The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 445 Fighting Against Shen Ying

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"I have not lost yet!" Qin Yushan was both ashamed and angry. His Nine Jointed Leather Whip left his palm, danced around in the sky, and lashed away the three big mountains on his body.

However, the moment he lashed the three big mountains away, a long river crashed into him. Having suffered such heavy attacks continuously, blood streamed out from the corners of Qin Yushan's mouth. His eyes were totally red, and it was obvious that he was fighting with all that he had.

"Explode!" A ferocious light flashed past Qin Yushan's eyes, as he shouted.

The Nine Jointed Leather Whip's first joint exploded on the spot.

Long Feiting did not manage to guard against it, and he was forced to retreat. His clothes were torn quite badly.

"Self-destructing your divine artifact? You are really sly. However, it is a pity that your abilities are as such!" After his speech, he fanned his Cosmos Fan continuously, and nine big mountains came down with a bang.

Qin Yushan's expression changed wildly, and he shouted hurriedly, "Explode!"

The continuous explosion finally destroyed the nine big mountains. However, the price he had to pay was his own divine artifact being destroyed by more than half.

As for Long Feiting, he was not injured in the slightest! Also, he had only depleted a small amount of his spiritual energy.

"Hehe, a cornered beast is still fighting!" Long Feiting fanned his Cosmos Fan again, casually, and four big mountains fell at the same time.

Having lost his divine artifact, Qin Yushan only had time to destroy a big mountain, and was then forced to lie on his stomach on the ground by the three remaining big mountains. At that moment, he could not even move at all.

"You… b.a.s.t.a.r.d! I have not lost yet!"

Long Feiting laughed jokingly, "The you of this very moment is just like a dog barking."

After his speech, he pressed his hands together casually, and the three big mountains became heavier. Qin Yushan gave a horrible shriek and fainted on the spot! Remarkably, this whole display only took seven moves.

Qin Jiuyang had a dull expression. He flew down, helped Qin Yushan up, and inserted a tiny bit of spiritual energy into him to wake him up. As soon as he woke up, his whole face had a ferocious expression: "Wait, I have not…"


A palm slapped his face, and Qin Jiuyang said indifferently, "Stop embarra.s.sing yourself."

After his speech, he brought Qin Yushan back to the stone pillar. "With such an att.i.tude, he still dared partic.i.p.ate in the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion?"

"Seems like he is a young master, who has been pampered by his clan. During normal duels, letting him have the first move should be natural to him as well."

"Hehe, for this kind of person, one who cannot afford to lose, he will only die if he enters a dangerous place, like the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. Hence, why did he even come?"

After hearing such ear-piercing words, Qin Yushan's face was half green, half white, and the hatred in his mind became thick. Uncoincidentally, when he saw Su Yu's expressionless face, he felt that Su Yu was looking down on him, and he could not help but give a cold hum, "Is it very funny? Who do you think you are? No matter how weak I am, I am still stronger than an ignorant person like you!"

Su Yu turned his head and looked over. He then opened his mouth to talk to him for the first time, saying, "Crazy person!"

At that moment, the first dragon of the Tattoos of the Nine Dragons below the stone pillar started to fluctuate. This indicated that the intensity of the fight between the both of them was only equivalent to that of the first dragon.

That caused the hearts of everyone present to sink deeply. A fight between two Human Kings only activated one dragon. It looked like triggering the tattoos was a lot more difficult than anyone had first expected.

At the same time, a one-inch long flying dragon appeared on top of Long Feiting's head. It represented his performance in his previous battle.

"The victor can choose another person from the defeated group."

Long Feiting's eyes brightened up coldly, as he swept past the group that Qin Yushan was in. According to the rules, Qin Yushan, who he had fought already, could not be chosen again.

However, for the three remaining people, two of them were strong martial artists of Half G.o.ds. Hence, how could he fight them?

"It shall be you, then. You are called Black Snow Devil King, right?" Long Feiting shrugged his shoulders helplessly. "I do not have anyone else to fight. Hence, I can only fight you."

Su Yu flew over calmly, then said apathetically, "Go ahead and attack."

Long Feiting examined Su Yu up and down, before remarking, "Humph, I have heard of your great name before. You are the number one among the people of the same generation as you in the north continent? Your reputation is commendable. However, it is a pity that your abilities are normal. I can only say that your north continent really does not have any decent talents, such that a person like you, with such a level, could enjoy the reputation of being the number one in the north continent."

Su Yu frowned slightly, reb.u.t.ting, "You are very talkative. I will say it one last time... go ahead and attack."

Long Feiting's nose gave a hum, "Since I have chosen you, I will naturally not bully the weak. How about this? I will allow you three…"

Before he could finish talking, Su Yu disappeared like a phantom, leaving behind a blurry, fragmentary shadow. Long Feiting's expression changed, and his naked eyes swept past the area quickly.

He found Su Yu's traces quickly, and his expression turned serious, as he said, "Since you have rejected the chance that I have given you, don't blame me!"

After his speech, he fanned his Cosmos Fan continuously. Nine big mountains appeared with a bang, then headed toward Su Yu ruthlessly.


However, the chain of mountains that flew out became ice mountains instantly. After that, due to the extremely cold temperature, they broke into pieces with a bang, transforming into countless pieces of ice.

Su Yu's body was like lightning. He pa.s.sed through the sky, which was filled with pieces of ice, as if he had entered a place with no one present. He then headed straight for Long Feiting.

Long Feiting's was astonished. Without hesitation, he shook his Cosmos Fan again, and a torrential, big river appeared. The moment the long river appeared, Su Yu's whole body glowed with a red light, and the long river was evaporated in an instant. A frightening fireball then pa.s.sed through the steam, attacking the Cosmos Fan.


The Cosmos Fan, a middle grade divine artifact, was burnt in an instant. Long Feiting's face froze and he could not believe his eyes.

"This is the end."

At that moment, Long Feiting heard an apathetic voice. At the next moment, a punch landed on his abdomen.

The great strength pa.s.sed through his body, and a tiny bit of strength energy, which had pa.s.sed through his body, was shot toward the direction of the stone pillar of the Heavenly Law Alliance. The strength energy contained a swift and strong energy. In the places that the strength energy had pa.s.sed by, the air fluctuated. The expressions of a number of strong martial artists of Human King became serious in an instant!

What a strong body! Just that extra strength energy, which pa.s.sed through Long Feiting's body, was not weaker than most of the Human Kings on site.


Seeing that the strength energy was about to strike the stone pillar of the Heavenly Law Alliance, a long and slender hand grabbed forward, and the strength energy was dispersed. Long Wuxin looked downward apathetically. She lifted her hands, made a gesture, and grabbed Long Feiting, who had fainted up.

"Your performance is not too bad," Long Wuxin said, as he threw him down indifferently.

Long Feiting regained his senses from Su Yu's overwhelming force, which had destroyed everything. He then said, while stupefied, "I have not lived up to big sister's expectation, and I only managed to defeat Qin Yushan with seven moves."

"When I said that your performance is not too bad, I am not referring to you fighting Qin Yushan. Since you needed seven moves to deal with that kind of trash, I can only say that you are a good-for-nothing! Your performance is not bad, because you have managed to withstand two moves of the Black Snow Devil King! Originally, according to my predication, you would not be able to last longer than even one move!"

What? Not even one move? Long Feiting found it a bit difficult to believe what he had just heard. In Long Wuxin's eyes, the Black Snow Devil King was actually so strong?

However, when he recalled about the battle previously, it was merely a battle of suppression between the both of them! If he did not use his Cosmos Fan, which was a long-ranged weapon, he might have been killed with one move, if he had gone head to head with the Black Snow Devil King!

Su Yu stood at his original position quietly, and waited for the announcement.

"The Black Snow Devil King wins."

As for the Tattoos of the Nine Dragons below his feet, two rays of sparkling and crystal-clear light appeared. In other words, Su Yu alone had managed to unseal the third dragon of the tattoo!

At the same time, a three inches long golden dragon appeared on top of his face. Comparing its size, the golden dragon was three times bigger than the dragon on top of Long Feiting's head.

At that moment, the stone pillars were deathly silent. Su Yu's violent and fierce attacks had frightened some people.

Qin Jiuyang revealed a thinking expression, "Interesting. Although my instinct tells me that the Black Snow Devil King is strong, looking at it now, he is unusually strong. Apart from Shen Ying of the Seven Lords of Darkness, among everyone else on site, only a few Human Kings could fight with him."

Against that logic, Gang Dalei also believed, saying, "That is expected. Whose brother do you think he is? Could a brother that I, Gang Dalei, know, be weak? Also, the sonorous name of the Black Snow Devil King is not a lie!"

Qin Jiuyang smiled. After that, he turned his head immediately, and said apathetically, "Now, do you know the gap between you and him?"

Qin Yushan was still shocked. That unreasonable, swift, and fierce attack of Su Yu, which could wipe out everything, had caused him to be extremely shocked. Long Feiting had defeated him cruelly with seven moves. However, Su Yu only used two moves to defeat Long Feiting.

The expressions of a few Human Kings within the Four Great Ancient Clans turned slightly serious. The next time, Su Yu would be the one to choose his opponent!

Would he fight them?

Among the Seven Lords of Darkness, Bai Luo looked down at Su Yu nonchalantly, and frowned slightly: "Why did our information not show that the Black Snow Devil King had such abilities? Qing Zhu and Yi Yu, when both of you were in the Dragon Abyss, both of you had teamed up with him before."

Qing Zhu's expression turned extremely unpleasant. That time, he underestimated the Black Snow Devil King overtly and inwardly. However, after one month, the Black Snow Devil King, who was once inferior to him, had actually become so frightening!

Although he was unwilling to admit it, Qing Zhu understood that, if he were the one fighting, he would not end up very differently from Long Feiting. Yi Yu wore a gratifying smile. She naturally knew that the Black Snow Devil King's abilities were way higher than what he had displayed.

When he was still an Immortal Level Four, he could fight life and death battles with the Half G.o.d Asuras a few times. Moreover, he had never suffered any losses. At the very moment, he had only displayed part of his abilities, and it was obvious that it was not his full power.

"I have no idea as well. I have never seen him fight before," Yi Yu answered apathetically.

That purple-robed man laughed. By accident, a pair of blood red eyes flashed past, below his hat, then disappeared straight away.

"The victor has the right to continue fighting another person. Since both sides have fought twice, please choose your opponent from the other three stone pillars for your next match."

After hearing what was said, the Four Great Ancient Clans became anxious. Qing Zhu's expression changed slightly. The relations.h.i.+p between the Black Snow Devil King and him was not a very good one. If he wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to take revenge…

"Lord Shen Ying, come down," Su Yu commanded, not raising his head. He stood at the middle of the public square, his hands clasped behind his back. He still had a dull expression, like before, and he looked like he was giving an order.

Eh? Everyone was shocked.

Looking at the forces on site, the force that was much more difficult to deal with was definitely not the Four Great Ancient Clans. Instead, it was the Seven Lords of Darkness, the unrivalled geniuses chosen by the King of Darkness!

Every single one of them possessed strong fighting capabilities, which surpa.s.sed people of similar cultivation bases. It was rumored that the Human King Lord Shen Ying had become a Human King a long time ago. His abilities were way higher than Qing Zhu, even to the point of approaching the realm of Half G.o.d.

Su Yu did not choose anyone else, but chose Lord Shen Ying willfully!

Qin Jiuyang laughed, "Interesting!"

Bai Luo frowned slightly. He then looked at Su Yu profoundly, before he withdrew his gaze indifferently.

Lord Shen Ying's long and narrow eyes became narrower, as he sneered, "For you to choose me, your courage is indeed commendable. However, you also overestimate yourself."

Su Yu had a dull expression. He suppressed the murderous intents within his heart, as he said apathetically, "Shen Ying, come down!"

His words, which sounded like a command, finally caused Shen Ying to withdraw his sneer, then become a bit furious, saying, "Humph! How dare you talk to me like this? Who do you think you are?"

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 445 Fighting Against Shen Ying

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