The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 269 - Mountain Falling From The Sky

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Chapter 269: Mountain Falling From The Sky

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A middle-aged man with great physique and rather wide shoulders stood before Meng Qi. He was as overwhelming as a mountain.

After hearing this, he slowly took a step, soon leading a great change in the world—the ground and houses shook, and black clouds caved in towards his fist like a pa.s.sage connecting the sky and the ground or the Bu Zhou Mountain connecting Ninth Heaven and the secular world!

Incredibly, the middle-aged man’s right fist grew larger, filling Meng Qi’s eyes. Nothing could be seen except that tough fist with distinct bone lines.

Thick bouts of air gathered along with rus.h.i.+ng black clouds and his fist, magically changing into a concrete “mountain”. Due to its compression, the surrounding void creaked and wobbled, and the ground ripped and cast off to the side, making an uncomfortable noise.

The towering mountain seemed to have flown in from the sky. It not only put pressure on Meng Qi’s heart, making him tremble somehow, but changed into an “existence”, pressing onto his body.

The distance betwen them suddenly disappeared!

Seeing the corpse controller’s first attack, Yao Xingliu tightly held onto his swords with slightly furrowed brows in concentration at the familiar feeling caused by the act. Under the pressure of the towering mountain, he was suddenly shocked and burst out,

“The Exterior!”

Behind the middle-aged man emerged a mountain that reached both up to the heavens and down to the earth. It was so majestic and heavy that the ground cracked and was about to collapse. The mountain coincided with the movement of his fist and pressed toward “Little Arrester Su”.

“He’s actually on the Exterior level!”

“A real exterior!”

“Little Arrester Suis a goner…”

“But, why did the corpse controller with corpses in the Exterior have to knock at the door and wait here? Why not defeat us directly and save time?”

It was the first time Li Chong had seen this kind of offensive force. Even though he was hiding behind the fire, he was so scaredhe was trembling. It seemed that a real peak with ghastly weight was falling from the sky. Under the pressure of that heavy atmosphere, it was impossible not to be afraid or shudder!

“Is it the Exterior?”

“It must be the Exterior!”

Although Li Chong had not seen the performance of the Exterior, he had learned it from various rumors and files. When a master of the Exterior started a fight, the wind blew, clouds blackened, and even the sky and ground toppled over.

“Why is this happening?”

“How could this be!”

“Somehow I’ve met a corpse in the Exterior who didn’t simply drive the people present away!”

“How bizarre!”

“Little Arrester Su…” He became terribly upset, fear and despair arising in his mind. How could a person in the Enlightenment resist the force of the Exterior? As everyone knew, the top ten people of the ranking list of youth were all so powerful that some of them could even defeat masters in Half-step Exterior Scenery. However, it had never been heard of in any generation that anyone on the list could kill an expert in the Exterior, especially if he was a master only in the first-fold heaven!

Little Arrester Su, though powerful with life-saving skills, could not resist a full force attack from an expert in the Exterior!

“For shame! What a good guy Little Arrester Su was! He had great strength, wash courteous and considerate. Why should he die here by accident…?”

“When he is killed, we won’t be able to escape doom either…”

Lowering her hand to cover her mouth, she could not even completely close her red lips. It was unexpected for the corpse controller to have a corpse on the Exterior level!

“Before I was on guard against him, trying him, probing him, and pulling him out of this yard, but never imagined such an accident. If I had known, I wouldn’t have held onto this idea and made a fool of myself.”

“Fortunately, Little Arrester Su powerfully safeguarded the authority of the Yamen government in feudal China. Even more fortunate, he was powerful enough to defeat me! Otherwise I would have been crushed by the mountain and turned into a pool of fles.h.!.+”

Xiao Yue’s body and mind shook inevitably even though she had nine acupores opened and had not stepped onto the battlefield. It was impossible for a secular person to resist this extraordinary power of heaven and earth, for only a breath, merely seeing the fist, she seemed to be pressed by something heavy and felt as if her body was cracking.

“With a zombie in the Exterior, why did the corpse controller pretend to be so weak? Why did he always seem to be on guard and keep sizing me up?”

“She could’ve let the zombie attack directly!”

“What a pity! Little Arrester Su’s wonderful skin is about to become paste!”

The peak was falling, the moon darkening, the void cracking, and the ground sinking. All a result of pure power, without an ounce of gaudiness.

“So it was the Exterior…” Meng Qi felt oppressed under the mountain.

Although he had always attached greater importance to the middle-aged man than the corpse controller, he merely treated the man as a master in Half-Step Exterior Scenery. But in fact, the man was an expert of the Exterior, one so experienced he could kill Murky in several blows!

“No wonder the corpse controller dared to come and kill Old Zhong…”

“But when faced with such a crucial matter, why did he keep his strengths under wrap? If he directly made the middle-aged man kill or drive all of the miscellaneous freeloaders away, there would have been enough time to find out everything before we asked Mr. Cui for help.”

“And this fist style looks so familiar!”

His punch magically turned into a towering mountain, pressing Meng Qi’s body and sealing all of his exit routes.

Meng Qi seemed to have smelt the upcoming death. While trying his best to exert heart sutras and keep calm, he could not help but s.h.i.+ver. However, if he did nothing, he would surely die!

“‘Buddha’s lamp’ can expel ghosts and restrain evil spirits, but with my strength, how much of its force could be exerted?”

“It may be easy to beat Half-Step Exterior Scenery zombies, but a real expert of the Exterior might not be expelled or restrained.”

“Does this mean I need to use Buddha’s Lamp and Heaven Inflicted Pain together to build up the rest of my power and then seize the fleeting chance of escape?”

“But it is possible that the others may catch up…”

“Or directly crush the Samsara Talisman as Gu Xiaosang had?”

“If so, I won’t be able to wait for Zhiwei and Senior Brother Qi…”

Suddenly, Meng Qi remembered that this was “Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains”.

The boxing seemed like different styles of peaks, strong and indestructible. That’s the boxing of the Exterior exchanged by Luo Shengyi, and this was “Mountains Over Head”, once used by him.

“Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains” was created by the Swordsman of Nine Province, a rogue cultivator who was killed by the Life-changing Sect before pa.s.sing on the fist form.

In other words, it should not have been “Iron Fist of Nine Great Mountains” unless someone had exchanged it from the Dominator of Samsara in the Six Realms.

“But, no one can impart any script exchanged from the Dominator of the Six Realms. So was the zombie of the Exterior a Samsara traveler before his death?”

“If you consider Old Zhong’s “Kung Fu of Heaven and Demon”, it is possible…”

Various thoughts emerged in one second. Suddenly, Meng Qi recalled what Kong Yu unconsciously said before,

“Rumor has it that any person killed by the Life-changing Sect will turn into evil ghosts. Now the rumor may involve Mystic Fairy’s Nirmanakaya.”

“Rumor has it that any person killed by the Life-changing Sect will turn into evil ghosts…”

“The Swordsman of Nine Province was killed by the Life-changing Sect…”

“This is the Swordsman of Nine Province?”

“This middle-aged man is the same age and has the same power as the Swordsman of Nine Province!”

“The middle-aged man is feeble, but follows the corpse controller’s orders absolutely. If this man is the Swordsman of Nine Province, he may have lost his memory, merely continuing as a body with a new soul!”

“Unlike the other zombies without any consciousness or vigor, he still has the breath and movement of a living person!”


Meng Qi then made a risky decision. Faced with the falling mountain, he secretly held the Samsara Talisman between fingers and looked the middle-aged man in the eye.

Yao Xingliu clenched his teeth and restrained the urge to immediately escape in order to maintain the dignity of a Zhenwu Disciple. With a firm Yin Sword, and a gentle Yang Sword, he was supposed to directly attack the back brain of the middle-aged man in a weird way.

With their cooperation plus the hidden power of Little Arrester Su, they stood a chance of successfully escaping!

Suddenly, he was shocked with a dull look in his eyes, and the two swords he had planned to wieldstopped for a moment. He could do nothing butsee the great change of Little Arrester Su who was almost pushed to fall just now, but then stood there as if integrated into the universe. The arrester then seemed to have more prestige with a mysterious charm.

Xiao Yue had planned to turn back and escape quickly while the zombie of the Exterior was killed Little Arrester Su. But while thinking it, her body became stiff. She could only see that, not so far away, Little Arrester Su seemed to just fill the whole world with his majestic stature, as if a G.o.d came down to earth, with indescribable charm. In particular, his initially attractive face even carried a sort of sacredness and mystery.

“He is able to resist an expert on the level of the Exterior by himself?”


Li Chong could see nothing but the change of Little Arrester Su’s temperament. Just moments before, the arrester seemed to be a master with strong power, but now he looked like a G.o.d, lofty and indifferent.

“What is going on?”

The “half-living half-dead” middle-aged man did not have a completely clear consciousness. He felt dark and soon found the scene had changed.

“This is a wave-less deep dark sea where pieces of golden rays were hidden like the inverted reflection of the sun on water. And yet, surrounded by dark fog, just where did this suns.h.i.+ne come from?”

With suddenly rising waves, a golden dot jumped out but was immediately wrapped in black fog. However, even as waves surged and golden dots flew, the black fog could never cover all of them.

Although he was a tall and burly man who dressed very simple, he worked very hard practicing Kung Fu day after day, and also visited famous experts for instruction.

He had failed again and again, encountered dangers one after another, to finally became a master.

Engrossed in Kung Fu he did not marry. He was devout, dedicated.

He traveled all over the mountains to observe their trends, becoming gradually intoxicated and learned quite a bit.

He stood proudly in front of a mountain with his fists waving slowly. Finally it seemed that mountains were being pulled up one after another.

He made it! Seeing the tall man screaming to the sky, the middle-aged man also felt happiness from his heart.

“Who is this?” He wondered.

The tall man turned around and showed a face with which the middle-aged man was most familiar.

“It’s me!”

“It’s me!”

All of the dark fog dissipated. The middle-aged man instantly stopped his fists’ attack, angrily yelling to the sky.

“What are you doing?” The corpse controller shouted and waved his control stick.

The middle-aged man suddenly turned back with his twisted face. He seemed lucid but also a little mad. After his punch, a mountain fell from the sky.

The corpse controller used all means to control the middle-aged man. But compared with the mountain, the controller was so weak that he was defeated at once.

When the fist fell, the ground caved and collapsed. The middle-aged man made a strange cry and rushed out of the yard. In the pit, there was nothing but a b.l.o.o.d.y mess left behind.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 269 - Mountain Falling From The Sky

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