The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1068 - Su Meng's Current Status

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Chapter 1068: Su Meng’s Current Status

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

It was time to pay the West a visit.

With a thought in Meng Qi’s mind, the handsome young monk sat down cross-legged, his entire body exuding a pure light. He turned into a golden Buddha, one hand pointing to the sky while the other was touching the ground. The swordsman in white stood as his robes fluttered. The aura of his sword surrounded him, as if he was the source of s.p.a.ce-time, the origin of the void, the personification of Tao itself. He looked like a Heavenly Lord, and the sword beams shot out, splitting itself, one into two, two into four, and they populated the countless universes. A glorious golden glimmer spilled forth, his orifices and even his limbs contained an immeasurable, indestructible power.

The three Yi Qi Turning San Qing incarnations were not simply created by Meng Qi, but by using this G.o.dly skill, he reorganized and purified his own cultivation. As he has not mastered the way of time yet, he could not separate his past, present, and future incarnations. With the natural Yi Qi as a foundation, adhering to the techniques of every clan, he split into an incomplete Buddha Golden Body, a Heaven Carrying Tao Body that combined the four Celestial Transcendent Killing Swords, an ever-transforming, deified flesh, Undying Tao Body, while the original became a Premier Priest. And only the Premier Nine Seals was not involved in the swordsmans.h.i.+p of the incarnates.

However, this was just a temporary solution. After all, the Indestructible Original Body formed by combining the Undying Tao Body and the Premier Priest did not require separation. Meng Qi wanted to create a Bodhi Golden Body, but he was yet unskilled, so his chances were slim. For now, the Undying Tao Body is used as a subst.i.tute before he perfects the technique.

As these incarnations were formed from teachings other than his main cultivation, Meng Qi felt at peace, as if he had let go of a burden as heavy as mountains, and he felt light and breezy. Almost half of the energies in his orifice became different worlds and universes after leaving the Kai Tian Seal.

This is an inevitable step, purifying oneself, seeing one’s true body. When he reaches a higher level, he must devour his incarnates. With the Endless Chaos and the Undying Tao Body all existence, he would be able to split and combine incarnations seamlessly.

Meng Qi opened his eyes, plumes of auspicious clouds were rising up chaotically from the mud ball. The Buddha Golden Body, Heaven Carrying Tao Body, and Undying Tao Body leaped up at once, falling into the auspicious clouds. They looked at each other and started to sit cross-legged, hiding in the darkness and returning into the mud ball as the auspicious clouds were absorbed back.

With the help of a G.o.dly skill like Yi Qi Turning San Qing, it was easier for him to separate his incarnations than Han Guang… Meng Qi sighed, patted on his green robes, changed his outfit, and jumped down into the clouds. The clouds embraced him as he pa.s.sed through s.p.a.ce and time, arriving at the West.

In the virtual hall where the words ‘Humanity Is Full of Vicissitudes’ were hung, Emperor of the Present World Gao Lan had just gone offline. The several Dharmakayas were excited to try out the different functions while grasping the opportunity to study martial arts and Da Dao. The atmosphere was peaceful and happy.

Then, Mister Luda, Immortal Yun He, and the other heard an emotionless notification:

“Your friend, Primitive Emperor Su Meng has uploaded the Book of Myriad World General Knowledge Tiered Building.”

“Your friend, Primitive Emperor Su Meng has uploaded the Simple Symbol Recognition Methods for Fighters and Commoners.”

“Your friend, Primitive Emperor Su Meng has uploaded the Proposal to Work Together with Palace of Mohism to Restore Medieval Prosperity.”

“Your friend, Primitive Emperor Su Meng has uploaded the Application of Myriad World General Knowledge on Long Distance Trading and Natural Penalties of Selling Counterfeit Goods. (Note: Please do not swear or curse jokingly, being hit by lightning is no joke.)”

“Your friend, Primitive Emperor Su Meng has uploaded the Myriad World General Knowledge Virtual Exchange Center. (Share your training discussion, travel experiences, Jiang Hu gossip, and legends here!)”

Looking at the many books sent by Meng Qi, they felt like they could recognize each word, but had no idea what they meant when strung together.

They looked at each other, collected their thoughts, and started reading.

Suddenly, Meng Qi’s image appeared, another emotionless Myriad World notification was heard:

“Your friend, Primitive Emperor Su Meng updated his current status.”

Current status? Mister Luda, Su Wuming, and the Immortal Yun He looked at the screen, and they saw the image changing, and it focused on a scenery:

White clouds rolled like waves, spinning into a vortex. The sky was vast and the earth was wide, many mountains stood like trees of a forest. The oppressive aura of demons filled the mountain peaks. On a tall peak stood a Taoist wearing a Bamboo Cloud Crown and dressed in a water gown. A ribbon sash was tied around his waist and a pair of Mang shoes covered his feet. He stood handsomely, the hairs on his temple were dappled, his eyes were filled with the vicissitudes of life as he stared afar. The wind blew his clothes, a spirit of a Taoist could be felt in the air. He was Meng Qi.

Beneath the scenery was a sentence, “This is the West, where the demons run amok, and deities reside. I’m back here once again, after many years.”

In Xi Jian Pavilion, Huamei Heights, Nature Sect, and Donghai Sword Village, Mister Luda and the rest were perplexed, wondering what was happening.

Is Little Su sharing his experience?

But it felt strange because it was only focused on his own image…

Then, they heard another notification:

“Your friend, Primitive Emperor Su Meng updated his current status.”

The scenery changed again:

The scene changed, it was now showing a deep, jade blue lake in an abyss, where no horizons could be seen. Meng Qi wore a Taoist Robe das.h.i.+ngly, his feet on the water’s surface, and his hand was holding a bug that looked like a snake with several heads. For unknown reasons, the monster that should be enormous only took a small s.p.a.ce in the picture. The main subject was still the handsome and relaxed Taoist.

Another sentence was written beneath the scenery:

“Blue Wave Lake was home to the great demon Nine-headed Bug, unfortunately, the bloodline it left behind was feeble. In remembrance to the inevitability of time’s erosion.”

When they saw this, Mister Luda, Su Wuming, Jiang Zhiwei, Zhao Heng, and the rest seemed to have understood something.

Meng Qi kept the Nine-Headed Bug’s descendant and stopped posing. When he smiled and looked at his Myriad World Talisman, he saw a series of notifications:

“Your friend, The Heavenly Sword Su Wuming is now offline.”

“Your friend, Single Hearted Sword Mister Luda is now offline.”

“Your friend, Sword Maniac He Qi is now offline.”

“Your friend, Jiang Zhiwei is now offline.”

“Your friend, Qi Zhengyan is now offline.”

“Your friend, Zhao Heng is now offline.”

“Message from your friend, Ruan Shuyu, ‘Is this edible?'”

“Message from your friend, Immortal Yun He, ‘Find more materials!'”

“Your friend, Immortal Yun He is now offline.”

I am just posting a status, why are you guys like this… Meng Qi wiped away his nonexistent sweat on his brow. “I’ll try later,” he told Ruan Shuyu. He kept his Myriad World Talisman, and earnestly began his journey to AparaG.o.daniya on feet, to seek the original location of Wu Zhuang Guan in the past as a Taoist.

“That descendent of the Nine-headed Bug was not exactly intelligent, I have to ask some demon kings who are real deals,” Meng Qi touched his own chin.

Achoo! At that moment, countless demon kings in AparaG.o.daniya sneezed and s.h.i.+vered, as if an unspeakable evil intent was surrounding them.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1068 - Su Meng's Current Status

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