The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 247 - Almost

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Chapter 247: Almost

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As thunderous sounds gathered in midair, the grim purple snake with a purely powerful and ferocious energy pounced at the monster.

Unlike Yellow Bull Spirit, the reddish-winged monster was still able to thrust the Long Spear, even if he had been hurt by the Eight Non-human Sounds, feeling the pain in his head and body.

The Eight Non-human Sounds was a low-grade Exterior weapon. In addition, Ruan Yushu had only enlightened Six Apertures. Even though the zither featured an innate heart, she could not display its full strength, leaving each rhythm only capable of handling a Half-step Exterior Scenery monster.

The blood dripped onto the zither, dyeing the wooden texture red, and also dripped onto her white dress, leaving plum blossoms on it. However, she did not stop playing, because she wanted to stall the Flying Bird and to create a chance for Meng Qi and Zhang Yuanshan to win.

The Long Spear shot out with its tip shaking and directly faced the fierce thunder, producing nine sparks. Each spark was like a crimson Fire Lotus and was strongly burning.

A fierce fire abruptly broke out on the place that Meng Qi had been standing, dyeing the place a burned black.

“Boom! Boom!” The Purple Thunder collided with the Fire Lotuses, sending Thunderbolt Pythons and red flames flying everywhere. Thus, the sky was filled with purple and red lights.

Limited by his realm and his strength, Meng Qi ended up a tie with the Half-step Exterior Scenery monster, who was pinned by the Eight Non-human Sounds, even though he struck the Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky with his full force.

It was quite reasonable,

but very brutal.

However, he was in a joint battle. Transforming himself into Zhenwu, Zhang Yuanshan launched an attack from below.

The monster only saw the Long Sword rus.h.i.+ng at himself as he recovered himself from the shock. Since he yielded the Monster Core, he had lost his links to the heavenly primordial fire. His surroundings were empty, as if he was isolated from the world, making a natural prison for himself.

Unable to utilize the heavenly power, he had to unfold his wings to fly. Meanwhile, the Long Spear thrust backward to meet the Winged-python Sword. The devil fires flowed out from his body and turned his Long Spear into a torch, setting the Long Sword on fire.


Along the spear, the Winged-python Sword pierced through the flames, and cut toward the monster’s two hands, leaving fireworks behind.

The monster had just blocked the Violent Thunder Shocking the Sky, and did not have enough time to counterattack again. Zhang Yuanshan launched an attack toward him.

Several fingers scattered when he was painfully screaming with his Demon Odor disintegrating. The monster only had five fingers left—three on his right hand and two on the left.

He swung the Long Spear to finally push the Winged-python Sword away.

But right at this time, Meng Qi, who was falling, had thrust out the Purple Decease Sword with his left hand. The Purplish red Sword Qi surged to the sky, exuding a clear and pure, but intimidating killing breath.

A tree nearby was cut down and it withered immediately, leaving the tree-heart full of sword marks.

Meng Qi’s spirit ran out. The pain in his head was almost going to kill him, and blood flowed out from his eyes and mouth. Even in such a bad situation, he firmly held onto the sword hilt.

The monster did not have enough time to defend himself. Faced with the unstoppable sword light, he shouted, and then spat out a red bead.

Surrounded by dancing flames, the bead rushed straight at the purplish-red Sword Qi.

It was a Monster Core cultivated by the monster at the cost of his life. Coagulated by the scorching Demon Odor, it represented its 100-year cultivation.

“Pa!” The bead stopped the Sword Qi when it directly hit the Purple Decease Sword. And then, the Core cracked like a net, causing a melodious sound.

The monster gritted his teeth, and then shouted while his seven apertures were bleeding,


The Monster Core exploded, and a cl.u.s.ter of red demon fire came out. Along the Purple Decease Sword, the fire spread over to Meng Qi, who was in midair and could not easily move.

In just the blink of an eye, Meng Qi felt pain over his body as all his clothes had been melted. He dropped the Purple Decease Sword, and took out the Recover Pill. Instead of swallowing it, he kept it in his mouth lest it be destroyed.

He fell onto the ground so hard that he got dizzy, and the flames that were on him jumped several meters high.

The Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld and Eight Nine Mysteries functioned naturally. However, the dark gold glow on his body disappeared, like a piece of copper being thrown into a fire to refine weapons.

“Pa, Pa, Pa!” The Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld was about to be broken.

With his spirit having run out, Meng Qi was unable to trigger more. Thus, he rolled on the ground trying to extinguish the flames, but failed.

The pain in his body was so fierce that he almost fainted. He gnashed his teeth and then used the Sacrifice Formula. Instantly, he recovered half of his spirit, and the Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld stabilized again in the midst of the fire. As the saying goes: A fierce fire can refine real gold. That was exactly what was happening.

Fully engaged in getting free from the devil fire, he could not collaborate with Zhang Yuanshan to fight.

Seeing the Monster Core broken, Zhang Yuanshan understood that the opportunity was fleeting. He used the Burning Blood and Soul Technique with a layer of blood light surrounding him, and struck out again with the Zhenwu’s Heaven Interception.

A Seven Apertures master as he was, he was not as strong as Meng Qi in Genuine Qi. So he almost could not use the Exterior movements in a row, but in a bid to defeat the monster, he utilized the Burning Blood and Soul Technique to improve his strength and the Zhenwu’s Heaven Interception five-fold within 30 breaths.

“Clang! Clang! Clang!”

All the strings on the zither were broken while Ruan Yushu softly fell onto the ground. It was beyond her capability to play the zither for so long, but her last pluck hit the monster hard, making him spit blood and r.e.t.a.r.ding his actions.

The dim sword light isolated the monster from the sky and earth, and also cut off his connections to the outside. Unlike the disemboweled Lion Spirit, which had been struck by the G.o.d-defeating Eye, he was a Half-step Exterior Scenery monster. Even though he had broken the Monster Core, and gotten countercharged heavily, he did not have severe physical injuries. He thrust out the Long Spear again, attempting to block the Winged-python Sword.


The Zhenwu’s Heaven Interception with five-fold power was very strong, directly breaking the Long Spear into two pieces. The two were separated from each other, as if they were in two different worlds.

Since the monster had blocked the Winged-python Sword away a little bit, the sword cut off his entire left arm, but not his lethal points. The left arm, together with the end of the spear, dropped onto the ground. Its cut was so flat and smooth that, after a while, blood spurted out.

After the strike, the monster did not receive attacks from Ruan Yushu and Meng Qi. Seizing this opportunity, he flapped his wings and flew high, getting himself out of Zhang Yuanshan’s attack zone.

He felt a little bit scared, for he had nearly died on the battlefield. Now, he hated Zhang Yuanshan’s guts.

Such a joint attack by Meng Qi, Ruan Yushu, and Zhang Yuanshan would definitely kill a Half-step Exterior Scenery monster. However, a monster capable of flying was another thing, especially when the Demon-revealing Mirror and Demon-defeating Arrow were broken.

Zhang Yuanshan felt hopeless seeing the monster in the sky, even if he was still able to use the Zhenwu’s Heaven Interception again.

The Burning Blood and Soul Technique only lasted 30 breaths. After using the Zhenwu’s Heaven Interception once, the time shortened.

“Haha. I’ll eat you!” The monster boldly laughed. He roughly knew Zhang Yuanshan’s status. When Zhang Yuanshan was in a weak condition, everything would be in his control.

Now that he had been severely maimed, he could not defeat any human being more powerful than himself. However, most of them were wounded, and a little intact girl was far from being his match.

Hearing his laughter, Meng Qi felt anxious. However, as soon as he slacked off, the fire would dissolve the Golden Bell s.h.i.+eld and burn himself into ashes. Even though his hands were tied up, he tried his best to expel the fire before the Burning Blood and Soul Technique and Sacrifice Formula lost their effects. If he could, then he would wield the Purple Decease Sword at it.

“Don’t you want the Chance? If you eat us, you’ll get nothing,” Zhang Yuanshan said in a deep tone.

Calm as usual, he hid his hopelessness and attempted to use some ways to buy them some time. And then, when Jiang Zhiwei and Luo Shengyi had recovered or Meng Qi had dispelled the fire, they still could have the chance to survive.

Moreover, cooperating with the monster would also be a good choice if he showed his sincerity. As long as they survived the eighth day, they would return to the main world.

Jiang Zhiwei and Luo Shengyi made full use of their time to heal themselves, regardless of the battle with the Flying Bird. Since they could not partic.i.p.ate in the fight, a quick recovery could render them some help.

Qi Zhengyan struggled to use the Icysnow Genuine Qi. Turning into ice crystals, they fell on Meng Qi’s body, trying to extinguish the flames. But its effect was not so visible.

Ruan Yushu furtively took out the Recover Pill and swallowed it. After resuming a little strength, she would play one of the 12 Magical Sounds of Langhuan to drag the monster down.

Fu Zhenzhen quietly stood behind Zhang Yuanshan with the poison in her hand. She would cast it at the monster when he flew down.

Instead of giving up, they all prepared themselves for the last attack.

“Good point.” The Flying Bird still circled in the air. He replied with a big laugh. “Let’s talk after you can’t attack me.”

“You must pay the price for cutting off my left arm.” He sneered in his heart.“Without the Great Sage and Monster King, I’m free and happy. Otherwise, I’m only a small leader. If I get the Chance, I’ll get its power; but if not, I’ll be more pleasant!”

Different monsters possessed different ideas. Some were devoted to rescuing the Great Sage, while some had their own plans.

The flames on Meng Qi faded away, and the dark gold glow shone again, like a serious Buddharupa. At the same time, Zhang Yuanshan became weak, which indicated that the effect of the Burning Blood and Soul Technique was vanis.h.i.+ng.

Run away with Zhenzhen, take advantage of feigning death to survive, and wait for someday to resurrect Meng Qi and other Junior Brothers?

Or use the Burning Blood and Soul Technique again when the monster flies down? But I’ll likely die if I use it once more in such a short time…

It’s not bad to collaborate with the monster. Even if we lose our Kung Fu and an arm or leg, we’ll be fine in the Samsara s.p.a.ce…

By then, we’ll say the Chance appeared on the eighth day…

Zhang Yuanshan was filled with different ideas. For example, he could run away, he could cooperate with the monster, or he might fight to the end for a narrow chance to survive. However, he could not make a decision.

He had thought too much, so he could not make the decision.

Zhang Yuanshan was so weak that he could not wield another powerful strike. Knowing the situation, the monster flew down holding the half-broken Long Spear, and asked with a weird smile, “What’s the Chance?”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 247 - Almost

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