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Decision before Chapter 4, illegitimate child of Lariche

"Aah! Devils escaped from the dungeon!! Everyone, please fight and exterminate them!!"
Suddenly the event started.
However, we haven't even received the menu yet?

A man with his whole body painted green and a woman with a tail and horns attached are pacing around the aisle.
Annoying background music.
A girl wearing donkey ears came to our seats with cards in her hand.

"It's a game!! Here are five cards. Draw one and find the thing drawn on it within three minutes!! If you can't find it, there'll be a punishment game!! Somebody will have to drink a gla.s.s of carbonated water in one go!!"

What's this, it's a weird punishment game like you'd find in stupid university student circles!!
Miriam can go drink the carbonated water at once!!
Isn't it pointless for her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s to grow even bigger?

"You drew… artificial carnation flower"
"Huh!? This place is full of artificial flowers!!"
Miriam, Henry, and Armand began searching for artificial carnation flower.
I'm watching over them drinking cold water.

"Is it okay, is it okay!?"
The save menu came up and the annoying father came out.
"Miriam can go drink carbonated water at once!! Isn't it pointless for her big b.r.e.a.s.t.s to grow even bigger?"
"I have bad news, from around when you agreed to give Henry your cherry tomato, Miriam's favorability for you has begun decreasing!!"
"You're partic.i.p.ating from Chapter 3, Bud of Love, right?"
"In order to bring Henry & Armand pair together, didn't you raise Armand's love gauge in Chapter 1…"
"Eh? That's…"
The words of father gave me unpleasant premonition.
"If Armand finds artificial carnation flower, his favorability will increase by 3, furthermore there’s a trick to giving Miriam half of the sweets to increase favorability by 5. It's 8 in total. Unfortunately, if that happens you'll lose to Armand"
It can't be… Normal coupling is what I hate the most in the whole world!!
I don't want to see it!!
"That's how it is. When you leave Clair you'll soon descend one floor. That's when you'll enter Chapter 4. In Chapter 4, illegitimate child of Lariche, it comes to light Miriam is a princess of Lariche Empire, from then on, the capture target becomes fixed. The character with the highest favorability becomes that capture target!! Naturally, even if a character with low favorability approaches her then, they'll only be seen as a gold digger. After all, Miriam has the right to choose!!"
Illegitimate child of Lariche, huh.
Miriam was born in Fraze Kingdom, father unknown, mother is a seamstress.
Moreover, Miriam's mom died when she was little, and she was taken in by the monastery.
However, she's always worn a necklace that's memento of her mother.
Then, by chance, an elder magician Adriano employed by the emperor of Lariche, heard a story about curse placed on Fraze Kingdom, he also heard by chance that the emperor fell in love with a woman on the first sight in the past and learned he handed her a necklace with the Imperial Family emblem… As such, with the improbable development similar to Cinderella, it's discovered Miriam is an emperor's illegitimate child. She makes acquaintance with that guy in the dungeon. Because Miriam wants to exterminate the dragon, she temporarily refuses to go to Lariche Empire with Adriano, he asked her to visit the emperor once the dragon is vanquished.
Emperor’s first son died of illness, the second son is in poor health, moreover, emperor cannot have children anymore, so he begs her to become the next queen.
Was Miriam born under the luckiest star…?
Otome game is amazing… (shock)
"Will it be a birth of a couple of a queen and a foreign knight she spent time with in the dungeon… He'll be marrying into status"
This sleazebag, he's skilled at stirring me up…
"So, you want me to find the artificial carnation flower? Even though I'm weak at such games?"
"You can use detection magic. Top graduate witch-sama?"
Father made a wicked expression.
He's already put devils of Prison of Demons to shame.
But, I succ.u.mbed to the devil's whispers…
Because, bee el is great!!
"Which page?"
"It's on page 801"
Is there such a page, it's thin… I thought so, but it was near the end.
"I wish you good luck"
I clicked on page 801.

Mixed with roses on a flower bed on the wall behind Henry, a carnation is faintly s.h.i.+ning. But, it seems only I can see it.
I quickly stood up and pulled it out.
"Guoooo!! To find it so quickly!!"
The woman cried in a high voice with no power behind it.
"You defeated the devils, congratulations!! Your present is sweets!!"
An employee dressed as a s.h.i.+nigami brought a custard pie.
"How nice"
Miriam is hungry.
Only then s.h.i.+nigami-san came to ask us for our orders of the high-quality prison food.
We ordered this and that.
But, with how crowded the restaurant is, it takes time for our order to arrive.
Miriam is intently staring at my dessert.
"Miri-chan, should I feed you?"
I picked up a fork and sweetly smiled.
Armand, I'm sorry, but I'll have you get close with Henry!!
You are, a seme!!
"Yay!! Alice-chan's custard pie~!!"
Like a boyfriend head-over-heels in love with his girlfriend, I prodded the custard pie with the fork and brought a bite to Miriam's mouth.
She opened her mouth innocently like a swallow chick chirping while waiting to be fed by a parent swallow.
Simple children are pleasant, aren't they.

City Of Slumber Chapter 15

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