The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 630 - Huge Army Suppression

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Chapter 630: Huge Army Suppression

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Right then, five of the elders’ communication pendants were ringing urgently. When they checked them, they saw that it was Long Juexin’s gathering call from a half a day ago!

In fact, there were nine messages regarding it! Apparently, the small building on the balcony had prevented any external connection from reaching them. That was why the messages had come in so late!

The five people’s facial expressions changed. This is bad!

“What are you blabbering about? We were carrying out a secret mission and had only just returned! Stop talking nonsense and lead the way!” Xiao Sui yelled.

The guard did not question him any further, as he trusted Xiao Sui greatly. So, he began to lead the way immediately.

The bottom of the central part of the battles.h.i.+p, which was the place where Su Yu had broken into, was the weakest part of the battles.h.i.+p. However, that was only for appearance purposes!

In actual fact, the place was setup with a spatial spell formation. As this was the main protected location, there were eighteen levels of blockades used to reinforce it!

On the day when Fu Cangshan had planned to ambush Su Yu, he had lifted the eighteen levels of blockades. That was the reason why Su Yu was able to use the opportunity to break through the single thin layer of the spatial spell formation. If the occasion was to repeat itself, Su Yu might not be able to break the eighteen levels of blockades!

However, right then, out of the eighteen layers of blockades, fifteen of them had already been destroyed. The ground-shaking attack had broken through ten layers of blockades in one attack!

Long Juexin hurriedly led the many Half Fairies in the Heavenly Law Alliance to imbue Vital Energy into the blockades. This would surely help repair the blockades faster!

Apart from him, Long Wuxin and Qin Xianer were also present. As strong Two Crystals Half Fairies, they had been recruited to join the protection efforts. Old Chen and the other elders were also all gathered there, on top of the ten members of the annihilation team and the guards who had been with them all along.

At the bottom of the battles.h.i.+p, more than half of the Heavenly Law Alliance’s army had gathered. They were making use of each second to fix the blockades to safeguard the Heavenly Law Alliance.

“Lady Qin, where is Su Yu?” Long Juexin’s sweat was dripping from his forehead. After half a day in the great battle, he was thoroughly exhausted!

Half a day ago, a dark cloud had started approaching the Heavenly Law Alliance in an odd manner. However, it was not actually a dark cloud, but a group of strong humans!

There were ninety nine of them in total, and each one of them was, at the very least, a One Crystal Half Fairy. There were as many as twenty Two Crystals Half Fairies! As for Three Crystals Half Fairies, there were three of them!

This meant that the frightening battle power of the enemy was only slightly weaker than the previous final battle between the Zhenlong Continent and the different world! Back then, the human’s final battle was an utter failure.

In that battle, the enemy had two hundred Vital Crystal Half Fairies. There were also three Fairies. Although the numbers were not great, the strong oppression from the Half Fairies had made the battle a one-sided ma.s.sacre on the Zhenlong Continent!

As such, countless strong men were taken down, leaving The Heavenly Law Alliance utterly devastated. That was the worst defeat that the Zhenlong Continent had ever suffered. They were absolutely crushed!

However, ninety nine Fairies had just appeared now! Although their overall capabilities were not as great as the hundred and fifty Half Fairies, it was still strong enough to wipe out any of the Zhenlong Continent’s forces!

The Heavenly Law Alliance was not its opponent at all! However, in such dire circ.u.mstances, Su Yu was not in the Heavenly Law Alliance…

Hearing this, Qin Xianer suddenly turned pale and nervously wiped away her sweat. She bit her lips, while she continuously imbued Vital Energy into the blockades.

She then said, “Brother Su Yu had to deal with something else, so he left just a half a day ago. He has not returned since.”

Long Juexin’s heart sank. Why did he leave at such a crucial time?

Coincidentally, the strong martial artists from the different world had just caught up with them and immediately launched an attack! After much hards.h.i.+p, they had managed to uphold their defense until now.

However, there were only five layers of blockades left. Moreover, the speed of recovery for the blockades was far behind the speed of the enemy’s attack. As such, the difference in power between the two parties was very evident!


Right then, Xiao Sui and the other four elders had rushed over. Seeing this scene, Long Juexin was slightly angered.

He asked, “What have you all been up to? I asked all the elders to gather half a day ago. Why are you only just now arriving?”

The other four elders felt very guilty. When the Heavenly Law Alliance was in trouble, they had been fooling around with the captured ladies! Xiao Sui was the only one who looked shameless.

He said, “Please forgive us, Alliance Master. The five of us were training and did not notice the message. We only realized that you had sent us a message after the huge vibration. We rushed over immediately to a.s.sist you, Alliance Master!”

Long Juexin could tell he was hiding something. However, due to the urgent circ.u.mstances, he had no time to question him further.

“We will not discuss this now. Come and help with the blockades!” he said in a dismissive tone.

Xiao Sui and four others immediately joined the formation. With the help of these five Two Crystals Half Fairies and their Vital Energies, the speed of the recovery of the blockades increased. However, it was only a very minimal increase.


Another sky-shattering blast was heard. Two consecutive layers of blockade had been broken down!

Those who just joined the formation were all hit by the impact and thrown backwards. Each of them could taste blood in their mouths.

Xiao Sui, who was heavily injured, finally felt a tinge of fear. The danger he felt this time was different from the past. The blockade was only left with three layers now!

If the enemy attacked them again with a similarly huge blast, the Heavenly Law Alliance would crumble! A fear which he had never felt before suddenly filled his heart. It seemed like the Heavenly Law Alliance would finally see its downfall this day.

In the midst of freaking out, he remembered Su Yu. “Where is Su Yu? Ask him to come out, quickly!” His loud cry clearly revealed his panicked state.

Hearing this, many of the elders’ faces showed concern. Su Yu had gone missing at such a crucial moment! However, Xiao Sui’s reprimanding tone also angered everyone.

“Shut up! Crying loudly like that is very unbecoming! Don’t forget that you are an elder!” Long Juexin yelled angrily. He felt the murderous intent growing in his heart!

If not for this old fool, who had wanted to gain favor from everyone, perhaps Su Yu would have become the new Alliance Master of the Heavenly Law Alliance by now! This old man had complained about Su Yu’s being too young and refuted his chance to become the Alliance Master.

Now that Su Yu was not restricted by the status of Alliance Master, he could come and go as he pleased. So, today, when n.o.body could find Su Yu, Xiao Sui now came out shouting for his help! The hypocrisy infuriated Long Juexin!

In fact, Long Juexin wanted to kill this annoying and unhelpful old thing! I wonder if Su Yu rejected the position of Alliance Master because of this old thing’s adamant opposition?

The other elders also felt the same way as Long Juexin and wanted to kill Xiao Sui. When Long Juexin told them that the selection of Su Yu as Alliance Master concerned the life and death of the Heavenly Law Alliance, they had not really taken it seriously. Of course, they never thought things would turn out this badly!

Now, it seemed like Long Juexin’s prediction had been correct! The Heavenly Law Alliance had indeed fallen into a dire state! If Su Yu were here, based on his capabilities, the situation might have been much better than it was now.

Right then, Xiao Sui was not his usual righteous self. He was suddenly blinded by the unexpected dangers that they were facing.Long Juexin’s outburst had made Xiao Sui much more conscious.

So, he quickly tried to suppress his fear and said, “I am sorry for losing my composure. Please forgive me, Alliance Master. However, the situation is very urgent now. Please ask Su Yu to help us! The Heavenly Law Alliance is his home. If the Heavenly Law Alliance is gone, he would have no place to go!”

Hearing this, all of the elders present secretly condemned him as a shameless man. When he had all the glory, he had stepped on Su Yu. Now that he was in trouble, he suddenly remembered Su Yu’s existence.

“He is already gone. We do not know where he is!” Long Juexin looked gloomy. He was trying to hold back his murderous intent. “Now, we can only rely on ourselves!”

Xiao Sui lost it. Gone? He suddenly felt anger rise in his heart. “I knew we couldn’t count on someone like him!”

How dare he say that? The crowd was angry.

“Stop talking and help with the blockades!” Long Juexin shouted angrily.

Once the blockade was destroyed, the strong martial artists from the other world would break right in. If that happened, based on the obvious difference between the two sides, the only thing lying in wait for them was a one-sided ma.s.sacre. The Heavenly Law Alliance would crumble in an instant!

On the outside, ninety-nine armored young men were gathered. A monster-like armored young man with long, purple hair was sitting on a black lotus flower. He wore a nonchalant expression.

He then asked, “How is it going? Are the ants still trying to put up a fight?”

“Military Governor, they only have few defenses left. We can break through them with the next attack. Based on our battle power, it would take less than the time needed to drink half a cup of tea to kill them all!” one of the guards reported.

Hearing this, the monster-like armored young man with purple hair said coolly, “Alright, hurry up then. We are taking such a long time to defeat this silly, small force. Divine Master Ying is very unsatisfied!”

“Yes!” the armored guard bowed and left.

“One more thing…” the purple-haired young man added, “There is no need to keep the men alive as hostages. They are all rubbish anyway. However, keep the ladies alive. Divine Master Ying’s cultivation training requires a large number of perfect girls.”

The guard accepted the order and pa.s.sed it on. All ninety nine Half Fairies simultaneously imbued Vital Energy into a huge loop. As the endless Vital Energy gathered, the loop emanated a deadly and destructive aura.

In the Heavenly Law Alliance’s battles.h.i.+p.

“This is bad! The combined attack is beginning again!” Old Chen looked shocked and hopeless, while Long Juexin’s facial expression turned pale as well.

They saw that the two remaining layers of blockade could not possibly withstand the attack! Hence, the Heavenly Law Alliance would soon be defeated!

All of the elders felt hopeless. This disaster had come so unexpectedly. They had not been ready for it at all!

They had tried their best. However, the enemy was far too strong. In fact, their strength was almost incomprehensible! An incredible sadness hung in the air.

Long Juexin laughed at himself. Is this the end of the Heavenly Law Alliance?

He felt like he was in a dream. Half a day ago, he was thinking about restructuring the Heavenly Law Alliance. He had never expected that their end would come so suddenly!

The dangerous aura was getting closer and closer. The enemy had already initiated the final attack! Many of the elders closed their eyes and smiled bitterly, each knowing that this was perhaps the final smile of their lives.

Long Juexin lifted his head towards the skies and sighed heavily. “Su Yu, you went away at the wrong time…”

Many of the elders felt regretful that they had only been silent observers when Su Yu had rejected the position of Alliance Master of the Heavenly Law Alliance. Why did we not try to convince him? Now that Su Yu was gone, they were only remembering the good things about him!

“Oh, I almost forgot. Brother Su Yu told me when he left to pa.s.s this to you, Alliance Master, should we face any danger that could not be mitigated.” Xianer opened her eyes widely and looked around at the sad faces in the crowd, while forwarding along Su Yu’s request.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 630 - Huge Army Suppression

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