The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 851 - Wuxie Appeared Suddenly

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Chapter 851: Wuxie Appeared Suddenly

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

Xiao Yao spoke calmly, “Fairy Ling, if you really want the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid, you can only get it at the auction.”

He then asked, “Or, are you a.s.suming that your status is so great that you can get it in advance? We can’t hand over goods to someone without getting its owner’s permission first. Doing so would be a grave mistake! Since you are also an owner of an auction house, you should know these things!”

After he said this, Xiao Yao almost laughed out loud. He felt exultant at this moment, as he was finally able to gloat.

Fairy Ling stared at Xiao Yao for a long while before she stood up slowly and said through gritted teeth, “Thanks anyway, Palace Master Xiao.”

She then grabbed the VIP Card on the table and left, an unsightly expression on her face. The Great Appraiser and Thousand Hands Old Xian quickly followed her. They lowered their heads as they went, barely daring to breathe.

It was only after they left the Red Blood Palace’s auction house that the Great Appraiser spoke hesitantly, “Fairy Ling, it’s just an elixir! Surely not having it won’t really affect our Tianya Auction House! So, why are you so obsessed with the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid?”

He really couldn’t understand this. After all, even though the Heart Refining Mortal Dust Liquid could open a new path to wealth for them, such wealth would still be just like a drop in the ocean for the already prosperous Tianya Auction House.

Hence, it seemed like it was quite dispensable. Yet, for some unknown reason, Fairy Ling had visited them personally just for the chance to have it.

“I don’t care about the wealth! I care about how that guy got the extinct Heartbroken Zither Gra.s.s in the first place! This plant already went extinct during the ancient era, and it simply doesn’t exist at all in the current world. I need the Heartbroken Zither Gra.s.s because I’m trying to make a certain Incredible elixir, and I’m short of just that plant alone in order to finish it! If I can find the person who made that elixir, I can get news about that material’s whereabouts!” she explained in a huff.

The Great Appraiser finally understood everything, and he said, “I will go to make inquiries about the ident.i.ty of the person who consigned the elixir for sale!”

Fairy Ling nodded. “Okay, but don’t alert him because he’s probably just responsible for consigning it for sale. As for the person who actually made the elixir, he must be a very skilled person.”

“Understood,” the Great Appraiser replied.

Fairy Ling cast a glance at the s.h.i.+vering Thousand Hands Old Xian as a cold glint flickered in her eyes. She then added, “Moreover, we must get stricter with our appraisers, disposing of the mediocre our high standards!”

The Great Appraiser’s heart s.h.i.+vered when he heard this, and he cast a glance at Thousand Hands Old Xian. It was obvious that his fate was already determined. After Fairy Ling had been embarra.s.sed on this day, she was clearly still angry about it.

“Understood!” The Great Appraiser cupped his hands.

In the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House, Xiao Yao followed them with his gaze. His eyes flickered as he said, “Old Yu, Old Sun, you should both keep in close contact with Su Yuxian. Moreover, you must send the auction house’s experts to protect him in secret. Don’t let any accidents befall him!”

After all, Su Yuxian was their only way of contacting that mysterious expert, and if he was killed by someone, everything would be ruined!

After Su Yu left the Red Blood Palace’s Auction House, he rushed toward the Tonglin Elixir Store. It took more time than he had expected to run his errand, and as such, a whole day had already pa.s.sed. It was past time for him to go back!

He went back to the Outer City and the district where his store was situated. But, just before Su Yu reached his store, he couldn’t help but raise his brows. He quickly discovered that the Tonglin Elixir Store had unexpectedly been destroyed by someone!

All of its elixirs were stolen, and even the counter was destroyed! At the moment, Su Yu saw, Qing Liu, whose face was drenched with blood, was holding onto a martial artist, who was trying to steal the elixir furnace from the store!

“Lad, didn’t you get enough of a beating? Get lost!” the martial artist yelled as he wore a ferocious look and bared his teeth at Qing Liu.

He then kicked Qing Liu’s belly and sent him flying away. Qing Liu ended up slamming against the wall, then vomited out a mouthful of blood.

He then held his body and started rolling on the ground. It was obvious that he was in great pain.

“Pah! Even with such trifling power, you still wish to try and stop him!” The martial artist spat in disdain. “It’s your shopkeeper, who’s blind and isn’t sensible enough, thus offending the Three Murders Gang! He brought about his own destruction!”

He chuckled evilly, and just as he was about to turn around and leave, a person suddenly appeared before him like a ghost. That person didn’t emit any aura, so he the martial artist by surprise.

“Ah!” the martial artist couldn’t help but scream like a scared little girl at that moment.

When he returned to his senses, he felt both humiliated and angry. He then shouted loudly, “Are you blind or something?”

Su Yu replied, while wearing a calm expression, “I’m the insensible and blind shopkeeper you just mentioned. So, I suppose I must answer yes? According to you, I am surely blind.”

The martial artist was startled by this, and he laughed nastily. “You unexpectedly dared to come out? I a.s.sumed that you were just a cowardly turtle, who would quickly hole up, and not dare to show yourself. It’s good that you have come here, as now I will bring you to meet our gang boss.”

As he spoke, he stretched out his hand toward Su Yu’s shoulder. He had a Level Four Fairy Realm cultivation, so it should have been easy for him to deal with Su Yu. However, before his hand reached Su Yu, a golden ray flickered around his wrist, and just after that, his whole hand fell immediately to the ground.

He let out a miserable and pained cry at that same time, “Ah! My hand! My hand!”

His hand had unexpectedly been cut off quietly, and the knife wound was flat and smooth. Then, suddenly, his cries came to an abrupt halt. This was because his head had also been cut off, and it immediately fell on the ground and rolled around on it for a few moments!

A golden ray flickered once again, and the golden small sword went back into Su Yu’s sleeves. He ignored the puddle of blood on the ground, as well as the spectators frightened gazes, as he went into the store to take a look around.

Horror appeared in Qing Liu’s eyes. The person Su Yu had just killed was one of the Three Murders Gang’s ten greatest martial artists.

He was a ferocious and vile man, who didn’t shrink from committing any crime. He was someone feared in the Outer City, and many people held grudges against him.

However, none of them dared to blame him, despite how infuriated they were because of how powerful his cultivation was. For this reason, Qing Liu really didn’t expect that he would end up dead like this, especially being killed by a mere shopkeeper!

So, he had to wonder… If Su Yu could instantly kill even a Level Four Fairy, how powerful is he really?

As Su Yu waved his sleeves, a wisp of Vital Energy invaded Qing Liu’s body and quickly healed his injuries. Qing Liu’s pain was eased, and the state of his injuries also took a miraculous turn for the better.

He was greatly startled by this, and he quickly stood up and said, “Shopkeeper Su, I’m sorry for being incompetent and failing to look after the store properly. Please, punish me!”

Su Yu forced his expression to remain calm and serene. “It’s fine. Just tell me what happened.”

As he spoke, he tried to not get upset. After all, he had only just for a short day, yet his store had been entirely destroyed!

“It was Qin Ze!” Hatred appeared in Qing Liu’s eyes. “After he was crippled by you, he asked for help from the Three Murders Gang, and when he came here, he brought some gang members to help him destroy the store. He stole all of the elixirs in the stores, and he even took away Ying Luan!”

Su Yu’s expression became ice-cold. “They captured Ying Luan?” Su Yu really didn’t care about those ordinary elixirs, but Ying Luan was his employee!

“That’s right! It was the Three Murders Gang’s vice-master! He captured Ying Luan and wants you to pay a thousand crystals to get her back. Otherwise, he said that he will let the gang members ‘play’ with her until her death,” Qing Liu recalled angrily.

Killing intent flickered in Su Yu’s eyes when he heard this and understood the situation. The Three Murders Gang didn’t take revenge for Qin Ze, as Qin Ze’s cultivation was too low and he was now a meaningless cripple. So, he had to wonder… Why would the Three Murders Gang send a large number of people to take revenge for him?

The sole reason for this was because they had discovered from him that the new shopkeeper was wealthy. So, they wanted to use this matter as an excuse to rob him.

Upon detecting Su Yu’s killing intent, Qing Liu spoke hurriedly, “Shopkeeper, please calm down! You should get in touch with the Red Blood Palace’s headquarters, then look for someone to negotiate with the Three Murders Gang.”

Qing Liu then said, “The Three Murders Gang has countless experts, and the vice-master is a Level Nine Fairy. It’s also rumored that the gangmaster is a Divine Master expert. Moreover, they are all familiar with the Outer City’s terrain, so it would be difficult for any faction to eliminate them. The Red Blood Palace once tried disposing of them, but they failed, even losing a Divine Master expert in the attempt.”

Qing Liu took a breath, then continued, “That is why no one will bother with them. The Three Murders Gang have already become the rulers of the Outer City, and there isn’t any underworld faction here besides them. They’ve simply all been swallowed by them!”

Qing Liu concluded by saying, “Shopkeeper, you should not go there alone. They won’t abide by their words, and they may even kill you, while also taking everything in your spatial ring!”

Ever since ancient times, it has been difficult for powerful rulers to keep regional mafia under control. The Three Murders Gang was the Outer City’s regional mafia, and as such, even a faction like the Red Blood Palace couldn’t deal with them.

Su Yu nodded. “Okay, I understand. You shouldn’t worry about the store, but just look for a safe place to hide. I will just take a short trip, then come back quickly.”


After Su Yu asked the location of the Three Murders Gang’s base, he started flying toward it. After five minutes had pa.s.sed, he reached the Outer City’s core region. It was a destroyed fighting plaza.

If one observed it from the sky, he could clearly see many members standing guard in the vicinity. There were many members here, as well as several thousands of ordinary people. The fighting plaza was situated in an open region, so they could clearly see any invaders as they approached.

Su Yu was slightly surprised by this, and he immediately wondered… Once they were surrounded in such a place, wouldn’t it be difficult for them to escape? So, why have so many factions proved incapable of eliminating them?

Su Yu’s eyes flickered and emitted a faint, milky-white light. The whole fighting plaza appeared before his eyes, and he could penetrate it with his gaze, giving him a clear glimpse inside.

After he observed it carefully, Su Yu understood everything. It turned out that the whole ground under the fighting plaza had been hollowed out, and many tangled and complicated tunnels ran beneath it. These tunnels spread out in all directions, and as long as they hid there, it would be impossible for any great army on the ground to eliminate them completely!

When he counted them roughly, he discovered that there were more than a hundred tunnels, which meant that about a thousand people could flee through them at one time. It was no wonder that they failed to annihilate them many times! If they weren’t aware of this underground situation, it wouldn’t matter how many times they tried attacking them!

However, it was a pity that they had now run into Su Yu…

Su Yu started looking for Ying Luan. Regardless of where she was hidden, Su Yu could still find her with his eyes, which could see everything.

After a short while, Su Yu found her. She was hidden in an underground prison. There were several people with her, and they all seemed to be hostages, who had been captured by the Three Murders Gang!

“The Three Murders Gang’s jobs are really numerous! They could even easily make a business deal, which doesn’t require any capital, and it would still bring them a large amount of profits!” Su Yu sneered coldly.

If they hadn’t provoked them, Su Yu wouldn’t bother with them. But since they came at him and vandalized his store, Su Yu was determined to eliminate them all!

He started sweeping over the captured hostages one by one with his soul eyes, while trying to ascertain whether there was anyone here waiting to ambush him. Su Yu’s gaze couldn’t help but lock onto a particular hostage’s body.

She had a small and thin body, wore a fluffy black dress, and had a tender and lovely face. She seemed like a porcelain doll, sweet and lovely.

She had a pair of big and bright eyes. They looked pure and almost as if they were oblivious to world’s darker matters. However, if one observed them carefully, he would discover that a crafty glint would flicker in those eyes occasionally.

Su Yu was startled, and he immediately exclaimed, “Gongsun Wuxie!”

At first, he a.s.sumed that he had mistaken her for someone else, but after he observed her carefully for several moments, he became sure that it was indeed that little demoness!

How’s this possible? Isn’t she in the sanctum now? Why is she in Tianya City? Moreover, why was she captured by the Three Murders Gang? Su Yu couldn’t make sense of it at all.

He just shook his head. It was usually just the little demoness alone who harmed other people, as none could usually harm her. Moreover, she was now revealing a sweet and harmless expression! This made him sure that she was concocting some devious schemes!

After he mulled this over for a bit, Su Yu decided to not move to rescue them at this moment. After all, with the little demoness’ power, she could have fled long ago if she had really wanted. This only further reiterated his suspicions that she must be concocting a devious scheme!

Moreover, Ying Luan was safe for now, and since he didn’t need to worry about her, he could finally set his mind at ease. Su Yu then decided then to hide, then quietly observe the little demoness’s actions.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 851 - Wuxie Appeared Suddenly

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