The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 577 - The Disastrous Thunder Annihilated the Demon

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Chapter 577: The Disastrous Thunder Annihilated the Demon

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

A white-clothed man, who was holding a multicolored imperial jade seal, was rus.h.i.+ng towards them, and there was a ferocious-looking small purple beast that was chasing after him. It was emitting a Purple Heavenly Lightning that seemed extremely terrifying!

The clothes of the white-clothed man, whose head and face was covered in grime, were torn to pieces by the lightning, and his flesh was lacerated in many places. He seemed quite miserable and pitiful.

The multicolored imperial jade seal was Su Yu’s Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal. As for the white-clothed man, he was one of the Yufeng faction’s disciples and Zheng Zhijing’s younger brother.

That day in the stone statue forest, the two of them had tried to a.s.sault Xia Yujing, and while Zheng Zhijing had managed to escape, his younger brother had been subdued by Su Yu.

“Why has the disastrous thunder appeared here?” The demon’s expression stiffened once again, and he spoke in a deep voice, “Is this creature the legendary lightning spirit that was sealed in the five peaks?”

Lu Chuyu once said to Su Yu that the five peaks had two types of dangers. The first was the descendants of the guards, which would kill anyone entering the peaks by every possible means.

The second one was even more dangerous! It was the lightning spirit, and even Almighty Divine Masters would be in great danger if they ran into it. Although no one knew where that lightning spirit was laying dormant, they all knew that once it awakened, they would be in great danger!

Back in the place of legacy, Su Yu had once felt a dormant terrifying aura underneath the ground. He knew that had to be the lightning spirit.

After all, it was the most terrifying existence in the five peaks, perhaps even in the whole Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion! It was because of this that he secretly arranged for this Yufeng faction’s disciple to be on standby there, so that he could awaken the dormant lightning spirit once Su Yu ran into danger.

The Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal was capable of absorbing all of this world’s disastrous thunder and lightning, and if it tried absorbing that lightning spirit, then it would surely wake it up. So, it seemed like everything had gone exactly according to his plan!

The lightning spirit was infuriated now, so it began crazily chasing after that white-clothed disciple, who was now holding the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.


After several minutes pa.s.sed, that white-clothed disciple came over to them, and the demon, whose gaze was fixed on the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal in his hands, sucked in a breath of air and asked, “Is that a prototype fairy artifact?”

He then hesitated for a while, but chose to give up on obtaining it. The lightning spirit continued to relentlessly chase after the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal.

The white-clothed disciple smoothly reached Su Yu’s side and handed the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal to him, then fearfully stood behind him.

The disciple was both frightened and angered at this moment. When Su Yu had explained his task to him, Su Yu had just said that he needed to hide within the place of legacy.

So, the disciple had a.s.sumed that it was something like an ambush. He never expected that his task was to provoke the legendary lightning spirit! After all, that was an existence that could kill even Almighty Divine Masters!

He had barely managed to survive by withstanding the shockwaves of the lightning spirit’s attacks. He had done this by depending upon the faint disastrous thunder within the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal. Without the seal, he would have already been annihilated!

“You did well.” Su Yu faintly smiled as he received the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal from him. He then waved his hand and dispelled the seal that had been cast upon the white-clothed disciple.

“You can leave now,” he announced.

After the white-clothed disciple left, the purple lightning spirit began staring at the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal in Su Yu’s hands. It was extremely wary of this treasure.

The demon averted his gaze. Then, as the lightning spirit wasn’t paying attention to the demon, he tried to escape. However, at this moment, a ma.s.s of pink fog appeared around the demon’s body.

A small kylin was holding a multicolored imperial jade seal in its mouth, and he could see that the seal was a Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal! When he took another look at Su Yu, he saw that the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal had already disappeared from his hands!

The small kylin was holding the Thunder Seal in its mouth, happily running circles around the demon. The demon was extremely astonished.

His heart suddenly thumped, and as he swept the lightning spirit out of the corners of his eyes, he found that its attention followed the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal and was being directed to its body.

“Beast!” The demon was alarmed and frightened by this, as lightning was the demons’ nemesis, and what was before him was actually disastrous thunder! He angrily roared and waved his hand at the small kylin.

The small kylin only slightly groaned. Then, as its body’s pink fog flickered, its whole body, along with the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, transformed from a physical state into an illusory state.

No matter how powerful the demon was, he was still incapable of harming the small kylin. The demon was infuriated by it, so he decided to flee.

However, the lightning spirit had already responded, and as it roared in a deep voice, more lightning started to rain down from the sky, and a bolt of lightning, which had a disastrous nature, struck towards him.

The demon then put Sheng Ge’s body in front of him to block the lightning. However, at this moment, the demon felt like his hands were holding onto nothing!

The small kylin then opened its mouth and sucked in a breath, then took Sheng Ge from the demon’s hands and turned him into an illusory figure as well! That purple lightning bolt then directly bombarded the demon’s body!

“Ahh!” The demon’s pitiful scream echoed out. Although he used his whole strength to block the purple lightning’s attack, he failed.

It was only after he absorbed the Silver Puppet that his cultivation had managed to recover back to the Later Stage of the Fairy Realm. Now, because of this bolt of lightning, it had returned back to the Early Stage of the Fairy Realm.

The small kylin was holding onto its belly and laughing in mid-air, constantly gesticulating with its forelegs and taking great pleasure in the demon’s misfortunes! When the lightning spirit saw that his attack was completely incapable of damaging the Thunder Seal, it became angered and emitted another reverberation of disastrous thunder.

As a rumbling sound echoed, another bolt of lightning fell upon it. However, it was completely incapable of affecting the small kylin, which was in its illusory state.

After it suffered through two attacks of the disastrous thunder, the demon only had a small part of his soul left, and even his consciousness had started to become muddled. It could even be said that it had almost been killed a moment ago!

“Roar!” The lightning spirit viciously waved its claws at the small kylin in a threatening manner.

However, the small kylin just held its head up high and extended its foreleg, then raised up its biggest finger and pushed it downward. Such a meaningful gesture of disdain startled Su Yu, and he didn’t know whether to laugh or cry when he saw it.

The lightning spirit was also bewildered by it, so it scratched its head in confusion. Although it didn’t know what the gesture meant, it still felt that it could not have any good meaning, so it couldn’t help but bare its fangs and show its teeth in anger as a response.

The lightning spirit wasn’t dumb, and it already discovered that the small kylin was deliberately infuriating it, as well as using it to attack the demon. It threateningly bared its teeth, then turned around and left.

The small kylin chuckled. Then, while holding onto the Five Elemental Strong Thunder Seal, it returned to Su Yu’s side, then proudly raised its small head up. It was obvious that it was showing off.

“I will reward you later,” said Su Yu. He then directed his gaze to the demon, not daring to lower his guard.

A white flame then shot out of Su Yu’s eyes and engulfed the demon’s body. The demon, who was in a stupor, didn’t put up any resistance, so he was gradually burned by this soul flame into a black smoke, which then permeated out into the air.

Su Yu’s gaze flickered, and he waved his sleeves and sucked one remaining strand of the demon’s black hair into his palm. He was somewhat astonished when he observed it. This strand of black hair was only a few inches long, and it was perfectly straight and hard, like a needle.

“Was this the demon’s original form?” Su Yu asked, somewhat astonished.

At this moment, a feeble voice spread out from a deep place underground. “No, that’s just a strand of the demon’s hair.

As the ground cracked open, an extremely weak and feeble ghost that was the size of a normal human came out of the ground. From his figure, it could be easily seen that he was none other than the Ghost King, who everyone had thought was killed by the demon!

Unlike before, the Ghost King was now extremely feeble. He was even weaker than a Half G.o.d, so it would be easy for Su Yu to defeat him now.

“Are you saying that the demon we ran into was just a strand of the hair of a true demon?” Su Yu was extremely alarmed and terrified by this thought.

The Ghost King gravely nodded. “It’s just a strand of hair. The soul body old man had both a peerless Buddhist treasure and the strand of the hair of a demon. So, he probably came across these remnants from some old battlefield of buddhas and demons. Now, they both belong to you.”

The Ghost King’s face was filled with shock, and he couldn’t help but gasp in amazement at how many hidden cards Su Yu had. This lad was indeed scheming and careful, and he was even someone who went through many trials and hards.h.i.+ps. As such, the Ghost King couldn’t help but admire him.

“This strand of demon’s hair contains a pure demonic power, and it’s an excellent material for refining an apex demonic magical treasure. If you hand it to a great crafting master, then he may manage to refine a top-grade spiritual artifact with it. Moreover, if you had other demonic materials, he might even manage to refine a fairy artifact out of it!”

A fairy artifact? Su Yu felt a rush of excitement when he heard this, as he didn’t have many spiritual artifacts, let alone a fairy artifact! The value of this demon’s hair truly surpa.s.sed his expectations!

He carefully sealed the strand of demon’s hair, then raised his hand and grabbed the melted Silver Puppet. The Silver Puppet’s whole body’s energy had been absorbed by the demon, and its consciousness was muddled. In fact, it was just a ball of extremely hard, silver metal now, not much different from ordinary sc.r.a.p iron.

He recalled how awe-inspiring the Silver Puppet had been, and how, even Lü Chuyi, who was an Almighty Divine Master, had tried to evade it.

Thus, it was lamentable that it was crazily swallowing countless living beings, only to have been ultimately swallowed by a demon! Alas, its suffering such a fate was most likely heaven’s retribution.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 577 - The Disastrous Thunder Annihilated the Demon

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