The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 371 Making Obeisances to Thousand Thunder

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When his words left his mouth, the whole place was in an uproar.

Even the Phoenix Cabinet's Master was slightly stunned. One person fighting against two?

Although Su Yu's abilities were decent, Liu Li and Yu Ling were not ordinary people.

"What a boring joke." On Yu Ling's stern and beautiful face, apart from her expression becoming even more disdainful, there were no other reactions.

In her mind, it was indeed a joke.

"Hahaha…" Liu Li laughed heartily. His laughter resounded throughout the whole place, causing everyone's heart to s.h.i.+ver.

That was neither a cold laughter nor a mocking laughter. It was because he so furious that he laughed!

Liu Li only stopped laughing gradually after a long time. His shoulders moved continuously. A hoa.r.s.e, swift and fierce voice then came from his throat: "One person fighting against two, hahaha… One person fighting against two…"

Suddenly, Liu Li looked toward Su Yu. As if he were a wild beast, both his eyes were glowing with fierceness and toughness: "Do you still have me in your eyes?"

To him, this was humiliation in the extreme!

Even if it were Shen Kong, he might not dare to fight two people by himself!

When everyone heard the stern roar, they were shocked. It was as if Liu Li had been completely angered.

In no time, there were quite a number of people who felt the same as Liu Li.

For one person to fight against two, how scornful was that? In particular, there was a big crowd that contained all the north continent's geniuses, all of whom stood at the peak witnessing the scene. This was one hundred percent humiliation!

A number of pairs of eyes looked toward Su Yu, filled with unhappiness.

It was difficult for an arrogant person to be popular.

However, even though everyone was looking, Su Yu's expression did not change, and he responded normally: "From the beginning to the end, you only know how to step on me and use me to show off. You have never done anything that is worthy of my respect."

After his speech, Su Yu turned his head and looked toward the Phoenix Cabinet's Master: "I don't mind both of them attacking me with all they've got. I also won't think that both of them teaming up against me is villainous. Because I am more than enough to deal with both of them."

Yu Ling's expression turned slightly serious: "Don't be too arrogant!"

A moment ago, Yu Ling looked down on Su Yu and said that he was a villain, as he tried in vain to team up with Liu Li against her.

When compared to this very moment, Yu Ling had become inferior.

The Phoenix Cabinet's Master looked Su Yu up and down. After thinking for a while, she nodded her head: "No problem."

Having gotten her approval, Su Yu turned back and looked at the two of them, his hands clasped between his back from a distance away. He then said casually, "Attack me together."

Liu Li was burning with flames of fury: "Scram! I can deal with you alone!"

How could he tolerate such humiliation?

"Palace Master Liu Li, why not let me go first! As a Phoenix Woman who is in charge of measuring all of your abilities, an arrogant person should naturally be taken care of by me," Yu Ling said apathetically.

After pondering for some time, Liu Li cupped his fists and gave a hum: "Phoenix Woman Yu Ling can attack all you want. No need to give me…"

Before he managed to finish his sentence, he was ignored and interfered with by Su Yu: "No need to give you respect, right? What pride do you have? If you cannot fight, just stand by the side and keep your mouth shut! I will take care of you later!"

To Liu Li, he was not polite in the slightest.

Liu Li was about to respond. However, the Phoenix Cabinet's Master spoke: "As for how the three of you are going to fight, you will decide among yourselves. The duel shall begin now."


Thirty Chinese feet of boiling hot flames appeared on Yu Ling's body, burning vigorously.

The temperature of the air nearby rose quickly, by many degrees.

Looking at it from afar, the raging flames that surrounded her body took on the shape of an indistinct phoenix.

The sounds of a phoenix giving a cry could be heard from deep within the raging flames.

Phoenix Body!

All the women of the Phoenix Cabinet had a special characteristic. They each possessed the Bloodline of the Divine Phoenix!

However, there were either many, or only a few, of them.

For example, Xianer possessed the extremely rare Bloodline of the Dead Phoenix.

Without question, Yu Ling possessed the Bloodline of the Fire Phoenix!

"A person like you, who is full of yourself, can only come to your senses by experiencing cruel reality!" Yu Ling's cold eyes looked at Su Yu scornfully: "Consider this move as my present, for meeting you for the first time!"

"Phoenix Dancing in Sky!" With a shout, the glowing fire phoenix changed into a fire phoenix that was a hundred Chinese feet big and headed for Su Yu.

One-tenth of the arena was enshrouded. The shocking waves of the fire made the arena scorching hot quickly, making the bottoms of Su Yu's feet burning hot.

His body also felt like it was stinging.

This move, which was exhibited using her blood energy, had a power that was above Zhou Nianchen's Devouring Vortex.

Su Yu took a normal breath. Instead of retreating, he advanced.

"Thunder Star Finger!" Unexpectedly, he did not use the rumored divine artifact. Instead, he exhibited Thunder Star Finger, which was only at Stage One!

This move was more than enough to deal with an Immortal Level Three. However, it was far from enough to deal with an Immortal Level Four.


Thunder arcs splattered about, colliding with the incoming fire phoenix.

That endless thunderbolt was extinguished by the fire phoenix on the spot, and the unmatched raging flames engulfed Su Yu.

As soon as their attacks collided, Su Yu could not even withstand a single attack.

Yu Ling was slightly stunned. It was easier than she had expected, and she could not help but curl her lips in contempt: "With such abilities, you still have the pride to be arro…"

However, her words ceased abruptly and her pupils shrank gradually.

Although the fire phoenix was burning him violently, Su Yu's figure stood still on the arena, he was not injured at all.

It was as if, to him, those raging flames were harmless.

From his chest, a snow-white cold energy was circulating around his body.

It was unknown what kind of nature-defying cold energy it was, such that raging flames of the level of an Immortal Level Four was unable to approach his body.

Moreover, that cold energy felt disdainful, to care about the raging flames in front of it.

This phenomenon was the remaining Ice Herb from the Ice and Fire Herbs.

The Fire Herb was used to exchange for the Mountain River Dragon Bow, and Su Yu kept the Ice Herb for himself.

That was a nature-defying divine herb that could be exchanged for a legendary level cultivation technique. In the past, Su Yu could hardly withstand even a root hair of it.

Now, it was more than enough to deal with the raging flames.

Su Yu resisted the fire phoenix casually. He then acted as if no one else were present, exhibited Thunder Star Finger, and confronted the fire phoenix.

First attack, the Thunder Star Finger was extinguished.

Second attack, it was extinguished again.

Third attack, the same thing happened.

In front of the fire phoenix, the power of the Thunder Star Finger was too vulgar to be presented to the refined.

However, Su Yu did not know fatigue. He exhibited it again and again, with every attack containing his full strength.

In his mind, that comprehension became deeper and deeper. The obstacle that stopped him from making a breakthrough became thinner and thinner.

"Using me to strengthen your cultivation technique?" Yu Ling came to her senses and was extremely furious.

During the duel, Su Yu actually ignored her, then used her to help him make a breakthrough!

That was simply… humiliating her!

"You wish to make use of me?" Yu Ling gave a cold hum and her five fingers scratched the air fiercely: "Phoenix Ceremony!"


The raging flames surrounding Su Yu dispersed all of a sudden, changing into small fireb.a.l.l.s the size of a palm.

Every fireball was filled with extremely strong raging flames that had been compressed.


Suddenly, one of the fireb.a.l.l.s closest to Su Yu exploded and caused him to retreat.

Although the blazing hot flames were swallowed by the cold current, the violent shockwave created by the explosion caused Su Yu to retreat by a hundred meters.

His body shook at once, and he could taste blood in his throat.

However, Su Yu had no time to care about his injuries and revealed a delightful expression.

He was about to make a breakthrough!

He was a step away from breaking out of the coc.o.o.n and making a breakthrough to Stage Two of"Nine Fingers of Imaginary Thunder", Thousand Thunder Finger!!

He had waited for this day for so long!

Finally, he was about to make a breakthrough.

He only needed to comprehend the cultivation technique quietly for some time!

Yu Ling hesitated and looked at the Phoenix Cabinet's Master. After which, she withdrew her five claws and waited for Su Yu to complete his final breakthrough quietly.

The transformation of an immortal level cultivation technique from Stage One to Stage Two!

A lucky chance for a martial artist to make a breakthrough was hard to come by.

In particular, for immortal level cultivation techniques, making a breakthrough was only by chance and not by choice, the same as one's life taking a turn for the better.

Stopping someone from making a breakthrough was no different from destroying his future, which would result in hatred from the

Now, it was just a duel that the Phoenix Cabinet's Master was in charge of. Hence, she did not dare act recklessly.

Su Yu became even more gratified. That final layer of obstacles finally started to crumble.

Rumble, rumble-

At that moment, dark clouds gathered in all quarters and thunders from all directions paid a courtesy call.

A thousand thunderbolts changed into dragons, which were swimming about in the universe and were welcomed with respect.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 371 Making Obeisances to Thousand Thunder

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