The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 945 - Using a Trick to Overcome a Crisis

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Chapter 945: Using a Trick to Overcome a Crisis

Translator: Nyoi-Bo Studio Editor: Nyoi-Bo Studio

As Su Yu rubbed the region between his brows, his heart couldn’t help but become heavy. He was forced to refine Tao Tie’s eye, and it really had an issue as he had expected. However, there wasn’t time for him to mull this over. Su Yu sat cross-legged, closed his eyes, and pretended that he was cultivating. After a short while, a faint spatial fluctuation quietly swept the room. Su Yu didn’t need to open his eyes because he could clearly feel that a person had entered the room.

“He’s in a meditative state? It’s better then.” A woman clad in black clothes floated in Su Yu’s room, and looked calmly at him. Su Yu’s performance had made Mo Tianxuan more and more interested in him, especially after the event that had occurred in the main palace. What kind of person could stimulate essence wood’s bloodline inherited memory? And what kind of person had a faint trace of worldly conception flickering in his eyes for a moment? He also had spatial magical abilities, a divine decree, and a soul innate talent. Mo Tianxuan’s mind had always brooded over Su Yu’s true ident.i.ty, aand it would be difficult for her to dispel her doubts if she didn’t search Su Yu’s soul.

Upon seeing that Su Yu had already entered a meditative state, demonic energy surged out of Mo Tianxuan’s palm, and quietly engulfed Su Yu’s body. It didn’t seem like Su Yu had detected it. He was still in a meditative state.

“You can avert suffering any pain like this, and it can also prevent you from detecting the soul searching.” Mo Tianxuan didn’t suspect that Su Yu wasn’t in a meditative state because she would never have imagined that Su Yu was capable of predicting her arrival in advance.

Mo Tianxuan extended her finger, and tapped the region between Su Yu’s brows. Su Yu felt like an ice-cold object was touching him, and it seemed like a tentacle. It ventured into Su Yu’s soul, and started exploring his memory. After five minutes had pa.s.sed, Mo Tianxuan furrowed her brows slightly. After ten minutes had pa.s.sed, her face became filled with doubts. After another five minutes had pa.s.sed, Mo Tianxuan retracted her finger, and looked at Su Yu with her flickering gaze. “What is going on? I can’t find any relevant piece of memory.” It seemed as though any memory related to Su Yu’s spatial magical ability, divine decree, soul innate talent, as well as how he managed to achieve a resonance with the essence wood, was erased by someone, and she couldn’t find anything about them at all.

Moreover, she also discovered that Su Yu had lost a large part of his memory. Everything that had occurred more than a year ago was just blank s.p.a.ce, and it was like it had never occurred. She mulled this over for a moment, before she collected her demonic energy, and imbued a pure and vigorous force into Su Yu’s mind.

Su Yu opened his eyes, as if he was just woken from his ‘meditative state’. When Su Yu raised his head, shock appeared on his face. “It’s you! When did you come to my room, and what have you done to me?”

Mo Tianxuan wore an ice-cold expression, and snorted. She said, “Shut up! I want to ask you why your memory of what happened more than a year ago is empty, and why I can’t find any relevant pieces of memory. I can’t even find a trace of our past meeting in your memory! Did you use any spells on your memory?”

Upon facing her questions, Su Yu was both shocked and angered, “You have searched my soul while I was in meditation? Don’t you fear the Heart Oath Ancient Scroll?”

Su Yu’s reaction seemed quite reasonable, and it didn’t seem at all like he was just putting an act. Mo Tianxuan didn’t notice anything odd about his response. She remained cold. “It’s me who is asking questions now. Reply!.”

Su Yu’s expressions changed several times, before he just swallowed his anger, and decided to bear it. He said, “A solemn palace mistress went back on her word. Since you want to know, I will inform you. I lost most of my lifespan because of an issue in my cultivation, and ended up with my current old man-like appearance. As a matter of fact, even my soul power was damaged, and it isn’t just the old pieces of my memory that have disappeared. Even recent pieces of my memory will usually become vague. Since you can’t find what you want in my memory, I can only apologize to you.” Su Yu wore an ice-cold expression, and snorted while speaking.

Mo Tianxuan was surprised by this, and she examined Su Yu’s aged body once again. She slightly believed what Su Yu had just said. Dangerous cultivation like Su Yu had experienced exhausted his lifespan and was really capable of harming one’s soul. What Su Yu had stated seemed slightly believable.

“You aren’t deceiving me, are you?” Mo Tianxuan wasn’t willing to accept this. She a.s.sumed that she would find many interesting matters in his memory, yet she was just disappointed. Moreover, she still didn’t find anything concerning what she was the most concerned about, which was whether he was that demonic path’s expert who had healed her injuries.

“Humph? Didn’t you already search my soul? Why are you still asking me this?” Su Yu was infuriated.

Mo Tianxuan thought for a moment and chose to give up. It was probably because she was the one in the wrong. However, she still stared at Su Yu for a while. “I don’t know why I always feel like you are hiding something. You better behave well, and not let me get wind of anything.” She tore the s.p.a.ce with her hand, made a rift in it, and left.

Su Yu’s expression was unsightly, and he couldn’t get over his anger. It was difficult for him to cultivate peacefully for most of the night.

In the main palace, a mirror appeared in front of Mo Tianxuan, and what was in it was Su Yu’s current state. After she observed him for a long while, Mo Tianxuan said doubtfully, “He is really not pretending?” She continued to observe him for a while, and verified that Su Yu was really angry. She closed the mirror in disappointment.

Su Yu wasn’t aware that Mo Tianxuan was observing him in secret, but he had still pretended that he was angry as a precaution, and to guard against the unexpected. It was only in the next day’s morning that Su Yu’s anger disappeared.

“I should have deceived her for now, but I have no way of knowing when Mo Tianxuan will try to search my soul again. I should still make preparations for it in advance.” Su Yu was quite nervous. He had put the seal on all the pieces of his memory which were related to matters before his arrival in Jiuzhou Continent, and had hidden the important parts of his memory. It was only like this that he managed to trick her.

At the same time, in a mysterious place outside the Red Blood Palace. Deputy Region Master Xiao and the Wood Clan’s member were standing atop a boulder. Deputy Region Master Xiao’s expression was unsightly. “Hateful! We failed in the end because of that lad.”

The Wood Clan’s member crossed his arms, and it seemed like he was pondering something. “Jinmu, how should we explain this matter to the Region Master? It was a great plan, yet it ended up like this. The Region Master’s scheme will be delayed once again, and if we just go back like this, we won’t have a good end,” Deputy Region Master Xiao said, staring at Jinmu.

Jinmu had a mysterious origin, and even the Heavenly Knife Region’s Master treated him with respect. If Jinmu was willing to take responsibility for this affair, he would receive a lighter punishment. “Since such a great mistake occurred in this affair, even I will be punished by my master, let alone you.” Jinmu wore a pensive look while he spoke. “We can’t avoid punishment, but we still have a chance to atone for our mistakes with a great contribution.”

Deputy Region Master Xiao’s eyes lit up. “Tell me!”

A human-like ice-cold look appeared in Jinmu’s dull eyes. “Do you still need me to inform you? It’s obviously disposing of Su Yuxian, and getting rid of one of the Heavenly Knife Region’s Master greatest troubles.”

Deputy Region Master Xiao rubbed his hands together, and after he hesitated for a moment, said, “Are you referring to Su Yuxian’s expertise in the Wood Clan’s language?”

Jinmu nodded, before he shook his head. “It isn’t limited to just this. He had spatial magical abilities, a divine decree, and soul innate talent. He has many gifts and he’s on a par with the Purple Cloud Palace’s Ancient Spirit Body, Gu Taixu. If he manages to grow up properly, he will surely become one of the Heavenly Knife Region’s powerful enemies. We should kill him as soon as possible, and the Heavenly Knife Region’s Master will surely understand our actions’ aims.

Jinmu was also thinking of something else which he didn’t state. Su Yu wasn’t just proficient in the Wood Clan’s language, he was a mysterious person who could achieve a resonance even with the Wood Clan’s inherited bloodline memory. Jinmu was also a Wood Clan’s member, and he was curious about Su Yu’s secret.

“I approve of this, but Su Yuxian is now in the depths of the palace, and if we take a single step into the Red Blood Palace, we will be discovered by Mo Tianxuan.” Deputy Region Master Xiao shared his misgivings.

Jinmu just sneered coldly. “We won’t need to take such trouble. I have already made preparations for this. Did he really a.s.sume that it’s easy to s.n.a.t.c.h my high-grade legendary technique?”

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 945 - Using a Trick to Overcome a Crisis

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