City Of Slumber Chapter 25

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Can I stay in this game's world forever?

After dinner.
Armand and Henry went to sleep in the bedroom.
"Now, let's ma.s.sage"
Prompted by Miriam, I was laid on the sofa.

Ma.s.sage oil made of medicinal herbs appeared from her bag.
I nervously looked at the container filled with oil.
When Miriam squeezed the container, a cream-like oil came out with slos.h.i.+ng sounds.
And just like that, at the same time her clean, right hand crawled into my dress and slid off my underwear.
Then, her left hand also entered under my dress and smeared the cream on my b.r.e.a.s.t.s.
Reflexively I bent backward. Cold. But, soon the part covered with cream began to feel hot.
"It's alright. You'll get used to it soon"
Miriam said with a tone of a nurse injecting a child.
Then, when she finished applying the cream to my b.r.e.a.s.t.s the ma.s.sage began.

"Huh? Alice-chan, have your b.r.e.a.s.t.s got smaller?"
That's right.
It seems the earlier growth was related to hormones, now my chest is returning to how it was.
But, would she understand even if I explained.
"It seems I didn't have enough for dinner"
"Then, let's have a larger dinner tomorrow. Is there anything edible on this floor…?"
Even while talking, Miriam's hands didn't rest.

"Hey, how long will these ma.s.sages continue?"
"Until Alice-chan's b.r.e.a.s.t.s get bigger"
"About how much…?"
"Hmm… Until they're about as big as mine?"
That's unreasonable…
As long as I'm in this game's world, it's my fate to keep being ma.s.saged forever…
"No way… they'd grow that big…!!"
"They'll grow that big!! I'll work on it!!"
Does Miri-chan want to see me with bigger b.r.e.a.s.t.s?
Or is the breast ma.s.sage fun for her?

"Hey. Alice-chan. Can we kiss?"
The words she suddenly whispered made me freeze.
That's, what I was scared the most of…
"You can't!!"
"Why? Why? Alice-chan, didn't you try to kiss me in the fish restaurant in Clair? I refused there as people were watching, could it be, you were making fun of me…?"
"Eh? I haven't done it!! Such a thing!!"
"Awful!! You got drunk and forgot!!"
Did I really try that while drunk…?
While I was unconscious, did the game create such a setting arbitrarily?


"Sorry, sorry"
I wiped Miriam's spilling tears, but I won't kiss her.
I can't.
I feel if we kissed she'd decide anything goes.

"Alice-chan, what do dislike about me…?"
I'm troubled when she's wailing.
"Miriam. In the country I was born in, kisses aren't something one does so easily"
"Eh…? Is that so? In the church, older sisters constantly kissed"
There's something vexing about it.
But, I can't.

"Perhaps I would be happy if I had been raised like you"
"You'll get used to it!! From now on!!"
I would like to ask that father the next time we meet.
Can I stay in this game's world forever?
I don't particularly care if I can't return, it's fine.

City Of Slumber Chapter 25

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