Seized by the System Chapter 1067 - Brothers’ Domain

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Chapter 1067: Brothers’ DomainTranslator: EndlessFantasy Translation Editor: EndlessFantasy Translation

“Military Advisor, are you saying that we can move back now?” Bai s.h.i.+xin s.h.i.+fted slightly in his throne and asked wryly.

Kong Liang nodded and replied confidently. “Yes, Your Highness. According to the latest news, the Great Venerable Dragon G.o.d has already established his G.o.dly status. Moreover, he just traveled two million light-years to collect his debt. Judging from this, the situation on the surface of the Earth has stabilized. We’re all aware that the G.o.ds won’t allow any demons, spirits or devils to cause trouble at their residence unless they are malevolent G.o.ds. As someone who upholds justice, the Great Venerable Dragon G.o.d lives alone. Among the G.o.ds, he is a righteous figure and will definitely not tolerate the existence of evil ent.i.ties.”

Bai s.h.i.+xin nodded but deep down, he was troubled.

Once upon a time, he was able to challenge the Great Venerable Dragon G.o.d.

Some time later, the latter achieved G.o.dly status within a few years while he was still the king of a small clan. Progress was slow.

‘No, I must now think of a way to settle some past karmic debts, or else, the slightest whims of the G.o.ds will become my hindrance.’

‘Then, I’ll advance and speed up the Greater Rat Clan’s development. It’ll be better if we can be like other clans and occupy a planet for ourselves.’

Various thoughts flashed across his mind.

After a while, he asked again. “Finance Minister, how much magical energy does our clan have left?”

An elderly man with a gaunt face calculated with his fingers and replied at once. “We most likely have 1.13 billion magical energy points stored at Magical Provenance now. We saved up this amount after our clan members lived frugal lives and worked hard at cultivating in these few years.”

“Not bad, you’re a good manager.” Bai s.h.i.+xin praised him and addressed the crowd. “Alright, everyone, do get ready to move back. Also, do have more children. With a greater population comes greater power. You ministers, in particular, have to lead by example.”

“Yes, Your Highness.” The crowd’s expressions were a mixture of happiness and worry. Everyone stepped out.

After the crowd had left, Bai s.h.i.+xin turned and disappeared from his throne.

The time had come for some matters to be fully resolved.

The Land of Heritage, Magical Provenance.

“Mr. Xin, this is your magical energy crystal with one billion magical energy points stored inside. Please return this crystal as soon as you have finished using it.” A Whitestone teller said in a deadpan manner.

“Mm.” Bai s.h.i.+xin took the milky white crystal, nodded and then vanished.

China, the Spirit King Cave in the Spirit Valley.

“I, the King of the Greater Rat Clan, the Descended from the Upper Realm and the Clan Leader of the Second Clan, would like to request a meeting with the Bodhisattva…”

“What’s all that hollering about? Our Bodhisattva can only meet one person at one time.” Niu Da rushed out from the cave and roared.

When he looked up, he realized he had made a blunder. There was only a middle-aged man standing outside the cave.

“I’m sorry, aren’t you King Bai? Why are you here?”

Niu Da was no b.u.m. In order to properly manage his “Reincarnation” business, he had to familiarize himself with the names of the leaders of each faction. He immediately recognized Bai s.h.i.+xin when he came out.

“Oh, Mr. Niu, nothing in particular. I just wish that Bodhisattva will show mercy and help me settle some karmic debts.” Bai s.h.i.+xin sounded very sincere.

“Oh, please wait for a while. I’ll inform Bodhisattva.” Niu Da turned around and left.

Soon, he returned and announced courteously. “The Bodhisattva invites you in.”

After a few days, “Bai s.h.i.+xin” came out. He was still in disbelief and scanned his own body.

He seemed to lack flexibility in his arms and legs.

Finally, he gazed towards the sky and howled.

“Hahahaha, I’ve never thought the day would come where I would return to the mortal realm alive! Praise to the heavens, praise to the heavens!”

After that, he headed north.

In the System s.p.a.ce.

Fang Ning was meditating with his eyes closed when a System Notification appeared.

[The System Follower “Bai Ruocang” has reached the highest loyalty level and has evolved from “System Follower” to “System Brother”. The System’s “Brothers’ Domain” has been activated. Each addition of a brother will have the System’s Combat Power increased by ten percent.]

“Eh, there ARE free lunches in this world.” Sir System remarked gleefully. “I didn’t help it in return. Lil Bai is an honest fellow. In comparison, the great green insect, Old Man Zheng, Dragon Carp, Black Dog and Yellow Dog didn’t evolve even though they accompanied me for so long. These fellows aren’t my brothers at all.”

“Don’t jump to conclusions, there must be some other reason. I’ll ask the Heavenly Book baby afterwards.” Fang Ning replied, his eyes still closed.

The Heavenly Book baby heard him and flew over at once.

“Master, I know why.” Then, the Heavenly Book flipped open to reveal the page where “Personnel Management System”—”Bai Ruocang” was.

“I feel so emotional today. Father has returned!”

“My ultimate wish has been fulfilled. Praise to the Heavens and Earth, praise to the Great Venerable Dragon G.o.d!”

“Father said, due to that d.a.m.n rat demon’s fear towards Venerable One who has become a G.o.d, it used its clan’s magical energy to restore its form and returned its old body to Father.”

“Father will handle the remaining matters with me. We must reunite all of our family members and make my grandfathers, uncles, cousins and brothers return and rebuild the Bai family!”

“Fate has smiled upon me.”

“Hehe.” Fang Ning felt a surge of joy. “Lil Bai usually seems like a quiet one and is always the underdog, yet his inner thoughts are so dramatic.”

“Hmph, he’s also an opportunist after all.” Sir System was annoyed. “I treat them as my brothers, but they have to fulfill a bunch of ultimate wishes before they will treat me as their brother. So unkind of them!”

“Pfft, you’re being unrealistic now.” Fang Ning scoffed. “Brotherly love doesn’t come for free. How can you expect other people to devote themselves to you when you don’t take the initiative to show them some brotherly love? You aren’t the most beautiful woman in the world, no one will show up at your doorstep to submit to you.”

“Oh, actually, I can become the most beautiful woman in the world, too.” Sir System had an idea.

“F*ck off, what the h.e.l.l are you thinking?! I’m not gonna change my body.” Fang Ning cried exasperatedly.

System Notification: [The System tried to be a smart alec and does not learn from its mistakes. It has been isolated for 24 hours.]

“Hahahaha, serves you right! Weren’t you always the unforgetful one? There was a Maxim reminder just now, why didn’t you remember that? This is called, ‘greed’ kills the cat!” Fang Ning was amused by this and laughed.

Indeed, there was no reply from the System. It had been isolated.

However, Fang Ning felt anxious a while later. “No, there’s a con to this. What should we do if someone ambushes us during this period? Even though I have become a G.o.d, I’m not good at combat. I’m only on the same level as the Culinary G.o.d.”

“Don’t worry, Master. I still have three threads here left by System Daddy. I can use one as a Combat Thread.” The Heavenly Book baby consoled him.

Maxim Notification: [The Heavenly Book has injected Thread No. 1 into the Host’s body and it has taken over the Host’s body temporarily.]

“Mm, I do have foresight. Luckily I forced that dumb System to inject you with the System Thread, or else we would have faced big problems today.” Fang Ning exhaled a sigh of relief.

“Yes, you are very much wiser than System Daddy, Master.” The Heavenly Book b.u.t.tered him up.

After all, Sir System could not come out to refute them. It could only endure jeers in silence.

“Mm, the new and complete Maxim is excellent. I didn’t say anything wrong a few days ago.” Fang Ning was pleased as he recalled the past event.

“Yes, as always, you’re wise and sagacious, Master.” The Heavenly Book baby kept flattering him.

“Mm, alright, alright, we don’t have to make fun of it all the time. We must be kind. I’ll go cultivate whereas you, baby, have to spend some effort to manage the industries on the outside.” Fang Ning ordered.

“Yes, Master.” The Heavenly Book agreed subserviently.

In an age of chaos, the Morality City was like an oasis.

No matter how turbulent the outside world was, people still went to work on time and fulfilled their own duties wholeheartedly.

At the city management building, a group of people were leaving work on time.

“City Manager Bai seems to be very hardworking today…”

“Yeah, he introduced so many solutions for improvement.”

“I hope the city can become better. The prices of a number of goods have increased.”

“Can’t help it, a lot of industries on Earth have been destroyed. Only a few primary industries are still maintained. The previous stocks have probably been exhausted by now.” Someone comforted him.

“When will the manufacturing of goods be restored in the outside world?”

“Soon, I believe. I heard that the Great Venerable Dragon G.o.d has become a G.o.d and he won’t let those demons, spirits, and devils cause harm on Earth.”

“Better if Earth becomes his Kingdom of G.o.d. That’ll be safe.”

“Yeah, should we bring this up to top management? Instead of letting Earth be ravaged by those scheming Upper Realm G.o.ds, why not let the righteous Great Venerable Dragon G.o.d be in charge?”

“Good idea. If that is so, we’ll be at ease.”

Seized by the System Chapter 1067 - Brothers’ Domain

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