The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 610 - Returning to Zhenlong

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Chapter 610: Returning to Zhenlong

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Su Yu felt that his mind was clearer than ever. His thoughts were alert and he felt much lighter.

Some of the techniques that he found difficult to comprehend previously, he now understood completely. Moreover, the Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air that he could not overcome previously, he’d finally gotten the chance to master.

“Congratulations, you can officially start training Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air.” Yun Yazi looked relieved. “I had expected you to take two years to enter the second level. Unbelievably, you have achieved it in just half a year!”

Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air’s first level of Soul Changing Realm was the foundational level. Once one had been fully trained there, they would really be ready for the official start of Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air cultivation. In fact, only after the first level was complete would the content of the second level appear.

Su Yu immediately retrieved the Green Copper Plate. Indeed, right after the first level, the content of the second level appeared!

“Imperial Soul Realm!”

“Legendary Level, they are categorized into the entry level, lower tier, upper tier, and mastery level.”

“The entry level allows you to control a soul that is one notch above you.”

“The lower tier allows you to control two souls that are one notch above you.”

“The upper tier allows you to control four souls that are one notch above you.”

“The mastery level allows you to control eight souls that are one notch above you. You can even form the Eight Souls Lurking Demon Formation. The might of the formation will depend on the strength of the souls you control.”

As he listened to the information, even the first level surprised Su Yu to the point of making him speechless.

One notch above me? What does that mean?

This meant that, if one day Su Yu could break through as a Fairy, he could directly control a Divine Master! Every layer’s cultivation would double the amount of souls he could control! In fact, once he reached the fourth level, he could control eight souls at once!

Imagine if Su Yu could bring along eight Divine Masters! He would be able to go throughout the whole of Jiuzhou! Filled with excitement, Su Yu checked the requirements…

“Training the second level requires two conditions. Firstly, the controlled individual must not have an ounce of retaliating consciousness. Secondly, the spellcaster must have an extremely strong soul. The bare minimum is to be three times stronger one’s peer.”

The first condition did not exceed Su Yu’s expectations. However, the second condition befuddled Su Yu.

It was not strange that the second level was built on the foundations of the first level. Once he reached the mastery of the first level, his soul would be three times stronger than his peers.

“From today onwards, I will stop my training and officially begin teaching you the cultivation of Heaven’s Son Gazing at Air. As long as you can achieve the mastery level, you will be invincible among your peers at the same tier.” Yun Yazi was filled with antic.i.p.ation.

Hearing this, Su Yu was very happy in his heart. Yun Yazi had always been very distant in his teaching. If he would personally teach Su Yu from now on, he would definitely achieve the second level of Legendary Level very easily!

“However, master, based on my capabilities now, with so many treasures, I can already fight against Fairies. Would this technique really be helpful?” Su Yu was happy for a moment. However, giving it a second thought, he suddenly felt otherwise.

Yun Yazi laughed lightly. “How many Fairies have you fought fairly, and how many did you actually defeat?”

Su Yu entered a state of deep thought. Of all his encounters, the truly meaningful Fairies were Sheng Ge, Bai Yijian, and Shangguan Qinger. Apart from them, no one else was even worth mentioning.

Lü Chuyi, Bai Zhe, the soul old man, the Ghost King, the demon, Zi Qianchou and Gu Taixu were either soul bodies or merely physical bodies that had achieved the Fairy level. In fact, they had all been suppressed by the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion. As such, the true encounters with Fairy level martial artists were those with Sheng Ge and Bai Yijian.

Sheng Ge was afraid of being transported, which was why she never actually used her Fairy powers and was therefore suppressed by Su Yu. On the other hand, Bai Yijian and Shangguan Qinger did not have a direct encounter with him before they were accidentally killed. Considering this, Su Yu had not actually properly defeated a single Fairy level martial artist!

Thinking about it, Su Yu suddenly became aware that he had relied on his strong treasures to harm his enemies. He had been numbed by his own carelessness and started to look down upon Fairy level martial artists!

“It seems that you have thought it through, so I need not say more,” Yun Yazi said. “This land indeed suppresses a lot of one’s capabilities. The Fairies you met in the past were not able to exert their full capabilities. If you were in the outside world, you would be the person losing most of the time.”

Yun Yazi then added, “Now, your prototype fairy artifact is being used to cultivate the lightning spirit. Your merging of origins would kill your enemies, but also harm you at the same time. Meanwhile, you have used the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture continuously. The disastrous flames contained within it have diminished considerably. If you were to meet with a fourth grade Fairy now, how would you defeat him?”

Hearing this, Su Yu wiped away his cold sweat. If that were truly the case, he would be in deep trouble. The three trump cards he had all had certain flaws. This was especially true of the Great Sun Punishment Fairy Picture.

The first time he had used it against the demon, he had let out half of the disastrous flames. The second time that he fought against Hong Luan’s crystal world, he had released another small part of half of the flames.

When he fought against Gu Taixu, he released yet another small part of half of the flames. The remaining disastrous flames were pitifully few. The small amount might be effective against an early stage Fairy, but it would be meaningless if used against any higher tier persons.

“Thank you for your teaching, Master.” Su Yu changed his perception immediately..

Yun Yazi said with a smile, “This is what I feel most secure about in you. You are very cautious! I need to rest for a while now. If you have any more questions for me, now is the time to ask.”

As he had travelled millions of miles and killed an All Creation being with his palm, he had expended a considerable amount of energy. Hence, he was in need of a brief rest.

“Master, when you mentioned the fourth grade Fairy, what kind of tier is this? Why have I only heard about the early stage, middle stage, and later stage Fairies?” Su Yu asked curiously.

Yun Yazi explained, “It is very simple. Among the early stage Fairies, there are different tiers. The first grade is the lowest, the second grade is slightly higher than that, and the third grade is the peak of early stage Fairies and so on. Middle stage Fairies are also split into the fourth grade, the fifth grade, and the sixth grade. The later stage Fairies would belong to the seventh grade, the eighth grade, and the ninth grade.”

Hearing this, Su Yu suddenly understood. Indeed, although both were early stage Fairies, Bai Yijian was much stronger than Sheng Ge.

He seemed to be the third grade, which was the peak of an early stage Fairy, while Sheng Ge was approximately the first grade, meaning that she was at the lowest of the Fairy levels.

“Each grade has tremendous differences in capabilities. If the treasures and techniques used within each were not very different, a higher grade would normally be stronger than a lower grade,” Yun Yazi explained. Just like Su Yu, being able to overcome a few grades above him, he was definitely an oddity among oddities.

“Master, I once fought a soul body. He had released something called original soul ice flames. They were capable of freezing one’s soul directly. Is this a kind of technique? Why would a soul carry an ice attribute?” At the time when he fought the soul old man, Su Yu’s opponent had released the ice flames, which were very difficult to counter, so Su Yu had almost been trapped by them.

“Hehehe, it is still too early for you to be thinking about this. At least wait until your soul reaches the Divine Master level, then you will be able to train the original soul!” Yun Yazi said. “Humans have their own character traits, and souls have soul traits. Each has a different attribute. Your opponent’s soul had the ice attribute.”

He paused for a moment, making sure Su Yu was listening, then he added, “A different person would have a different soul attribute. There is no need to be envious. Once your soul is at the Divine Master level, your soul trait will appear on its own.”

Hearing this, Su Yu understood. Is there great benefit to breaking through as a Divine Master?

“Do you have any other questions?” Yun Yazi asked.

Su Yu shook his head. “Master, please rest now. I also have something to attend to.”

Yun Yazi nodded his head. “Alright, as long as you stay in the light screen that I have left behind, you will temporarily avoid being transported outside. Now, you may attend to your matters in peace.”

Su Yu smiled. As long as he had the Mysterious Heavenly Map, he would not be transported, even if there was no light screen. With a slight motion in his heart, Su Yu’s soul entered the Nine Jade Spiritual Pearl.

“Auyue, what did you want to say earlier?” Su Yu suddenly moved to the front of the bamboo house and asked.

Wu Aoyue was still cooped up in her thoughts, while she silently retrieved the Thunder Armor. “It has been completed.”

As she handed it over with both of her hands, Wu Aoyue laughed coldly in her heart. You should be pleased now!

“You look tired.” Su Yu did not accept it. Instead, he noticed that Wu Aoyue’s fingers were swollen and her face looked pale.

“Previously, I was in a very dire situation, so I had hurried along without noticing your odd appearance. That was my mistake.” Su Yu apologized and sighed. “You can hold on to the Thunder Armor. There is still some time before I break through as a Fairy, so you can use it first.”

Hearing this, Wu Aoyue was stunned. She suddenly understood what happened and felt ashamed of herself.

He had been in danger previously, so it was no wonder that he had left in a hurry. She actually misunderstood it as Su Yu being cold towards her.

In the beginning, regardless of how coolly Su Yu treated her, she would not have given it any thought whatsoever. However, now that Su Yu was cool towards her for a brief moment, it had actually really bothered her. What is wrong with me? Why should I care so much about his att.i.tude towards me?

“You should have a proper rest. Let me know if you need anything,” Su Yu said as he appeared in front of the Underworld Pearl.

Without saying another word, Su Yu used his Milky Way Star Sand to purify and extract the blood essence of the Master of the Ghost World. Once he exhausted his mental energy, Su Yu stopped. Just like previously, Su Yu was only capable of extracting one hundredth of the blood essence at once.

“If I could cultivate all of it, I wonder what kind of might it would contain.” Su Yu’s eyes filled with antic.i.p.ation as he prepared to leave.

Wu Aoyue then asked, “Prince, will you not have a look at Sheng Ge? She has received her punishment.”

Sheng Ge? Su Yu looked to the corner of a valley, where Sheng Ge was still being burned by the soul flames. From the look of hatred on her face, she clearly had not repented enough.

“Let her stay there,” Su Yu said without emotion.

As his soul disappeared, Su Yu returned to his physical body. By that time, extracting the Underworld Pearl had cost him half a day’s work!

“It is time for me to return to the Zhenlong Continent.” Su Yu muttered, then stood up and waved away the light screen.

He also retrieved the Mysterious Heavenly Map at this time. The spatial energy of the Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion then suddenly descended and engulfed Su Yu to transport him away. Right before he transported, he had many thoughts…

As I have been away for two months, I wonder how Palace Master Ling has been? I have not returned for so long. Is the Yinyu Area still in a good state? Has An Yurou awakened from the deep slumber and recovered her appearance?

Did anyone pray at Li Guang’s grave? Is the Duke’s body alright? Is Jiang Xueqing still looking at the skies in the same place?

Did Phoenix Cabinet’s Master rebuild the Phoenix Cabinet? Are Zi Donglai and Zi Yunxiang both alright at the Heavenly Law Alliance?

Although he had only been gone for two months, Su Yu felt like it had been two long years! Filled with antic.i.p.ation in his heart, Su Yu entered the transportation vessel.

As always, a silver light sent people from the endless skies towards the Mysterious Heavenly Stage below. When someone was being transported, it was very difficult to open one’s eyes. However, Su Yu had Soul Eyes, so he was therefore unaffected.

As he looked on with his head lifted, he could see an attic floating upwards in the star-filled galaxy. The vast starry sky and the beautiful Mysterious Heavenly Divine Pavilion were amazing sights to behold.

As the attic became more and more distant, Su Yu could feel he was sinking at a higher speed! Retrieving his gaze, Su Yu looked down towards the Zhenlong Continent. From such a height, he could see the full appearance of the Zhenlong Continent clearly.

At first, he looked at it with admiration. However, as soon as the full view entered his eyes, Su Yu sucked in a breath of cold air.

He was shocked. “Impossible! How could this be the Zhenlong Continent?”

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 610 - Returning to Zhenlong

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