Lonely Attack On The Different World Chapter 7

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Part 7 – Half of the story consisted of bitterness and regret. There seems to be no gentleness.

{people pointed out that “poor dexterity” = 器用貧乏 = “jack of all trades master of none”, (ty for pointing that out) so i'm gonna start translating the skill as […Master of none] so that it fits the tone of this novel (getting c.r.a.ppy sounding skills that are actually useful)}

Day 7 Cave

 The soundproofing equipment in my home is perfect. Well…it's a cave.

 However, when I go to sleep, I make sure to turn on [presence sense]and [enemy location] for extra safety. How do I do that? Well, it's in my mind.

 The presence that I'm sensing has been making a lot of noise. I can't sleep because it's bothering me.

 It's midnight, I'm gonna go outside and tell them to get lost. Is it a motorcycle gang? What are they doing in the woods?

 I use my [Thousand mile eyes] in order to find the criminals who have disturbed my sleep. Otakus and Gobs, both are familiar creatures.

{author uses オタ = ota, instead of おたく = otaku. ota is similar in syllables to ゴブ = gobu, so it's just a short form of otaku, i'll switch between the 2 depending on plural forms and sentence flow}

 Ahhh~, it's the middle of the night and these Otas are fighting. What's with these high school students making a fuss with gobs late at night. Is it a good idea? I'm gonna give these guys a lecture.

{idk about this last sentence}

 ”Get back” (Otas)
 ”I'll hold it down”
 ”Do you have any MP?”
 ”Is it bad on your side too?”
 ”” “” Of course it is!”” “”

{they use “わいのわいの” in the last line which “indicates emotion and emphasis” according to }

(goblin sounds)

 Ah~, these guys are noisy.

 The group of 4 otakus are cla.s.smates. They aren't bad guys, they were bullied kids. They're just yelling because they're in the middle of a fight. But the fact that these guys are also in this world means that they have acquired skills. Unlike me, they have cheats, they should be experts at this.

 There was a book they recommended me, it was about a bullied child getting sent to another world. Her personality changed and she got her revenge on people who tormented her. Well, these guys are being noisy, so aren't they tormenting me? The Otas were the ones who recommended me that book, and it was actually a good read. Maybe I should help them?

 I approach while activating appraisal, the gob's levels are between 13-15. Do they even need help? The otas' are Lv16 and their jobs are Guardian, s.h.i.+n.o.bi, Mage, and Saint. Oh, and I'm just unemployed.

 As you can see, the Guardian stopped the Gob with a s.h.i.+eld and spear, the s.h.i.+n.o.bu attacked with hit-and-run, and the Magician and Saint are attacking from the back line. I'd like to help out, but there are so many opponents that the guardian can't restrain them, and the s.h.i.+n.o.bu has bad movement, he might be injured. There isn't any magic attacks or recovery from behind, looks like they're out of MP. They're attacking directly with a spear and hammer.

 Still, it should be an easy win if they're Lv 16. I'm Lv3 and I can beat a Gob. Are they fatigued? One person seems to be kinda fat.

{obesity=himan, fatigued=hirō, it's probably wordplay}

 ”Alright, I've only got one shot" (Ota)
 ”Restrain the Gob!”
 ”Roger that”
 ”Earth Lance!”

 Oh~, they killed 3 gobs. I'm kinda tense when I watch people fighting.

 ”All right, 2 more, let's get them.” (Ota)
 ”” “Oh~” “”

 What should I do? What are these guys even doing? I thought they would be okay, but it's getting dangerous? Are these guys taking this seriously? Their MP is gone, the guardian is all beat up, and now there's 2 gobs attacking from behind?

 I've been attacked by 2 gobs from behind without noticing, it's rough.

 It's a big panic. Are they panicking more than usual? There's no guarantee that they'll keep it together, it might end up being a party a parting.

{“ギャラ” = “gyara” which is short for guarantee and also means gala, so i think its a pun on “ガラ” = “gara” = “gala” = “a social occasion with special entertainments or performances”. i tried to translate it as a pun too, “a parting” = “the action of leaving or being separated from someone”}

 There's 4 Lv16's, right? Isn't it a magician, a saint, a s.h.i.+n.o.bu, and a guardian? Why would they need the help of a Lv3 unemployed person? If you're Lv10 or higher, can't you fight a group of gobs by yourself?

 Tsk, I can't help it.

{ちッ = “chi”, like a tongue click}

 ”Wooden stick attack! Hey guys!” (Mc)

 Using the momentum from my leap, I attack the gobs. Anyway, 2 gobs are dead now.

 ”” “What !? What was that! Why? Is that Haruka?” “” (Ota)
 ”…Uh, Petan Petan?”

{ sound of slamming? but also for flat chests. idk if it's “whats that (sound)” -> “it's the sound of slamming”. or if there's another deeper reference}

 Is everyone is still panicking except for 1 person? It's questionable how only 1 person can afford to be so casual.

 Well, it can't be helped, they're not exactly my friends. Though if they died or got a serious injury in front of me, that'd leave a bad aftertaste.

 Well, even if I say you guys are acquaintances, it's only at the level of being in the same cla.s.sroom. This is mostly just “charity work” as thanks for recommending me a good light-novel.

 Now both me and the otas are being noisy, anyway 2 of the gobs were defeated by my wooden stick attacks. The name of this attack is [Aim at the back of the enemies head, and swing with full power]. There's now 2 remaining.

 The Gobs turned around here while saying “Guo~o~ou”. I don't know what you're talking about.

 It's telling me Guo~o~ou, and I don't think it's a morning greeting . Gob-speech seems too difficult for me to understand.

 I don't want to rely on the help of the ota's, I'm gonna keep my cards close to my chest.

{ link to keep your cards close* is the j.a.panese idiom, mc isn't sure how powerful he is compared to his cla.s.smates, and doesn't want to put himself at risk or get himself indebted}

 While thinking about what was going on, the goblin raised his club and rushed.

 I meant to say Gob. Also, isn't that the usual attack pattern? I attack with my usual wooden stick slash almost effortlessly. By the way, the attack name is [With a wooden stick, swing down on the gob's skull]. I'm keeping the fact that I've named my moves a secret.

{usually author uses “ゴブ” = “gob” but instead used “ゴブリン” = “goburin”. i don't think theres that big of a difference between the 2 names, so im probably gonna use them interchangeably}

 ”Hey, Ota legion, are you guys alive?” (Mc)

I call out. But,

 ”” ………… “”
 ”…Well, it seems so?”

{“ピチピチ” = “Pichipichi” = “full of vitality”}

 Well, it seems that no one has been rebooted except for one person. However, that one person is amazing. How did you hear it? Is it a different-world skill?

{idk about this last sentence}

"Oh, I have a lot of questions, but thank you for helping us. You were extremely helpful.” (Ota)

“”TYVM.”” (Ota's)

{they use a net term “Aza ~ssu” which is short for “Arigatōgozaimasu” kinda like “lol” or “omg”, only ive made it thank you very much}

 They seem to have successfully rebooted, but it's been a while since I've had a conversation with a person. There were many days in the original world that I didn't speak all day…wow? Yup….

 What should I do now? I helped them, but what should I do? Should I bring it back to where I picked it up?

{pretty sure the last line is like a mom scolding her kid for bringing home a stray animal and telling them to bring it back to where they found it}

 ”Eh, are you wary of something?” (Ota)
 ”Eh, wary?”
 ”What? A monster?”
 ”… Uh, a Death Game?”

 Oh, it's a great idea from one person. Well, this guy lent me that light novel I mentioned earlier.

 ”Well, it is a different world.” (Mc)

 I might have offended you but this place isn't a flower garden, you need to stay alert. Anyway, my skills were full of dangerous sounding things, but it was stranger that there were also harmless things like [health] and [walking]. The harmful sounding skills were forced onto me.

 When I was picking skills, the ones that were already taken were grayed out, and one of those was [Puppet]. That's definitely a dangerous sounding skill. I've got [Kubo no bo – Wooden Doll], will you trade with me?

 When the otas looked at each other, they started to place swords, swords, s.h.i.+elds, and luggage on the ground. Oh, disarmament? That's good, well, I've got a wooden stick……

 ”No, you don't have to go that far. You should be a bit more cautious in the forest.” (Mc)

 I say that and motion for them to pick up their luggage and weapons.

 ”…Is it alright?” (Ota)
 ”…Is it okay?”
 ”…I wonder if it's okay?”
 ”I'll leave it up to you?”

{ last guy uses “よきに計らえ” or “use your discretion” which is used in samurai dramas}

 Hey, I'm definitely not your lord. What kind of job is that! Is it a rampaging shogun? Is it a samba? I asked some questions while getting they were getting their equipment ready.

{ holy fudge, this reference was hard to find, it's about an actor (Ken Matsudaira) in a samurai drama “The rampaging shogun” who also did samba }

 ”What happened to the others? Are you exploring alone in the middle of the night?” (Mc)

 The four started to talk while frowning.

 ”You could say we left… “You could say we've parted… “We kinda said our farewells … “I've run away” We're on the run.”” ” (Otas)

 Well, these guys were bullied at school, but did they still get bullied when they came to a different world?

 I take the four tattered and nerdy people back to the cave. They were so beat up that I gave them a potion filled with mushrooms and medicinal herbs. It's a clinical trial. It also smells like mushrooms.

 ”Wow, what's with this stylish cave!?” (Ota)
 ”Did you do this by yourself?”
 ”We were in tents for a week.”
 ”Countryside living?”

 Leave me alone, is it wrong that I'm a bit of a loner? Though it's not countryside living, it's more of a rural place or maybe an unexplored area that I'm living in. …Actually I'm living in a cave.

 Actually, the cave is pretty beautiful now. It was b.u.mpy, so I wrapped the floor and walls with packing magic and manipulated the soil, that's how I got [Earth Magic Lv1]. Once I got that, I got pretty carried away and renovated the whole place. Now my cave is the size of 30 tatami mats. I thought that earth magic would increase to Lv2 but [Hikikomori] and [Bocchi] became Lv2 instead….seriously.

{30 tatami ends up being like 50 square meters, maybe 7meter x 7meter or 20feetx20feet? in chapter 1.2 mc says the cave was 20 tatami before he expanded it}

 ”A Modern warehouse? “Youre living alone in this s.p.a.cious place… “We had 4 men in a small tent… “Soho? A loft…””” It's unfair.” (Otas)

{ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/SoHo,_Manhattan i guess its famous for small apartments and lofts}

 Because it's noisy, I silenced the otas by giving them some fruit juice from a suspicious colored fruit.

 ”” “” Delicious”” “” (otas)
 ”That's from some sweet fruit I found” (Mc)

 They really like the juice. But you guys were in the woods for an entire week, what were you doing?

 So I asked them.

 Wow~, it's heavy. I don't know what to say, are you guys stupid? I mean the people in the story. It's not the Otas who are stupid, it's the rest of the cla.s.s that is.

 The story was long and half of it was made of resentment and bitterness. There seems to be no gentleness in it.

{i think this line above is a reference, but idk what it is}
{ota flashback ↓ }

 There were 42 people transferred from the clasroom, some of them were from other homerooms who had been visiting. They were all transferred to the forest at the same time. There's a lot of them, even my cla.s.smates don't remember everyone's name.

 It seems everyone received an explanation from G.o.d, but it was a mess. Well, that's how it would normally be.

 In particular, it seems that the bully in the bad-group and the head b.i.t.c.h of the gyaru-group were making a fuss.

{ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Gyaru ranges from cute+tan/kinda scene style to horrible-tan+trailer-trash style}

 Then the bully-group made a bunch of noise when they were swinging swords and practicing attack magic. Stop that, you're gonna end up getting attacked.

 The gyaru group who don't have any survival knowledge aren't doing anything. They're just screaming and saying that “you guys should do something about it”.

 The normal-group girls start crying.

 The club-activity boys are gathering and talking amongst themselves, theyre in their own world.

 The average-boys are air.

{trying to be unnoticed because they want to avoid the mood going on, https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ba_no_kuuki_wo_yomu <-entry on="" “reading="" the="">

 Only the conscience of our cla.s.s – the chairwoman – is trying to get the groups to work together, but the forest ended up being filled with the noise of people fussing around.

 During all this, the Otas are on their own comparing their skills, equipment, magic, and status information. These guys are thick skinned.

 If you make noise in the forest, monsters will gather.

 Goblins from all over the forest came running.

 The chairwoman is frozen. If I was in her shoes, I would have froze up too.

 The girls cry even more. Ugh, the monsters are coming, you need to be quiet.

 The gyaru tells the men “you guys should do something about it”, and then they start screaming. That's annoying.

 The bully group were the ones swinging around their swords and practicing magic. But when monsters started showing up they got quiet. I'm too stupid to understand their reasoning.

 The average-boys are air.

 Hmmm? Are these guys only talking kindly about the chairwoman? Of course, she's kind enough to talk to me, and she's a beautiful girl. But what about the other guys?

 They've found themselves in a mess. For some reason, the otas who have easily adapted and prepared for battle in a different world begin to silently repel the goblins. Then the club-activity boys start to partic.i.p.ate and somehow they managed to win.

 Then the chairwoman (who's back to normal) got noisy and shouted “This place is dangerous!”. She convinced the group to move to a riverside with a better view.

 In the meantime, the otas started gathering food and firewood in preparation of setting up a camp near the river.

 Even though more than half of them weren't very helpful, everyone ended up safe with only minor wounds.

 It seems that until the evening, everyone was exhausted. They were also feeling discouraged and tried to not make any noise.

 The otas lit a bonfire and set up tents that they got from the equipment list. Then they prepared dinner for everyone with the food they collected and preserved food they had on hand.

{im guessing they got tents like mc did, didn't explicitly say where they got it from tho}

 By the way, did these guys practice survival skills in preparation of being summoned to a different-world. Are these guys fools? Or should I tell them “GJ”?

{fools=BAKA, also GJ is in english in the raws, i a.s.sume it's “good job”}

 The ordinary boys and girls were learning from the otas how to set up their tents, while the chairwoman was doing her best to divide the boys/girls sleeping areas.

 The otas moved onto other tasks after that without even thinking about why the chairwoman was dividing the boys and girls. They weren't popular and they certainly didn't go on any dates. They can't read the air.

 The mage makes a fence with earth magic and survival techniques. After that they add moats and pitfalls.

{ author uses “Sabaibaru gijutsu” = “survival technique”, so it's something like https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Survival_skills }

 The s.h.i.+n.o.bu scouts and sets up alarm traps, then they work on finding goblins and a.s.sa.s.sinating them.

 In the meantime, the saint treated injured and sick people with healing magic. Then they constructed a simple toilet.

 The guardian is acting as a security guard while maintaining a bonfire. The goblins who approach are silently annihilated.

 Are you guys really otakus?

 Fortunately, the surrounding goblins were small fry that were only between Lv1 ~ 5. Thanks to that, everyone was able to settle down and began talking about important matters.

 Job allocation, night watch rotation, consultation about the future, issues about finding food… The chairwoman gives her opinions on the matters and then asks the otas for their opinions and advice. Then she decides the course of action on each matter, while dealing with those who are hesitating. If I run into her in the future, I'll call her chairwoman-sama.

{Mc just says that he'll call her with a more respectful tone, sama is the more formal version of san}

 However, there was still a problem.

 Naturally, the cause is the bully-group and the gyaru group.

 The first commotion beagn with the gyaru who started complaining about their tents.

 The chairman steps in and says that she'll listen to their complaints. Then they start complaining “The men should do it… “We didn't want to come to this place… “The rice is bad, remake it!… “Anyway, do something about it” etc, etc, etc, etc, etc “” “

 Of course, they aren't gonna fix these things themselves. Then the bully-group call out to the Otas to do these things. No matter what the chairwoman says, they're only going to threaten and intimidate the people around them.

 It ends up in a bad atmosphere and things eventually broke down.

 Having such an unusual situation happen, them being summoned to a different-world.

 The appearance of a monster which they haven't seen before.

 And it almost killed them.

 They then had to kill it.

 Seeing death for the first time.

 There aren't any teachers, we're only in our 2nd year of High-school.

 There's a person called the chairwoman who was practically born for the job, and keeps desperately trying to keep the cla.s.s together. She's an existence that everyone relies on.

 There's no way I could do it. I should have known that it was impossible for the cla.s.s to stick together.

 Just because a 16-year-old girl is the chairwoman doesn't mean that everything's going to be fine.

 Normally the only thing holding these 42 students together is the name “cla.s.s”, but now that they're in a different world, that name means nothing.

 ”……that's enough” (chairwoman?)

 She whispered that, the chairwoman went silent, and the discussion broke down.

 Without anything being decided on.

 Without anyone knowing anything.

 What should I do?

 Even I don't know what to do.

 They don't know the means, methods, or the knowledge on how to survive here.

 The students are gathered together because they were summoned together, but they're not willing to work or cooperate with each other.

 There are no rules here, not anymore. We're not even a group.

 This is a cla.s.s with 42 cheat skills. If the chairwoman could have put together a group with everyone and the Otas, who have knowledge of different-worlds and skills, then they could survive battles in this world filled with monsters. Together they had power.

 ”I don't know how to use my powers, how to fight, the knowledge of this world or monsters”. These were the troubles facing the cla.s.s and these problems led to a swarm of people blaming each other.

 Working together is the most reliable and safe way to survive in this world, but that plan is collapsing around them.

 It's fate was decided the moment that the chairwoman decided to give up.

 Of course, it's not the chairwoman's fault.

 It may have been different if the otas were on the student council with the chairwoman. But that's impossible.

 They don't have the proper communication skills. Because they're ota.

 But still, The Otas kept protecting, fighting silently, and sharing. Even though the idiots were being useless.

 ”The story is way too heavy! It's also too long. So you ran away?” (Mc)

 I got frustrated and interrupted the Otas heavy story about b.i.t.c.hes, complaints, and abusive language.

 By the way, our dinner for tonight is my homemade special [a.s.sorted different-world mushroom platter, with a mysterious plant sauce]. I hand it over to them.

 ”So far, that's just what happened on the first day, the rest happened after.” (Ota)
 ”The hardest part is up next. It's really the worst.”
 ”No, I didn't run away, umm….ota! you know his name, right! You're a cla.s.smate, aren't you?”

{idk about this sentence}

 ”These mushrooms are delicious!” (ota?)

 Eh~, there's still more to this heavy story. No matter how you think about it, this definitely won't have a happy ending.

 ”What's your name, Ota? Ota A, B, C, D? Even Gob was Gob A, and B” (Mc)

 What are you talking about?

 ”No, that's not a name, whats with that? A racial name?” (Otas)
 ”Stop it! What would I do if my status is actually changed to Ota A?”
 ”Isn't this the same treatment you give monsters!?”

 ”Eh !? You guys aren't Ota A, B, and C !?” – (Ota D)

 ”” “You too ?!”” ” (ota a,b,c)

{Et tu, Brute Ota D?}

 A betrayal by Ota D. There definitely isn't gonna be a happy ending to this story.

 ”Putting aside the jokes, how did Haruka get here?” – (Ota ?)

 I'm not actually kidding, but I'll keep that to myself.

 ”We were summoned together, but it took me a while to get here. When I finally got here, there was no one around.” (Mc)

 Thanks to that, I got the t.i.tle of [Bocchi].

 ”I thought that only Haruka had escaped, you were really trying to get out.” (Ota)

 ” “” That was amazing “” ” (Otas)

 Yeeeaaahh? Did you watch it?

"Suddenly the cla.s.sroom went dark, a magic square appears on the floor and started s.h.i.+ning, Then it started getting brighter and suddenly we arrived in a white room by ourselves!! I was watching that happen and everyone was way too calm.” (ota?)

 I'm really surprised.

 ”No, ah, you were thinking it was a different-world summon. The instant it started you rushed and began kicking the back door, then you threw that chair at the window, and then you jumped on top of the locker and disappeared into the attic. I was surprised at that.” (Ota)

 Wow, you really saw all that.

 ”Normally, you'd be too surprised to do anything when getting summoned to a different-world.” (Mc?)

 It felt like “T H E – Isekai Shōkan”. I was doing my best my best to escape and I wasn't paying attention to everyone else.

{ “THE・異世界召喚” it looks like this in the raws. so im just adding emphasis on it. it just means “different-world summon”}

 ”No, no, I've seen quite a lot of manga and anime that have people being summoned to different-worlds, but that's the first time I saw someone try to escape to the attic.” (Ota)
 ”Yeah, that was a crazy move…”
 ”Usually, I'd give up after trying the windows and doors.”

 ”You were like a ninja” (Ots.h.i.+n.o.bu)

 No, you're the one who's a ninja, that's literally your job.

 We're getting sidetracked, lets have them tell their story and then I'll let them take a bath before they sleep.

 Then we talked about the rest of their story and then about general information and future plans.

 The rest of their story was seriously the worst.

 It seems that Otas were the only ones that gathered food, established a base, and fought monsters.

 The chairperson and some students seemed to cooperate, but they weren't capable of doing the same amount of work as the 4 otas. The idiots just complained and did nothing to help.

 They complained “Bring me more rice, this tent is too narrow, I'm bored!”. If you're not doing anything, then work. The Otas have been working so hard.

 The amount of work the Otas put in was in order to actively raise their Lv in order to be ready for battle. What they were most wary of was the skill they saw in the white room, [Puppet] and [Charm], someone has these skills. That's why they're cautious.

 The solution to this problem is to increase Lv in order to be stronger and also acquiring some resistance skills. After this, they need to find and seal this person's skill.

 It seems that high-level skills need skill points in order to be able to express them. My skills must not be high-level, because I didn't need to use skill points.

{author uses “発現させる” = “express”, so i think you need skill points in order to even see that skill in your status}

 In this way, he seemed to have searched for [Puppet] and [Charm] while raising the level of appraisal. Well, he must be really dedicated to use 30P out of his 50P total for that skill.

 Apparently, skills that have not yet expressed cannot be identified with appraisal. So after looking at everyone's status, they still didn't find out who had the skills. The Lv of appraisal must be too low. Though it may be hidden, it should be visible if they raise the Lv of appraisal high enough.

 ”I'm sure I was the last person they needed to appraise, I'm glad I didn't end up with such a terrible skill. I'd have ended up like a loser in a punishment-game.” (Mc)*

 And I was already forced into a punishment game without my permission.

 ”We saw the skills almost right away, but it was already taken.” (ota)

 ””That punishment game was amazing! It's definitely game over. You're stuck.”” (otas)

{ they use “詰むよ” = “clog”, which is a net term that means “stuck” or something like “its over”. i just added “game over” cuz it's a more familiar term}

 Yeah, these guys. The culprit must have skipped G.o.d's explanation and chose his skills fast.

 In other words, the culprit arrived at the white room and immediately demanded either [Puppet] or [Charm].

 They're definitely aiming for either becoming a ruler or a forced harem. It could be either.

 Don't say it's clogged! Don't say I'm stuck! I've got it all! Then one more! I'm gonna cry!

{the past 8 lines, up to the *. im not too sure about, i think one of the otas appraises mc and finds out he has bad skills, so they banter with him a bit, but im not 100% sure}

 ”It's a good time. What, you have a bath! A cat leg bathtub?” (ota)
 ”A bath without a beautiful girl slave is just a bath….”

 ”It's just a bath. Just get in and get out quickly.” (Mc)

 After that, the otas took turns in the bath and then went to sleep., When you get up, let me hear more of the story. I'm sleepy, we were talking for a long time.

End of day 7

{猫脚バスタブ = Nekoas.h.i.+ basu tabu = or clawfoot bathtub}


TL notes: sometimes the author has notes at the end of the page, but it's mostly “ty for pointing out typos”. im also using the novel18.syosetu (NOT the ncode.syosetu) when im translating this series so there might be different notes on each site, but when the author does say something important i'll translate that as well.

also, dialogue is in “dialogue” – (character name). most of the dialogue follows a similar kinda flow, i'll add in character names to the dialogue thats different

this chapters late cuz it's long af (3k words), and i was feeling a bit sick these past few weeks

and ty for the kofi donations

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