Yin Xiaomei The Bad Girl Chapter 5 Part2

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Chapter 5 part 2

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: Waiting


“Haha! Silly girl! Zhang Bo also misses you! How about going to school on the first day?!” Zhang Bo hugged her, Happy and eager to ask. The Little girl looks good.

“Not fun!” She shook her head, very unhappy. At this time, she saw Song Yuanyuan walking slowly, and immediately shouted. “Yuanyuan! Yuanyuan!”

Song YuanYuan looks as if she is still worrying about her own snacks. Seems depressed. Yin Xiaomei jumped down and happily pulled her over. “Zhang Bo, this is my good friend at school, she is called Song Yuanyuan!”

“Greetings Grandfather,” song Yuan politely greeted also bowed in.

“Oh, h.e.l.lo, you are really a lovely little girl.” Uncle Zhang (Zhang Bo) looks at her chubby face, the very difficulty to hold back not to pinch it.

Xiaomei see her looking around and asked, “is your parents not come to pick you up?”

“Mom already Come,” Song Yuanyuan pointed at the woman who waved at her in the distance and she smile, “That’s my mom, I gotta go.”

“Okay, bye!” After Xiaomei and her said goodbye, she couldn’t help but look over there, only to see Yuanyuan mother’s face full of smiles, hugging her daughter.  “Eh?  Yuan mother is not round (fat) at all! And it’s so tall, beautiful, with elegant hair and a fitted suit, just like a Barbie doll!” She was a bit confused, Until Zhang bo urged “Xiaomei please come in. Mom and Achun are Prepared Many good meals for You and Zheifei. You can go back and pick it first.”

“So … Where’s my Ge Ge (Older brothers)? She bit awkward to spit out the two words.

“Zhefei has extracurricular activities, swimming lessons and fencing cla.s.ses in the afternoon. It takes six o’clock to come back!”

Zhang Bo took her to the car. “Let’s go back first, he will riding a Bicycle.”

He have to say that Changmei is a bit eccentric. Originally, she insisted on picking up Xiaomei in person, but there are a lot of food ingredients need to handle, Zhang Bo volunteered to come, Anyway, Yin Ruo always cares about his ident.i.ty so he will not show up.

Swimming lessons? Xiaomei do not know there is such extrcurricular activities, However, when she thought of swimming, she couldn't help but a bad idea immediately came to her mind.

“Zhang Bo, it's still early to go back. I want to cut my hair. It's already too long. Xiaomei likes short hair." She looked at Zhang Bo begging. Her eyes are black with a little green, with her doll-like face, it is very lovely.Xiaomei is not a mixed-race child. Yet, Zhang Bo suddenly thinks she is.

“Well, You can cut my hair!” Mei begged.

“This … I’m not good at it, I have to ask your mother.” Zhang Bo was a little embarra.s.sed. Chang Mei bought her a bunch of hairpins. It would be a pity if she cut it.However, he could not help But be soft to the little girl and took her to the children’s hair salon.

Two people back home after half an hour, Chang Mei saw a familiar and strange little boy at the door. She couldn't help but “Ah!” (scream) at it when saw that it was Xiaomei, same goes with Achun.

Zhang Bo explained with a smile “Xiaomei want a haircut and I only take her to child Hairdresser. Changmei can not blame me gor this.”

That no-good Barber, actually said he would only cut a little, instead put a big bowl in the kids head, then trim to go around the excess hair. Unfortunately, Xiaomei feels very good with it, and there’s seem some problems with this child's aesthetic taste.

“No, what Zhang Shu (Uncle) said, just scared me.” Chang Mei smiled and looked at the strange Kappa hairstyle of Xiaomei.

“This is good, I can make you wear some old clothes of Zhefei.When he Come back you can scare him.” Although the child looks good with long hair, it is more interesting now.

At night, Yin Ruo and his son came back almost at the same time. When they saw a small beautiful boy wearing a black T-s.h.i.+rt and shorts, they all stunned and thought that Changmei had brought a boy back. But soon they found out that this was Xiaomei, Yin Zhefei immediately frowned. “Is ugly.”

Yin Ruo is laughed:”Xiaomei this is really cute, just how you handle such a strange hairstyle?” Thanks to the little girl’s good looks, otherwise this Kappa’s hairstyle is really a bit strange.

“Xiaomei knows that Gege (Older brother) wants a younger brother! Now Xiaomei is a good brother. Doesn’t Gege still don’t like it?” Her big eyes stared at Yin Zhefei, full of expectations.

Yin Zhefei originally wanted to say something vicious, but looking at the big eyes like the gla.s.s, He didn't say it, Just awkward word. “Good.”

Chang Mei moved her hands together. “Oh, Xiaomei is really a Good boy, why are you so embarra.s.sed? Zhefei should take care of your sister in the future! Ok, today we will celebrate Xiaomei's first day of school!" Yin Zhefei struggling to hide his own emotions, ” Today, I also Enter to Junior High School department.”

“OK, by the way, We also celebrate Zhefei enter The Junior high school department.”  Chang Mei smiled.

Why is it “by the way”? ! Zhefei was gloomy again. Yin Xiaomei looked at him with a wink, trying to give Moe (Cute) Feels.

Yin Zhefei tangled and don’t show it in his face, okay! She is Adorable .

But, even today, He still don't care about this little girl.
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Yin Xiaomei The Bad Girl Chapter 5 Part2

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