City Of Slumber Chapter 24

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Should I wash Alice-chan as well?

We arrived at the room of the female warrior who was also a mage.
This time, we had a lot of food with us.
As there's a stove in this room, Armand quickly started preparing food.
We can eat even without making a fire, but warm food is delicious.
While we were cooking, Henry took a shower.
Refreshed and with his hair flattened, his atmosphere as he came out with a towel wrapped around his shoulders was manlier than usual.
"Go ahead"
Miri-chan, why are you looking at me.
"Alice-chan, you do have floral-scented body soap?"
Yes. I do have, so what…?
"What!? I should have borrowed it…"
In the powder room, I chose few things myself.
That is, the bath goods.
Floral series are exceptional products that increase maximum magical power when used.

While I was rummaging through my shoulder bag, Miriam with her eyes on the bathroom, said as if it's a matter of course.
"Alice-chan, wash me"
A kindergarten child!!
Mommy, wash me!!
Only a brat could say that naturally.
Becoming a caretaker of a child this age is painful…
My tears aren't stopping.

Miriam was about to take off clothes as we entered the changing room.
"Wait!! You just need to take off socks and the topmost shawl"
Just the two of us naked in a closed room… I'd be attacked!!
"Children should just be silent and listen!!"
"Hey, Alice-chan. Whenever there's anything inconvenient with me, don't you treat me like a child?"
"It's just your imagination"
"How strange…?"
Emerald eyes are fixedly staring at me, but I'm ignoring them.
I don't understand well whether I like her or not, but I think this course of events is bad…
"Hey. If you don't hurry up, I'll go eat"
With the impression of reluctance, Miriam took off her socks and tossed the shawl into the basket in the undressing room.

The shower is lukewarm, but its temperature can't be adjusted.
I wonder if it isn't too cold.
"Then, I'll wash you"
Miriam lifted up the hem of her dress and showed her bare legs.
I wonder if it's fine was.h.i.+ng princess's legs, she's woman who's supposed to become a queen…
Miriam's scent gently permeates the air in the bathroom.
She doesn't smell of perfumes.
It's her body's natural scent.
A hint of sourness is mixed with strong sweetness.
This girl, how far will she go with her cute appeal? Ah, it's certainly the setting…
A heroine of an otome game doesn't need such appeal.
I wonder if a human's body can smell so sweet?
I got it, she's a fruit!!
Miriam's true form is a fruit!!
… There's no way, huh…
Miriam, who's innocently waiting to have her legs washed, hurried me.
I picked up the body soap, diluted it with water and soaped up Miriam's legs.
"Kyau!!", delighted, she let out voice like a spoiled child.
While I was showering off the soap, Miriam's face suddenly drew close.
I reflexively tried to escape. But, the wall is behind!!
"Should I wash Alice-chan as well?"
"I'll pa.s.s!!"
Surely it would be more unpleasant than her ma.s.sage.
"You don't have to hold back"
The dazzling maiden, who doesn't seem like a heroine of an otome game, muttered regretfully

City Of Slumber Chapter 24

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