The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1081 - Charisma Grows From The Heart

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Chapter 1081: Charisma Grows From The Heart

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

In the corridor outside the cla.s.srooms of Wuhua Second High School, a few students who looked like gangsters with their hands in their pockets were messing about and behaving mischievously.

“That idiot Fei Zhengtao thinks he’s so high and mighty. As if he has such good results, that me asking answers from him means I think highly of him,” the leader of the gang became outraged thinking about the possibility of the results being announced later.

The rest of the gang were good at flattering. To calm the leader’s mood, they quickly said, “Brother Cong, shall we teach Fei Zhengtao a lesson to vent your anger?”

The leader of the gang was about to reply, but at that moment he saw Fei Zhengtao coming out from the bathroom, thus he gave a ferocious laugh, “Alright! Let’s make him kneel down and sing Conquer today!”

He swung his shoulders and flexed his neck, imitating a fighter’s stance from films. Then he slowly walked towards Fei Zhengtao. He stopped in front of him, raised his chin and said, “Go in.”

Cla.s.s was about to start. The group of smokers had left so there were not many people in the bathroom. It was the most suitable time to teach him a lesson to release his anger.

Staring at the leader of the gang looking down at him over his own chin, while looking at the other two mischievous students whose faces were showing smiles that harbored bad intentions, Fei Zhengtao who was carrying a short stick found himself feeling a calmness that he never had before.

Previously, in situations like these, his heart would start racing and he would be at a loss for what to do. Filled with fear, he only knew that fighting back would be futile so it was hard for him to think properly and act accordingly. Those times, he ended up getting hurt.

But now, although he did not have time to attach the Symbol of the Primitive Emperor on his chest, he did not tremble as before while facing the three delinquents. That tall and robust body did not shock him anymore, all because of the Myriad World Talisman!

The short stick was still present, proving that he experienced something paranormal akin to the legends. Among that group of people bragging at the forum there could possibly be the presence of veterans good at flying techniques, with no shortage of masters who could fly over roofs, walk up walls, and kill someone with their fists. He had visited the Jade Palace and took the most powerful master under the Primitive Emperor, the Heavenly King Qingmu as teacher. Compared to them, these three delinquents were pitifully weak. What’s more, he had the short stick given to him by his master.

With his horizon broadened, having experienced the extraordinary, along with the treasure by his side, the result was a comprehensive increase in confidence, which without a doubt allowed someone to be more calm and steady.

“If you cannot avoid a fight, then be the first to make a move.”

“Show the imposing manner of being unafraid of death, that even if I die I will also drag one of you with me…”

The words he saw in the past and the things said by Master Daqinggen emerged clearly in Fei Zhengtao’s mind. He pretended to turn around and walked towards the bathroom, while his right hand gripped the short stick. Then he turned around abruptly and aimed towards the gang leader’s raised chin.


It happened so suddenly, plus they never thought that the usual cowardly lamb who did not dare to resist would rise and hurt someone. The gang leader was unable to react so he was. .h.i.t by the short stick, probably had his chin broken. Severe pain pounded his consciousness, while golden sparks flew around in his eyes, almost making him pa.s.s out.

f.u.c.k! Foul language exploded from the two delinquents standing beside them, one of them side kicked, the other threw a punch.

However, Fei Zhengtao had already thought carefully before he swung at them. He exerted force with the tips of his toes and took a step back. Although he received a kick to his thigh, he was able to dodge the punch.

The anger and enmity bottled up in his heart for the past two years exploded. Wielding the short stick as if his life depended on it, he beat up the gang leader and the two delinquents. Even if he was down or was kicked, he still held onto a leg, biting and hitting, like a madman, showing no mercy, only wanting to perish together. The more the three gang members, who were already in pain, fought, the more frightened they became because of that twisted face and slightly bloodshot eyes. The more they fought, the more they recoiled, for fear that they would once again experience the pain of being hit by the short stick.


The school bell rang. As the sound of the teacher’s footsteps came nearer, the gang leader stepped back. Upon seeing the state of Fei Zhengtao being worse and in more pain than the three of them, he secretly released a breath and said harshly, “You’re looking for death! Do you believe I’ll beat you to death?”

After he finished talking, he turned to walk towards the cla.s.sroom. He just took a step, but pain immediately emerged from a larger number of bruises, which made him gnash his teeth, limping a little.

“Brother Cong, should we deal with him after cla.s.s?” one of the delinquents asked hesitantly.

Fei Zhengtao was simply crazy, if they had another fight, he himself might be in even more pain. After all, they had already taught him a lesson, so there was no point in experiencing it again.

Unless they were truly cold and cruel, those who took pleasure out of bullying others mostly appeared strong and tough outside, but were actually weak and brittle inside.

The gang leader drew a breath lightly, looked back at Fei Zhengtao who was having difficulty sitting up, shook his head and said, “We’ve already beaten him up to this state, any more and we will get in trouble. We will have other chances to teach him a lesson in the future.”

Will we have other chances? A thought popped up suddenly, he already had an opinion in his heart. If Fei Zhengtao does not provoke me, I will not bully him anymore. His manner just now was like a madman from the movies, one could not be sure if he would do anything scary…

In a blind spot of the bathroom, Fei Zhengtao listened to the gang members and the teacher successively enter the cla.s.sroom. He had his back against the wall while he looked up at the blue sky. Although the bruises covering his body was giving him continuous pain, there was unparalleled happiness in his heart. He was with no trace of gloom, but completely and truly relaxed.

From the reactions of the delinquents, he knew that he would never be bullied again.

Sure enough, his master was right, the weak and cowardly who did not dare to resist, once they have been targeted, they will be taken advantage by others, forever unable to escape the fate of being bullied. Only the ones who dare to resist, to take a risk, will then be able to make the wicked lose their balance, and obtain the peace they want.

The one who compromised for safety, safety inevitably would not exist. The one who resisted for safety, their safety would be st.u.r.dy and firm!

This is the principle of the world… Fei Zhengtao suddenly laughed out loud, until he was almost in tears. He had a feeling of being reborn and becoming a human again.

This teaching came from the Primitive Emperor!

At this moment, the sky is so blue, the clouds are so white!

A student from a different cla.s.s came out from the bathroom, looking at this fellow laughing like a madman. He couldn’t help but shudder and left quickly.

The next day, Fei Zhengtao’s bruises still hurt but his spirit was rejuvenated, it was as if his temperament had changed ever since. He took leave for the self study that night, walked proudly back home, taking advantage of the fact that his parents were not home. He went into his room, locked the door, and activated the Myriad World Talisman.

He wanted to acquire an image of the Primitive Emperor to erect a statue for him.

A direct search would definitely be blocked by the message, “Under related laws and regulations, a part of the results are unable to be displayed.” It would be too weird to ask the people in the forum, too. Oh yeah! Master is the strongest under the Primitive Emperor, he must know what he looks like! Fei Zhengtao had an idea and messaged courteously,

“Master, the matter has been resolved, your teaching is really correct!”

“Be quiet, master is beating the end of this level!” Daqinggen hurriedly spoke.

Fei Zhengtao suddenly became expressionless. He was speechless because his master had unexpectedly became addicted to games.

Why is this master becoming more and more unreliable…

Fei Zhengtao thought about it, then left the computer table to practice the Hundred-day Foundation.

After dinner, he once again activated the Myriad World Talisman. Daqinggen was finally idle, stroking his spa.r.s.e hair, “Not bad, as a person in Jiang Hu, first you must train your courage. Many have failed to pa.s.s this level. The weak and timid will ultimately be stuck in the lower levels.”

He balanced his tone, pretending to be a world-cla.s.s expert, while eyeing Fei Zhengtao’s Primitive Emperor currency.

“Master, I want to enshrine the Primitive Emperor, uh, and also you with a wooden statue, can you tell me about what I’ll need?” Fei Zhengtao asked.

Daqinggen suddenly became silent, making Fei Zhengtao wonder if he did something wrong. He felt uneasy, just as he was about to speak, he finally heard his master’s familiar voice, “The image of the Primitive Emperor and master cannot be given to you for now. Spend three month’s time collecting information about the Primitive Emperor, uh, you are not allowed to look at portraits, and then depict the appearance of the Primitive Emperor yourself, to make a statue.”

“Do not worry. When that time comes, what his image is in your heart, make accordingly. In the future you can use the name of the Primitive Emperor to establish a martial hall, to help people like you who are bullied.”

What a strange request! Moreover, master’s tone was slightly uncertain… Fei Zhengtao was bewildered, but master had given his instructions so he could only do as told, “I will obey.”

“Oh right, master, what should disciple buy next? I really want that golden sacred robe.”

Daqinggen said gruffly, “Focus on building your foundation in these three months, don’t think about other things. Even if you want to wear the sacred robe, you also have to first train your body, open your acupoints, and rule the world, uh, rule the small universe. The body is the main foundation, and besides, the golden sacred robe costs a few million Primitive Emperor coins, it is an object of the Heavenly Troops level, can you afford it?”

With this Primitive Emperor coin, wouldn’t it be better to give master the advantage? I, the master, am filled with treasures, you plucking a single hair would be profiting you!

Fei Zhengtao saw that what his master said made sense, so he quickly inquired about training martial arts, while being swindled of a number of Primitive Emperor coins.

After Daqinggen was engrossed in the game again, he wanted to continue to train. Yet he was unable to hold back and logged in again to the Myriad World Mall. As he was browsing through, he fancied a knight’s pistol, it had large caliber, low aftershock, a beautiful pattern, and it was also easy to conceal so it was categorised under the hidden weapon category. It only cost 270 Primitive Emperor coins, and is adaptable in most of the universe.

A real gun, how cheap! Fei Zhengtao had a natural longing towards firearms. As he placed his order, he saw a prompt,

“Beware, both parties are not in the real world, not in the same universe. To deliver substantial items you can only choose Jade Express Delivery, which costs the price of the item itself, but will be delivered quickly.”

The price is doubled, isn’t this express delivery cost leap too overbearing? Fei Zhengtao was dumbfounded, but when he searched for relevant information about express delivery, he found out that indeed he could only choose Jade Express Delivery.

In the Real World, due to the emergence of the Southern Wasteland warriors, many workers were struggling to make a living. In addition, the court of the Great Zhou Dynasty was pus.h.i.+ng for it so the escorts industry naturally developed into the express delivery industry, resolving many Jiang Hu residents’ livelihood. However, this did not affect the high-end products managed by the aristocratic families and sects, because they use the teleportation circles of the Exterior Realm and overseas celestial worlds. As for some of the extremely valuable items or items that must be received immediately, as well as transactions involving the Myriad World, people could only choose Jade Express Delivery, because it arrives instantly in the real world, where it would cancel out the interference brought upon by the difference in times in the Myriad World.

It truly is the industry of the Jade Palace… in the end, Fei Zhengtao chose to accept.

After paying 540 Primitive Emperor coins, he was nearing extreme poverty, but a ray of light shone before his eyes, a silver-gray compact pistol appeared.

Fei Zhengtao caressed the knight’s pistol, the happiness of purchasing something filled his heart. However, after his mood had calmed down, he was suddenly stunned.

He lived in a city with good security, and he never thought of raiding and robbing homes, what was he supposed to do with a gun?

What a waste!

He looked at his remaining 30 Primitive Emperor coins, he wanted to cry but there were no tears. He was filled with annoyance and wanted to chop off his hands. Master did not lie to him, the Myriad World Mall was really scary!

Three months later, in a corner of flowers and bird crafts market, a shop was selling wooden statues.

Liu Yuntao was choosing wooden statues when she suddenly heard footsteps approaching her. She turned around to look, and noticed a familiar figure – her cla.s.smate Fei Zhengtao. He was usually soft-spoken, weak, and timid. He was always being bullied, he was uncertain in his actions and also unlikeable, plus he never attracted any attention, nor did she even see him much.

However, the Fei Zhengtao in front of her had changed apart from his looks. His calm demeanour gave off a vigorous vibe, his white short-sleeve top looked fresh and clean, whereas every movement was firm and confident. He was so much different from the cla.s.smate in her memory.

Is this his twin brother? Liu Yuntao thought crazily.

“Liu Yuntao?” Fei Zhengtao cheerfully greeted her, neither humble nor haughty.

It really is him! Liu Yuntao hurriedly nodded. “Are you here to buy wooden statues? This is my uncle’s shop.”

“I would like to request a custom wooden statue,” Fei Zhengtao took out a piece of paper.

Liu Yuntao took the paper and saw a solemn and majestic elderly man with long beard.


Liu Yuntao raised her head in shock. The sunny sky with not a cloud in sight was now covered in thick dark clouds, rumbling with thunder.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1081 - Charisma Grows From The Heart

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