The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 113

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Chapter 113: Samsara Incantation

Fu Zhenzhen had complicated feelings mixed with surprise, touch, shame, and irritation, feeling she had become a burden of Zhang Yuanshan when she heard the truth which Zhang Yuanshan didn’t tell her. Fu Zhenzhen felt neither happy nor bitter, “Yuanshan, you have so many Karma points, and you must improve yourself too.”

“I only need Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing and require no other resources. Since the redundant Karma points are useless to me, I want to give you them to exchange for Man-saving Sutra, with which our team will both survive more easily and you will also improve yourself in every aspect.” Zhang Yuanshan added the last half words on purpose.

Man-saving Sutra, the core and official inheritance of Yinghua Monastery, contains the chapter of Lightness Skill and is different from other normal major martial arts.

Fu Zhenzhen had a little change on her face, remembering that once she was arranged to return to the station on account of her poor Lightness Skill. She chuckled with a feeling of happiness and longing, “OK. If you lack in Karma points someday, I will give you mine.”

“Please do not show your love and make me, this lonely monk, embarra.s.sed.” Meng Qi, with his face buried in his hands, made a moan, “Senior Brother Zhang, you should exchange more quickly in case there is not enough time.”

“OK.” Zhang Yuanshan got cheerful as Fu Zhenzhen accepted his help. After transferring his Karma points to Fu Zhenzhen, Zhang Yuanshan exchanged for one Pill of Heavenly Vision and Earthly Hearing and one G.o.d Subduing Talisman, having 20 Karma points left in the end.

“G.o.d Subduing Talisman?” Meng Qi was full of curiosity, watching the black talisman with strange patterns.

It gave out a feeling of peace and quiet.

Zhang Yuanshan joked, “The death of Su Yuanying warned me that we were weak in protecting our Vital Spirit in the current state. So I prepare to exchange for one piece of G.o.d Subduing Talisman as a precaution, with many kinds of strange martial arts in the whole World of Samsara.”

Although Zhang Yuanshan’s Transformation Strategy had accomplished a primary level, the protection of his Vital Spirit was also a little weak because Transformation Strategy couldn’t really open the Hidden Latch indeed. So one piece of G.o.d Subduing Talisman was the best a.s.sistance, which only costs 150 Karma points.

The top martial arts like Zhenwu’s Seven Strokes Scripture and Swordplay Sutra of Supremacy all had Dharma Access and methods to deal with the enemies such as monster, evil spirit, and Nether Spirit in the enlightenment period. One method was a sword art in the enlightenment period, moving the whole body’s Yang Qi to kill Nether Spirits and ghosts. The other was a Dharma Access, carrying the spirits in the inner world to make them in harmony to defend the filthy. However, these methods, only giving the Disciples one way to defend against enemies limited in the enlightenment period, were not better than Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld, which was good for defending oneself and could protect any enemies except Vital Spirit.

Meng Qi nodded in agreement. “If I’m not faced with An Guoxie, who is a strong enemy, I will find the methods to protect Vital Spirit. But there is an alternative method. As long as Transformation Strategy became consummate, it would enlarge the protection of the Vital Spirit.”

“Jiang Zhiwei, what about you?” Meng Qi asked Jiang Zhiwei concerned after Fu Zhenzhen exchanged for the first chapter of Man-saving Sutra.

“Do you have any good sword arts to recommend?” Jiang Zhiwei smiled, showing great interests in many amusing sword arts.

Everybody began to give advice and suggestions. Meng Qi also recommended some sword arts, which he both knew and the price was appropriate. After careful consideration, Jiang Zhiwei selected Thirteen Sword Killing Strategies recommended by Meng Qi without the fourteenth sword art and the fifteenth sword art, which is suitable for her sword art style and only costs 300 Karma points.

“I have 120 Karma points left,” Jiang Zhiwei suddenly whispered with a rosy face. “I prepare to exchange them for a pair of boots.”

“Oh, boots?” Meng Qi blurted out.

Jiang Zhiwei explained with her eyes watching her nose and her nose watching her head, “My boots were broken in Magic Mountain when I fought in that extreme environment. I considered that I should strengthen my clothes in case of various kinds of strange environments later.”

“Even if the clothes were packaged by Genuine Qi, we may not have the chance to take care of them when we concentrate on fighting. Besides, the clothes and accessories provided by the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms had various kinds of functions, which were good a.s.sistance.”

“Very reasonable,” Meng Qi agreed. “I will run naked without special clothes if I become bigger in battles.”

Jiang Zhiwei quickly picked a pair of Ice Silk Boots, thin and delicate, which not only has some resistance to various environments but also could strengthen Lightness Skill to a certain extent. And it is at the Refined Weapon level and costs 110 Karma points at the same time.

After Meng Qi and others finished exchanging, Luo Shengyi came over, going straight into the center light pillar. Just for a moment, Luo Shengyi got out with composed steps, saying goodbye to them, “Everyone, I hope to meet you again at the next task. And I also hope to enhance my understanding.”

Luo Shengyi selected to leave at once, without waiting for the haste of the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms.

Meng Qi and the other partners were in silence for a moment, watching Luo Shengyi disappearing into the light pillar. “The teammate who didn’t join at first always had estrangement and was guarded. We hope that this situation will be changed next time.”

“If we don’t exchange for the face-changing masks or the makeup skills next time, our enemies in the group tasks may be transferred to the main world, which would be quite troublesome.” Meng Qi remembered that suddenly, “For example, Su Yuanying and Yun Tingfeng may not use their real appearance but we used our real appearance. If we met with them in the main world, we would have the possibility of death. As for people like Gu Xiaosang, who is the demoness of the Nine Evil Paths anyway, they were not afraid to have so many enemies because the people who want to kill her are countless.”

“We didn’t prepare for the face-changing a.s.sistance before because we all were teammates in the normal tasks and need no change on our faces. But this time we had no time to exchange for them when the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms finally told us this was a Group-rivaling task.”

Zhang Yuanshan nodded in agreement seriously, “Exactly, next time I will bring some face-changing masks here.”

“OK, I will prepare some.” Jiang Zhiwei and Qi Zhengyan approved at the same time.

“OK, you leave first and I will begin to use Samsara Incantation.” Meng Qi smiled at his friends.

“Be careful,” Jiang Zhiwei nodded neatly. The other teammates also told some warnings and left afterward.

The whole Samsara Square was suddenly empty and only had Meng Qi left, except for the statues of immortal animals all around.

There were white clouds and thick fog in the sky, showing an immemorial and fresh atmosphere.

Meng Qi’s mood was affected and he became peaceful. Meng Qi returned to his room and crushed Samsara Incantation, dressed in a white frock and carried with the necessary items.

Covered with a green light, Meng Qi heard the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms saying,

“Select the world that you need to return to.”

There were some images before Meng Qi’s eyes, which were King’s Hiding Castle, the body of Duo Ercha, Destiny City, and Windcloud Heights.

Meng Qi considered carefully ago and selected the image of Destiny City at once.

This time he needed to concentrate the Aperture acupoints, consult Duan Xiangfei on Transformation Strategy, investigate Master Yuan Meng, find clues about the secret of the small Jade Buddha, and fight with the remaining grandmaster to open his Ear Aperture.

“Return to the Destiny City world for two months. You can select anyone familiar to be transmitted to the nearby regions.”

“I can also do this?” Meng Qi felt pleasantly surprised because he had worried about spending the time to find someone.

“Transmit me near Duan Xiangfei.”

Meng Qi made that judgment without hesitation.

Meng Qi didn’t swoon this time, but saw nothing, as he was covered with a green light.

Meng Qi found himself standing in front of a thatched cottage when there were changes between the light and shadow.

“Leisure Hut… ” Meng Qi read the words on the plaque of this thatched cottage. “I can easily guess that this is one of Duan Xiangfei’s houses.”

This time, the night was dim, the stars were s.h.i.+ning, and the trees were verdant, making a peaceful and silent atmosphere. Meng Qi walked to the door all smiles and knocked on it gently.

“Dong dong dong. Dong dong dong!” The sounds were gentle but spread far away in this peaceful night. “Should it be like the poem ‘A bird’s nest tree, a monk knocks on the door’?”

Just for a moment, a young man walked out, across the thatched cottage and to the gate.

Meng Qi, waiting for the young man walking toward him without impatience, had quite a little temperament of the Buddhist master, with prayer beads held by his left-hand and a white robe fluttering.

“What’s master’s name and what do you want? Do you want to beg for a vegetarian food?” The young man watched the unfamiliar monk doubtfully. “This monk is only 14 or 15 years old from his appearance but has a mature temperament.”

This young man was handsome and gave people an elegant feeling when he spoke. However, his eyelids were swollen, his under-eye bags were baggy and his face was sallow as if he was always indulged in debauchery.

Meng Qi surely recognized that the young man was Duan Mingcheng, but he had not told the truth. He just put his two palms together, “Amitabha, I’m Zhen Ding, a monk friend of Mr. Leisure. Please tell him my arrival.”

“Zhen Ding. Ke, ke, ke.” Duan Mingcheng choked on his own spittle. “Master Zhen Ding has ascended to the Immortal Realm with a bladestrike connecting heaven. How could he stand in front of me alive?”

“For more than a year, Master Zhen Ding had been the benchmark of the martial arts circles, the best grandmaster, and the great stronger who broke the Man-G.o.d Border. But, but this kind of person shouldn’t appear in the world and could only be in the legends.”

“Is Mr. Leisure not in?” Meng Qi smiled at Duan Mingcheng, turning his prayer beads.

“Although the monk before me is young, his frock, shoes, and socks are clean and he is handsome and different from normal people. I can’t confirm that he is a cheater.” Duan Mingcheng said, “My father is in this thatched cottage. Master, please enter the cottage.”

“My father’s Transformation Strategy had been consummated and he was also an outstanding grandmaster. He doesn’t need to be afraid of a cheater.”

Meng Qi walked across the cottage, following Duan Mingcheng without tension. When Meng Qi stepped into the front gate, he saw Duan Xiangfei picking up a broad bean, armed with chopsticks.

Meng Qi’s heart became naughty all of a sudden. He spoke in a clear loud voice, “Amitabha, Donor Duan, how are you?”

Duan Xiangfei was stunned and his movement was stiff. At the same time, broad bean fell down onto the table with a snap.

Duan Xiangfei turned around and felt like he was in a dream as he watched Meng Qi, who was dressed in a clean white frock and had a familiar and mature face.

“You don’t recognize me?” Meng Qi asked with a smile.

Duan Xiangfei swallowed and spoke with difficulty, “You, did you pa.s.s away? No, did you ascend?”

“If I said it was an Eye-blocking Trick, would you believe it, Donor Duan?” Meng Qi answered with a spurious smile.

Duan Xiangfei made a soft breath and said with a forced smile, “I won’t believe you whatever you tell me.”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 113

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