who takes a fancy to your fiancée and the Phoenix Cabinet approves of their relations.h.i.+p, the relations.h.i.+p between the both of you might be broken by the Phoenix Cabinet. At that moment, she would be another person's spouse. Are you willing to let that happen?"

Su Yu was shocked: "But, isn't there a need for the female disciple to agree as well?"

Ling Xiaotian shook his head and said: "Of course not! If they are particular about being harmonious, among a hundred people, it too difficult for a pair of harmonious couple to happen. Moreover, if this is the case, wouldn't it be pointless, then, for the Phoenix Cabinet to go to the trouble of organizing the matchmaking session?"

"As long as the man performs and meets the standard of the Phoenix Cabinet, the female disciple that he has taken a fancy to will be betrothed to him. As for a person's willpower, it is too insignificant to mention in front of the faction! Hence, if a person who suits your fiancée appears, the Phoenix Cabinet will definitely not mind breaking the relations.h.i.+p between the both of you."

Su Yu was shocked. Not mentioning Xianer's talents, her looks, which were as adorable as a fairy's, would attract many geniuses to fight for her.

Once a person who met the Phoenix Cabinet's criteria appeared, what would await Su Yu was a letter to break off their engagement.

Although Xianer was pure and innocent, she was persistent and firm. If she were forced to accept such a reality, she might commit suicide in order to bring the matter to a close.

Previously at Liuxian faction, where she was forced to marry Cao Xuan, there were many times that she wanted to commit suicide.

Su Yu did not wish for such a matter to occur again.

Xianer was his fiancée, and no one could s.n.a.t.c.h her away from him!

"Looks like you have made up your mind. For the next few days, make your preparations and do some training. At the Phoenix Meet, there might be fierce fights."

Su Yu said: "How will the fighting be? Could it be that the few people, who had taken a fancy to a particular person, must use their abilities to fight for her?"

Regarding that question, Ling Xiaotian nodded his head: "That's right. There will first be an elimination compet.i.tion. The top hundred would then have the right to choose the female disciple that they have taken a fancy to. After which, if more than one person takes a fancy to a particular person, they would fight for her. The person with higher abilities would then be able to obtain his beautiful woman."

"In this ma.s.s meeting, all the forces in the north continent will send their most outstanding male disciples to partic.i.p.ate in the Phoenix Meet. For many years, this has become a great compet.i.tion between the north continent's outstanding young men. On the surface, it is just the man marrying into, and living with, the wife's family. In actual fact, it is a ma.s.s meeting, where every faction sends their male disciples to display the potential of the factions."

"The fame and prestige obtained by all of you will affect the Empire of Darkness' glory. Hence, I hope that you will partic.i.p.ate in this event seriously."

Su Yu's eyes were filled with determination: "Palace Master, don't worry. I will fight to the best of my abilities!"

Even if it were not for the sake of repaying Ling Xiaotian, for Xianer, Su Yu would fight with all he had!

"Good. Now, you can go back and make preparations. After three days, you, the first Deputy Palace Master, the second Deputy Palace Master and the third Deputy Palace Master will represent the Sub Palace of the Empire of Darkness of the north continent by partic.i.p.ating in the Phoenix Meet."

Su Yu nodded his head, turned his body, and left.

After half a day, at the Yinyu Area.

At Yinyu City, the outside of the Palace Master Manor was solemn and quiet.

A big group of guards stood within the Manor with reverence and awe.

There was a bald young man present, who was about twenty-four to twenty-five years old. He wore a beast-skinned long robe and had rough and black eyebrows, his eyes like copper bells.

Looking at him, he gave off a barbaric feeling.

He stood outside the Manor, with his hands clasped behind his back, looking around the surroundings. The group of guards did not even dare to breathe deeply.

Moreover, they did not dare to raise their heads and look him in the face.

This was because of his ill.u.s.trious ident.i.ty!

"Third Deputy Palace Master, Palace Master Yin Yu has not returned yet. If you have something for him, I can relay the message to him on your behalf," Zi Yunxiang kept calm and said dully.

The bald young man in front of her was Deputy Palace Master Xiao Guang, who was ranked number three among the Ten Great Deputy Palace Masters!

Moments ago, he descended upon Yinyu Area abruptly, requesting for Su Yu to come out and meet him.

After hearing what was said, Xiao Guang cast a sidelong glance at her: "Whom do you think you are, that you can help to pa.s.s on my message?"

"I will say it one more time. Get him to come out and meet me!" Xiao Guang repeated.

Zi Yunxiang had an att.i.tude that was neither haughty nor humble: "I will say it one more time as well. Palace Master Yin Yu is not in the Manor. If you are unwilling to allow me to pa.s.s on your message, then you can wait outside patiently."

Xiao Guang's eyebrows twitched: "You asked me to wait for him? Does an inexperienced little boy like him have the right?"

"I want to see him. Even if he is at the remotest corners of the earth, he must still come out to see me! Moreover, he was training with all of you. Even though all of you have returned, he is still outside? Don't test my patience. Get him to come out and meet me!"

Zi Yunxiang shook her head slightly, unable to understand the actions of such a person who purposely made trouble.

"Close the door!" After turning her body and returning to the Manor, Zi Yunxiang spoke the words apathetically.

Having been ignored by Zi Yunxiang, Xiao Guang was stunned. It was obvious that he did not expect Yinyu Manor to have such a bold woman, who made him look bad in front of everyone!

After which, his forehead emitted a layer of a furious aura, making it obvious that he was enraged: "A mere servant-girl dares to be a savage in front of me! In your eyes, do you still have respect for your seniors?"

Xiao Guang narrowed his eyes and looked around the Yinyu Manor. His eyes were glowing with coldness: "I think that for this Yinyu Manor, from the Manor Master to the servants, all of them lack discipline!"

"Yin Yu, I really wish to see where your confidence comes from, such that you reject a meeting with me!"


Xiao Guang lifted his leg and kicked the Yinyu Manor's big door.To him, an Immortal Level Three Upper Tier, such a door was just like thin paper.

The giant door was sent flying for a thousand Chinese feet, then falling into the Manor.

"Miss Zi, be careful!" The expressions of a group of guards changed abruptly, and they pulled Zi Yunxiang away hurriedly.

However, a few of the guards were also under the giant door and were unable to escape in time.


Horrible shrieks could be heard, one after another, and cries could also be heard continuously.

Three Dragon Realm guards could be seen, crushed under the giant door.

The guard in the middle was crushed into mincemeat he died a tragic death on the spot.

The two guards on his left and right had half their bodies crushed and were groaning in pain.

Such a b.l.o.o.d.y and cruel scene had caused the female servants within the Manor to cry out in fear, before escaping quickly.

A group of guards was furious. However, they did not dare say anything and avoided Xiao Guang hastily.

Xiao Guang observed the scene in front of him. However, his attention never fell on the three guards who were crushed under the giant door.

"A bunch of good-for-nothings! An incompetent Master can only have such incompetent servants!" Xiao Guang said disdainfully and coldly. He then took huge steps into the Manor.

"Hold it right there!" Zi Yunxiang had hardly recovered from the shock. Her chest rose and fell, and it was unknown whether she was furious or shocked: "Palace Master Xiao Guang! Please watch how you conduct yourself! You charged into the Yinyu Manor forcefully and killed the innocent. Palace Master Yin Yu will not be happy about that!"

Su Yu would be far more than unhappy. As expected, Su Yu would be completely furious!

"Is this a joke? Do I need to consider his mood, when I act?" Palace Master Xiao Guang stepped into the Manor, his cold eyes looking around the surroundings. When he swiped the air, five lumps of spiritual energy were released in all quarters.

Rumble, bang-


At once, dust filled the sky and the house collapsed.

His attack caused half of the houses in the Yinyu Manor to become ruins!

As for the remaining half of the houses, they were servants' houses.

"He is really not in?" Palace Master Xiao Guang's eyebrows twitched.

Zi Yunxiang looked at the Yinyu Manor, which had become a piece of ruins, and she was boiling with rage: "Palace Master Xiao Guang, you did this intentionally!"

"There is no hatred between you and Palace Master Yin Yu. Why did you bully him for no reason?"

Palace Master Xiao Guang turned his head, his copper bell and tiger-like eyes glaring: "Do I need a cheap servant like you to question my actions?"

"Since he is not here, inform him to come and meet me within three days, when he returns. If not, he will be responsible for the consequences!" Xiao Guang swung his robe, took a step, then turned his body and left.

When he pa.s.sed by Zi Yunxiang, he casually grabbed Zi Yunxiang's neck: "As for you, you will follow me back to Xiaoguang Area. Before Yin Yu comes to get you back, I shall discipline you!"

He actually took Zi Yunxiang as his hostage!

He was so arrogant, that the ordinary guards did not dare go against him.

"Palace Master Xiao Guang, don't you think that your actions do not match your ident.i.ty?" At that moment, an old voice could be heard. It was Fan Haisheng, who cupped his fists and was neither haughty nor humble.

Palace Master Xiao Guang's gaze s.h.i.+fted to him immediately. As if he were seeing a lump of air, he swung his hand casually. A fierce wind then sent Fan Haisheng flying for hundreds of meters at once, before he crashed into a wall.

Blood started to stream down from the corners of Fan Haisheng's mouth. He lay down in the ruins, not moving at all.

"Elder Fan!" Zi Yunxiang called stridently, her beautiful eyes filled with hatred: "You are a beast!!"

Palace Master Xiao Guang's nose gave a cold hum: "If you fail to appreciate someone's kindness, you will die sooner or later. Why not let him die at my hands and prevent the Empire's food from being wasted?!"

"Move!" Palace Master Xiao Guang started to walk and left the Yinyu Manor.

However, at that moment, from the horizon, a loud and majestic voice, as if it were heavenly, could be heard.

"Haha, Palace Master Xiao Guang, you have killed my people, destroyed my mansion, and took my people hostage. Are you begging for me to kill you?"

Tens of miles away, Su Yu had revolved his crystalline pupils and seen everything that had occurred.

That pair of deep eyes was burning with flames of murderous intents.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 345 Matchmaking Session

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