The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 103

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Chapter 103: Reminder

Speaking of Precious Weapon worthy of thousands of points and forged by immortals, Meng Qi of course aspired for them, for he was not the real enlightened High Monk who already severed with mortal dust. What’s more, after carrying out several strikes of Peace Quietude Split, he was affected by l.u.s.t, loyalty, ethics, greed and dread. Splitting other’s peace and quietude, you also split your own. So occasionally some vile idea occurred to his mind.

This was also the reason why there were few who succeeded Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p for dynasties. It was the opposite of what Buddhism taught. One had to be with mortal dust, karma, causality and other disturbances and distractions in order to temper out a refined Buddhist heart and make it s.h.i.+ne with clarity peacefully. As long as you were stuck in these hallucinations, your path to the Buddhism was ruined, unless in future you should run into a huge luck and be disillusioned.

However, Meng Qi would never betray his teammates, as long as they had no intention to betray him. In the main task this time the four sects were their teammates, and they needed all of the four weapons to seal the Devil Tomb, which was hard to achieve and they might die if they would not work together and be attacked by Devil Cult and Samsara travellers of the other side, and perhaps the four sects if they took their weapons. Besides the Precious Weapons had to be wielded by expert of the Exterior level in order to fulfill their potentials. They would need years of time to reach the level of Gu Kongshan.

The most important point was that the weapons were relics of the “immortals” for sealing the Devil Tomb. Although they were not spiritual, they had their own “will”. If they grabbed the weapon without knowing how to use it, perhaps it would trigger itself and wreak unimaginable havoc.

Perhaps they all thought like Meng Qi, so they were all silent for a short while.

“Let’s talk about the Group-rivaling task.” After several breaths, Jiang Zhiwei asked without changing her expression.

As a highly expected heir, she had no desire for Precious Weapons. As long as she made to Half-step Exterior Scenery, one long sword of such level was supposed to be given to her. Thus, she needed no risk for this and digressed the topic, for fear her teammates make mistakes out of greed and result the team’s failure and others’ obliteration.

Zhang Yuanshan smiled, “The precious treasure always draw people’s mind. It’s quite common. As long as we have proper estimation of our own strength and stay honest to our good nature, the treasure will not seem so tempting.”

He continued, “This time our rivals have a rough knowledge of our strengths and approaches of battle, so they will change their tactics. For example, they may attempt to obliterate the foibles of us, or team up to annihilate a loner. We have to be prepared.”

“Compared to us, the four sects are stronger. As long as we stay close to them and be careful not to be separated after we conquered Sacred Fire Mountain, our enemies will have no secrets to us. They won’t have the s.p.a.ce to circ.u.mvent us or move as swiftly.” Luo Shengyi said softly. This was a truly righteous strategy to defeat the enemies, for as the time arrived, even the Samsara travelers on the side of Devil Cult were much stronger, they would not have the same numbers. Besides the experts of the four sects were also great, so they would have bigger chance to win.

Because of the death of Xia Chulin, Luo Shengyi was too impulsive and eager to take revenge, so they fell into the trap of their enemies easily.

Having pondered over his experience of “group task”, Meng Qi said, “What if they concentrate their force on someone not one of us?”

“You mean?” Luo Shengyi looked at this seemingly flippant yet not unnoticeable monk.

“Little monk was implying that if they focus on one of the leaders of the four sects who hold the weapon, and manage to take one away, then we have to fight hard to get it back, and take the Sacred Fire Mountain in shorter time. This will be bad for us. We may even not be able to complete the main task.” Jiang Zhiwei was quite understanding.

Zhang Yuanshan touched his own hands, “Yes. We have put too much attention on the Group-rivaling task and the battle with other travellers. They certainly will also try an indirect route, as long as it is more effective.”

Luo Shengyi frowned, “Though the four sects are separated, they were not so far away from each other. We have plenty of time to rescue… ”

But he could not continue, for he thought of the guy who had cultivated Evil Spirit. He was more adept at gaining momentum from outer world than heightslord of Windcloud Heights. He would probably cause confusion and block them from rescuing each other, as it had happened in this battle, where they fell apart and almost were killed one by one.

“We must remind them.” Qi Zhengyan said. Though he was normally taciturn, this time he wanted to emphasize the importance.

Meng Qi nodded, “Let’s tell this battle to heightslord, and he will inform other sects and form an alliance.”

“Better do it quickly. Let’s head back.” Zhang Yuanshan took a deep breath.

Meng Qi said smiling and pointing at the shabby temple, “I have two friends there. If they brief it to Heightslord Gu, he will be more trusting.”

He was referring to Chen Xiao and Luo You, who were still hiding.

After Chen Xiao and Luo You came out, they seemed confused about the stop of the sandstorm and the coming of other members of Power Band.

Meng Qi informed them generally, and said, “It’s important that you guys brief to your lord. The enemy has new a.s.sistants who are strong and scary.”

“How could it be possible… ” Chen Xiao was shocked by Meng Qi’s description. How could this disastrous sandstorm be created by mortals? Even gaining momentum of a pre-existed sandstorm was beyond mortal’s strength!

And these guys of Power Band could repel the “immortals”. Incredible!

“Heightslord Gu should be able to discern the anomalous sandstorm just now.” Meng Qi did not explain more to the two disciples. They needed only to brief what they had seen to Gu Kongshan.

Chen Xiao and Luo You seemed innocent and incredulous. They followed them back to the host of Windcloud Heights in bewilderment.

Luo Shengyi had carried back the corpse of Xia Dandan, not only wanting to bury her in a better place, but also show Gu Kongshan the terror of Ajati Finger and persuade him with more sense.

On their way, Meng Qi clandestinely showed the black dart to Fu Zhenzhen, Jiang Zhiwei and others, and inquired what this kind of concealed weapon could do.

“This is the Die Seeing Dart. It looks normal, but if you fling it with certain skill, the dart will disintegrate and become seven poisonous spikes in mid-way, blocking all directions the enemy could have escape from. I have seen the Die Seeing being used.” Luo Shengyi said after scrutiny.

Though knowledge of concealed weapons were normally imparted to the heirs of famous sects, like Jiang Zhiwei and Zhang Yuanshan, for fear that the disciples should come aross some strange attacks with concealed weapons, this Die Seeing Dart was not aware to be seen in the main world. And Fu Zhenzhen only knew medicine and poison and only a few concealed weapons that fit to be used by herself. Therefore only Luo Shengyi had seen it for he had more experiences in Worlds of Samsara.

“A fine stuff.” Meng Qi felt lucky. This dart, though not to be rivaled with Pearflower Storm Needles, was a top-cla.s.s concealed weapon. Perhaps he could make good use of it in a crucial moment in future.

Having been briefed by Chen Xiao and Luo You, Gu Kongshan summoned Meng Qi and others immediately.

He was still with his ebony hair, his back erect, showing intimidation without getting angry. He asked with a hoa.r.s.e voice, “You sure the Dissimilated Man has a vertical eye at his mid-brows?”

This was only in legendary!

He felt the anomaly of the violent sandstorm at beginning but did not pay attention, for creating this kind of disaster with such range was beyond mortal’s power. He himself could not do it unless the Wind Cloud Blade could be thoroughly unsealed and activated, which was virtually impossible. For generations, there were no heightslord who could completely unseal the Blade without the help of immortals.

Now that he was told the truth, his suspection proved plausible, but he still could not trust Meng Qi and others completely.

“Yes, that demon guy.” Meng Qi answered frankly, and told him in detail the experience Jiang Zhiwei had with Su Yuanying.

Gu Kongshan frowned and squinted at Jiang Zhiwei. She had it right about the Terrestrial Venerable of Devil Cult. But she should have fought them two and even hurt him and kill the surrogate of the Dissimilated Man. She was really formidable!

He paused for a while and said, “I also felt something strange about the sandstorm at first. Now I was disillusioned, though still incredulous. I don’t believe a mortal could wield such power, and we don’t have proof at all. However we cannot exclude such possibility especially for cases like this. Now I will write three letters and summon other sects to converge with us.”

Meng Qi and others could not explain him what Evil Spirit Cultivation was, so he still did not know the mechanism how and to what extent did the Dissimilated Man gain momentum from the sandstorm.

But as a heightlord, he had the sanity to be prudent.

“Buddha Amitabha. You are quite provident, and shoud be able to persuade the other sects.” Meng Qi acclaimed him for he was not behaving “insensible”.

After this deed, Gu Kongshan became more respectful to Meng Qi and his teammates. He asked them to stay in the tents there and wait together the replies of the other sects.

After three dissimilated birds being sent away, Gu Kongshan started to converse with them the principles of martial arts. He wanted to acquire their backgrounds. Yet they did not betray any information, and when they spoke of something of the main world, Gu Kongshan was befuddled and even had no clue to conjecture.

For they were not far away from other sects, the birds returned one by one within a quarter of time. Gu Kongshan took off the response and read. Then he suddenly became livid, “Imbeciles! You don’t trust me even at this moment!”

“Heightlord Gu, were they unwilling to come over?” Luo Shengyi asked calmly.

Having thrown the letter away, Gu Kongshan said coldly, “Aye. Those narrow-minded rats! They don’t believe in the existence of Dissimilated Man who drove such terrible sandstorm, and even doubt that I am trying to take the lead over them. d.a.m.n, no matter the dissimilated guy is real or not, the Devil Cult must have new strong allies!”

As the top martial pro of righteous path, he was used to being suspected by the other sects. But they still had such narrow vision at this time, which was really foolis.h.!.+

Even the sects of righteous path were not compatible with each other… Meng Qi curled his lips, “Heightslord Gu, I’m afraid you have to meet them in person.”

Gu Kongshan silenced, thinking and pacing around with his hands at his back.

After a duration of burned incense stick, he made his decision. He beckoned over all the elders and disciples and bid them defend keenly. He himself went out of the tent with the casket of Wind Cloud Blade. He also sent Meng Qi and his teammates to the camps of Wanjian Sect, for if he was away, his camp could be vulnerable, and their ident.i.ty was still suspicious.

Meng Qi and his teammates had no objection. Not long after they went out of the camp, they saw it was dark soon. Far beyond was wavering yellow sand sprawling up to sky, inundating the camp of Star-picking Tower and its peripheral regions.

“d.a.m.n!” Gu Kongshan’s eyes concentrated.

Lord of Devil Cult Hu Buwei could create limited sandstorm, while the Dissimilated Man with vertical mid-brows eyes could gain momentum and aggrandize it!

This idea flashed through his mind.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 103

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