The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1148 - Announcement

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Chapter 1148: Announcement

Translator: Larbre Studio Editor: Larbre Studio

Meng Qi could not see nor understand what was happening in the sky even as he used his blade as his eyes and ears. All he could hear was the realistic collapsing of skies and annihilation that devoured everything. A void that could be described as chaotic emerged crazily, bringing with it a lightless darkness that only shone when light lotuses and thunder were birthed, just like the gigantic mouth of a monster that would turn a Luohan into ashes and destroy the existence of Bodhivatssa upon being touched.

Under this catastrophic horror, Meng Qi held his blade tightly and stood firmly, opening up a Pure Land, allowing the precipitation of soil and rocks as the sun and the moon alternated and flowers bloomed and wilted as seasons pa.s.sed by.

The blade beam changed continuously, embodying characteristics both strong and soft as it blocked the impact of the Destruction Storm like a rock and searing a sense of supremacy in the hearts of demon fairies like Glow and Luo Jia.

Qingqiu looked at the void sky that made the flow of time insensible, looked at the silhouette of Meng Qi that was handling the Invincible Blade, and finally looked at the gigantic hole on the mountain peak that had been left after the Golden Cudgel was pulled out. It was a dark and dull hole that was bottomless and was enough to strike fear into anyone’s heart. A layer of black mist surrounded the entrance of the hole where it surged like boiling water.

A sudden realization hit her and she murmured to herself,

“I see…”

No wonder they were not bothered that Su Meng had an ulterior motive and did not try to stop him…

At the same time that he was blocking the collapse of the Ether, the thoughts in Meng Qi’s mind were fluctuating as he thought of many things. He had never thought that this journey to Spirited Mountain would have such changes.

He had predicted that this journey would not be a smooth one since some beings would never knowingly let the demon race release the remaining Great Sages. He also predicted that he would encounter some formidable enemies, like the Slough of Maha Kasyapa that had a slight gnosis and the Thousand Buddha Golden Body among others. However, he could never have predicted that such a horrific, mysterious, and weird monster was sealed at the back of Spirited Mountain and that the Great Sage Equaling Heaven, Sun Wukong, would appear at the key moment, attacking for the first time after disappearing for years.

When two Great Mediums fought against each other, its aftershock was sufficient enough to turn even the most powerful figures beneath the rank of a Legend into ashes. If it was not for the Invincible Blade that absorbed Ananda Kindness to break through part of the Devil Buddha’s seal, he would only be able to hope that his connection with the Green Lotus Seed of Chaos would not break apart from an annihilation of this degree, so that he could escape from the scene and rebuild his Dharmakaya in the Jade Palace.

As for the power of b.l.o.o.d.y Rebirth combined with the projection, it would just be completely exhausted if he was unable to leave Spirited Mountain under such catastrophic conditions, forcing him to relive birth and death over and over again.

As the blade beam wandered around, creating a piece of Heaven and Earth and resisting the spread of all kinds of collapses, Meng Qi stayed calm as he was confident toward the result of the vigorous battle up in the sky.

The Great Sage Equaling Heaven Sun Wukong was his childhood idol who was honored together with Yang Jian as the two people who had the highest hopes of entering the Nirvana Realm among the new generation in ancient times. They had achieved the Creation Realm even before the Spirited Mountain war, and now that they were reborn with all their injuries healed, they would be amongst the top tier of Great Mediums at the Creation Realm even if they could not reach the Nirvana Realm. Although the monster that became the Supreme Buddha by itself had a mysterious background, bizarre skills, and a terrifying aura, it was highly likely that it was a Great Medium that belonged to the Creation Realm. However, it seemed as if it had some sort of latent injury, causing it to be unable to attack with full force in the beginning.

Under such conditions, how could it defend against the Great Sage Equaling Heaven who was renowned to be the individual most skilled in battle beneath the Nirvana Realm?

Erm, should I ask for his autograph, a selfie, or perhaps record a video of him sending New Year blessings to the users of the Real World Talisman after the battle has ended… as the most outstanding and creative content creator in the Myriad World, Meng Qi started to think about this matter very earnestly, he could already predict the comments everyone would give, “That’s enough from you!”

I’m here to help rescue the remaining Great Sages and I haven’t had the time to cause any problems so I should be able to get to know them and create relations between us. Moreover, everyone is cultivating the Arts of Eight-Nine so there should be some sense of intimacy!

While he was thinking, Meng Qi used the will of the blade as his Divine Sense, sensing the changes in each area of Spirited Mountain. He was worried that this place would collapse entirely, affecting the Gautama Buddha seal and allowing the Devil Buddha to escape, then that would really mean trouble.

The will of the blade was everywhere like the most fundamental of powers, reaching across Spirited Mountain in all its nooks and crannies in detail. Suddenly, Meng Qi found a dark golden shadow that was avoiding the remaining aftershock he had not managed to block. It flashed past constantly and speedily as it headed toward the peaceful Pure Land on top of the mountain.

The Slough of Maha Kasyapa? Meng Qi was shocked and amazed.

After obtaining some gnosis, the Slough of Maha Kasyapa knew to seek safety and security in order to avoid misfortune and hide in safe places. Hence, it was no wonder that the Slough of Maha Kasyapa could still stay alive when the Golden Bodies of Buddhas and Bodhisattvas in the Thousand Buddha Formation was absorbed by the monster.

Entirely absorbed, struggling whilst at death’s door… understanding flashed across Meng Qi’s mind as he realized the latent injury and weaknesses of the Supreme Buddha!

During his so-called achievement of Bodhi, all the Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Luohan, Jin Gang, and Wisdom King were all his incarnations. Across the Three Realms, in all Ten Directions and in the Myriad World, there was only one Supreme Buddha. It was not a simple description or ambition but merely an enunciation of fact. When more and more Buddhas, Bodhisattvas, Luohans, Jin Gangs, and Wisdom Kings became his incarnations, or in other words, devoured and absorbed by him, he would become more fulfilled and strong until the day that all Buddhas and Bodhisattvas across the Three Realms, in all Ten Directions and in the Myriad World were absorbed to leave him as the only Supreme Buddha left, proving the essence of Dao!

Now that the slough of the many Buddhas and Bodhisattvas at Spirited Mountain still had unabsorbed Maha Kasyapa, he could not stabilize its fulfillment of the Creation Realm, which was why he restrained himself from attacking at the beginning to avoid power from escaping!

Therefore, the Supreme Buddha was merely slaughtering them, but his focus was on the Slough of Maha Kasyapa. After the Great Sage Equaling Heaven appeared, he had not retreated immediately because he could not let go of the chance of self-fulfillment!

More importantly, the Great Sage Equaling Heaven had the body of both Buddha and the Victorious Fighting Buddha!

In a flash, Meng Qi’s heart dropped. He now had a totally different judgment toward the Slough of Maha Kasyapa’s action of hiding at the peak of Spirited Mountain.

He was afraid that the monster would take the chance to engulf him!

At this point in thinking, Meng Qi lifted his left hand and pushed his Dao Crown.

The dark golden shadow approached Spirited Mountain rapidly and as it was about to reach the Pure Land, a ray of light appeared behind it like huge tentacles, with brows and eyes at the tip of it like a face full of mercy. However, as its mouth opened wide, showing forty clean and white teeth to gobble up the Slough of Maha Kasyapa, such a sight formed a creepy contrast with its face.

The dark golden glow around the Slough of Maha Kasyapa faded as it had very much deteriorated after meeting the Supreme Buddha. Facing the light and the open huge mouth, it seemed so fragile and weak. Whether it was the Vanity of Existence, the Light in the Palm, or any other martial arts or direct knowledge that consisted of the Buddhist Society’s Zhen Yi, it was unable to break through the light and would either rebound or be absorbed. If it broke through, it would be surrounded and melted by the golden glow instantly.

At this moment, a green sword beam burst out from the back of Spirited Mountain in a blurry and illusionary manner, full of the sense of Bodhi like it was led by some unknown connection and bypa.s.sing the crevices precisely to descend from the sky.

On the other side, a majestic shadow stood mid-air above the Pure Land on the mountain peak, holding a long blade that alternated between the colors red, green, yellow, white, and black and cutting through the void using his bare strength. At the same time, Phoenix Echoes surrounded the swordsman in the white robe as wind and fire turned into the sword beam that was struck out.

The most terrifying thing was that the huge skeleton s.h.i.+ning in the dark stepped straight out of the Pure Land, coagulating a Blood Yellow River and turning it into a horrific sword beam akin to that of the swords Abi and Yuan Tu as it radiated destruction and plunder targeted toward the monster.

As four swords combined into one, the fairy-slaying was completed and all were terminated!

Layers of sword formations shrunk abruptly, encapsulating the ferocious face of Buddha and the golden tentacles within.

Where sword power entangled with each other, sword beams flashed, causing time and s.p.a.ce to become unbalanced and senses to become confused. The tentacle monster separated out from the Supreme Buddha fell completely into chaos and annihilation.

As the sword formation shrunk smaller until it turned into the shape of a chicken, the situation grew more chaotic. The Slough of Maha Kasyapa used this chance to cross through the hole that Meng Qi had left there purposely and entered the Pure Land on top of the mountain.

At the same time, the chicken burst apart and a golden glowing monster rushed out. Although it had a duller glow, but the fact that it had just used its power to break through the formation itself was very horrific.

Luo Jia, No Thoughts, and the other demon fairies looked at this fight thrillingly. Without using the Peerless Heavenly Weapon, Teacher Su of the Jade Palace had demonstrated the unimaginable Celestial Level skills to them.

They had initially thought that as a Demon Fairy Transcendent, they had already reached the peak and were merely waiting to explore I am who I am to open up the door to become a Legend where their battle strength could no longer be escalated. Yet now, they realized that there would always be room for improvement and that there would never be the strongest individual but a stronger one!

Despite that, the monster could still escape even under such circ.u.mstances, meaning that its original qualities were almost invincible.

Suddenly, a greenish-gold Buddha Giant Palm stuck out of the void. The Palm which consisted of layers of Pure Lands that accommodated the Three Realms and Ten Directions reached out to press firmly on the body of the golden glowing monster.

With a slap, the monster turned into meat cubes, and then into minced meat before peris.h.i.+ng.

With only one hit!

Meng Qi looked toward that direction and saw a Third Eye that could peer through the many layers of illusions of the Myriad World.

Victorious Fighting Buddha!

You have a Broken-Tailed Body, I have the body of Buddha!

Meng Qi could not even switch his thoughts before he felt a sinister aura throbbing nearby, turning his surroundings dark and hazy.

A gigantic black shadow walked out of the huge hole left by the Great Cudgel. The shadow had a strong and st.u.r.dy figure with horns on its head. Each step it took seemed to shake the Myriad World and even Meng Qi held his breath instinctively.

It feels so powerful!

The black shadow looked up and laughed, showing two rows of white, s.h.i.+ning teeth.

“Myriad World, the old bull is back again!”

“Heavenly Great Sage!” hearing the shadow speak, No Thoughts spoke softly as the faces of Luo Jia, Glow, and the other demon fairies expressed excitement. These were all the legendary Great Sages!

Listening to the Bull Demon King’s announcement, Meng Qi recovered from his surprise quickly, the corner of his mouth twitching in speechlessness as he held his forehead with his left palm and sighed softly.

“Countryside style…”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 1148 - Announcement

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