The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 823 - Crippling His Cultivation

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Chapter 823: Crippling His Cultivation

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Shao Qingfeng exerted his power in his palm, then thrust it at Shangguan Yunque’s Dantian. Once the latter’s Dantian was damaged, he would become a cripple.

It was at this moment that a loud shout was heard coming from a distant place, “Stop!”

Shao Qingfeng, who wore a gloomy expression, found the voice slightly familiar and was startled by it. He curled up the corners of this mouth and formed a faint cold smile.

He then looked at Shangguan Yunque and said, “It seems like your brother isn’t as smart as you have imagined him to be!”

Lao Ai’s expression turned for the better, while a cold glint flickered in the deepest part of his eyes. He then quietly withdrew into the crowd. This was because he was planning a sneak-attack!

If a middle-stage Divine Master like him attacked Su Yu with his full power, he would manage to kill the latter instantly. Sensing this, Su Yu quickly rushed over, managing to make it just in time. He turned around lightly and landed gracefully before Xue Qi.

In the twinkling of an eye, many gazes were cast upon Su Yu. Everyone wanted to get a look at the Central Supreme Demon!

Xue Qi’s eyes were glittering as she approached Su Yu and spoke to him with a stern look, “Junior brother Su, it will be up to you regarding what we will do now. We will adhere to all of your orders. Even if you want us to start a great battle here, we won’t hesitate to start it in order to help you save Shangguan Yunque.”

Su Yu was quite grateful to her at the moment. Although he knew that Xue Qi was only doing this to curry favor with him, she was still helping him.

“Senior sister Xue, please calm down. There’s no need to start a conflict. This is probably what they are hoping for. After all, there is a mouse hiding among the crowd, and he’s just waiting to take advantage of such a crisis.” Su Yu revealed a sneer as he turned toward the crowd and asked, “Isn’t this the case, senior brother Lao Ai?”

He had already pinpointed Lao Ai’s location before he had even landed, so he had witnessed all of his actions. After all, Su Yu would not let down his guard against such a person, who he knew was fond of sneak-attacking people!

“Well, where is he?” It was only now that Xue Qi noticed that Lao Ai was hiding among the crowd. If she hadn’t been warned by Su Yu and had started a fight rashly, Lao Ai would have been able to sneak-attack anyone!

Upon hearing this, many disciples chuckled in secret. Many of them had already heard about Lao Ai’s conduct. A moment ago, he was still in the front of the crowd, yet in the twinkling of an eye, he had skillfully hidden himself among the crowd. Thus, everyone was clear on what he had planned.

Lao Ai’s expression became slightly gloomy. Since they all saw through him, he wouldn’t get an opportunity for making a sneak-attack. Thus, he could only fight openly and kill Su Yu, while acting like it had been a mistake!

“Lad, why did you come here? Do you want me to let off Shangguan Yunque? You don’t have any right to order me to do so,” Lao Ai spoke coldly and revealed his power.

He was ready to start fighting at any moment, and if he attacked, he would go all-out and kill Su Yu! Even though they were far from each other, Su Yu could still feel Lao Ai’s intense killing intent. As such, he couldn’t help but sneer inwardly, while thinking… This shameless guy really plans to kill me!

“Hehe, I didn’t order you to release him, and I just want to consult you about something,” Su Yu said as he clasped his hands behind his back.

His tone was calm and serene, while his current appearance gave him a special charm. He seemed like an old man, who had an air of transcendence about him.

Lao Ai squinted his eyes, then asked, “What rubbish do you want to tell me? Just go ahead and say it.”

Su Yu revealed a faint smile and said, “I have just two questions… The first question… Since Shangguan Yunque is just a guarantor for other people, then if those three people come back, shouldn’t you all go and look for them instead of Shangguan Yunque?”

Lao Ai’s eyes flickered, and as he looked at Shao Qingfeng, the latter shook his head at him. It was only then that Lao Ai regained his composure.

“According to the rules, if those three people come back, we will obviously look for them and won’t cause any trouble for the guarantor. However, it seems like they won’t come back,” Lao Ai replied.

Su Yu still wore a faint smile as he replied, “Okay, then I will ask my second question. If it was discovered that those three people colluded with someone to harm Shangguan Yunque, how would they be handled?”

Lao Ai and Shao Qingfeng were startled by this questions, and their gazes flickered slightly. When they didn’t immediately reply, Su Yu said, “It seems like these guys won’t reply. Senior sister Xue, can you please give me an answer?”

Xue Qi rolled her eyes. She felt that Su Yu had finally found the crux of this problem. She then looked at Lao Ai and Shao Qingfeng and sneered coldly.

She then said, “According to the black market’s rules, if anyone dares to join hands with someone to harm the guarantor, the black market’s two factions will join hands and cripple his cultivation. We do this because is a guarantor is not protected by some provisions such as these, no one would ever dare to become anyone’s guarantor, which would have a drastic and negative impact on the black market’s business.”

Su Yu nodded. He then looked back at the two men and asked them calmly, “Did you hear that?”

Shao Qingfeng snorted coldly, then asked, “What does that have to do with us? Unless you find any proof, Shangguan Yunque’s cultivation will still be crippled!”

Lao Ai then said coldly, “We have already wasted enough time. The guarantor, Shangguan Yunque, is incapable of paying back the 500,000 merit points, so he must be punished.”

As he spoke, he was about to thrust his palm at Shangguan Yunque, while his gaze was still on Su Yu even now. He was trying to stir them up, hoping that they would start fighting and cause a great amount of chaos and confusion here.

But, just when he was just about to thrust his palm at him, a loud shout suddenly transmitted from a distant place, “Senior brother Shao, Senior brother Lao, I already killed those three guys as you instructed.”

The shout had come from a robust and tall man. His voice was thunderous, and it spread throughout the whole plaza.

The noisy plaza instantly descended into silence. The crowd was taken aback, and they all looked at each other in dismay.

“It’s Second Tiger Yang!” The crowd recognized Second Tiger Yang quickly, as his status was equal to Ruffian Long’s.

Lao Ai and Shao Qingfeng were also startled, and horror appeared on both of their faces. Lao Ai looked at Shao Qingfeng coldly, then shouted at him, “Are all of your subordinates this stupid?”

Shao Qingfeng’s face flushed red as he tapped the ground with the tip of his foot, then flew up to Second Tiger Yang. He pulled Second Tiger Yang’s arm and asked him, “Have you gone crazy?”

However, Second Tiger Yang unexpectedly didn’t quiet down, but he instead shouted loudly, as if he was confused by what was happening, “Senior brother Shao, I didn’t say anything wrong! Didn’t you order me to kill the three junior brothers, whose loans were guaranteed by Shangguan Yunque? I even brought their corpses with me!”

As he said this, Second Tiger Yang waved his hand and three corpses fell from his ring. They were the corpses of the three disciples!

“It’s them! I know them because I saw them with Second Tiger Yang. At that time, they all asked Shangguan Yunque to guarantee their loans and borrowed merit points!” a disciple cried out in alarm.

Upon witnessing the three dead people, the whole crowd went into an uproar, and many shocked gazes looked at Shao Qingfeng.

“Second Tiger Yang, what nonsense are you stating? If you dare to say such crazy things ever again, I will send you to the Law Enforcement Division!” Shao Qingfeng yelled.

He was becoming very anxious as he thought… Why did Second Tiger Yang state this matter in front of everyone? This matter seems very fishy!

However, when Shao Qingfeng looked at Second Tiger Yang, he found his gave to be clear and bright. He didn’t seem confused at all.

Second Tiger Yang spoke up again, “Senior brother Shao, what’s wrong with you? I didn’t say anything wrong! You instructed me to send Li Sang and the other two after Shangguan Yunque to gain his trust and ask him to become their guarantor. You wanted to use them to trick Shangguan Yunque. How can you forget this?”

The crowd went into an uproar once again. Second Tiger Yang had unexpectedly stated everything about the shady plan in front of everyone. It was really inconceivable!

As for whether it was true or not, the crowd was certain it was factual. After all, Shangguan Yunque was a fat cat in all of the black market’s people’s eyes, so it wasn’t strange that Shao Qingfeng would set his sights on him.

“You are just stating senseless drivel!” Shao Qingfeng was infuriated.

He believed that something was seriously wrong with Second Tiger Yang. So, he held his shoulder, revolved his Vital Energy, and confined his limbs and bones, thus preventing him from speaking any further and disclosing any more outrageous matters.

However, when he was just about to take him away, Su Yu leaped over, and pushed Shao Qingfeng away with his palm as he said, “Senior brother Shao, why don’t you let Second Tiger Yang state what he has to say? Why are you trying to drag him away so anxiously?”

It was at this moment that Shao Qingfeng finally realized that it was Su Yu who plotted against him! “Su Yuxian, you unexpectedly dared to plot against me!” Shao Qingfeng became flushed from anger.

Su Yu shrugged his shoulders and said, “Senior brother Shao, what are you saying? I don’t know what you are talking about.”

“You are courting death!” Shao Qingfeng flew into a rage and attacked him angrily.

This affair would have an unimaginable influence on the Left Palace Master’s outer sanctum black market. After all, if a loan provider colluded with people to harm a guarantor, no one would still dare to take out loans here again, much less become anyone’s guarantor!

Moreover, Xue Qi still meddled in this matter, so the outer sanctum’s black market power structure would probably experience great changes. At that time, the Left Palace Master wouldn’t forgive him!

He planned to seize such an opportunity to dispose of Su Yu, yet Su Yu had used his weakest point against him, causing him to end up implicated by this affair! Naturally, he hated Su Yu now!

“Hehe, Senior brother Shao, what you are you planning to do?” A sweet fragrance a.s.saulted them as Xue Qi flew over and easily blocked Shao Qingfeng’s palm strike.

After Shao Qingfeng was shaken off by her, he drew back and yelled in a fury, “How daring! Senior brother Lao, why didn’t you…”

When he looked back, Shao Qingfeng’s heart skipped a beat. Lao Ai was no longer here!

His heart couldn’t help but sink at that moment. Lao Ai must have realized that something was amiss here, so he had abandoned him!

Xue Qi felt extremely satisfied now. There had been many fights occurring in the outer sanctum’s black market for a long time, yet no one had ever managed to get a victory. Yet, she had now caught a glimmer of hope that she might actually win on this day.

“Shao Qingfeng, according to the black market’s rules, anyone who dares to collude with someone to harm a guarantor will be punished. Also, his cultivation will be crippled. No one can be exempt from this.” Xue Qi wore a solemn look as she informed him.

Shao Qingfeng’s face turned pale. Even though such a rule was really set by both of their sides, he didn’t see how he could just obediently submit to it.

“They are all framing me. I’m the person in charge of the black market, so one can’t just convict me as he wants. There must first be a thorough investigation,” Shao Qingfeng said anxiously.

He then turned and shouted at the members behind him, “What are you all just standing there in a daze for?”

They all understood what he was implying, so they quickly rushed over to him and surrounded him, protecting him in their middle. After all, he was their leader, and if he was killed, their future would be dark and doomed!

Xue Qi sneered coldly. “Outer sanctum’s black market’s disciples, obey orders! Shao Qingfeng abused the black market’s power and issued orders to frame a guarantor. Hence, his cultivation must be crippled! Yet now, he’s trying to stay out of this matter. Will you allow this?”

Upon hearing this, the black market’s people responded in unison, “We won’t allow it!”

“Then, what are you waiting for?” Xue Qi asked, while chuckling.

Ruffian Long laughed, then said in a strange voice, “Brothers, charge forward! Let’s drive away that vermin and take back our black market’s former glory.”

Upon hearing this, many outer sanctum’s disciples rolled their eyes and wondered… What glory does a place like the black market have?

However, Shao Qingfeng’s actions were still infuriating to them. After all, he had framed Shangguan Yunque and almost crippled his cultivation!

Shao Qingfeng’s face was deathly pale. Since the opponents had an inner sanctum disciple, he couldn’t see how he could resist them.

“You should all stop!” When they were about to start fighting, an imposing shout was heard. The voice was awe-inspiring and possessed a great spiritual pressure, which caused all of the people to come to an involuntary halt.

Xue Qi furrowed her brows and muttered to herself, “This old man really didn’t come at a good time. It’s really disappointing.”

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 823 - Crippling His Cultivation

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