City Of Slumber Chapter 13

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Happy Birthday…?

"Say Henry, isn't today your birthday…?"
Somebody, today is a character's birthday…
Out of nowhere an event occurred.
Its conditions are a mystery, only being in Clair is mandatory.
It's unrelated to the player's birthday.
With Miriam saying she wants to celebrate the birthday, a scary event of an unthinkable birthday party begins.
It's an event where each character's love gauge can increase or decrease drastically.
There are three types.

A  A restaurant where you can experience feeling like a prisoner, Prison of Demons.
B  A restaurant where you can experience vampire's home party, House of Vampire.
C  A restaurant where you can experience feeling like royalty and aristocracy, CastleUn château.

Of those, it's decided based on Miriam's favorability towards the character.

A is less than 60, B less than 70, C is 70~.

"I'd like to stay here tonight and leave tomorrow morning. Why don't we go eat to some restaurant? It's Henry's birthday as well."
"A castle-like place would be nice"
My opinion made Miriam look at me with cold expression for an instant.
d.a.m.n, it's because I got excited over BL a while ago…
"That restaurant seems interesting!!"

Miriam pointed to a restaurant on the other side of the street that appears to be Prison of Demons.
Becoming prisoners, we'll be guided to a prison by a s.h.i.+nigami and eat after being welcomed by ghosts, the chosen restaurant was akin to a haunted house.

Henry hates it…

There's an event during it.
You play a game with imprisoned devils that escaped, in that event if the person celebrating birthday wins, you get a birthday cake, otherwise you can be gifted sweets.
Cake increases favorability by 5, sweets by 3
I've never seen a game where prisoners search a prison for what's on the card they drew.
Party's representative draws a card, and the first to find what's on it is the winner. After exceeding the time limit, everyone's favorability falls by 3.

"N, not there…"
Henry shook his head reluctantly.
Miri-chan's eyes aren't smiling…
"I am with you!!"
Henry clung to Armand's arm.
Miriam's gaze is merciless.

Armand, frightened, drew away from Henry.
"Alice. Could you say something?"
"Armand, Henry. I'd like to eat something delicious, like sweets or cake!!"

Because it's a rare opportunity, at least food…
It's a restaurant with the reputation of being delicious.
With me giving an impression of having given up on them, the two sacrificial sheep huddled together s.h.i.+vering.

City Of Slumber Chapter 13

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