Seized By The System 652 Cannon Fodder

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Qi Hui grew anxious upon seeing this and said, "Husband, your injuries are serious. Please report this to Eldest Brother and let him make a decision instead."

Shang Ruoyu cradled his chest and nodded helplessly. "Alright, I'm weak now. I always thought that my cultivation was high enough and that I could sit down to talk about it, but it's clear now that there are still some people who are unhappy and dissatisfied with worldly affairs.

"Don't blame yourself, my husband. That Vigilante A is a True Dragon from the Upper Realm. It's enough reason to be proud of my husband is equally matched with him." Qi Hui consoled.

Gu Buwei remained silent. How could being defeated by the Dragon G.o.d with just one move be called 'equally matched'?

It was clear that the conversation between this husband and wife was not completely reliable.

"Forget it, let's return to the mountain. I believe Eldest Brother will have some arrangements." Shang Ruoyu spoke and pointed a finger.

Azure Peak rumbled loudly, and an inconspicuous gateway appeared between the foot of the mountain.

The three people then started climbing the mountain.

Behind them, not far away, were two people watching the scene.

After the three people disappeared, these two started talking.

"Who would've thought that Azure Mountain really did it?" Qiao Zishan shook his head, "They broke away from China's control. It looks like incidents will increase in the future. It's a shame that we can't stop it."

"Yes, The Venerable Dragon G.o.d can stop them, and so can Uncle." Qiao Zijiang gnashed her teeth, "However, they can't bear the consequences of completely turning against Azure Mountain. They can only let them completely harvest China and successfully move their gate. It's really hateful!"

"There's no way around it. The Tripart.i.te Defence of the Heavens, the Earth, and the Humans has just begun to be established. If another enemy appears, we won't be able to pay attention to them without neglecting other matters. We can only let these ingrates be at ease for these few days." Qiao Zishan brows furrowed, clearly finding it hard to bear.

This was the Era of Vitality. As a person working in the system, his hands and feet were bound, and every single decision had to made with a lot of apprehensions.

On the contrary, people working outside the system could forget themselves and live about free and happy.

"We'll report their movements to the higher authorities as soon as possible. Let's hope they remain low these few days." Qiao Zishan observed for a while longer before making a decision.

"Don't worry, Big Brother, there's still the Venerable One. It'll be even better if they don't lay low." Qiao Zijiang gloated.

"Hm, that's also true. This is still the first time I've seen a master at Inland-Sea level. How terrifying it is for a strike with one's full strength to carry the power of a natural disaster. Even someone as strong as Shang Ruoyu was defeated by just one move from the Dragon G.o.d. It seems like in a direct confrontation, there's still no one who can match the Dragon G.o.d." Qiao Zishan agreed. 

"That's right, he's different from the people in our system. He comes and goes as he pleases, doesn't have many restrictions, and has extremely high efficiency. He handled countless powerhouses that were discontented, but he has also helped us a lot," Qiao Zijiang said admiringly.

"Ah, there are advantages and disadvantages. The Venerable One has long been a thorn in many people's sides. We can only hope that his luck is good as always. As far as I know, there are many evildoers who want to go against him and are hostile to him. I believe they'll give up after the first battle, but I reckon there will be no shortage of dishonest practices hiding in the dark," Qiao Zishan said in concern.

Had it not been for the Venerable Dragon Lord's appearance, the world would have been torn apart. No one would know who would be the leaders, and who would be the kings.

"In that case, we should inform him to be more careful." Qiao Zijiang said earnestly.

"I'll send the message right away."


"They want us to be more careful? If someone who's more alert than you is found in this world, I'll admit defeat."

Fang Ning could not help but laugh at the WeChat message that Qiao Zishan sent.

This person was only this worried because he did not know about Sir System's capabilities.

The System worked using ten threads, and used two whole threads for warnings and security, one inward, and one outward.

It ensured a 24 hour, 360-degree watertight inspection with high stability. There would be absolutely no slip-ups or overlooks.

If there was evil magic that could not be defended against, there would only be one reason for it, which was that it was beyond the System and Fang Ning's knowledge.

"That's right, what's the point of sending us these useless messages? Wouldn't it be better to send me some money and herbs instead? You humans really only know how to fake being courteous and save money." The System said disdainfully.

Fang Ning suddenly thought of something and said to the System, "Actually, they're not reminding us without reason. There is still one loophole."

"Where?" Sir System did not believe him.

"Morality City. There're a lot of people there, with crooks mixed in with the honest folk. Although the System Map is filtering, it's difficult to avoid the entry of unscrupulous people." Fang Ning said seriously.

"Oh, Mr. Rich Boss, you really don't just speak without thinking. There have indeed been some Demon-men there, but I don't have the time to go there and inspect every single day. After all, it's usually peaceful there." Sir System was very gloomy.

Although it had ten threads, it was equivalent to having three heads and six arms,arms, but was still not equivalent to being able to be at two places at once.

Those four dragons were all split up temporarily for battle purposes, and could not maintain their ordinary form for a long time.

"What do we do then? Morality City has the largest area and also the highest potential. Although I'm too lazy to look, I also know that it was built beautifully. After all, it was designed and made by top-notch professionals. We can't lower our guards. If some evildoer really sets his eyes on it and causes a plague, it'll be a disaster." Fang Ning said, distressed.

"Hm, I'll go have a look these few days." Sir System compromised.


On the southern main road of Morality City sat a huge rock with a height of ten meters with three large golden words carved into it. Those words were 'Demon Suppression Monument'.

"Master, rest a.s.sured. I've already made a plan. Vigilante A will definitely release you in advance." Nie Yuan solemnly promised to the person under the monument.

"You shouldn't visit me so much, otherwise you might attract Vigilante A's attention. At that time, you won't be able to protect yourself either." Elder Ancestor Bai shook his head.

"Haha, this disciple is different from you. I've already grasped his character. If I don't kill, steal, plunder, or do anything nominally evil, he can't do anything to me." Nie Yuan said confidently.

He seemed to have completely forgotten the fact that he was knocked unconscious by Vigilante A because he stole Bai s.h.i.+xin's secret stash.

"Hmph, you're mocking me. Isn't it exactly because you haven't grasped Vigilante A's character that you ended up how you are now?" Elder Ancestor Bai said coldly.

"I wouldn't dare. After all, Elder Ancestor descended early, and no one would have expected Vigilante A to appear. Supposedly, a person like him would be the first one dying in a group, but I really didn't think that he would live and grow stronger instead. The Path of Heavenly Punishment really is admirable. It's a good cultivation method. I just heard that he beat Azure Mountain's second master with one move."

Nie Yuan envied him so much he almost drooled. If he had such power in his hands, he would have become the leader of an entire region. He would act as an absolute monarch, and no one would dare to disobey him.

"Hmph, you really are naive. Although the Path of Heavenly Punishment grows fast, the karma is strong. He can't go beyond the Heavenly Axiom, and can only be at the Heavenly Axiom's disposal. In the future, he'll just be cannon fodder." Elder Ancestor Bai said disdainfully.An idiom meaning 'possessing remarkable abilities'

Seized By The System 652 Cannon Fodder

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