Dragon King's Son-In-Law Chapter 665 - You Must Defeat Heavenly Dragons

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Chapter 665: You Must Defeat Heavenly Dragons

Translator: Noodletown Translated  Editor: Noodletown Translated

Hua… While Lady Zhen swept into the ocean, three green lights that were unnoticeable to the human eye flew from the sh.o.r.e and followed her into the deep ocean.

If Lady Zhen only moved around the coastlines, the Soul Formation Realm cultivators probably couldn’t find her. However, she had appeared in an inland city yesterday, entering their tracking range.

However, as an eternal demon king, Lady Zhen still dodged them and made it hard for them to track despite the mystical tracking methods of the Soul Formation Realm cultivators.

In the city where mortals were dense, the Soul Formation Realm cultivators couldn’t make a move against her, and she didn’t seem interested in fighting them.

After using all kinds of techniques, the eight Soul Formation Realm cultivators still couldn’t force out Lady Zhen. When the night came, she suddenly vanished.

Usually, big demon kings wouldn’t attract the attention of eight Soul Formation Realm when they moved around on land, but Lady Zhen had taken the Kunlun Mountain’s Kunlun G.o.dly Lamp, and her undisguised movements on land inevitably drew them out.

Believing that Lady Zhen was still in the city, they had spent one night to build a big array formation and found an astonis.h.i.+ng result: there were two big demon kings of almost the same level in the city!

They could sense Lady Zhen’s aura since she had broken into the Kunlun Mountain and fought with them, but the other was disguised so well that they couldn’t detect this demon king at all without this powerful array!

Lady Zhen had come to meet another big demon king on land?!

The Soul Formation Realm cultivators got nervous at this discovery, wondering if the demon kings who had the power to destroy the world were up to some scheme.

When they had determined Lady Zhen’s location after one night’s efforts and were about to surround her, Lady Zhen had suddenly vanished.

With vast spiritual senses which could locate any cultivator within hundreds of kilometers, these Soul Formation Realm cultivators just couldn’t find the position of Lady Zhen.

They had tried different techniques, but Lady Zhen would disappear from their vision again and again when she was found. While they chased after her, they had the feeling that she was teasing them and using them to kill time.

After trailing her for over one hour, the dawn came, and Lady Zhen vanished completely from their spiritual senses with a disguise technique.

Lady Zhen dodged them due to some unknown reason, but one of the Soul Formation Realm cultivators couldn’t bear the shame anymore and finally found her location at the cost of one-hundred-year of cultivation strength.

However, they lost her again when Lady Zhen entered East Ocean City. When she reappeared, she had a young girl with her!

The three Soul Formation Realm cultivators who had tracked Lady Zhen in East Ocean City realized that this young girl was a human cultivator!

Thinking that Lady Zhen had caught a human cultivator and was taking her to the Demon Sea, the three Soul Formation Realm cultivator got worried, and they sped up quickly, trying to save this girl.

“Yao, from what I know about the personalities of these three Soul Formation Realm cultivators, they will want to take you as a disciple and teach you if they are lucky enough to get you from me,” Lady Zhen said while she flew.

“Ugh?” Duan Yao looked at her in surprise.

“With your talent, they will not ignore you. It would be your fortune to be a disciple of a Soul Formation Realm cultivator,” Lady Zhen continued.

Lady Zhen’s tone was mild and easy, but her speed was fast while the three Soul Formation Realm cultivators chased after her with full force.

Duan Yao looked at Lady Zhen in bafflement.

If it were before, she would have admired the Soul Formation Realm cultivators and would have been sleepless with excitement if she could become their disciple. However…

“The Demon Sea looks prosperous, but it’s in fact a prison. If you enter Demon Sea with me, you won’t be able to come out in eight to ten years. If you are willing to go with the three Soul Formation Realm cultivators, I’ll fake a defeat and allow these three little guys to take you back and teach you,” Lady Zhen said in earnest.

“Master, you saved my life, and I want to follow you. I’ll stay in the sea for even 800 years if I have to!” Duan Yan said after she bit her lips for a while.

Hearing her words, Lady Zhen was silent for half a second, and then she covered her smile with her hand before saying, “Hahaha… I have a quick temper, and you might lose your life if you offend me one day. Are you sure about your decision?”

“I’m sure!” Duan Yao answered immediately.

The Soul Formation Realm cultivators were indeed great figures with mighty powers, but Duan Yao was tired of the hypocrisy of human cultivators and didn’t want to return to live inside cultivation sects!

Although Lady Zhen was from the Demon Tribe, she was true to her feelings, and Duan Yao liked that!

“Good! Good… If you said that you wanted to go back, I would have killed you,” Lady Zhen said softly.

With a wave of her hand, she took a small bead from her hair and tossed it out.

Dropping into the sea, the white bead released a thick layer of fog.

“Weak technique!” The three Soul Formation Realm cultivators shot out their dharma treasures and dashed toward the mist.


Das.h.i.+ng with the fastest traveling speed, the three Soul Formation Realm cultivators b.u.mped onto an energy sphere that even their spiritual senses didn’t detect, and blood gushed out from the wounds on their heads!

The mist wasn’t an illusion array formation which they had thought but a robust defensive array!

Looking down at the three Soul Formation Realm cultivators who were falling into the sea, Lady Zhen turned to look at Duan Yao and said, “Your realm is too low and can’t even defeat Hao Ren. That’s not good.”

“I’ll cultivate hard with you, and I’m sure I will surpa.s.s him one day.” Duan Yao bit hard on her lip.

“It’s not difficult to surpa.s.s that kid, but you can’t be called a master until you can defeat a heavenly dragon. Now that I’ve improved your physique, I can inject essence into your body. However…” Lady Zhen paused before continuing, “It is risky since there is a 50% chance that you’ll die in the process.”

When Duan Yao kept silent, Lady Zhen smiled and said, “Ok. We can return to the Demon Sea and cultivate slowly. You will reach the level and defeat him in ten to 20 years!”

“Master, I want to become stronger!” Duan Yao widened her eyes and said without hesitation.

“There is a 50% chance that you’ll die,” Lady Zhen repeated.

“I’m not afraid!” Duan Yao gritted her teeth.

“Ok. Since you’re impatient, I’ll help you.” While they were flying, Lady Zhen placed her palm on Duan Yao’s head.

Bang! A violent surge of nature essence poured into Duan Yao’s body.

A moment later, this surge of nature essence turned gentle, merging into her body like ink spreading in water.

Duan Yao felt that her golden core was broken, and the broken pieces merged with the misty nature essence, forming a three-dimensional object that looked like a baby and a small demon beast; it was her nascent soul!

A dash of light flashed on her forehead, and Duan Yao sensed that she had broken into the Nascent Soul Realm from the Core Formation Realm in the blink of an eye!

In seconds, she had reached the realm that ordinary cultivators spent hundreds or even 1,000 years to achieve.

“As my disciple, this is the beginning realm. Otherwise, we can’t proceed.” Lady Zhen touched Duan Yao’s forehead with her soft hand and continued, “Silly girl, I lied to you. The essence injection technique is not risky at all. Look at your nervous face.”

She suddenly laughed with great pleasure.

Looking at her in bafflement, Duan Yao felt like a little lamb before the charming Lady Zhen.

“Little girl, you are too naïve, and you must be careful not to be fooled by boys.” Holding Duan Yao’s hand, Lady Zhen’s face turned serious as she said, “From now on, you are my disciple, and I’ll kill the people who dare to mess with you and their families!”


Lady Zhen created a blinking purple energy sphere before das.h.i.+ng into the Demon Sea.

Hua… The Soul Formation Realm cultivators rushed out of the sea while holding the bleeding wounds on their heads. They stopped their chase when they saw the Immortal Spirit Island which symbolized the border of the Demon Sea.

It might be fine if the dragon cultivators pa.s.sed the Demon Sea occasionally, but human cultivators would be asking for trouble if they tried to enter the Demon Sea.

With big demon kings living in the Demon Sea, the Soul Formation Realm cultivators could dash across it in the high sky. If they tried to fly across the Demon Sea in the low sky or enter the Demon Sea, they would alert the great number of demon kings.

Now that Lady Zhen, who had taken the Kunlun G.o.dly Lamp, had flown into the Demon Sea, the three Soul Formation Realm cultivators didn’t dare to follow her in.

While they flew in the air around the border near the Immortal Spirit Island, the other five Soul Formation Realm cultivators joined them.

In the sea, the East Ocean soldiers were patrolling along the border of the Demon Sea, and they didn’t come out when they saw the eight Soul Formation Realm cultivators in the air.

Although the human cultivators were not allowed into the territory of the East Ocean Dragon Clan, they couldn’t kick out Soul Formation Realm cultivators.

While the eight Soul Formation Realm cultivators were hovering in the high sky above the Immortal Spirit Island, trying to come up with a strategy, Hao Ren flew over swiftly while stepping on the golden boat that was transformed from the purple gold hairpin.

Having reached top-tier Dui-level, Hao Ren was more skillful with the Treasure-Controlling Scroll. After he transferred metal-elemental and water-elemental nature essence into the purple gold hairpin, it grew from the original 45 meters to almost 100 meters. It looked more magnificent!

Seeing a golden light getting close at speed close to the Soul Formation Realm, the eight Soul Formation Realm cultivators thought another Soul Formation Realm cultivator had come to their aid.

However, they soon saw that it was a radiant golden boat, and a dragon cultivator stood in it.

The top-tier Dui-level dragon cultivator wasn’t powerful in their eyes.

Boom! The golden boat dashed into the Demon Sea, leaving two long waves behind it in the seemingly peaceful Demon Sea.

The demon beasts under the sea made way for it one by one and didn’t dare to contest.

“This…” The eight Soul Formation Realm cultivators were dumbfounded.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law Chapter 665 - You Must Defeat Heavenly Dragons

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