The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 722 - Fighting a Divine Master

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Chapter 722: Fighting a Divine Master

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

“Su Yu, we have no grudges or rancor between us, and I even admire your temperament and talent.” The first one to speak was the female Divine Master.

She was middle-aged and looked quite average, and she had phoenix eyes, which seemed quite judgmental. Although her words seemed like praise, she had uttered them in an arrogant tone.

“But, it’s a pity that you chose to be our enemy, and that’s the reason that you will lose your life today. After your reincarnation, you must be more sensible and clever in your next life,” the female Divine Master said in a casual manner.

Su Yu calmly took a look at her, then looked at the other two Divine Masters and asked, “Do you two have something to say?”

The middle-aged man on his left side was a bearded man with a muscular body, who had bronze bell-like eyes. When he heard Su Yu’s words, he just heartily laughed and said, “I really didn’t think much of you, and I really didn’t expect that you would still be this calm and unyielding, even at death’s door. You have really forced me to improve my first impression of you.”

He then shook his head and added, “But, I hate those who feign and pretend coolness. Did you a.s.sume that we would have a good impression of you because of your cool manner and let you off?”

The bearded man then laughed coldly, and even though he seemed crude and simple, he was quite shrewd. The other mann present calmly looked at Su Yu as he shook his head.

He then said, “Ran Guan, don’t look down upon this lad, as according to the intel we have, he’s an extremely shrewd person, and he wouldn’t try such a stupid thing as trying to leave a good impression on us so that we would spare him. It seems to me that he just wanted to ease the tension, so he let us recruit him.”

It was surely impossible for them to let Su Yu off, but they could instead recruit him into their ranks. Hearing this, the female Divine Master curled up the corners of her mouth in a mocking sneer and said, “Shan Xiong may really be correct. Does this lad want us to recruit him? Humans will truly grasp onto anything when they are in desperate straits.”

She then added, “This lad has great talent and a decent temperament, and if he was trained by us, he may have a slight possibility of entering the Great Bright Guard’s ranks in the future.”

She shook her head and sighed. “But, it’s really a pity that you killed someone who you shouldn’t have, as no one can save you now. So, you better give up on such an idea and fight to the death like the cornered beast that you are. At the very least, you will then die with some dignity.”

Those three people were chatting with each other as if they could see through Su Yu’s thoughts and plans. All the while, Su Yu just calmly listened to them, without interrupting.

“Did you finish your chat?” Su Yu’s expression was still as calm as ever, and there wasn’t the slightest trace of emotion on his face.

The bearded man chuckled, “Team Leader Wu Yan, stop wasting your breath on him. He will surely shortly risk his life to go against us, so we should go ahead and get rid of him.”

The cultivation of the female Divine Master, Wu Yan, was at the same level as them, and they had all just advanced to the Divine Master Realm recently. But, her aura was still slightly more powerful than theirs. Thus, she had a.s.sumed the leader position.

“Let’s still wait a bit and just observe him first. Venerable Fu Gui ordered us to just corner him, without trying to kill him, so we should first inform him and await his instructions before making any big decisions.” Wu Yan shook her head.

Hearing her words, Ran Guan and Shan Xiong furrowed their brows. Venerable Fu Gui didn’t hesitate to use the Emperor Tower just to let them cross myriad s.p.a.ces in order to come here to capture and kill this lad.

But, what bewildered them was that Venerable Fu Gui had even specially instructed them to not rashly fight Su Yu, but to instead promptly notify him if they found Su Yu. They all knew about Su Yu’s cultivation and various techniques and methods, and although they didn’t dare look down on him, they still felt that there was no need to make such fuss over him either!

So, the other two people just took a glance at each other, but didn’t reply. After all, the Bright Light Guard had a strict hierarchy, and each one of the Ten Great Bright Light Guards possessed a great authority over any Light Guards, so they didn’t dare disobey Venerable Fu Gui’s commands.

“Form a formation and encircle him, but don’t fight him. I already notified Venerable Fu Gui, so he will come here soon,” Wu Yan said.

The three of them then surrounded him from all directions. Although they didn’t use anything to trap Su Yu, their souls were closely locked on him. In this way, they could detect any slight movement that Su Yu made, and quickly respond.

Su Yu took a light breath and said, “It seems like you have finished chatting finally.”

Ran Guan glared at him. “Shut up! Just wait quietly for Venerable Fu Gui to come here to decide your fate. No matter what you say, you won’t bewitch us.”

Wu Yan furrowed her brows and sighed. “Since you will surely die, then why don’t you try at least try to die with dignity? Don’t resort to petty tricks before your death or vainly try to convince us to spare you, as that will only make us look down upon you.”

Disdain flickered in Shan Xiong’s eyes as he looked at Su Yu.

Su Yu shook his head, and a cold-glow started flickering in his eyes as he said, “It seems like you misunderstood me. I let you chat as you wanted, not to entreat you to spare me, but so that you could utter all of your last words. Since you’ve finished voicing them, let’s fight!”

Su Yu’s white hair started fluttering in the wind, while a faint blood-red radiance was emitted in the blood-red seal on his forehead. He looked at them coldly with his bloodshot eyes. At such a moment, Wu Yan’s heart thumped, and she felt like she was facing an evil devil.

“Lad, stop putting on an act, if it wasn’t because of Venerable Fu Gui’s command to only trap you here, then I would have already erased you from this world!” Ran Guan sneered at him coldly.

Su Yu responded, “It seems like you have misunderstood me once again, as it’s me who decided to fight, not you.”

When he finished his words, he threw a yellow and blue bead from his sleeves, sending it straight towards the bearded man.

“Your mouth is really irritating, so I will start with you in this Divine Masters slaughtering battle,” Su Yu said.

Ran Guan was so angered by him that he laughed. He couldn’t believe that a Half Fairy Realm lad was telling a group of Divine Masters that he would kill them. It was so silly that he had uttered such ridiculous words, which would normally be uttered by only ignorant kids!

“Fine, it’s you who first attacked us, and if we ended up killing you by mistake while we were defending ourselves, then we wouldn’t really be disobeying his orders.” Ran Guan sneered coldly.

As the ordinary looking bead flew at him, Ran Guan didn’t evade it. Instead, he rushed at it. But, he still used his defense as a precaution.

“Unshakable Bright King Seal!” Ran Guan shouted in a low voice, while a Buddhist statue appeared behind him.

It was a lifelike and vivid statue of a large Diamond Buddha. The Diamond Buddha was putting his palms together as he emitted a golden halo, which stretched out ten meters around him.

“The middle-grade Legendary Technique, the Unshakable Bright King Seal’s first level complete mastery! Ran Guan unexpectedly managed to quietly cultivate this technique to such level by himself!” Shan Xiong’s pupils slightly contracted.

Wu Yan was also surprised by it, and her gaze became ice-cold, “This guy is deliberately using it in front of us. Is it because he’s dissatisfied with me?”

Most people would always try to hide their true powers, yet he had used his to deal with just an insignificant lad. As such, it was obvious that he just wanted to show off, as well as challenge Wu Yan.

Yet, such an action, in Su Yu’s eyes, seemed quite commendable, as one should always use his full powers while facing his enemies. Moreover, according to the intel that they had received about him, he possessed a kind of power that even caused Divine Masters to be somewhat wary of him.

“Even though you seem crude and simple, you are shrewd and prudent, so you should be capable of living longer than your two companions.” Su Yu’s gaze was calm and indifferent. “But, it’s a pity that you still underestimated this bead.”

Ran Guan laughed heartily. “What can such a small bead amount to?”

Although it seemed like he was looking down on Su Yu, he had still used most of his power against him, and his strike contained two-tenths of his power as a Divine Master. In fact, his strike contained boundless Vital Energy, and it affected the entire surroundings, as it tore apart a great expanse of s.p.a.ce.

His strike’s might was almost equivalent to half of the might of the Dragon-Slayer Fairy Sword that was used by Gu Taixu, and even a top-grade spiritual artifact couldn’t block it, let alone a small bead. But, it was a pity that, although the bead wasn’t even a top-grade spiritual artifact, it was many times more terrifying than such an artifact.

Bang! Ahh!

An extremely miserable shriek suddenly echoed in this boundless ocean. Ran Guan, who possessed an astonis.h.i.+ng imposing manner, intended to bombard the bead with his fists and send it flying away. But, when he came into contact with it, its terrifying power easily crushed his arms before it bombarded his chest and sent him flying away.

The golden phantom image flickered for just a moment before she couldn’t bear it any longer and burst open. The defense of a middle-grade Legendary Technique was just like a piece of frail paper in front of the bead.

When the bead was just about to utterly crush him, Ran Guan, who was overwhelmed with shock and horror, quickly shouted in a loud voice, “Extreme Phantom Wind Steps!”

Many fuzzy phantoms immediately appeared in the air. But, they all quickly retreated. The bead quickly crushed one phantom after another, yet in the end, it still couldn’t overtake Ran Guan’s main body. After losing its momentum, the bead fell toward the ground.

Su Yu raised his hand, and as the bead received his summons, it flew back into his palm. He knew that he mustn’t carelessly let the bead fall on the ground, as with its terrifying weight, the whole Dragon Abyss would be crushed by it and turned to rubble.

Ran Guan, who had managed to make a narrow escape, had beads of sweats on his forehead and his face was extremely pale. His eyes were also filled with fright. After all, if he had hesitated for even a moment, he might have been crushed to death by that terrifying bead!

“Lad, what is that object?” Wu Yan asked. It appeared that Ran Guan wasn’t the only person who was astonished by it, as even Wu Yan and Shan Xiong were also shocked.

They knew that Su Yu had some means of facing a Divine Master, yet they never expected that he would have such a terrifying bead! At that moment, they stopped taking him lightly. They also finally understood why Venerable Fu Gui had instructed them to just corner him, without trying to kill him.

Their indifferent and calm expressions became extremely grave. “Shan Xiong, let’s quickly go to Ran Guan’s side,” Wu Yan shouted after observing their current situation.

Ran Guan had already lost both of his arms, so he needed someone to protect him while he recovered from his injuries. They instantly traversed hundreds of miles, as if they were teleporting, to reach Ran Guan’s side and protect him.

“Ran Guan, quickly consume the Orchid Hill Heavenly Fragrance Pill to recover your arms,” Wu Yan instructed him in a loud voice.

Ran Guan’s face became distorted because of the pain, and while he clenched his teeth, he spouted a wisp of Vital Energy, which engulfed his index finger that had been cut off of his body. As the ring on his index finger flickered, a white jade bottle appeared out of it.

He opened the bottle with his Vital Energy, then took a pill from it and threw it into his mouth. Just after that, a blue radiance appeared and his arms, which had been destroyed, regenerated!

After his pain was relieved, Ran Guan let out a long breath before he raised his head and ferociously glared at Su Yu, like a man-eating tiger. “You are the first person who managed to inflict such heavy injuries on me. Not bad! I’ve decided that I…”

Before he managed to finish his words, he was interrupted by Su Yu, who spoke in a carefree manner, “Your decision won’t change your fate, as you will still be the first person to die.”

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 722 - Fighting a Divine Master

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