Seized By The System 580 Seal Heaven And Earth

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In China's Qi City, Vigilante A's farm villa.

A black and a white American sat in the living room as they waited for Vigilante A.

"The Venerable One has been quite busy these few days, please wait for a while, and have some tea in the meantime." Butler Cheng served them a pot of Bi Luo Chun.

"Thank you for your hospitality, Butler Zheng, we'll just wait." Robert stood up to thank him.

"Mm, if you need me, just call for me."

"Oh, I dare not, I dare not." Robert waved his hand continuously.

Jim sat beside him quietly and only sipped on tea.

They waited from night time till the morning of the next day, and they insisted to wait in the living room. Throughout that period of time, they rejected Butler Zheng's offer to rest in the guest room.

Jim looked a little in a daze, he lowered his head to send a telepathic message. "Robert, is it really meaningful to pretend like this? Didn't I tell you that the Venerable Dragon G.o.d hates evil as one does one's enemy? We just have to send him the location of that devil, he'll certainly take the initiative to pay him a visit."

"We must pretend. You must know that even for a strong upper realm G.o.d like River G.o.d, it also made this incomprehensible, and borrowed our hands to settle this matter. It wasn't willing to make a move, clearly, this devil has an unusual background. Those devils from before were already dead, there weren't many who looked for trouble anymore. If we're not sincere, how can we seek help from him?" Robert shook his head and said.

"You really learned the Chinese way of courtesy." Jim sighed.

After the break of dawn, they finally met Vigilante A who returned.

"Why didn't you just send a message through WeChat, you've wasted my time, I just made a turn back from America's skies."

Initially, the two of them thought that they would be welcomed with a greeting but they did not think that he would yell at their faces, hence they were instantly startled.

"Tell me, where's that devil? Really, River G.o.d?! It could've just told me directly, yet it beat around the bush, this is so troublesome." Vigilante A kept complaining.

Robert did not know to cry or to laugh, he dared not chime in with him as it was a fight between the G.o.ds.

He quickly told him the address.

As soon as he said it, Vigilante A vanished.

"Look, I've told you before, there's no need for us to pretend at all." Jim rubbed his sleepy eyes, and was fl.u.s.tered as he commented.

"I've miscalculated, I'll treat you to a Chinese breakfast."

"That'll be very nice of you, what delicious food are you treating me to?"

"Soy milk, fried dough sticks, dumplings…"


In a big city located at America's west coast, in a room of a skysc.r.a.per, a new guest arrived.

"Yun Ze, are you that one who did all this to befog people's minds?" Vigilante A questioned a young man with long hair over his shoulders.

"Hehe, so what if it's me? So what if it's not me?" That young man sat on a couch.

Beside him stood an elder in a gown.

"Vigilante A, be more respectful, do you even know of Sir Yun's background? He's not like those shrimps you've seen before, he's a true legendary dragon." Ling Yunzi sneered.

"Oh, that's not bad, I happen to be lacking a dragon in my cage." Vigilante A replied plainly.

"Hmph, you're not saying that you'll really make a move, are you? You should know that the River G.o.d of the Sky River knew that it was us all along but didn't dare to look for trouble as well, do you even have any background or support? Do you dare to lay your hand on Sir Yun?" Ling Yunzi taunted unscrupulously.

"The Heaven is my background, and the people are my supports. Enough?"

"Hahahaha, it's merely an immature Heavenly Axiom, you dare rely on it? When the timing comes, the Heavenly Axiom from your world will become ours. When that happens, you who pursue the Path of Heavenly Punishment, hmph…" Ling Yunzi displayed no demeanor of a big faction's leader, instead, he acted like a dogleg, and was barking with all his might for his owner.

If the seven fairies from Liu Yun Palace witnessed this, they must be so utterly shocked. Lin Yunzi was a mighty being to them, they would not have thought that he would actually kneel before Sir Yun.

Vigilante A shook his head. "Have you said enough? If you're done, let him have a taste of his own medicine."

Right after he said so, he stretched his hand out, causing enormous hands to slap towards the two of them!

"Hmph, how arrogant!" Sir Yun who was silent all along pointed his finger when he saw the enormous hand attacking at him!

"Bam", the enormous hand burst apart, and the entire room instantly turned chaotic as if a typhoon visited.

This was also because both of them were supreme powerhouses, and they controlled their powers wonderfully. Or else, the whole building would have shattered into broken pieces!

Right then, Fang Ning, who was rowing a boat while watching a movie was suddenly notified by Sir System.

"These two fellows are smooth and evasive, it's not too tough for me to defeat them but it'll be too hard for me to capture or to suppress them. Quickly, help me…" The System hastened.

"What? Sir, if as a genius in fights even you can't do it, how can an underachiever like me help you?" Fang Ning kept avoiding it after hearing sir's request.

"Of course you can't help me but your two disciples can." The System said firmly.

"Oh, you're saying the Divine Monument and the Earthly Monument? How should they help?"

"They're both treasures of Heavenly Axiom, and Heaven and Earth are their parents. It'll be as easy as pie for them to ask a favor from their parents to 'seal Heaven and Earth'..." The System explained patiently.

"Uh, to put it plainly, you're trying to go through the back door, I understand. I'll go trick them now, oh no, I'll convince them to help." Fang Ning no longer declined the request after he heard that.

Whether it was Ling Yunzi or the newly appeared Sir Yun, they're both tricky people to handle, and they happened to disregard lives as well, which was extremely detestable.

From their perspectives, those who could not cultivate were worthless and should be swept out so to not waste away cultivation resources.

However, Fang Ning felt that this was a strange logic. Regarding a sinless person's living rights, how could it be s.n.a.t.c.hed away from them just because they were incapable of cultivating?

If this was toleratable, could anyone still live in peace in this world?

Today, you could be eliminated because you had no cultivation proficiency. Tomorrow, you could be eliminated because of your low cultivation proficiency, and were unable to cultivate the Body Cultivation or Spiritual Ascension…

In any way, the theory was the same. Since you could not cultivate to a higher boundary and encountered a bottleneck, there was no need to waste cultivation resources anymore. This was to save Heaven and Earth from going through a rebirth process too early, and to give others more time to cultivate.

When Fang Ning thought about this, he quickly entered the Draconic Arcane Realm, and found Divine Monument and Earthly Monument. One was a green-skinned frog while the other was a macaw.

Speaking of which, this was quite odd since the Divine Monument was a frog that could hop on land, while the Earthly Monument was a parrot that could fly in the sky.

"Worthy brothers, there's a devil outside now, and that mysterious being is trying to exterminate it, please lend your helping hands…" Before Fang Ning even finished, the bird and the frog cried out.

"What? We won't help it, it beat us up so ruthlessly. Look, our skins have changed colors, my green skin has bruises now." The green-skinned frog kept shaking its head.

However, it did not even have a neck, so Fang Ning wondered how it managed to shake its head.

"Yes, I'm such a beautiful and adorable parrot, yet it could do such a thing to me, I don't care about its life." The macaw was aggrieved.

"Uh…" Fang Ning was speechless all of a sudden.

"d.a.m.n it, these two fellows aren't willing to eradicate the evil and defend traditional values, I'll have to beat them up again." The System was mad.

"Don't, don't, they're still newborn sapient tools, and they still have the mentality of a child. I have an idea, wait for me while I persuade them." Fang Ning quickly said.

"Do it quickly then, these fellows will escape soon." Sir hurried.

"Don't worry, I'll be quick." Fang Ning already had a plan in his mind, so he instantly guaranteed.A special brand of green tea

Seized By The System 580 Seal Heaven And Earth

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