The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1069 - Immortal Demon Fairy

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Chapter 1069: Immortal Demon Fairy

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Mist drifted in Plain Girl Fairyland. The intention of escaping the world was lofty.

In the delicate room that fluttered with happiness, pieces of lotus petals were blooming and absorbing the pinkness greedily. The present Bodhisattva of Joy laid on the lotus platform and rested her chin on her hand as her white silk clung to her body. There was an indescribable longing and it was too beautiful to be absorbed all at once.

“This is the function of the Myriad World Talisman…” in front of her was the Bodhisattva of Lianyu who came out with the division of Zero Mouth creatively. She was holding the simple metal piece which was just the size of a palm.

The Bodhisattva of Joy s.h.i.+fted her long legs and changed into a sitting position lazily. Her white silk moved and it felt like it was springtime. The boys standing nearby could not take their eyes away from her. Their breaths were getting heavier and they could not wait to spring upon her.

“Oh, this is nice,” the Bodhisattva of Joy took the Myriad World Talisman and looked at it for a while. She smiled, “A bosom friend afar brings a distant land near. The message of the poem suddenly came to me, we no longer need to stay committed in the wh.o.r.ehouse or travel aimlessly just to stay by a stump waiting for more hares to come. Now, we are able to take the initiative without stepping out by having this talisman. All the cute guys will be ours.”

Although the Bodhisattva of Lianyu also thought that the Myriad World Talisma was good, it was only because of the living liking new things. Confused, she asked, “What is the difference of it? Aren’t we still required to take the initiative to seduce others?”

“Of course there is a difference. When walking all the corners of the country, when men who are well-experienced or had counsel from experience enter a wh.o.r.ehouse, they are very alert. Even if it is about jealousy, they will be very careful. We often need to use aromas or drugs to aid us, which are too obvious. However, now we get to know this Myriad World Talisma by fate. It is beautiful as it seems like we are fated in the midst of a thick cloudiness. Things happen without extra effort when the love is deep…” although the Bodhisattva of Joy had not used the Myriad World Talisman before, what she said was. .h.i.tting the nail on the head.

She grinned and continued, “In fact, we can be acquainted with people who are miles away. Staying home is better than staying at the wh.o.r.ehouse, it would be very convenient. In addition, the living are lazy and would want to avoid troubles. Most importantly, between a lady who was in a wh.o.r.ehouse and a shy lady who only admired a knight, who would be more popular? There’s no cat who does not eat fish. No man can resist an exciting love encounter which can satisfy their vanity and arrogance.”

There were sparkles in the eyes of the Bodhisattva of Lianyu after she listened, “If we use the simplest Myriad World Talisman, we would not require aura and number to form a stamp. Then I can be both a pure young lady and also an enchanting n.o.ble lady. I can even be a holy nun. Hehe. Even if the officers want to have a demon fox, I can be that, too. This is really a good thing.”

She knit her brows, “However, the Myriad World Talisman was made by Su Meng. It is said that the talisman had thousands of connections with his Principles of Karma. If we use it, aren’t we walking right into the lion’s den?”

“There’s no harm. Principles of Karma connects to all karma. Do you think that Su Meng has the ability to see through all of it? He will slip through it and only grasp the crux. We will just use the simplest talisman to target the ordinary Jiang Hu people and common people. Only numbers, without aura stamps. Can he even target us among hundreds or millions of people?” the Bodhisattva of Joy’s eyes were seductive and her cheeks were flushed. “Although the simplest form of talismans only have basic uses, we can still add on by ourselves. By that time, we might have a chance to show off the essence of the G.o.ddess Ecstasy Dance.”

The Bodhisattva of Lianyu became excited, “I will practice hard for the Charm Voice of Bodhisattva.”

The Bodhisattva of Joy played with the simple Myriad World Talisman as she was deep in thought about her grand plan.

Eagle Magnificence Mountain, AparaG.o.daniya.

The Yellow Eyed King was the demon king who was famous within hundreds of thousands of miles. It owned thirty six Cave Demon Marshals, and seventy two Road Demon Generals under its command. It was known as the local despot in this area.

In the middle of the afternoon, the Yellow Eyed King was eating demons’ drumsticks and its mouth was b.l.o.o.d.y. It looked at the dancing lady demons with sparkles in its eyes and let out an indecent laugh occasionally.

At that moment, a patrol demon reported, “My King, a priest named Paranimmitavasavatti has requested a meeting.”

“Paranimmitavasavatti?” The Yellow Eyed King was confused, “Which cave or mountain does that demon king belong to?”

“He… he seems like he is from the terran,” the patrol demon answered fearfully.

The eyes of the Yellow Eyed King sparkled, “Terran? Hold up, he must be an immortal since he dares to pay me a visit. I have no idea how long has it been since I tasted an immortal! Bring him to me now!”

The demons caused chaos in the world for many years and the terrans lingered on in a steadily worsening condition. Also, part of them were captivated by demon fairies who dominated the Four States. As for Celestial Beings, the Yellow Eyed King only tasted them when it was young. It could only eat other demon races to satisfy itself at present.

The lady demons spread and left. There were flames and a big pot in front of the Yellow Eyed King as it waited for Paranimmitavasavatti with a serious face. If his intention was unfavorable or there was nothing important, it would just take him as a meal.

A moment later, the Yellow Eyed King saw a good looking priest who wore a water gown and a Bamboo Cloud Crown walking towards it. Gray at the temples, his eyes were deep. It could tell that he was extraordinary. He was holding a brocade box tied with a silk string; it looked precious.

“I came to see you, my King,” Meng Qi saluted with a faint smile.

The Yellow Eyed King coughed, “Why are you here in Eagle Magnificence Mountain?”

It raised its voice to show its majestic manner. It would open its b.l.o.o.d.y big mouth if the opposite gave it a wrong answer.

Meng Qi smiled, “I am from Donghai, the former Dragon Emperor Family.”

As soon as he stopped, his bare skin showed pieces of golden scales that were firm and unbreakable. An aura of terror swept within the mountain cave. It made all the demon marshals and demon generals s.h.i.+ver and want to kneel. The little demons on the outside were scared with their faces all pale. As if shocked by electricity, the Yellow Eyed King itself felt its pores close and its hair stand instantly.

After some time, the Yellow Eyed King forced itself to smile, “So, you are also from the demon race.”

It was rare to meet a Real Dragon Demon Fairy!

“I pa.s.sed by Dongsheng State and Nanzhan State to visit AparaG.o.daniya, to find an old friend. Unfortunately, I was not familiar with the place, so I am here to ask for directions,” Meng Qi spoke in a somewhat formal manner to show off his Real Dragon Family manner. “Here’s a small token of appreciation to show my grat.i.tude.”

The Yellow Eyed King was tireless prior to listening to him. However, its eyes sparked when it knew that he got it a present, “May I know what is the present? Where do you want to go?”

The Real Dragon family was inherited since a long time ago. They were known to be rich and generous. Even if he was told that it was just a small token of appreciation, it would still be a great gift!

“This treasure?” Meng Qi stroked the surface of the brocade box and smiled, “It is mine, Paranimmitavasavatti’s remnant. It is richer than wine and tastier than food. The G.o.ds will not be able to sleep and they will trespa.s.s into the mortal world to get it if they see this. If the demons have it, they will forget to kill and destroy because they will be addicted to it. What do you think, my King?”

The Yellow Eyed King was bursting with joy and nodded its head, “Yes, of course!”

It was a treasure that even the G.o.ds and demons could not control themselves from wanting.

“I am here in Eagle Magnificence Mountain to know something about the Wu Zhuang Guan,” Meng Qi changed the topic after he got the Yellow Eyed King’s attention.

“Wu Zhuang Guan?” the Yellow Eyed King’s blank face did not seem to be fake.

“Does your Highness know anything about it?” Meng Qi questioned.

The Yellow Eyed King shook its head, “Never heard of it.”

“Hundreds of years ago, when the heavens had not fallen yet, a Great Medium owned the Wu Zhuang Guan in AparaG.o.daniya. I wanted to know its former site or whether it has any descendants in the present world,” Meng Qi explained in details.

“I’ve only lived for 300 years. How would I be able to know something which is from 800 years ago?” the Yellow Eyed King stared at the brocade box. It was afraid that it would lose the treasure if it did not answer well.

Meng Qi muttered, “My King, do you know any demon or demon fairy who might know something about it?”

The Yellow Eyed King’s expression changed, it seemed to be in fear, “The Immortal Demon Fairy in Tianzhu Mountain might know something about it.”

Its answer was very simple as if it were afraid to speak too much about it.

Meng Qi had an idea. He smiled faintly, “May I know the reason why the Immortal Demon Fairy would know something about this?”

The Yellow Eyed King felt that Meng Qi was affable without any reason and started to tell the truth unconsciously, “The Immortal Demon Fairy is different from us. It always said that it experienced the deification, Pilgrimage to the West, and witnessed the fall of heaven. It was very ancient, which is why it was named as an immortal. It has been living for a very long time. It would most probably know something about the Wu Zhuang Guan.”

“I see,” Meng Qi nodded slightly.

If what it said is true, then this is an old demon. I wonder what he is like since he once experienced deification and Pilgrimage to the West, and now decided to conceal its name and hide in Tianzhu Mountain…

“Would you please tell me the way to Tianzhu Mountain?” Meng Qi asked.

The Yellow Eyed King sucked in a breath, “The Immortal Demon Fairy would not like outsiders to visit Tianzhu Mountain. It has been in hiding for years. It does not connect much with the outside world, aside from demanding wors.h.i.+p from me and other real demon kings and demon fairies. So, please do not be impetuous.”

It was reminding Meng Qi not to be reckless, when itself was also reckless.

“Don’t worry about it, my King. I know what to do,” Meng Qi nodded and smiled.

The Yellow Eyed King was too lazy to talk further. It told the location of the Tianzhu Mountain to Paranimmitavasavatti. In the end, it said with its deep voice, “There’s one more thing that you should pay attention to. There was a rumor that the Immortal Demon Fairy attended that Great Battle of Spirited Mountain, and it was the only demon race that managed to escape aside from the G.o.ddess of Demonic Sages…”

Attended the Great Battle of Spirited Mountain? Meng Qi was shocked.

In the previous Great Battle of Spirited Mountain, there were only two people who were able to leave safely. The first was the Demonic Sage, the second was Ananda. Although he once suspected that there may be a few other Buddhas or Maha Bodhisattvas who managed to escape and they knew the details of the war, there were no clues. Their preliminary suspicion was that there might be a Golden Cicada. Unexpectedly, there was now another survivor that once experienced the Great Battle of Spirited Mountain.

Lu Ya’s mission is not easy after all…

When he was pondering, the Yellow Eyed King smiled widely, “Hey, the treasure, uh, my present…”

Meng Qi laughed and pa.s.sed the brocade box to it, “I hope that you will kindly accept it.”

He turned around and left. He made a step and disappeared in the Eagle Magnificence Mountain.

Yellow Eyed King took a breath when it opened the brocade box. There was a metal piece. The pattern and style of it was indeed nice, however, it could not find anything that would make everyone be addicted to it.

At this moment, the metal piece shook and gave out a red light. Since the Yellow Eyed King was a real demon, it did have some insight. It pressed at the center of the metal piece with its paw.

“Hey…” a seductive voice came out.

After the Yellow Eyed King heard the voice, it felt like it was shocked by electricity. Its whole body was numb and its legs felt like jelly. Its soul floated away and it was on cloud nine.

This, this is really a good thing!

Meng Qi chuckled when he was flying towards Tianzhu Mountain. The Bodhisattva of Joy was not knowledgeable. Did she think that she could get away from him by using the Myriad World Talisman in the Plain Girl Fairyland?

Did she not know that Plain Girl Fairyland, the Void Hometown. and other places were considered as Special Groups? The information of everyone going or pa.s.sing by these places would be filtered automatically.

Meng Qi stepped onto the Somersault Cloud and flew away.

Who is the Immortal Demon Fairy?

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1069 - Immortal Demon Fairy

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