City Of Slumber Chapter 17

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Alice-chan's anemia

We got back to the inn.
I was trying to fall asleep, but as I'm sharing the room with Miriam, she plumped down on my bed and leaned forward.
"I'll ma.s.sage today as well"
"Sorry. Today is no good"
"No good!!"
I reflexively brushed off her white hand fiddling with my chest.
"Ah, sorry… My stomach feels…"

I went to the restroom.
It's not like an otome game's world!! This development is too realistic.
Wait a moment!!
Since it began, I can't use magic, I've seen such development in a light novel!!
Even if I take out the grimoire, that sleazebag father doesn't appear, and there's no reaction when I click on a page…
T, this, is like that light novel…
W, what should I do…
I heard Miriam's questioning voice from outside the restroom.
"Y, yes…"
Fortunately, for some reason I could use magic of pocket items.
I found what I needed, but…
I pulled myself together, stuffed them all into an extra large pouch, and although I pretended everything was normal when I left the restroom…

"Alice-chan, does your stomach hurt?"
"Uh… T, that"
Miriam's eyes are fixated at my pouch.
It may be conspicuous with the items that weren't there a while ago…
"Can you use magic?"
"It's impossible"
"Eh. We're leaving tomorrow, what should we do!!"
"If I'm to be a burden, leave me behind"
"There's no way I can do that!!"
Teary eyed Miriam.
"But, if we explain to Henry and Armand…"
"What if they decide you're sick? It won't change much…"
"Defeating the dragon will be delayed"
"I'm not confident if Alice-chan isn't there…"
"At any rate, let's see if Henry and Armand can be convinced"

In the end, we talked to them on the premise that I was told to rest for a week after going to the hospital.
"Hey hey, will we be staying in Clair for a week? What about the dragon?"
Armand is perplexed.
"That's, isn't a week fine!!"
"What about the expenses of staying a week more?"
"That's… We'll have to sleep outside in the town…"
Desperate Miriam.
"I've heard cottages near the lake can be rented for cheap. They can be rented for two weeks for a price of staying at the inn for two days. It seems meals aren't served there"
"Where are they, Henry!!"
Like this, Miriam and the guys went out to search for the next lodging early in the morning the next day.

My stomach hurts. I feel anemic and unsteady on my feet.
Lightheaded, I moved to a lakeside cottage.
Henry and Armand moved the baggage beforehand.
"I managed to pay lodging fee, but we don't have anywhere near enough for our food expenses. I'll go out to look for coins"
"Ah!! Me too, I'll go too!!"
After finis.h.i.+ng arrangements to stay in the cottage, Henry and Armand went out carrying weapons.
"Alice-chan, take a rest in bed. I'll prepare a meal"
Saying that, Miriam left.

I woke up to a tapping sound.
I got up and went to the kitchen, Miriam in an ap.r.o.n was there chopping vegetables and meat.
She filled a pot with water, put it on fire and once brought to boil threw in what she chopped.
She seasoned it with a mysterious seasoning named hamaguri stock.
Miriam's stirring the simmering pot preparing something.

… Pink ap.r.o.n, so cute…
Liberty print frills attached to its hem, bright red string over her neck.
On top of a one-piece dress, it's the best.

Squeeze from behind.
"Kya… You can't!! I'm cooking a meal!!"
"Isn't it fine…"

With my imagination running wild, anemia struck, and I fell down in the kitchen.
… Reality is sad.

City Of Slumber Chapter 17

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