The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 230 - Flowers Liquor

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Chapter 230: Flowers Liquor

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“Since when is it your turn to instruct your master?” Meng Qi put on airs. He seized every opportunity to strike at Gu Xiaosang.

Gu Xiaosang smiled with her moon-like eyes, saying, “I really want to help Master solve problems. If the Successor of Mystic Fairy fixes eyes on you and reports it to the Plain Lady’s Paradise, you’ll meet many Exteriors. They have Peerless G.o.dly Weapons, but they can’t use them. They’re desperate for the Successor of Thunder G.o.d. Haha, rumor has it that over 80% of the Exteriors in the the Sect of the Plain Lady are attractive ladies. You can’t wait to see them, can you?”

She kept a light tone and pretended to be serious, sighing. “Unfortunately, you’ll meet the herbal medicine first. He only apprehended Seven Blades of Purple Thunder Bladesmans.h.i.+p, so he’s very eager to master the Six Strokes of the Overlord and Nine Annihilation at Heavenly Nights. Besides, killing you will consolidate his position.”

Meng Qi remained calm and said, “I have nothing to fear. If I can’t kill the Successor of Mystic Fairy, I’ll hide in the Divine Capital and confine myself to my room. After having gone through countless challenges, I can open the Hidden Latch of life-and-death and get promoted to the Exterior by then. And I’ll travel and use them to practice my bladesmans.h.i.+p.”

Yedu, a Jun City and State City, was the most prosperous city and also the center of the southwest region. Thus, it was blessed with many Nine Apertures Masters, some of whom were from the Six Fan School. It had three Governor Arresters with nine acupores stationed in each county. Tigard Arresters of Jun Yamen and State Yamen also had many Nine Acupores Masters. The Silver-badge Arrester, Gold-badge Arrester and Purple-ribbon Arrester in Huan Province were all Exteriors, especially the Gold-badge Arrester, who belonged to a superb master cla.s.s.

Even so, Zhou County had more Exteriors than Yedu. Located in Zhou County, the w.a.n.g family had 30 to 40 Exteriors and several grandmaster. It enjoyed a peerless influence in the southwest region and only the Huanhua Swords Sect could counterbalance it. Therefore, the Six Fan School had to dispatch Eight Distinguished Super Arresters to patrol here. Even the Jun Governor and State Governor Yamens were filled with different forces, including the w.a.n.g family and the Huang family. They all co-existed peacefully in Zhou County.

Powerful aristocratic families were everywhere in the Divine Capital. The Head Constable of the Six Fan School had achieved the Half-step to Dharmakaya and five of the Eight Distinguished Super Arresters were masters beyond the Seventh-fold Heaven. Never mind the imperial powerful masters and Exteriors of the large aristocratic families, such as w.a.n.g Ce’s uncle, who was appointed as Minister of Revenue. As far as Meng Qi was concerned, the Divine Capital had the most Exteriors in the world. Plus, Emperor Sword, Nine-dragon Seal, and the Divine Capital Formation, even masters of Dharmakaya had to control themselves, not to mention the Exteriors of the Sect of Plain Lady.

Actually, Meng Qi was indisposed to go to the Divine Capital due to his life experience.

Gu Xiaosang was in a trance about what Meng Qi had uttered. Soon, a luring and pure smile reemerged on her face. She said, “who is willing to confine himself to a room or be chased by many Exteriors? If the opportunity presents itself, it’s better to settle this.”

She also knew about Meng Qi’s challenges in the Samsara tasks. She continued, “Both challenges and reality can enhance your ability. They’re complementary to each other. Without reality, the challenges will leave it harder and harder for you to improve your strength.”

Meng Qi’s expression did not change. He said, “I’m telling you I have alternatives, so don’t play tricks with me.”

He shared this with Gu Xiaosang on purpose so as to make her believe that he did not have backup plans. He could not do anything but threaten her.

Gu Xiaosang smiled like a blossoming flower. “I don’t dare play tricks with you. All I’ve done is for your best interests.”

“Based on our plans, you’ll contend with Huang Zis.h.i.+ tomorrow, challenge one of the w.a.n.g family’s disciples the day after tomorrow and then fight against w.a.n.g Zai. During that time, I’ll find an opportunity to kill Shan Xiumei with my original ident.i.ty and track the Successor of Mystic Fairy. Disciples of the w.a.n.g family will attend the last two compet.i.tions, so w.a.n.g Ce will definitely be distressed. Once he’s distressed, he’ll be distracted.”

The sky clouded over the next day. However, the torches behind the Flowers Tower were lit as if it were daytime.

Having witnessed Meng Qi’s battle with Jin Jinxian and Luo Youfeng, the public was fully aware of his strength. They were looking forward to the spar, so the Flowers Tower was quite crowded.

“Flower-dropping Master is definitely capable of being listed on the Ranking List of Young Masters once he’s defeated all the peer masters of Zhou County and mastered the Exterior movements. Plus, he has the Right-guarding Sword.” Some Jianghu men spoke highly of Huang Zis.h.i.+.

“I don’t think so. Huang Zis.h.i.+ utilizes his excellent method over rivals, but he’s not better than Master Su at mastering movements, genuine Qi, and the body. That’s what we call the real strength of a listed master. It’ll be difficult for Huang Zis.h.i.+ to defeat Master Su.” Some spoke highly of him while others disagreed.

Most of the people laid their faith on Su Meng because of the impressive fight yesterday.

In the w.a.n.g family’s VIP room, w.a.n.g Ce stared at the empty cloister in the Lotus Pond with his hands behind his back. He said with a smile, “How many movements can Huang Zis.h.i.+ strike against Su Meng? Can Su Meng remain calm this time?”

He appeared to inquire to w.a.n.g Zai, but actually, he was waiting for his old servant to transmit the message by Secret Voice-sending. Then, he could show off in front of Shan Xiumei.

“Master Su will probably be pressured to use Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p or the Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld,” Shan Xiumei replied to him with interest.

After musing for a bit, w.a.n.g Zai said, “It seems so, in light of their strength. After the fight yesterday, I hope Huang Zis.h.i.+ is still high-spirited and confident, otherwise, we can’t appreciate the Ananda Oath-breaking Bladesmans.h.i.+p.”

w.a.n.g Ce nodded his head gently. “Brother gets the point. Yesterday, he’s full of fighting desire. But as time went on, he’s in a disadvantaged position and demoralized. What’s worse, he’s always gotten what he wants. He hasn’t met any difficulties since he started practicing Kongfu. In such a case, it’s unlikely that he could resume his momentum in just one day.”

He seemed to know Huang Zis.h.i.+ very well.

Shan Xiumei was listening with thirsty ears, but just when she was about to ask, someone knocked at the door.

“Who’s it?” asked another disciple of the w.a.n.g family.

“Our boss has sent me to deliver liquor to you.” A familiar errand boy voiced outside the door.

He opened the door and smiled. “Why is your boss so generous today?”

Holding a jar of liquor, the errand boy obsequiously said, “Our Flowers Tower wouldn’t be so flouris.h.i.+ng if the w.a.n.g family didn’t safeguard Huan Province. Our Flower Towers is honored to have you here and this liquor is a gift out of our respect. Hehe, those are my boss’s exact words. Since he didn’t entertain you himself yesterday, today we’ll make it up. He’ll be here to propose a toast.”

Courtesy was never to blame. w.a.n.g Ce nodded his head in satisfaction. “Please contend my thanks to your boss.”

The errand boy bowed to them solemnly, and then whispered some words to the w.a.n.g family disciple.

He then wore a weird expression with a half smile. At last he controlled his smile. “It’s really ungracious to turn down your boss.”

“What did he say?” w.a.n.g Ce asked in confusion when the errand boy left.

“The liquor is called ‘Flowers Liquor’. Flower Tower brews only 100 jars each year…” He said in Secret Voice-sending with a lewd smile after taking a glimpse at Shan Xiumei.

w.a.n.g Ce, a spoiled and protected son by his mother, could not help blus.h.i.+ng when he heard the name, for he had seldom set foot in such places. He secretly looked at Shan Xiumei and the other brothers. All his brothers wore an ambiguous look.

“Brother w.a.n.g, what’s this liquor?” Shan Xiumei asked with hesitation.

w.a.n.g Ce coughed twice to clear his throat and did not know how to reply.

w.a.n.g Zai explained to her without holding back. “Rich in mellow aroma, Flowers Liquor is good at tonifying Yang, but it isn’t obscene. People will stay sober after they drink it, so it’s good for their health.”

Why was his fourth brother so frank about everything? w.a.n.g Ce looked very embarra.s.sed, wondering.

The old servant uncovered the jar, smelled its aroma and then his eyes brightened. After examining the liquid, he said in a husky tone, “it’s not poisoned.”

“Brother, drink it to tonify your Qi.” Other disciples urged him to drink.

w.a.n.g Ce felt a.s.sured to drink the Flowers Liquor. He could not refuse them and was not disdained by Shan Xiumei.

Flowers Liquor was so mellow and juicy. He could not help drinking a great deal of it.

Inside a quiet room on the second floor, Boss Xue of Flowers Tower was staring blankly at someone in front of him. “Flowers Liquor has been sent to each room.”

In front of him was the dreamlike and elegant Gu Xiaosang. Giving off a sense of warmth and quietness, she looked like the legendary Ajati Matriarch. She made people feel determined, warm, and carefree.

Her eyes were as deep as the sea before a storm. Filled with vortexes, they could devour souls.

“Fragrant, Flowers Liquor is good for tonifying Yang, kidney, and diuresis.” She smiled and left the room with a teapot in her hand. “Diuresis …”

She withdrew her strong momentum and behaved like a maid again the minute she pushed the door open.

She returned to Meng Qi and said with a teasing smile, “Master, when I went to fetch warm water, I encountered Boss Xue. I turned him down when he invited you to drink Flowers Liquor.”

“Why not accept it?” Meng Qi asked without thinking.

With one hand covering her mouth she replied, “Since Flowers Liquor can tonify Yang, it’ll distract you and disturb your compet.i.tion. I’m also afraid that you’ll hook up with other s.e.xy women after the fight.”

Meng Qi twitched his lips, deciding to ignore her. He closed his eyes. He concentrated on harmonizing his Qi-circulation and withdrew his momentum.

After a while, Huang Zis.h.i.+ jumped off from his VIP room. Like a falling flower, he was praised by the people present owing to his elegant body moves.

With his knife and sword on his back, he flew out the window using Stealth skill and fell on the rockery, attracting much praise.

“Master Huang, please.” As soon as Meng Qi unsheathed the Whisper Sword, the empty Lotus Pond was filled with vigor and laughter.

Huang Zis.h.i.+ gently unfolded his 1000-year Silk Fan. With a low voice he said, “Ok, let’s begin.”

Folded, the folding fan was consecutively hitting Meng Qi’s seven vital acupoints, like a rain of flowers.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 230 - Flowers Liquor

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