• Demons And Goddesses
  • Demons And Goddesses

  • Author(s) : Asmaraman S. - Kho Ping Hoo
  • Genres : Adventure - Drama - Historical - Martial Arts - Mystery - Wuxia
  • Status : ongoing
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  • Demons And Goddesses Summary:

    These series presented a beautiful dancer girl. But her presence was followed by a young murderous girl who was also very beautiful who wanted to kill the host party. But the young murderous girl didn’t know that the dancer girl had preceded her to kill her great enemy and then chased after the dancer girl who was escaping after succeeding murder the host of the party. In fact both of them had a bond that fixed to a single one which was one as disciple and the other is the daughter of that person i.e a man whose his name was Pat-jiu Kiam-ong (Eight Handed King of Swords) Ong Han Cu who was a master and a father of each one of them and who had been murdered brutally by five people fraudulently. After knowing each other through a fierce battle, the dancer girl challenged the young murderous girl to each other race in searching and killing the remaining of their great enemies. On their way to fulfill their oath, the two met a young man who was valiant, in different time, place, situation. This young man was able to tear down the hearts of these two girls. The heroic girl really fell in love but was ashamed to express her heart for the first time to the young man because she was a woman, while the dancer girl actually fell in love to the young man but because of an obstacle which had she already been matched with a n.o.ble young man, then she tried her best to resist this feeling. Keep it up with this story because this story is always able to arise the curiosity of yours, the readers. Who at the end of the story will match to the young man? Will this story end with sadness or happiness? Well, please enjoy our offerings!

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