The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 217 - The News in Yedu

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Chapter 217: The News in Yedu

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Inside the Flower-was.h.i.+ng Rice Shop.

After changing back into his green clothes, Meng Qi rubbed his tired face and squeezed out a despicable smile. “Cousin, we really have a connection. Before I even asked how to lessen the anger of the Huanhua Swords Sect, you brought it up.”

Thinking about how his team could use Precious Weapons during the Death Task, Meng Qi was in a good mood.

Looking at Meng Qi’s smiling face, Qi Zhengyan’s face twitched. He solemnly said, “In face of the Death Task, we need to seize every opportunity to improve our team’s strength. Even if begging seems shameful, saving face is nothing if we die.”

“Well thought out indeed!” Chuckling, Meng Qi praised Qi Zhengyan. He looked him up and down.

His laugh scared Qi Zhengyan. “Cousin, is something wrong?”

“Cousin, as we’re facing the Death Task, have you ever thought about having a descendant to carry on the family name? Hehe, are you still a virgin? You have to try before you die. Otherwise, you’ll have lived in vain.” Meng Qi teased Qi Zhengyan who never showed emotion.

Qi Zhengyan’s face twitched twice. He restrained his anger and said coldly, “A monk has no right to say such things.”

“I’ve rehabilitated!” Meng Qi emphasized his ident.i.ty.

“Since you’ve rehabilitated, why not go to Red Light Alley?” Qi Zhengyan asked him.

Meng Qi twitched his mouth and said, “Those vulgar and fallen women are not worth it at all. I’m a neatnik!”

“A neatnik?” Qi Zhengyan repeated. It was a strange word, but he could understand it literally. Before Meng Qi could answer, he said, “You’re only 16 years old. This is the key period for building up your Inner Qi Force. The pure Yang Qi would be of great help to you, so you’d better keep your chast.i.ty.”

Large aristocratic families and sects all advised that their disciples wait to have s.e.x until after they had opened Nine Apertures. Of course, it was not mandatory and keeping one’s chast.i.ty was not that great a help. As long as their disciples did not indulge themselves in s.e.x, it was just advice.

Meng Qi looked at him blankly. “I was just kidding. You didn’t need to take it so seriously…”

Qi Zhengyan did not notice Meng Qi’s expression. He continued to say, “I don’t worry about descendants. I have a sister-in-law who can carry on our family name… I need to focus on Kung Fu this year and shouldn’t be distracted…”

With a dry laugh, Meng Qi immediately changed the topic. “Once I get the Purple Decease Sword, I’ll leave Yi City.”

“Won’t you practice your Kung Fu here?” Qi Zhengyan asked in doubt.

Meng Qi solemnly nodded. “Even when besieged by four Nine Apertures Masters, I survived. I’m relatively well-known now and can’t hide like I originally hoped to. Moreover, with the Purple Decease Sword, I’m envied by others. I’d better leave as soon as possible.”

On top of that, Meng Qi believed that the ident.i.ty of the “Gentleman Sword” could not be concealed from the Six Fan School. When the new Ranking List of Young Masters came out, everyone would know that Gentleman Sword was actually Reckless Monk, Thunder Blade Furious Monk and Zhen Ding, the former disciple of Shaolin Temple.

It was a reasonable guess. Meng Qi knew that the last time the Six Fan School had seen Thunder Blade Furious Monk was during the battle between him and You Huanduo. At that time, he’d had a shaved head and worn a wig and green clothing. After that, he’d spent over a month traveling south to the Three Mountains and Four Waters. He stayed several days in Zhenwu and was in the World of Samsara of Sword Emperor and Devil Empress for almost a month. He’d also stayed in Huan Province and Yi City for 20 days. It had taken him almost three months, from early April to late June.

Although he’d grown up and his appearance had changed quickly during this period, three months did not make much difference. His hair was still short. Considering the Six Fan School’s strength and power, Meng Qi understood that if he was just a local master who only had “records” in Three Mountains and Four Waters and Yi City, he would not have to fear being recognized. But the battle in Flower Moon Tower had created his spot on the Ranking List of Young Masters. Thus, once the Six Fan School collected all his information, it would not be difficult for them to find him. There were only around 50 people on the List after all.

I have to leave!

Commandment Monk was not likely to chase after him because his Master was in Shaolin Temple. Plus, he had already made the Soul-pledging Oath which required him not to transmit Shaolin Martial Arts to others. However, he needed to be careful of such things.

“You’re right, but where are you going?” Qi Zhengyan asked, nodding gently.

Meng Qi thought for a while and said, “Maybe I’ll rent a yard in Yedu, stay there and focus on my Kung Fu. Yedu is the biggest city in the southwest. It has a large population and all kinds of people live there. Among them are many experts of the Exterior. If I hid there, I’d be like a needle in a haystack.”

He had a lot of Kung Fu to practice and improve. He had not even accomplished half of the “Outline of Heavenly Knife” yet. His foundation of sword art was not strong enough. He also still needed to study Purple Thunder Bladesmans.h.i.+p, the sixth level of Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld, Eight Nine Mysteries, and Purple Decease Sword. What he needed now was not fights and challenges but hard practice!

Thinking of this and realizing that the long-term fatigue of travel was not appropriate for his quiet cultivation, Meng Qi gave up the idea of being a lord in River East. He had three land contracts for River East, but it would take him at least two to three months to travel from Huan Province to River East.

Yedu was just as prosperous as River East and there was an abundance of delicious food and shops to satisfy Meng Qi. He planned to sell his jewel for a Refined Long Sword to use daily. In such a small city, a Refined Weapon was rare.

Moreover, he wanted to find a chance to identify the “Evil G.o.d Eye” and see if there were any methods for application and forging. He could not wait to ask the Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms before their next task. Otherwise, what would he do if he could not find the materials he needed? He would not have enough Karma points to exchange in such a hurry!

“Yes, a big shot usually hides in the city, and a small one in the forest.” Qi Zhengyan agreed with Meng Qi’s choice. “If you live in Yedu, I could spar with you anytime. Just in case you lose your feeling of a true battle because of the lack of opponents.”

It took just two hours to get from Yi City to Yedu by carriage.

Noon, the next day, still inside Flower-was.h.i.+ng Rice Shop:

Meng Qi fondled the brilliant Purple Decease Sword. He felt the sharp Qi it emitted and appreciated every pattern on the sword.

Meng Qi tried to communicate with the Purple Decease Sword by Will-projecting, but the Purple Decease Sword seemed to be in a deep sleep and ignored him. If he tried too hard, he would be smashed by the Sword Qi, like clouds sucked up in a harsh wind.

“Phew.” Meng Qi exhaled. He knew that he should not rush to forge the connection. “Cousin, I’ll come back after I rent a yard in Yedu.”

The idea of appointing such a matter to others made him uneasy. He was afraid that the message would be leaked. Anyway, Yedu was close to Yi City.

“Okay. Be careful on your way there.” Qi Zhengyan was quiet.

Early in the morning, he took Meng Qi to Yamen of the Six Fan School in Yi City for the Purple Decease Sword. Meng Qi made an oath to return it.

Meng Qi changed his countenance slightly and changed his clothes to blend in with customers who came to buy rice. Then, he left the shop and headed to a horse shop where he rented a carriage to Yedu.

Several days later, he rented a quiet yard in the noisy Yedu. It was surrounded by Martial Clubs. The people he saw on the street all had swords or blades with them. Meng Qi was not conspicuous at all.

“The new Ranking List of Young Masters has come out?”

Just as Meng Qi was locking the door and planning to go to Yi City, he heard several Martial Club Disciples talking in excitement about the Ranking List of Young Masters.

They were quite young, and of various ages from 8 to 20. They knew little about Jianghu.

Yedu, the capital city of Huan Province, the Jun City of Zhou County and the biggest city in the southeast, had countless Martial Clubs and a strong Kung Fu atmosphere. The children of average families did not have much money for Kung Fu. These Martial Clubs were related to certain sects and aristocratic families. If the children performed well in the Martial Clubs and formed a good foundation, they were likely to be promoted to “continue their further study” in sects or be sent as guards to aristocratic families. It was a way for the average child to get ahead.

“Yes, our Club posted a copy!” A thirteen-year-old girl looked into the Martial Club.

Yedu was a big city. It took almost two hours to get to the Six Fan School. Thus, many Club Princ.i.p.als chose to copy the new list to motivate their disciples.

Meng Qi stopped to check the changes in the Ranking List of Young Masters. He wanted to know if he had a new nickname other than Gentleman Sword, Reckless Monk and Thunder Blade Furious Monk.

After a short while, the Club, a benevolent old man with gray hair put up the revised Ranking List of Young Masters.

“Demoness of Grand Luo ranks second? She’s even superior to ‘Ledgerkeeper of Lives’ and ‘Wolf King’!” The children exclaimed.

“Method of Mistress Su, Seven Heavenly Fairies was removed from the list by one battle!” Some were surprised at Gu Xiaosang’s new record.

Meng Qi frowned slightly. He was more concerned about the comments on Gu Xiaosang.

“She opened all Nine Apertures and is close to Half-step Exterior Scenery!”

It looks like the demoness has gained a lot in the World of Samsara… Meng Qi praised.

“Jiang Zhiwei, Fairy of the Extinctive Sword killed all 27 Villages of Northern Chess Mountain by herself, killed three bandits who opened Nine Apertures, and killed numerous Seven Apertures Masters… Ranks ninth in Ranking List of Young Masters…” The girl who spoke before read out Jiang Zhiwei’s recent experiences.

“Wow, she’s been fighting hard to hone her sword and improve her strength…”Meng Qi was a little worried but at the same time, he kind of admired her.

Other changes were not outstanding. Suddenly, the two words “Gentleman Sword” entered Meng Qi’s vision.

“Name: Meng Qi (May be a fake name).”

“Kung Fu: With Six Apertures opened, he possesses Dharma Access and can gain momentum from enemies. His sword art is complex and complicated. His lightness skill is superb like a ghost.”

“Record: In order to help Hua Lun, he rushed to the mountain at night. No one could block him, including Emissary Vacation of Luo Sect; He entered the aristocratic family mansion within a day and killed a Seven Apertures swordsman with everyone watching. Then he left at ease, as if nothing had happened; in Flower Moon Tower of Yi City, when facing four Nine Apertures Masters, he took advantage of their strength and wielded the sword to hit and defend against them within only one breath. But when attacked by Precious Weapons he escaped.”

“Ranking: Twenty-fourth.”

“Nickname: Gentleman Sword, Roving Sword.”

“Ident.i.ty: Xiliang swordsman (seems fake, needs to be confirmed.)”

What the… Meng Qi could not believe what he was seeing. What on earth was the Six Fan School thinking?

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 217 - The News in Yedu

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