The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 112

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Chapter 112: Meng Qi’s Preparation

“I will clear up the account first.” Walking to the other side, Meng Qi immediately put palms together and said with a smile, “All sworn friends for life or death. This time thank you for your help.”

“How grinning and boisterous you are.” Jiang Zhiwei chuckled and said in a low voice, “I will first upgrade Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow before considering other things.”

During the talk, Meng Qi repaid the debt of sixty Karma points with 740 Karma points left before they came in front of the central light pillar

Jiang Zhiwei put “Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow” Heptaureate mineral crystals of Devil Flame into the light pillar with enshrouding fairyism, waiting for the instructions from the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms.

After a breath’s time (three seconds), she turned her head, saying to Meng Qi and others, “It takes fifty Karma points to clear up dirts while it costs three hundred Karma points to upgrade the sword by the present material.

“Good.” Zhang Yuanshan said sincerely. If I took these materials to the grandmaster from my own sect for an upgrade, not only would there be a possibility for failure, but it would also cost me on offerings, not to mention owing favors, which would be far more than 300 karma points.

Meng Qi had no such experience, only saying, “Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms never cheated anyone.”

Jiang Zhiwei was not to ask their opinions but only to tell them. So she nodded slightly and chose sublimation.

Light spots flew like rain, completely enwrapping the Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow. After several breaths of time, they all dispersed. The sharp bright sword seemed less striking but more textured with several faint black decorative patterns.

Jiang Zhiwei took out the Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow and waved it, saying with a smile, “It not only has become sharper than before but also closer to the limit of the Refined Weapon. It also carries Devil Flame’s threat to evil spirits and damage to Vital Spirit.”

That is to say, Sword of the Sun-Penetrating Rainbow was remarkable among the Refined Weapons. It cost at least 900 Karma points. Of course, it was almost equal to the total cost of the Devil Flame, Heptaureate stone, and the sublimation.

The sublimation of Jiang Zhiwei’s familiar sword would improve the fighting capacity.

“We first help the little monk choose what to exchange for because he has to fight with a powerful adversary,” Jiang Zhiwei put away the sword and said with a smile. She didn’t mention what she needed to exchange because she planned to lend Meng Qi her Karma points if he needed them. Besides, she had no urgent need to exchange something when she had just opened Nose Aperture and not yet concentrated any other Mouth Aperture even with many sword arts needed to be cultivated.

After paying back sixty Karma points, Meng Qi had 740 Karma points left. He hesitated for a while and said, “I have made great improvement in Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p, which is equal to having one more Desperate Hit. I’ve also learned Yama’s Invitation from Zhiwei, and hence, there is no need to exchange anything in this field.”

He didn’t tell them he had cultivated Mortal Dust Fall for it was contradictory to the previous “lie”. At that time, he only said he gained the Crippled First Move of Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p.

“With the help of the stone door made of Devil Qi, I’ve opened all the Aperture acupoints relative to that of the Ear Aperture, which merely needed to be concentrated. If I can accomplish the concentration in ten to fifteen days by exchanging a vial of Ethereal Yihua Elixirs, I will again exchange a Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing as a backup. I will first try to enlighten the Apertures on my own. If I can’t succeed at the last minute, I will break through relying on the elixir.

He pretended to blame the approximate consummation of the relative Aperture acupoints of Ear Aperture and the fifth move of Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld to the infection of the stone door and Devil Qi.

Zhang Yuanshan slightly nodded his head, saying, “Good idea.”

He quite appreciated that Meng Qi wanted to enlighten the Apertures by himself. Only by gradually getting rid of the dependence on Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms and elixirs could he go further.

“Yet, what is needed most is time. Regardless of concentrating Aperture acupoints, opening Ear Acupores or mastering the Desperate Hit, I need practice time.

“Right.” Meng Qi had long considered it. “I have a Samsara talisman and plan to experience a world where we have been for a task so that I can further master Kung Fu movements and open Ear Aperture. Er, one month is surely not enough. I will cost 200 Karma points to exchange one more month of practice.”

He didn’t exchange two months’ practice because he wasn’t sure he could kill An Guoxie even if he had opened Ear Aperture. He had to leave some Karma points for exchanging “Auxiliary Goods”. Though he could borrow Karma points from Jiang Zhiwei and other partners, it’s not proper to borrow too many. After all, each task in World of Samsara would become more difficult, and others’ Karma points would be used to improve themselves.

As for enlightening all the Apertures, the eyes, the ears, the mouth, the nose, and the tongue are Seven Apertures which correspond to fu-organs. The internal world of one’s body must move in endless cycles the same as the real world where it exists — birth and thrive, decay and death, beginning, proceeding, and end. This is the rule of the Heaven and Earth endlessly going round and round. The decay of one’s internal world and pollution discharge have their own corresponding natural Aperture acupoints, which are called urethra and a.n.u.s.

“The Karma points you have left are enough to exchange a vial of Grieving Wind Softener.” Qi Zhengyan seemed always to keep it in mind.

Meng Qi nodded with a smile. “Indeed I plan to exchange it and see whether the remaining Karma points are enough to exchange the special technique, the Die Seeing Dart.”

He was also eager for Grieving Wind Softener for a long time. Generally, a concealed weapon itself was the most expensive, and the skill of using it only accounted for less than one-tenth of the total cost.

“That’s all. Do you have any opinions?” Meng Qi looked to Jiang Zhiwei, Zhang Yuanshan, and Fu Zhenzhen.

Fu Zhenzhen weakly said, “The small candle isn’t used up, right?”

“No,” Meng Qi answered with a smile. To kill An Guoxie surely didn’t need Seven Pistil Chaenomeles Sinensis for lighting the candle was , after all, too obvious.

Jiang Zhiwei thought for a while and didn’t feel there was any concern. Hence she smiled, saying,”Unfortunately, there’s no way to exchange the transmission in the main world. Otherwise, I can go to help you directly and try using Violent Sand Super Force.”

” You’ve taken care of all of that.” Zhang Yuanshan felt he thought more highly of Junior Brother Zhen Ding. The first time he saw Meng Qi, the ignorant little monk had blundering character, did things illogically, and only became kind with many ideas. Now, under the seemingly playful face, is Meng Qi’s calm mind. He does things orderly, pa.s.sionately goes forward with care, and plans to use the Desperate Hit with advance prevention. Meng Qi shouldn’t be underestimated again.

Meng Qi walked to the central light pillar and put his hand into the enshrouding mystical smoke. He didn’t inquire about the price of the Die Seeing Dart’s using way but evaluated the thunderbolt mark on the back of his hand.

“It is the mark caused by the remaining energy of Nine Heavens’ G.o.d Thunderspear, and also the key to opening the Ninefold Sky in ruins. Driving it can simulate the spirit of Thunder G.o.d, and it can move to get help from thunderclaps three times in thunderstorms. No way to supplement. It belongs to special goods and can’t be exchanged for Karma points or given to anyone else.”

After hearing that, Meng Qi stared in mute amazement. “The thunderbolt mark is also the key to the Ninefold Sky in ruins. What a great usage!”

Gu Xiaosang and I have our own gains. The only problem is that the secretly lost Ninth Heaven is hard to find. There’s no clue at all.

The thunderbolt mark can simulate a tinge of Thunder G.o.d and gather thunderclaps three times as a favor, which is almost equal to the power of the Exterior. Of course, it depends on the weather. Meng Qi was much satisfied with the thunderbolt mark.

After restraining himself, Meng Qi asked the special techniques of the Die Seeing Dart.

“The usage and techniques of the Die Seeing Dart cost 25 Karma points.” After hearing the answer of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms, Meng Qi secretly breathed a sigh of relief. Thick though my skin is, I will still feel embarra.s.sed about borrowing Karma points.

“Fifty Karma points for each vial of Ethereal Yihua Elixir.”

“One Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing costs 260 Karma points.”

“A vial of Grieving Wind Softener and its antidote, 200 Karma points.”

“One month’s practice in World of Samsara, 200 Karma points.”

“The way of using the Die Seeing Dart, 25 Karma point.”

The voice of Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms intermittently came in Meng Qi’s ears. His hand felt heavier, seeing several good ones appear.

He took out the palm of his hand and saw a green jade vial above it containing a red elixir. Even though being separated from the vial, he could faintly smell the aroma. Besides, there was another white porcelain vial, two tightly sealed vials, a page of a book, and a green smooth “Samsara talisman” protruding a red mark.

Meng Qi checked once and put them away, saying contentedly, “It’s your turn.”

He had five Karma points left and couldn’t exchange Dharma Access to acupoints sealing and disacupin. It didn’t matter for he could focus on gathering the scripts in this field during the two months, or at least exchange these for Karma points.”

Qi Zhengyan showing no expression, said, “I want to break through Ear Aperture before the next task, so I exchanged two vials of Ethereal Yihua Elixirs, a Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing, and Azure Blizzard crystal in the fourth part of Book of the Chaos.”

The Book of the Chaos also had the skill of enlightening the Apertures, and Kunlun Crush corresponded to the anterior Four Apertures. After opening Eye Aperture and Ear Aperture, he could practice Azure Blizzard when he was able to cultivate until his Eight Apertures opened.

Qi Zhengyan had no confidence and merely focused on elixirs about which Zhang Yuanshan and other partners were not appropriate to say more. Only Meng Qi, the relatively more easy-going communicative monk, simply said, “Senior Brother Qi, why not exchange skills to improve body potentials? For example, the Chapter of Muscle and Vessel Changing and Bone Forging is very good.

Qi Zhengyan had not changed his expression and said like a dead person, “With the self-improvement Book of the Chaos, my body potentials are also gradually becoming better. So after breaking through Four Apertures by elixirs and cultivating Azure Blizzard, I will not rely too much on elixirs. Then, if not proper, I will exchange the Chapter of Muscle and Vessel Changing and Bone Forging.”

“Amitabha. May the Buddha preserve us,” Meng Qi said jocularly when seeing Qi Zhengyan clearly think it.

Soon, Qi Zhengyan took from the central light pillar two vials of Ethereal Yihua Elixirs and a Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing as well as a clear crystal seemingly surrounded by flying snow in which Ice and snow swirled and infinite mysteries existed.

In this way, his Karma points were used up.

Zhang Yuanshan looked at Fu Zhenzhen. “I only need Pills of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing and some auxiliary goods. If I can’t enlighten all the Apertures by myself, I will make a breakthrough with it in the next Samsara. For the left Karma points, I will lend them to Zhenzhen so that she can exchange the first part of Man-saving Sutra, which is much useful for us.”

Zhang Yuanshan learned the rudiments of Zhenwu’s Seven Strokes Scripture, and mastered one of its unique skills. He actually had remarkable power though this time there’s no chance for him to show. Besides, he was born of a large family with endless sources. As the heir of his sect, the skill he had cultivated was the best so that he was not willing to distract on others. Only when he gained 2000 Karma points could he have his whole-body imbuing Zhenwu’s Seven Strokes Scripture in enlightenment period.

Man-saving Sutra was not only a major cultivating method, but a magic KungFu for cure. It’s the most proper skill for Fu Zhenzhen, and hence he planed to lend Fu Zhenzhen 250 Karma points. Then she coud raise 900 Karma points to exchange Man-saving Sutra.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 112

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