The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 946 - Wooden Soul Mystical Sunflower

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Chapter 946: Wooden Soul Mystical Sunflower

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Su Yu rested for a moment before he looked at the bright sun outside. Only a few people were walking around. Su Yu stood up, and went toward Bing Wuxin’s residence. It would be better to solve some misunderstandings as early as possible. When he reached the residence, its door opened quietly. Bing Wuxin was sitting there calmly. “Come in,” she said. It seemed as though she had been waiting for Su Yu.”What do you want to talk to me about in private?” Bing Wuxin asked.

Su Yu thought for a moment, before he looked at her and said, “I want to talk about our affair.”

An odd look appeared on Bing Wuxin’s face for a moment, but she still remained calm. “Is it about our engagement? If it’s the case, we don’t need to discuss anything. I always honor my words, and I won’t go back on it.” In her eyes, Su Yu was pursuing her stubbornly, and since she had a pretty good impression of him, she didn’t mind accepting him.

Su Yu wore a stern look, and said, “Senior sister Wuxin, I came here precisely to talk about this matter, so I hope that you are prepared for what I will say.”

Bing Wuxin’s heart thumped, and she looked warily at Su Yu. “What do you want to do?” She was a.s.suming that Su Yu would make some inappropriate requests.

Su Yu took a breath, and was about to state the whole story. However, the jade piece in his pocket suddenly became scalding.

Hiss! Su Yu was hurt by it, and he quickly held his pocket. It was the jade piece recording the Meteor Light Stream Formation. The jade piece melted before Su Yu could get it. It turned into countless drops of jade-like spiritual liquid, which penetrated Su Yu’s body through his pores. Once the spiritual liquid penetrated his body, it quickly moved like a living organism, and entered his internal energy channel and bones.

Surprise appeared on Su Yu’s face. Such an incident had occurred suddenly and quickly. He activated his Soul Eyes, and looked at the transformation of the jade-like spiritual liquid in his body, while he grumbled inwardly. Su Yu started revolving his Vital Energy, and tried forcing the Spiritual liquid out of his body, but it seemed that the liquid detected it, and it condensed together, cloggung up his internal energy channel, and preventing his Vital Energy from flowing through his body.

Moreover, just after that, a strange scene appeared. The spiritual liquid stuck to his bones started forcefully moving them. Su Yu used his whole body power to resist it, but strangely enough, the spiritual liquid contained extremely powerful energy, and it would be impossible for Su Yu to resist it by just depending upon his fleshly body’s power alone. It was as though the spiritual liquid possessed Su Yu’s body, and controlled him.

“It’s that Wood Clan’s member!” Su Yu’s expression became grave. He could feel the intense wood element’s aura emanating from the jade-like spiritual liquid.

Bing Wuxin walked over to him while wearing an odd look. She said, “Is anything wrong with your body?” What had occurred a moment ago was momentary and hidden, and Bing Wuxin wasn’t aware of anything.

Su Yu quickly waved his hands at her, and indicated her to not approach him. At this moment, Su Yu had discovered that he couldn’t speak. The spiritual liquid already spread to his whole body, and was about to control him completely.

Bing Wuxin didn’t understand what Su Yu meant, and walked over. She raised her brows, and berated him, “What are you playing at?” It was at this moment that something that Bing Wuxin never would have imagined occurred. Su Yu’s suddenly stretched out his hand toward Bing Wuxin, and grabbed her chest. Bing Wuxin was taken aback by this, and she felt like she had been struck by a bolt of lightning. She just stood there blankly. Then, the pain in her breast brought her back to her senses.

Bing Wuxin’s ice-cold face started becoming flushed, and turned wholly reddish. It seemed like a tomato. Her lovely body s.h.i.+vered, while she clenched her silver teeth tightly, and a friction sound echoed from them. Her beautiful face was flushed, while her eyes were wide open, and a shocking baleful aura emanated from her body. The whole Demon Mountain, and even the surrounding region, was engulfed by the aura.

Gongsun Wuxie opened her sleepy eyes. She was still in her nightclothes. She muttered, “Sister Wuxin, what happened…” As Gongsun Wuxie spoke, she suddenly caught a glimpse of Su Yu and Bing Wuxin, who were standing there looking at each other. Moreover, Gongsun Wuxie could see Su Yu’s hand movements, and she immediately understood what was happening. She came round and her eyes widened. “Brother Yuxian is molesting sister Wuxin?” Gongsun Wuxie rubbed her eyes, and she found herself incapable of believing this. After she verified it several times, she was so surprised that she couldn’t close her mouth.

“Is this what you want to talk to me about in private?” Bing Wuxin’s face was flushed, and blood rushed to it. She was staring at Su Yu, while speaking coldly.

What was happening? The spiritual liquid felt a threat from Bing Wuxin when she approached him, which why it controlled Su Yu’s hand, tried to obstruct Bing Wuxin, and ended up grabbing such region. However, Su Yu was still incapable of speaking and explaining this. Moreover, even if he was capable of speaking, it wouldn’t matter what he said at this moment.

The fact that Su Yu just stood there silently and continued holding her sensitive region tightly put Bing Wuxin into a rage. “You, you are just a lecher!” She had waited patiently for a whole night, yet was greeted by Su Yu’s indecent a.s.sault. Even though she was ready for Su Yu to make some inappropriate requests, she hadn’t expected that he was this h.o.r.n.y, and that he would molest her in public. Bing Wuxin’s repressed killing intent fully erupted.

“Die! Heartless Sword Scar!” Bing Wuxin flew into a rage, and slapped away Su Yu’s palm, before she pulled out her sword, condensed a vigorous sword spirit, and attacked Su Yu.

Su Yu hated that piece of jade bitterly, while he was also annoyed by Bing Wuxin’s actions. Which man would want a woman such as Bing Wuxin, who would try to kill people at any moment? The Heartless Sword Scar’s technique possessed boundless might, and wasn’t at the level of a Fairy. Su Yu could feel that the Level Nine Fairy Realm’s aura emanating from Bing Wuxin’s stomach was becoming more intense, and it was like she was about to break through some sort of restriction, and fully erupt.

Su Yu grumbled inwardly. His body was now controlled, and he couldn’t dodge Bing Wuxin’s attack, However, it was fortunate that the spiritual liquid was quite intelligent, and after it detected such a danger, it controlled Su Yu’s body, and soared up to the sky. It crossed several hundred miles in just a single step, and fled far away.

Bing Wuxin’s gaze was ice-cold, and her flushed face was filled with both shame and anger. She said, “Lecher, I won’t rest until I exterminate both your body and soul.” All her previous feelings for Su Yu, whom she had agreed to marry because he had gifted her several million merit points, disappeared completely due to the anger she now felt. Bing Wuxin stepped on the air, and chased after Su Yu relentlessly, while a shocking murderous aura emanated from her. All disciples and elders in the way didn’t dare to obstruct her, and they all looked at each other in dismay while observing the two people flying past them.

Gongsun Wuxie smiled while she observed them flying away. She stretched out lazily. “Even though lovers’ quarrels are soon mended, I should still follow them, and have a look at it because It seems quite interesting.”

On a giant boulder in the depths of the Fairy Confining Forest, Jinmu was weaving mysterious hand signs. All of a sudden, Jinmu opened his eyes, and revealed a grim smile. “He came over! That jade piece had a seal refined by me, the Wooden Soul Mystical Sunflower. Once it gets into one’s body, even an All Creation Old Monster will end up controlled by it. Deputy Region Master Xiao, you should get ready, and kill him while I’m still controlling him,” Jinmu said. Jinmu was a Level Six Divine Master, but he was now controlling the seal, and couldn’t do anything else. Deputy Region Master Xiao was a solemn Level Nine Divine Master, and it would be easy for him to kill Su Yu.

Deputy Region Master Xiao curled the corners of his mouth, revealed a sneer, and looked at the Red Blood Palace’s direction. “Since I can personally kill such a genius, I won’t end up making such a trip in vain.” However, Deputy Region Master Xiao’s body stiffened. Su Yu was really flying toward them, but a boundless aura was chasing behind him relentlessly. That aura possessed a power which made his heart palpitate in fear.

The Divine Nine-Dragon Cauldron Chapter 946 - Wooden Soul Mystical Sunflower

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