Half-elves Fall In Love Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Attack again

The next morning was a refres.h.i.+ng morning. Because it was Anzeros & Aurora in the evening from the night as they asked for “fairness”, the others didn’t request ecchi things after that + everyone would sleep well and remove their tiredness in the hot spring. But, well, that is too lonely……I feel that. ……No, no. What a luxury I’m talking about. If I do that, I’ll just have to run out of energy.


So, thinking about such things in my bed, I was worried about how to raise up and get up. *Bang* The door opened without knocking especially and footsteps coming closer. ……*Bakin*?


I feel something strange and I see the door. The k.n.o.b was threaded.


I wake up for a moment. In the place where my sleeping mind tries to clear up……whether or not it will become possible, something jumped onto the bed.

“Happy Human”
“Ma, Maia!?”

In a hurry, I raised my head and Maia was sitting as if straddling me. I don’t know what she is thinking as ever, but her expressionless face is a bit angry.

“It’s breakfast time”
“A, Ah, thank you”

I am so surprised that I suddenly got used to it. Although we didn’t separate, I was only looking at the complexion of Laila at a delicate distance. When I raise my upper body while lost in the feeling, Maia sits on my waist and stares at my face.

“What’s wrong?”
“……Having a sleeping habit”

Maia grabs my ears. And when she pulls them and let my head get down, she suddenly starts licking my hair.

“Wa, Wait Maia!?”

“Well, I do manage to do something with wet toppings or combs properly”
“This one is quicker……”

Maia listens to my protest and arranges a sleepover as it is with her tongue. ……Uwaa, maybe I’m pretentiously taken care of now? To that Maia? …… Well, I’m a bit happy. But.

“……Maia, keep it in mind”

“No matter how much you want to see me early, don’t break the door”
“Who are you something……au, ……….sorry”

My heart gradually weakens just after seeing it, eventually apologizing. She really is like a child.


Accompanying Maia, I entered the cafeteria, Dianne, Laila, and Hilda the senior couple and Anzeros, Aurora and Jeanne the youth group and Apple and Selenium the Polka pair were talking while sipping tea at a table. The topic of the youth group’s table is…….

“The effect won’t expire in a day……okay, probably”
“But is there really a breast augmentation effect? ……No, I don’t mind if it doesn’t matter…… Your skin also gets very smooth……but……”
“10-man captain´s leg cured in just one week or so, I guess I will get some b.o.o.bs”
“Jeanne, once more Aurora and I are also 10-man captains……”

……Yup. It is hard to get through. The senior group is.

“I think we should decide the rotation”
“Even if the atmosphere of the place improves, it is not sad because it has been reserved for rotation. And, what if someone stops it for some reason?”
“If it flew by that, it means no rotation and dissatisfaction will acc.u.mulate on the contrary”
“Uumu……but there is no need for first-come-first-serve……”

I don’t understand it somewhat, but since the sixth sense tells me that I can’t fix it, I went to the desk of Apple and Selenium.

“Good morning, you two”
“Ah, good morning”
“I’m going to get your meal”

Apple greets me with a smile and Selenium runs to the kitchen to pick up a meal plate quickly. Yup. These two people seem peaceful.

“Is Maia also with you today?”
“Yeah, somehow she woke me up”
“Because it was Lailsama’s order”

Saying so, Maia won’t sit down even if I draw a chair.

“……Hey, Maia, sit down”

Maia sees the chair for the first time. And then.


In her hand, she suddenly creates an ice ball with the height of a head. The Ice b.a.l.l.s which has the size of a watermelon is dropped and the chair is crushed.

“What are you doing……”
“…… Chair, because I don’t need it, I sit on human’s lap”
“No, I’ll get one from the other table. Don’t break it”
“……On the lap”
“Ma, Maia”

Ah, Apple’s gaze hurts a bit. Maybe she takes a position for her master. Do not pat the collar of an old cow skin with a smile to say. Yeah, sorry. I did it. Yup.

“Ah already, there is no use, I understand, get on my lap”

Maia seems to be a little happy and sits on my lap and then Apple and Selenium ask with a similar smiling face.

『You get along very well♪』

“Wh, what is it, isn’t it good?”
“Bad Impurity……half elves”

Because Maia seemed to say impurity again, I tap her head neatly. Two people reacted with their familiarity. Wait, that smile is scary.

“It is not bad to be friends with each other”
“How about keeping silent?”

……Ah, I mean. I can’t stand the feeling of being unfaithful. It is a mystery to declare that “I’ve increased the woman” majestically.

“Yesterday you did a lot with Laila and Maia for some reasons, so are you sorry?”
“Can you explain properly, Andy-san?”

Sorry, truly that smile.

“Human, if you ride a dragon, be dignified”

I can break down to Maia. …… A, around this point Selenium and Apple retracted a pet.i.te smile and made their mouth sharp.

“Please do not keep it a secret”
“That……Andy-san, we knew that you’re bottomless h.o.r.n.y. However, at least, please do nothing secretly……we will endure it except for being thrown away”
“It seems, but I’m obsessed with this, and I am cursed……why should I throw you away?”

……Ah, that is, going to places we do not know is not to be thrown away. ……Uh.

“I don’t throw you away. I’m bad, I’m greedy and persistent, but I won’t let go of something once I get it”
“Yes, I can do it well♪”
“Then, please explain, what does that mean?”

Refres.h.i.+ng breakfast. In the midst of the explosion of the old female slaves and having the new pet on my lap, I explain the situation. ……Ah Ah, it’s not refres.h.i.+ng. It’s not refres.h.i.+ng.


“I see”

Dianne sighs.

“Huhuhu……Lailchan, I’m going to do something unnecessary”

Hildsan grabs Laila’s milk suddenly.

“Hilda, w, why do you touch it”

Laila makes a strange voice whether Hildsan’s hand was also entangled with erotic magic.

“You will be kind to a woman at once……perfectly”

Anzeros looks bitter.

“I won’t lose”

Aurora is already fighting.

“Well, it’s not going to be done by Lailoneechan. ……But on the lap it’s my monopoly, you will hand it over tomorrow”

Jeanne who is suddenly in a negotiation, whether there is something that Laila can do as it is.

“……Well, let’s see. Everyone’s gaze is a little harsh when it comes to the ninth person indeed”
“Naturally, there are nine people. ……It’s not good like that in just a few months since the loss of virginity”
“Andy-kun is going to be like a king, next year”
“Hoho. Isn’t a dragon good for the harem?”
“That is a problem. …..As long as s.e.x with me is done only once a month”
“He promised to do it every day”
“Don’t say it loud. ……Ah, can I stand it at least three days?”
“How about me……?”
“Huhu, Apple appeared to be familiar with a slave perfectly already♪”
“E, a, au……”
“Well, Andy-kun’s energy is……let’s do it with liver liquor of my father’s favorite desert lizard. The problem is Andy-kun’s endurance”
“Andy. ……Special training”

They’ve been talking about the hard way around once the problem has been sorted out somehow!?



“Hey Andy, when you were in the corps, was it easy?”
“I, I was spending more than one month without walking on my own, so I could run like that suddenly!
“Andy, it’s a fight, it’s for you to hold us every night♪”
“d.a.m.n, don’t put ordinary soldiers with Ace Knights together……”

I run roughly on the snowy road while being accompanied by Jeanne, Maia, Anzeros, and Aurora. I was dragged over 5 km suddenly through the lodge while living a life that I can hardly even walk. …… It is impossible.

“My, my side pains……”
“You can rest a.s.sured that I will carry you properly if you fall”
“10-man captain, it’s wonderful to train. A blacksmith needs physical strength”
“……I will carry you on my back if you can’t do it”
“Maisan, this is also for the future with a close relations.h.i.+p with Andy-san”
“No, because you work hard, you will try to be serious about it until the day after tomorrow”

Everybody is too strong. …… I mean, is there a possibility that my physical strength is lower than everyone else? Hilda and Apple are they stronger than me? I’m getting sad somewhat.


It gets encouraged when it gets hoa.r.s.e, it gets dusky like an inchworm when it is evening.

“No, not good……”
“N, well, it’s like this”
“Because Polka has a miraculous spring, I am fortunate that you won’t break down no matter how hard it is”
“It was quicker to walk in the second half”
“Don’t push yourself too hard, if you talk about not being able to do ecchi things you will suffer from this kind of pain”
“No, I won’t say that”

However, it is true that Aurora is a bit sweaty, and I am afraid that no one else is out of breath. I wonder if I can be like that if I train as well. When…


Something moved at the edge of sight. Maia quickly sees the movements before my eyes. And then.


Gakin, the sound that something hits. In a hurry, Maia received the arrow come flying from the woods with an ice ball. The power of the arrow piercing through that hard ice ball to the middle. I am stunned by what seems to have been aimed for me.


I could see that Maia was here and still shot it!?


Maia throws out the ice ball with the arrow sticking and turns a stern gaze to the forest. Anzeros quickly stands like a s.h.i.+eld beside me. Aurora also borrows a guardian knife from Jeanne and comes to my side.

“Maia, this way, that black dragon isn’t here right now”

Umm, the elven youth of the other day slowly appeared on the branch of a tree. Maia shakes her head.

“This is a matter of a dragon’s oath. I can’t do it because I haven’t seen it.”

Phaser swung his head.

“Humans will betray you easily, so we can’t overlook it”
“We have an obligation to protect you”

……Us? Wondering. That question is resolved soon.

“Please, let me go……!”

The baron and Apple that were caught in the darkness of the forest are restrained by the elves.


They have done it! When I thought that we were able to suppress Phaser, such a thing happens……!

“Human. There is nothing to go against here, Maia, let her return”

What will I do? …… The baron is stuck with arrows on his shoulder and back. It may be dangerous if we don’t do it.

“Stop your silence!!”

The moment when I opened my mouth, it was Aurora that yelled at Phaser.

“What, what are you?”
“Know your shame, what is an elf, what is a duty! What you are doing is less than town citizens, not even tough bandits! The clan of silver, how stupid are you!”
“……Do, Do you mock me!?”
“Yes, you were downgraded”

Aurora takes something from her chest while staring at the side where Apple and the baron are threatened with a sword. ……Earrings?

“In the name of Dior head of the sky blue clan, I’m his daughter Aurora, silver clan, do you have any reason to preach to me!”

Half-elves Fall In Love Chapter 49

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