Dragon King's Son-In-Law Chapter 668 - Mind Array!

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Chapter 668: Mind Array!

Translator: Noodletown Translated  Editor: Noodletown Translated

Hiss! Hiss!

Suddenly, 24 sharp knives appeared in the void.

“Sword array!”

Hao Ren used all his 1,280 sword energies.

Four Gates Base Guard Array Formation! The sword energies formed four walls, waiting for the attacks.

“The so-called Seven Killing Array targets the seven emotions which are joy, anger, grief, fear, love, hatred, and desire,” Penglai Island Master’s voice sounded by Hao Ren’s ear vaguely.

The 24 sharp knives hacked toward Hao Ren in two groups.

Hao Ren’s 1,280 sword energies shot up together and lit up this corner of the island. After reaching top-tier Dui-level which was equivalent to the Nascent Soul Realm, Hao Ren was more powerful than before.

The 24 sharp knives pierced the sword energies, slipping toward Hao Ren’s body.

Illusion array.

An array that attacked one’s mind.

Feeling the cold, sharp knives piercing his body, Hao Ren was plunged into the illusion array instantly.

Joy, anger, grief, fear, love, hatred, and desire!

Different scenes pa.s.sed Hao Ren’s mind including the victory in the basketball match, registration into University, the happiness of his parents, and his wedding.

“The wedding?” Hao Ren was surprised but couldn’t clearly see the girl who was wearing the wedding dress.

“Master, no one under the Soul Formation Realm has ever broken this Seven Killing Array,” Qingfeng and Mingyue who were standing beside Penglai Island Master said softly.

Rubbing his chubby face full of wrinkles, Penglai Island Master smiled but remained silent.

They were standing just five meters in front of Hao Ren, but he couldn’t see them. Hao Ren stood under a peach tree with clenched fists and tightly-shut eyes.

Seven Killing Array wasn’t an array attacking the physical body but the mind. All cultivators, didn’t matter who they were, had worries and burdens in their minds that couldn’t be unlocked, and these ‘knots’ in minds would become the obstacles on their way to the higher realm.

The Soul Formation Realm cultivators all had been free of care before they successfully pa.s.sed the Heavenly Tribulation and reached the Earthly Immortal Realm.

Young and at a high realm, Hao Ren was excellent in every aspect. However, this Seven Killing Array would test his mind.

In the illusion array, Hao Ren saw many girls running toward him, some familiar and some not, even including Jiang Yuan and Lin Li.

However, he just couldn’t figure out who the girl wearing the wedding dress was.

Hao Ren knew this was an illusion array, but he wanted to pull up the headpiece to see who this girl was. However, when he reached out, he hesitated and paused.

“Master, he can’t even pa.s.s the first level.” Seeing Hao Ren standing still, the two kids said.

They were jealous that Penglai Island Master put such high value on Hao Ren.

“I think he can at least break five levels,” Penglai Island Master said.

Hao Ren who was standing in front of them gritted his teeth and suddenly moved his fingers.


One colorful light out of the seven colorful lights in the sky above Penglai Island suddenly turned into dust and vanished in the wind.

“The kid is ambitious.” Penglai Island Master patted his old face and murmured, “Five… Six… Anyway, it’s fine that he is direct in his mind.”

Not able to see to the scenes in the illusion array, Qingfeng and Mingyue only saw Hao Ren breaking through the first level. They curled their lips, saying, “Here is the second level.”

While they talked, Hao Ren suddenly began to use a set of fist techniques.

The punches and kicks looked quite powerful

In the illusion array, Hao Ren saw Qin Shaoyang challenging him with attacks. Knowing that it was just an illusion, Hao Ren tried to ignore him. However, Qin Shaoyang’s gold weaving shuttle hit Hao Ren, and the pain was acute!

If he wanted to break this level, he must defeat Qin Shaoyang and vent his anger!

Crack! Hao Ren shattered Qin Shaoyang in the illusion.

Black Wolf, that master of West Ocean, escaped from the Dragon G.o.d Shrine and hunted down Hao Ren… Ceng Yitao, the Crown Prince of West Ocean, was chasing after Xie Yujia and Zhao Yanzi with West Ocean elders… Three metal-elemental, top-tier Qian-level dragon cultivators appeared outside of Hao Ren’s home, trying to destroy the house… The sword energies surrounded Hao Ren, breaking off several leaves on the nearby peach tree.

“The second level is difficult to break,” the two kids said.

It was hard for one to control his or her anger and get rid of it. For cultivators, it was impossible to avoid battles. One could get out of difficulties with great strength, or one would be destroyed by their rivals.

Penglai Island Master looked at Hao Ren, wanting to see what kind of enemies Hao Ren had had. He was pleased when he saw they were powerful people.

The second level was more difficult than the first one. Using his sword energies for one full hour, Hao Ren still couldn’t break through.

Many powerful cultivators were defeated at the level of anger, either by hurting their meridians due to their fury or beaten by their rivals in the illusion array.

Qingfeng and Mingyue looked at each other and was about to conclude that Hao Ren would fail at this level, but Hao Ren suddenly released all his nature essence, and the 1,280 sword energies spiraled into the sky.


A lightning bolt crashed down from the sky.

Still at low-tier Nascent Soul Realm, Qingfeng and Mingyue looked alarmed.

Penglai Island Master reached out his right hand, and the heavenly lightning struck onto his palm, condensing into a ball of lightning.

He tossed it into the distance casually, and many level 10 demon beasts jumped out of the sea. They had been waiting for Heavenly Tribulation, and they fought to get it when they saw the ball of lightning.


The second colored light on Penglai Island disappeared as well.

In the illusion array, Hao Ren felt fatigued after fighting with his previous rivals one by one.

Suddenly, the scenes of his maternal grandparents’ deaths and going to the cemetery of his paternal grandfather with Grandma appeared in his mind one after another.

Suddenly, the scene of Grandma sick in bed came into his sight.

As if he were struck hit by a huge hammer, Hao Ren’s heart broke with shock.

Then, the scene of his loved ones deserting him appeared one by one while the previous joyous memories shattered.

“Mortals are burdened with worries. Let’s see if he can pa.s.s this level.” After a long silence, Penglai Island Master suddenly murmured.

Hua… Suddenly, the sword energies spread outward while the sad scenes in the illusion array shattered like gla.s.s.


The third colored light engulfing Penglai Island scattered and disappeared slowly.

All kinds of horrifying and worrisome scenes swarmed toward Hao Ren like nightmares instantly.

Anyone who wasn’t determined and harbored sneaky thoughts couldn’t break this level.

With the same confidence and courage that he used to break the ‘level of grief,’ Hao Ren broke ‘level of fear.’ He was confident that he could protect the people around him.

The sword energies flashed, and the fourth colorful light suddenly shattered and disappeared, too.

By now, he had broken four levels, which astonished Qingfeng and Mingyue.

“Qingfeng, Mingyue, who broke the Seven Killing Array last time?” Penglai Island Master asked suddenly.

“It was a small demon king about 1,000 years ago,” the two kids answered.

They hadn’t witnessed it but had heard it from Penglai Island Master.

“That small demon king had no parents and was carefree; he broke my Seven Killing Array with innate super strength and a pure heart.”

Penglai Island Master looked at Hao Ren who stood under the peach tree with tightly-shut eyes and a frown as he continued, “This young cultivator has parents and worries, but he has broken four levels with the simple desire to protect.”

The remaining three colorful lights moved around the Penglai Island in celestial music.

Love, hatred, and desire.

The last three levels of the Seven Killing Array tested the deepest emotions in one’s heart.

If one could drop love, hatred, and desires, one could break the Seven Killing Array.

“He has too many mortal concerns. He surely can’t pa.s.s the fifth level,” the boy said.


The fifth colored light suddenly shattered.

The heart with great love! Only people without the burden of love or with great love could pa.s.s the fifth level as long as they weren’t burdened or obsessed. The requirement was a peaceful mind.

“In the sixth level, surely he…” the boy continued.


The sixth colored light shattered before he could finish his words.

“This…” the boy turned to look at his master in bafflement. With joy, there should be love; with anger, there should be hatred. In the Seven Killing Array, it should be impossible to break both the first level and the fifth level together as well as the second level and the sixth level together.

Penglai Island Master shook his head with a smile, but he didn’t explain.

He had expected Hao Ren to break the fifth level, but not the sixth. Cultivators must face all kinds of powerful enemies. In the illusion array, Penglai Island Master had seen that Hao Ren’s enemies were powerful people, and he was surprised that Hao Ren didn’t hate them.

If Hao Ren succeeded, he would be the second person who had ever broken the Seven Killing Array.

It was easy to beak array formations trapping one’s body, but it was difficult to beak array formations trapping one’s mind.

“With such a free mentality, it is not difficult for him to reach the Heavenly Dragon Realm,” Penglai Island Master thought as he looked at Hao Ren, wondering if the latter could break the last level.

The Seven Killing Array was the most powerful mind array in the world. To break it, one must break all their mental burdens and be free of worries. Even some Soul Formation Realm cultivators probably couldn’t beak the last level.

The ones who could break the Seven Killing Array would pa.s.s the Heavenly Tribulation. However, not everyone who had pa.s.sed the Heavenly Tribulation could break the Seven Killing Array.

The vague celestial music dulled Hao Ren’s mind.

After breaking six levels in which almost all his secrets were revealed to himself again, he was at the last level which targeted the desires in his heart. If he couldn’t break it, he could fall into the Evil Dao.

With skin like the surface of an ancient tree, Penglai Island Master stared at Hao Ren with his eyes, one big and one small, wondering if the latter could pa.s.s the last level.

Hum! Hum! Hum!

The golden s.h.i.+eld which had been sleeping in Hao Ren’s necklace suddenly sensed the intense nature essence outside.

Whoos.h.!.+ It rushed out of Hao Ren’s necklace and started to suck in the enormous amounts of nature essence on Penglai Island, not caring where it was.

Dragon King's Son-In-Law Chapter 668 - Mind Array!

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