City Of Slumber Chapter 10

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Alice-chan got drunk

Mage city, Light of the MoonClair de Lune.
Clair in short.
We had to descend three floors to get there.
En route, we encounter Smiles and Smiles.
Well, we obtained coins so it was helpful.
Because Armand quickly cut them, I quietly watched.
As Henry turned to attack with his whip, cloth flapped from the gaps of his armor, sometimes his navel became visible… What kind of moe is that…?
As I was thinking such things, we arrived at the third floor below.
Heading south, we arrived in the mysterious area where suns.h.i.+ne comes from the outside.
That's Clair.
To get in, Henry held the amulet dispelling the barrier and we trespa.s.sed inside.
People from the outside entered the town!!
Townspeople gathered with weapons in their hands, but Miriam
"My homeland was cursed by the dragon!!"
As she started her tearful speech, they agreed to temporarily let in foreign guests.

Then, after that event finished, it was meal time, so our party split up.
There are few restaurants in the city, there's a group that wants to eat meat dishes and a group that wants to eat fish dishes.
Miriam says she wants to eat fish, the character with the lowest favor says they want to eat meat, Miriam ultimately eat dinner together with the character with the highest favor.

"I want to eat fis.h.!.+"
When Miriam said that, the one who said he wants to eat meat was Henry.
"I want to eat meat after the long time. There shouldn't be any particular problem?"
Don't eh in opposition, heroine!!
"I also want to eat meat"
It's hereee!! Bee el!!
"Then, I'll go to a restaurant where we can eat fish with Miriam"
I want to peek at bee el, but because I can't I handed them too little coins so they'd have to return to our lodging.
Valuable BL!!
I want to watch even if a little longer!!
Two of them drinking whisky and secretly talking about love is no good!!

I and Miriam entered the restaurant serving fish dishes.
Our surroundings are filled with city residents.
It sure is a popular restaurant.
The price is… ah… it's more expensive than what I handed to Henry and Armand….
"Fish pasta, fish carpaccio, they seem tasty"
There's all you can drink white wine, but as Miriam is below 18 she got carbonated water.
"Alice-chan, you have it good to be able to drink alcohol"
Alice's setting is she's 20.
How regrettable.

When I came to, I was lying down in our lodging.
Huh? The food is…?
I got up quickly, Miriam and others were discussing about what to do tomorrow.
BL… sob sob.
"Pasta and carpaccio are!?"
"You've already eaten enough!!"
"To spend so much more than us on food…"
Armand has teary eyes, Henry is trebling in anger.
Eh? Eh?
"Alice-chan, you got drunk? On the white wine. Don't you remember?"
"I don't remember…"
As a college student I wasn't interested in clubs, so I haven't drunk alcohol, no way, am I such a person…
Alice is, Alice is a character to a drunken frenzy!!
"Alice-chan, I don't mind kissing? I merely said I was troubled because you suddenly drew close"
Miriam is fidgeting with reddened cheeks.
You're too excited, Armand, Henry!!
"It's a lie!!"
"You don't remember…!? It was just the influence of alcohol…"
Miriam's expression completely changed into a grim one with tears appearing in her eyes, her face became one of a tragedy heroine.
Is there any good medicine for her?
I don't want to establish that good things will happen whenever I'm drunk…?

City Of Slumber Chapter 10

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