The Sweets Prince's Search Chapter 19

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Translator: Cryus

「Why are you getting insecure, Michel?」

「Yup yup, it has to be Kinos.h.i.+tsan.」

「Are you bothered by the fact that she hasn't made you the cookies yet?」

It seems that Michel has asked Kinos.h.i.+tsan to make the cookies a few times after coming back to j.a.pan.

She gently yet sharply turned him down, saying that she couldn't hold a candle to his mother, and it would be the same for her cookies.

Kinos.h.i.+tsan seems bothered by the fact that Michel chose his mother over her.

He can only go back to France during summer break, and I understand his wish to visit his mom at least once a year, but I can also sympathize with Kinos.h.i.+tsan's expectations in wanting to enjoy the summer break in various places with her new boyfriend.

「You can't be too attached to your mother, Michel.」

「It's natural for a girl to want you to prioritize her over your mother, you know.」

The words of the club members make Michel depressed.
They never learn.

We have no right to tell him to choose his family or his girlfriend when we've never had a relations.h.i.+p ourselves.

「I love my dad and mom, so if we were far away from each other, I think I would want to visit them at least during summer break.」

I back up Michel since the club members are on Kinos.h.i.+tsan's side.

Also, I would choose my family if I was in his position.
I'd barely be able to endure waiting until summer break.
I'd definitely get homesick.

「You're right. Michel has come to j.a.pon, leaving his Maman in a land far away. Taking that into consideration, I don't think he's being too attached.」
Arioksenpai backs me up on backing Michel up.
The club members retract their words, saying that Michel takes more than 10 hours to visit his Maman, and that they would definitely want to see each other during summer break.

Something needs to be done about these club members and how easily they get swayed.

「Well, it's also natural for a girl to wish to be prioritized as a girlfriend. I can understand her feelings, no matter how selfish it is. I'm sure she'll make the cookies some time soon, so why not wait a while longer?」

Michel nods without raising his head.

Leaving the cookies aside, could it be that he doesn't want to look at Kinos.h.i.+tsan because it hurts?
The mood is getting complicated.

「So, going back to the conversation-」

「Huh? From where?」

「5 minutes ago.」

「That's not helping!」

It becomes even more complicated because of their squabbling. I wonder why they always fool around at the first chance.

「It was about Noda getting a boyfriend.」

「Ah, that. Wait, Noda has a boyfriend?!」

「I don't have one. I've been busy with… opening a booth at the school festival.」

They jump for joy upon hearing that I don't have a boyfriend.
It's a complicated feeling to see them so happy about the extension of my status of being single. I would celebrate if one of them got a girlfriend.

「What kind of booth are you opening?」

「Eh? Uh, coo-」

I hesitate to say that I'm selling cookies.
Saying that right after Michel's case would be weird timing.

「Noda's laughing viciously!」

「You're planning something, aren't you!」

「I'm not! I'm selling coo- uh, cool snacks!」

I simply got stuck on saying cookies. Why would they think I'm planning something evil?

「We're looking forward to this year's Miss Contest, so don't think about doing anything that could get the school festival canceled!」

「Huh? Is Kinos.h.i.+tsan entering this year's Miss Contest too?」

I wonder if she's aiming to win twice in a row?

「Looks like Kinos.h.i.+tsan and Michel are entering for the Best Couple Contest this year. The event promoter came and gave them the offer.」


As expected of the best looking couple. Even the special program planner came to ask them for favors.

「Hey, I've got an idea. If they win the Best Couple at the school festival, wouldn't it mean that they can make up with each other?」

「Oh, nice idea! Hey, Michel. Do you have a plan?」

「Michel, a plan?」

「Do you really need a plan for Best Contests? I thought they judged based on appeal?」

「They're not judging solely based on appearance, but also how much they know about each other and how compatible they are as a couple.」

I see. I didn't know that.

「Everyone. Don't you think we should lend our a.s.sistance?」


Arioksenpai strikes a clean pose.
I have a bad feeling about this.

「We shall thus commence the Strategy Council for Michel and Kinos.h.i.+tsan to Win Best Couple. The leader is none other than Arioka. We hereby entrust the t.i.tle of deputy leader to Noda Sagiri, the one who can rival the Michel couple when paired up with a Neanderthal.」
「I said I'm busy!」

I retreat before getting caught up in this.
I give Arioksenpai a look just before I leave.

The karate club isn't setting up a booth this year because of what happened last year.
The club members may be free, but I'm not going to play along.

I'm making my way to Mizuhara's place right away.

TL Note: j.a.pon is the French way of saying j.a.pan TL Note: Neanderthals are a subspecies of humans, estimated to be extinct around the Prehistoric Ages.

The Sweets Prince's Search Chapter 19

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