City Of Slumber Chapter 21

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Can Alice-chan be taken as a wife…?

After I and Miriam recuperated for a week, we confirmed we could use magic and departed from the town Clair.
It was a convenient and stylish town, we had fun.
Miriam cooked rice almost every day.
Now that we left the town, we had to defeat Coalescing Smiles to proceed.
While they coalesced, it was my turn.
With Vivid Dynamite magic, I defeated them with a single hit.
When I first saw Rocca Smile, I was surprised by how absurdly savage it was.
When it approached with a terribly vigorous bite Miriam squealed.
Ever since, she developed Smile phobia, and walked clinging to my back hiding behind me.
Then, it was time to descend a floor.
Finally, the fated event…

"That is…?"
With a crest on his belt proving he's a high rank magician of Larice Empire, wearing a purple robe, an old man was shooting one attack magic after another towards Coalescing Smiles.
Coalescing Smiles were exploding.
Miriam was staring blankly at the magician.
Armand is impressed in his usual carefree manner.
"You are?"
The old magician spoke to us.
"I am the Fourth Prince of Frase Kingdom, Henry Du Frase!!"
"I am Knight Armand of the same Frase Kingdom"
"I am Miriam of the Sisters of Frase Kingdom"
"I am Alice of Ciliegio Country"
As the only foreigner, the old magician looked at me with sharp eyes, but soon his eyes were glued to Miriam's necklace.
"Miss, what's that necklace?
"It's my mother's memento… She pa.s.sed away when I was little…"
"What a thing!! That necklace is something a woman who the Emperor of Larice is looking for is supposed to have…"
It's here, the Cinderella development!!
Miriam raised her voice.
"It's unfortunate your mother died, but even if it's just you, go to the Imperial Palace!! Your father, the emperor, is waiting!!"
"… I will become a maid in Alice-chan's house!!"
"You mustn't!! You might become the heiress to Larice Empire!!"
Miriam tugged the hem of my dress with teary eyes.
"… Miriam. If you become the heiress to Larice Empire, I'll accompany you, you mustn't not go"
"Sniff. But, I'm worried about people of Frase Kingdom, I'll go once we vanquish the dragon and the curse is removed"
The old magician fluently wrote a letter and put a wax seal on it.
"Please come to the Larice Empire with this letter. Please, be sure to come"
"I understand…"
Immediately, the old magician proceeded into the depths of the dungeon.
"Miriam is a daughter of the Emperor of Larice…?"
"Such a thing… I won't be able to treat her as a plaything anymore!?"
Henry, Armand, where should I start my retorts!?
"Alice-chan. When I become the heiress to Larice Empire, can I take Alice-chan as my wife…? If I remained a sister, it would certainly be impossible, but…"
Mm, that's a difficult question…
So, for that reason, she'll enter the Imperial Family…?
"Can the princess of Larice Empire take a girl as her wife…?"
"I will absolutely not give up!!"
I seem to be loved by the heroine with a considerably inconvenient way of thinking.

City Of Slumber Chapter 21

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