The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 825 - A Young Girl’s Scheme

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Chapter 825: A Young Girl’s Scheme

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Huh? Su Yu smacked his tongue, then said, “I don’t know anything about this. Senior sister Xue, please speak clearly.”

At that moment, a blue vein popped out on Xue Qi’s forehead. She didn’t know whether she should laugh or cry as she exclaimed, “It’s really strange! Even I knew that you offended the Great Palace Master! You are the only one who is oblivious to it!”

She then asked, “Did anyone inform you when you just joined the sanctum that you brought great troubles upon yourselves in the Fairy Confining Forest’s trial?”

Did I bring great troubles upon myself? Su Yu was confused at first, but then he suddenly recalled something… Wait! It seemed like someone once said that same thing!

When Su Yu came out of the Fairy Confining Forest on that day, the envoy elder, Elder Li, had informed Su Yu that he had brought great troubles upon himself by killing the Level Five Fairy Realm Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten. He had then asked him to stay behind after the Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate’s trial because Palace Mistress Kong Chan would look for him to discuss this in private.

It seemed like it was a grave matter at that time. However, after Su Yu had such an outstanding performance in the Carp Leaping Over Dragon Gate’s trial, this matter was settled by simply leaving it unsettled.

Was it related to this affair? Su Yu wondered. He then asked in confusion, “Is it related to the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten?” He asked this because he still had a Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten’s egg in his spatial ring.

Upon hearing this, Xue Qi couldn’t help but smile. “It seems like you are aware of it. That’s right… You brought great troubles upon yourself because of that Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten.”

“Why? Isn’t it just the Beast King of the Hundred Beasts Valley? It’s just a trifling Level Five Fairy Realm beast. What’s so exceptional about it?” Su Yu asked in surprise.

Xue Qi spoke in a sympathetic tone, “Hehe, nothing is obviously exceptional about that Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten. But, did you know that it’s the spiritual pet of the Great Palace Master’s beloved granddaughter? Now, knowing that… Do you still feel like it isn’t a big deal?”

The spiritual pet of the Great Palace Master’s granddaughter? Su Yu was at a loss of words upon hearing this news.

Xue Qi then said, “The Great Palace Master’s granddaughter went to the Lifeless Sword Prefecture to continue her cultivation. She left the Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten, which she had raised, in the Fairy Confining Forest’s Hundred Beasts Valley, never expecting that you would have killed it! Now, when his granddaughter comes back, she will surely be deeply hurt.”

She then said, “The Great Palace Master, who treasures his granddaughter greatly, can’t be happy about all of this. Now… Do you still feel like you didn’t offend him?”

Su Yu was dumbfounded. He really wanted to start cursing at this moment.

It was all that Devilish Eye Scarlet Marten, which went crazy, that caused all of this turmoil! After all, Su Yu was really forced then to kill it, yet, he was now the one being blamed for offending the Great Palace Master!

“Hehe, you can set your mind at ease. The Great Palace Master will only give you a light punishment. If he was really angry, then with his bad temper, you wouldn’t have even been allowed to stay in the outer sanctum until now. You would have already been driven away long ago,” Xue Qi said, comforting him.

She then said, “I believe that in the seasonal exam, regardless of how much Shao Qingfeng desires to survive, he will still not dare to injure you heavily. However, you will still not be exempt from some physical suffering. This is probably the only punishment that the Great Palace Master has set for you.”

The corners of Su Yu’s mouth twitched upon hearing this. He was really dumbfounded.

“Okay, I will go back to my aunt’s residence first and discuss with Wei Zheng how we can deal with the outer sanctum’s black market’s issues in the shortest possible time. If you need anything, you can just go ahead and ask for it,” Xue Qi said bluntly.

Su Yu nodded in response. It was at this moment that Shangguan Yunque bore his pain and walked over, while being supported by Shangguan Fei. His face was filled with shame. He was clearly embarra.s.sed to speak to Su Yu.

“Brother Su, I didn’t listen to your advice in the past, and I deserve everything that has happened because of it. Moreover, I’m to blame for implicating you in all of this.” It seemed like Shangguan Yunque had suffered a grave blow.

He wasn’t as lively as he was in the past, and it seemed like he had became more steady and solemn. So, in fact, it seemed like this affair wasn’t really a bad thing for him in the grand scheme of things. In fact, if he could stop wasting time and having too much fun, while concentrating instead on the martial path, this affair would actually be good for his future!

“Don’t say that. You were just deceived by people, so you don’t need to apologize or thank me.” Su Yu waved his hand at him and comforted him, “You should go back to rest and have your injuries examined. After all, Shao Qingfeng is a treacherous and sinister person, so he might have secretly injured you somehow.”

Shangguan Fei’s expression became tense as he replied, “That’s right, brother Yunque, you should listen to brother Su.”

Shangguan Yunque nodded, cupped his fists at Su Yu, then left while being supported by Shangguan Fei. It was only after Shangguan Yunque left Su Yu’s line of sight that the former stopped in his tracks, a decisive look appearing in his eyes.

“Brother Yunque, what’s up?” Shangguan Fei asked.

Shangguan Yunque replied in a deep voice, “Write a letter for me, then pa.s.s it to Qinger, who is in the inner sanctum. Ask her to take out our Shangguan family’s inherited secret canon, the Five Element Mysteries Art.”

“Brother Yunque! What do you want that object for? That’s our Shangguan family secret inherited art, which has been pa.s.sed down from each Family Master to the other for generations! We inherited it from the ancient times, and the Family Master just left it in sister Qinger’s care temporarily because you are always just playing around. What do you want with it?” Shangguan Fei asked in surprise.

The Five Element Mysteries Art was a secret canon that had been pa.s.sed down through the Shangguan family for generations. It was rumored that its existence traced back to as early as tens of thousands of years ago.

It was rumored that, at that time, the Shangguan family was a colossal faction. But it had gradually declined with each pa.s.sing generation, only t completely split apart in the end. Now, their Shangguan family was just a small branch of the past Shangguan family tree.

However, this small branch family still hid the past archaic Shangguan family’s peerless treasure, the Five Element Mysteries Art, and only the Shangguan Family’s core members were aware of this. The Shangguan Family’s Master wanted to hand it over to Shangguan Yunque, but the latter didn’t care about cultivation at all, so he could only leave in Shangguan Qinger’s care. He had also done this out of precaution, just in case he ended up suffering an accident one day, the secret canon wouldn’t be lost along with him.

“I will give it to brother Su,” Shangguan Yunque said firmly.

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Fei jumped in fright and asked, “Brother Yunque, have you gone crazy? This is our Shangguan family’s inherited treasure, so how can we give it to random people? Even sister Qinger won’t agree to this, let alone the Family Master!”

Shangguan Yunque raised his head. His past juvenile look had disappeared completely, and he seemed to be wiser now as he said, “Our family will soon be destroyed, so why do we still need to protect the secret canon? A hundred years have already pa.s.sed since the death of the past Quasi-Emperor of Jiuzhou, Shen Yichen, and the meet to fight for the Jiuzhou Emperor’s position will soon start again. At that time, the Jiuzhou Continent will be in a state of turmoil and countless factions will be erased.”

He then added, “Recently, the Eighteen Blessed and Heavenly Lands suffered consecutive mysterious attacks. As a result of these attacks, many sects and factions were destroyed. Our Shangguan family seems peaceful, but it’s actually in imminent danger. So… It’s time for us to look for a reliable supporter!”

Even after he heard this, Shangguan Fei was still puzzled, so he said, “Brother Yunque, you aren’t mistaken. Jiuzhou enjoyed peace for more than a hundred years, but turmoil will surely start again. All of the factions are trying to get a backer, so why don’t we get a more reliable backer? We have a secret canon, and if we gift it to the Left or Right Palace Masters or even the Palace Mistress, Mo Tianxuan, won’t we get their protection?”

“Brother Yunque, are you cracking a joke? Do you really plan to ask Su Yuxian to protect our family? He’s just an ordinary disciple, and even though he could fight those at levels that are higher than his could he fight Divine Masters?” he asked Shangguan Yunque with some doubts.

Shangguan Yunque shook his head and said, “You underestimate him. Brother Su’s power isn’t as simple as it seems. Haven’t you noticed that anyone who has ever opposed him didn’t come to a good end? It started with the Shao Family’s Master, Shao Yueming, to Shao Qingfeng and even the two Divine Master Realm experts who went to the Elegant Spirit Mountain. None of them came to a good end. It seemed in other people’s eyes that these things were all mere coincidences, while it seemed to me like this was all done by brother Su’s own hands!”

He then added, “Moreover, if I am guessing correctly, the soul technique expert that was mentioned by the Great Palace Master is surely brother Su! I can’t think of anyone else who would take risks for me, especially controlling Second Tiger Yang to turn the situation around. Hence, Su Yu is surely that soul technique expert!”

He then reiterated, “His true power is extremely terrifying. Hence, leaving the Shangguan family in his care is a reliable choice.”

Shangguan Yunque’s eyes shone brightly. Even though he seemed heedless, he still possessed brilliant observational powers.

Upon hearing this, Shangguan Fei hesitated for a moment, but he was still skeptical. “I still feel like handing over the Five Element Mysteries Art to people with greater power, like the Left and Right Palace Masters or Mo Tianxuan, is a more reliable choice.”

“It isn’t as simple as you think!” Shangguan Yunque shook his head, while his eyes shone with a profound glow. “The Five Element Mysteries Art has many secrets hidden behind it, and once we offer it to them, our Shangguan family won’t be protected by them, but will instead most likely be interrogated by them by force, or even exterminated!”

He sighed, then said, “Otherwise, why didn’t we just hand it over to someone in exchange for protection when our Shangguan family was declining so badly? This reason was because we knew that we mustn’t reveal it to anyone untrustworthy!”

He then added, “As for brother Su, after observing him, I find that he seems like a person who will recognize kindness and repay it by several folds. In the past, when I had just brought him to the Shangguan family and gifted him the Blue Water Nine Heavens Wing, he saved you all in the Fairy Confining Forest. Moreover, today, he didn’t hesitate to save me, regardless of the price that he had pay in order to do so. It could be easily seen from this matter alone that he is a reliable person!”

Upon hearing this Shangguan Fei became very quiet. He was slightly convinced by this reasoning.

After Su Yu left the plaza, he went back to the Demon Mountain. Just after he entered it, he was greeted by Gongsun Wuxie, who wore a fluffy black dress.

She welcomed him with a smile, hugged his arm, and asked, “Brother Yuxian, are you alright?”

Su Yu smiled. When he had first met the two-faced little demoness, she was wearing the same kind and lovely look. This made him wonder… What is she up to this time?

“I’m alright. I will be staying in your residence these next few days. I’m sorry for the trouble,” Su Yu said.

Gongsun Wuxie patted her flat chest and said, “Don’t worry about it. I’m known for being kind and benevolent!”

“One must always read your words in reverse!” Su Yu knew well this two-faced young girl too well, thus doubted nearly every word that she said.

Gongsun Wuxie’s residence was clean, tidy, and s.p.a.cious, as it had two bedrooms.

“I will stay upstairs, while you can stay downstairs,” Gongsun Wuxie said. “Brother Yuxian, you must be tired. I have just brewed two cups of tea, please wait for a moment and I will bring one to you.”

Su Yu nodded, then sat patiently on a stone chair and observed the surroundings. Although it seemed like he was just observing the surroundings casually, he had already activated his Soul Eyes and had penetrated the wall with his gaze. At the moment, he observing Gongsun Wuxie’s every move. After all, Su Yu couldn’t possibly set his mind at ease and simply sit around drinking this two-faced young girl’s tea!

When he had a good look at her, the corners of Su Yu’s mouth couldn’t help but twitch. The little demoness really had brewed two cups of tea. However, she was now holding a purple medicine bottle, pouring its contents into one of the cups!

The little demoness was careful and prudent, and she seemed afraid of coming into contact with the purple powder. This revealed to Su Yu just how terrifying this powder must be!

Just after that, the little demoness carried the two cups toward Su Yu’s room, while revealing a crafty smile for a moment before she wore her usual faint smile upon entering the room.

“Brother Yuxian, here is the tea,” she announced.

As she smiled at him with that fake smile of hers, two dimples appeared at the corners of Gongsun Wuxie’s mouth. She seemed quite lovely as she pushed one of the two cups toward Su Yu.

Su Yu looked at the tea and chuckled inwardly, while thinking… It seems like this two-faced young girl wants to mess with me even before the Elegant Spirit Mountain’s trip. I think I will let her have a taste of her own medicine!

“Brother Yuxian, what’s wrong with you? Does my tea not appeal to you?” Gongsun Wuxie opened her gem-like eyes wide, while waiting for him to take the cup that she was offering.

Su Yu took the cup with his right hand, then said with a smile, “Okay. I will drink it, and you should also drink yours.”

Gongsun Wuxie blinked her eyes, and it was only after she observed Su Yu drinking every drop of his tea completely that she put on an act and took several sips of her tea. She didn’t notice at all that a milky white light flickered for an instant in Su Yu’s right palm, while a scarlet ray flickered in his right eye at the same time.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 825 - A Young Girl’s Scheme

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