The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1080 - Worship The Primitive Emperor

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Chapter 1080: Wors.h.i.+p The Primitive Emperor

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Fei Zhengtao, left behind by Daqinggen was bemused. It took him a while before deciding to letting his cheap master be, busying himself with his own matters. In any case, he could finally perceive his Qi and proceed to practice the Hundred-day Foundation Building manual.

Of course, part of the conversation still lingered in his mind, “No matter iwhat world you were born in, things around the real world are mostly strange, and the Palace of Mohism likes to collect these strange items, therefore, I am… no, you are going to be rich!”

Does that mean that I can trade daily objects for bountiful amounts of Primitive Emperor Coins? Fei Zhengtao’s eyes lit up, an expression he had never worn when facing his textbooks.

With these Primitive Emperor Coins, wouldn’t I be able to purchase all those tempting objects in the Myriad World Mall?

Like that Thousand Year Warm Jade, or that Baron Pistol, or a Gauss Rifle, or that marionette of the Palace of Mohism, some flying copper bird, a Chunyang Evil-banis.h.i.+ng Blade, whatever magical Sun stones, or those Seven Luminaries Earrings, anti-aging facial masks, a s.p.a.ce battles.h.i.+p, a star-destroying shrinking cannon, golden sacred armor, Divine Marrow Ball with the powers of some Wild Lady deity, or even a Transformer butler from Cybertron. As long as I have Primitive Emperor Coins, I can buy all of them!

The objects at the top are okay, but should anyone get their hands on the objects towards the end of the list, they could totally become the G.o.d of the Present World!

They even sell G.o.dhood, the Myriad World Mall is so much greater than the legendary celestial world. It was hard to imagine just how overbearing this Primitive Emperor is.

Moreover, the objects for sale were not just limited to celestial or martial arts related, there were also items which belong in the magical and sci-fi categories. If that is for real, the Myriad World Mall, like its namesake, would link myriad universes and civilizations of different types and level of development. However, the items belonging in those categories were few in number, perhaps there is limited access to the Myriad World Mall?

Is it necessary to first obtain a Myriad World Talisman?

Buried in his thoughts of endless possibilities, Fei Zhengtao was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with enthusiasm. He was engrossed within the formidable Myriad World Mall, forgetting his master, Daqinggen’s, reminder.

Much later, he finally averted his eyes and began to consider what he could sell for some Primitive Emperor Coins.

I’m not of their Real World, even if I could sell physical objects there’s no way for me to s.h.i.+p those things over, that means it has to be virtual objects. Like anime? Novels? Games? Or those so-called learning materials sealed inside a certain hard disk?

If I upload the latter with no idea on the laws and regulations of the Myriad World Mall, who knows if I might get banned or my Myriad World Talisman will be suspended, or even enforced by their laws. I can’t risk that. Also, anime and games are way too extraordinary compared to the other objects in the Myriad World Mall, it would risk too much attention. Looks like novels are the best bet, since they already have serialized stories such as Biography of the Primitive Emperor and so on. That’s right, knowledge can also be sold! Realization struck Fei Zhengtao as he recalled sending the study on human anatomy to Master Daqinggen earlier on.

This was a different type of knowledge, those who enjoy intensive researches and studies would definitely buy it!

Unknowingly, he became strangely fixated with his ideas, not giving a second thought on how his anime and games could amount to golden sacred armors and s.p.a.ce battles.h.i.+ps. He was only focused on selling knowledge.

Upon careful a.n.a.lysis, he believed that mathematics would most likely sell well, as human anatomy would be restricted by racial differences, while physics and chemistry may not be applicable to the principles of the Real World. Only mathematics which is based on logic could have a wider possibility of application. Besides, there are plenty of notes and secret guide books in the Myriad World Mall regarding the art of divination, which is also written using the same character as mathematics, therefore it is probably more or less the same.

With that, Fei Zhengtao returned to the regular Internet and downloaded the textbooks for mathematics from first grade up to a university level, separating each grade before putting them up for sale in the Myriad World Mall. Their pricing ranged from one Primitive Emperor Coin to over a few hundred coins, sitting between items like Jiuyang Swordsmans.h.i.+p and Fist of Wind and Thunder.

Time was ticking by, yet no one seemed to be interested with those textbooks. Fei Zhengtao was starting to feel sleepy. Yawning, he decided to go to bed. After all, he had school tomorrow.

Within the Real World, from the strong people of the Exterior Realm, to masters of Orifices-Point Activation, and even the common people, many were still browsing through the online forums, shopping in the virtual mall and picking out items. There was no need to worry about counterfeit goods, because the Myriad World Mall required the talismans of all the users to be linked with their auras and verification codes. It was in accordance with Heaven’s Punishment system of the Tyrant’s Invincible Blade. Should anyone come across counterfeit goods and successfully file a complaint, the dealer of said goods would be struck down by a divine thunderbolt. Although they could try to destroy the Myriad World Talisman immediately after a successful transaction, they would be wanted by the Sect of Six-Fans from the Great Zhou Dynasty. Then the Jade Palace and the imperial court of the Great Zhou Dynasty will provide all remaining compensation.

There was once a dealer from some Old Times Universe who was probably not quite right in his head. He sold counterfeit items and ended up being sentenced to death by lightning. His remains are still drifting out there in the cold outer s.p.a.ce. The victim who was cheated had obviously been compensated with valuable objects.

“Jiuyang Swordsmans.h.i.+p. In order to perfect this Pure Yang sword power, one must remain a virgin until completing the practice, which helps to make up for the disadvantages in the Star Sparks Art, now selling for only 998… ha, to remain a virgin until completing the practice, only the d.a.m.ned would practice…” a martial artist who had attained Orifices-Point Activation scoffed as his looked down to the next item. It was Fist of Wind and Thunder, which was once hailed by the Sect of Six-Fans from the Dajin Dynasty as one of the better martial arts to grasp. There were no mathematic materials between these two items.

Whereas the w.a.n.g family of Jiangdong, the Grand w.a.n.g Prince was enjoying a ma.s.sage by his maidservant in some secret hidden cave, coughing lightly as he browsed through the forum and the mall. Occasionally, he gambled with others, and he would always win. At the same time, he was paying attention to the details hidden within all the other useless information.

Suddenly, he noticed an item ent.i.tled Mathematics for First Graders which was only selling for one Primitive Emperor Coin.

“Mathematics?” w.a.n.g Siyuan propped a fist under his chin, his face showing a thoughtful expression, as he clicked on buy swiftly.

After adapting to the local rules, language, and browsing format, the book appeared on the light screen before w.a.n.g Siyuan.

He quickly flipped through the book, eventually slowing down. “Ha!” The Grand w.a.n.g Prince exclaimed as he looked towards the West where the Kunlun Mountain was.

“Interesting,” he whispered under his breath.

He then proceeded to purchase all of Fei Zhengtao’s textbooks on Mathematics, his total expenditure amounting to 700 Primitive Emperor Coins.

The alarm clock went off. Fei Zhengtao got out of bed groggily, taking in a few deep breaths of fresh air as instructed by his secret manual. Refreshed, he continued with training his kicks and punches, followed by breakfast afterwards, all before his parents woke up. He practiced Hundred-day Foundation once more, feeling more rejuvenated than before.

“Feels pretty great…” Fei Zhengtao was delighted, but the soreness from all over his body reminded him that he might have to endure another nightmarish day in school.

There must be a way to overcome this, I’m now a martial artist!

He turned on the Myriad World Talisman, looking to get some advice from his cheap master, Daqinggen. After all, he could now be counted as a disciple of the Jade Palace.

The moment he entered the Land of Myriad World Knowledge, a notification pop-up appeared before him, it read:

“Your listed products have completely sold out, your total income is 700 Primitive Emperor Coins.”

Sold… sold out? 700 Primitive Emperor Coins? Fei Zhengtao was shocked but elated, it felt as though he had won first prize in the lottery.

These mathematics textbooks can really sell well!

Guess that makes up for the fact that I was never good in mathematics!

700 Primitive Emperor Coins, 700, that can buy a lot of stuff… Fei Zhengtao could not help smiling at the thought. He finally snapped out of it when he heard sounds of his parents getting out of bed. Clicking open his friend list, he messaged the only person on it:

“Master, you there?”

Daqinggen was staring at the tree branches on the ground with utmost misery, it felt like pain was striking deep into his Primordial Spirit. “Disciple, what’s the matter? Keep it simple, master is busy at the moment.”

“Master, I keep getting bullied in school, what should I do?” Fei Zhengtao answered hastily. After pondering for a second, he added, “Master, I sold something last night and made a few hundred Primitive Emperor Coins.”

“What?” Daqinggen perked up, his sorrows forgotten, “My good disciple, my teachings were not for nothing. Right, what was that you said before, you were being bullied?”

“Yes, they won’t leave me alone, I get beaten up for the smallest things,” at this point, Fei Zhengtao was fuming.

Daqinggen clicked his tongue. “Did you always let them walk all over you, without ever putting up a fight?”

“The beatings will be worse if I resisted,” Fei Zhengtao recoiled.

Daqinggen shook his head, “That’s because you did not retaliate hard enough, you need to show them that even death could not stand in your way, even if you were to die you should drag down one of them. Fight a fierce battle with them head on, even if you lose, you should make them cower in fear. That will make them think twice before they bully you in the future. If it would hurt them, why would they do it?”

“In short, the most important thing in a man’s fight is to maintain a strong and imposing poise. The fierce ones fear the reckless ones, whereas the reckless ones fear the fearless, and the fearless ones are afraid of the lunatics who do not know fear.”

“That’s right, when you engage in a fierce battle with those bullies, it might be best to lose the fight. Because punks of this age value their dignity the most, they might call upon others to beat you up if they lose, making it worse. Letting them win by a close call, not only does it keep their dignity intact, at the same time it instills fear in their hearts. Only then can you prevent future troubles.”

Fei Zhengtao was deeply impressed, “Master, you know so much.”

“Of course, how else would I end up being investigated by the G.o.d Master…” Daqinggen stopped abruptly, as if he had said something that he shouldn’t have, “Uh, actually it was something I saw in some gossip posts on the forum. Anyway, every martial artist must fight.”

Gossip posts… Fei Zhengtao suddenly felt that it wasn’t as reliable as he thought. “Master, why don’t I buy some treasures from the mall to defend myself?”

No, wait, how can treasures of physical substance reach me?

“No need, no need, master has got some, there’s no need to get from the mall!” Daqinggen had actually meant to say this after all the talk he gave. Seeing that Fei Zhengtao had mentioned it himself, he was ecstatic. Before his disciple could reply, he had picked out two objects and selected Jade Palace Express Delivery.

As Fei Zhengtao opened his mouth to ask, a flash of light shone before him, s.h.i.+mmering and vibrating strangely mid-air. When it finally stopped, two objects sat right next to the Myriad World Talisman. One of it was a club, heavy and black in color, nothing special about it. The other object was a palm-sized seal script of red characters on yellow paper.

This… this came out of thin air?

So if I bought a golden sacred armor, it can be delivered here as well?

The Land of Myriad World Knowledge is both mystical and frightening at the same time!

Fei Zhengtao’s mouth hung open, petrified at the realization. Daqinggen continued to prattle on instead, “Carrying sharp weapons will evoke bloodl.u.s.t, I do not wish to see you wanted by the Sect of Six-Fans. So it’s better to use a club. This steel club is not only heavy, it is also fitted with an effect to multiply the damage it deals, which suits your situation. It was from an unfortunate friend of mine who mistakenly went in to some martial art social group. He underwent great tribulation in order to escape, taking with him this one and only club.”

“What’s this martial art social group?” Fei Zhengtao asked subconsciously.

Daqinggen sighed, “I have mentioned this before, you can’t withstand it if you enter. Master doesn’t know the whole story but would like to try joining, except Master can’t find the correct group ID.”

Fei Zhengtao caressed the club in his hands, barely managing to swing it, but it started to lift his spirits. He then asked, “Master, what’s the use of this seal script?”

“That is the symbol of the Primitive Emperor’s edict for novices, stick it on your chest and your fists and legs won’t feel pain for fifteen minutes,” Daqinggen chuckled. “That will be 100 Primitive Emperor Coins, I am always kind and generous.”

Fei Zhengtao was overjoyed, he paid the coins to Daqinggen without hesitation and stuffed the two items into his school bag, feeling prepared to settle his grudge once and for all.

Just then, Daqinggen inquired, “My good disciple, what else do you have for Master to admire?”

Fei Zhengtao contemplated for a moment before sending his master a random swordsman series game.

Stepping out of his room, he spotted his mother praying to the Buddha statue in their home. Fei Zhengtao thought it was funny, these Buddha statues are merely figures carved out of mud, how can they compare to the mystical Myriad World Talisman?

I might as well wors.h.i.+p the Primitive Emperor than them!

True, when I get back tonight I’ll erect an altar for the Primitive Emperor and pray hard for his blessings!

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1080 - Worship The Primitive Emperor

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