Yin Xiaomei The Bad Girl Chapter 5 Part1

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Chapter 5 part 1

Author: 鬼斗 (Gui Dou)/ (Fight Ghost)
Name: 壞女人殷小美 (Bad Girl Yin Xiaomei)
Translator: Cubbyfox
Editor: Waiting
Proofreader: Waiting


  Mao Ruiying rushed over and pulled Yin Xiaomei away. She was facing the panicked face of the Song Yuan. “Good ah! dare Eating in the Cla.s.s! ” She glared at her sullen eyes. Song Yuanyuan squatted and looked at Yin Xiaomei with pity.

   “Teacher, today is the first day, she doesn’t know the Rules!” Yin Xiaomei immediately helped.

   Mao Ruiying just remembered indeed today is the first day of school, she has to be restraint. “Okay! This time, I will not punish you. But I have to confiscate all the snacks!” She rudely took all the snacks of Song Yuanyuan. Get up and just walk out.Then she remembered that a little girl who informed her, She immediately smiling and said: ” Child, you’re a good girl, what’s your name?”

The girl seems to be waiting for this sentence “My name Lin Di! ” She was very proud to shout it out. (TL : ‘Di’ also have meaning ‘First rank’)

The First rank….? Yin Xiaomei was chilling, how this name is so contrast with her, it can be called in a battle of the bandits!

  However, Mao Ruiying nodded with approval and left the food with the big bag. Song Yuan rounded her mouth, her face was frustrated, rough little finger to pull the table, the grievance was speechless. “it’s All right!” Xiaomei comfort her, ” be Careful next time Ah! “. She looked at Lin Di, not far away, and could not help but feel helpless. She is type person who loves to make small reports is very troublesome.

    She found an excuse to go to the teacher’s office. She saw the owl (Teacher Ruo) rummaging through food, and her mouth was full of food. Sure enough, she did not expect that she will eaten it herself, and said that she was so righteously. She grinned dissatisfied. This owl, Xiaomei should give her some good education.

 Next is the math cla.s.s. The math teacher is a very handsome and elegant man. looks imposing, and the middle cla.s.s will always be interspersed with some small jokes to attract everyone’s attention. Yin Xiaomei learned very happy. She was stunned by Song Yuanyuan. “This teacher is great!”

   “Yes!” Looking at the man on the podium, he said nothing. “Mr. Li is a national outstanding Teachers, many schools have requested to hired him. But the headmaster was smarter, and he was saved by a fortune. He is really good, Maybe he will go to the Education Bureau in a few years!”

“Why you know that Ah.” XiaoMei was surprised she knew so clearly.

 “Xiaomei, Please answer this question.” The gentle male voice sounded, and Yin Xiaomei was shocked. G.o.d, is she stepping on the s.h.i.+t today? Why he is pointing at her.

She couldn’t help but lament the amazing memory of these teachers. How could he remember her name, when he only call her once? Or is it because She wearing a very flashy pink today?

She stood up at the speed of a turtle, and her expression was more frustrating than the Song Yuanyuan on the side.

    Teacher Li looked at her gently. ” Count From one to one hundred, I just explained the little trick.”

Xiaomei stared at the teacher very embarra.s.sedly. She had problems from count to ten.Not to mention counts to one hundred. Enn Uh uh Ah Ah for a long while, she had to give up: “I…I don’t know…..”

“Next time Listen carefully.” The teacher motioned for her to sit down. Yin Xiaomei bitter face and pouted. Unfortunately, She must learning with this teachers for this semester.

Lin Di turned to look at her provocatively, and then raised her hand highly, like a cannon. Teacher Li is obviously a little surprised because he does not really want to ask Yin Xiaomei, just want her to listen to the cla.s.s. However, he still said: “Then, Lin will come answering!”

   Lin Di stood up, and did not even change her breath. Xiaomei looked at her very worriedly. Did she won’t be suffocated?

   “Lin di is…very good.” Teacher Li couldn’t help but feel a little ridiculous for the little girl’s pa.s.sion. But Lin, who was praised, was very excited. She looked back sneering at Yin Xiaomei.

Ei ei ei ei this is? XiaoMei has been in a bad mood suddenly realizes it, Why does she always look at her?Is it about showing off to her? Although she do not understand how suddenly she became her imaginary enemy. But Xiaomei suddenly had a feeling of excitement about her opponents – she had never met someone who dared to take initiative to provoke her people eh!

Normal children would be afraid of her. She thinks she is cool and smiled, If you have some ability just bring it on ah! I’m not Afraid!

 Song Yuanyuan is upset. “Xiaomei… is your mouth cramped?”

“No!” Xiaomei still kept the twitching smile, and the eyes was gaze to Lin Di.

   Teacher Li only felt that there was an infinite black line on this two little girl head. This two girl seems have electrical out from their eyebrow?

By 3 p.m, a group of students came out to the schoolyard like locusts. Xiaomei saw Zhang Bo waving with excitement and immediately jumped up. “Zhang Bo!” The little girl flew past, monkey-like girl suddenly slammed on him. “I Miss You”. only One day, but it seems that she haven’t seen Zhang Bo for a long time.
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Yin Xiaomei The Bad Girl Chapter 5 Part1

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