The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 319 - The Famous ‘Legend’ Xiao Meng

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Chapter 319: The Famous ‘Legend’ Xiao Meng

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Impossible! Though his kungfu was special and required women’s original Yin to strengthen it, Black b.u.t.terfly was br.i.m.m.i.n.g with spirits. How could mere evil ghosts come up to him? He abandoned all sorts of distracting thoughts, understanding that he had encountered a top master!

He raised his right hand and threw it backward, spewing white smoke from the sleeve that shrouded his surroundings.

Under his tongue was an antidote pill. He was sure that the master behind him would go limp and fall to the ground instantly.

Black b.u.t.terfly had learned the Bone-weakening Mist from a certain script. Even those on the Ranking List of Young Masters would go weak in the limbs after just a whiff!

He heard no sound of something heavy falling to the ground and neither did he felt like someone was behind him. A cool breeze grazed his neck again, freezing his arteries and veins.

Could the person be holding his breath? But how was that possible? Black b.u.t.terfly had attacked without warning and he still had the antidote pill in his mouth. His heart jumped as he wondered if he had really met an evil ghost.

He had caused the deaths of many girls and many died with grievances. Some were even cursing him in their dying breaths. Could they have turned into ghosts to avenge themselves?

A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder. When Black b.u.t.terfly recalled his past, his legs trembled. He was afraid that the ruined souls would ask for payback for his sins and he couldn’t control his spirits then!

His panic climbed from foot to head, which was limp and numb. Black b.u.t.terfly’s legs became soft and his pupils enlarged. He was about to faint.

No! He must try again!

He was wicked and merciless. He refused to believe that he had encountered an evil and difficult ghost that he couldn’t resist.

A crescent-shaped weapon in the cuff slid into Black b.u.t.terfly’s left hand and he violently threw it backward. The concealed weapon flew but nothing happened. It seemed that there was really no one behind him.

The weapon was about to hit the wooden wall when it suddenly rebounded, sneaking behind Black b.u.t.terfly!

This was the End of World Auto-returning Dart capable of making its own return, making it hard for his opponent to defend against. It was the best way to lure an opponent in the hiding here.

The dart flew over to Black b.u.t.terfly, falling into his hand again without touching anything all the way.

A cool breeze touched the back of his neck again and a terrified Black b.u.t.terfly shuddered.

He turned around and unsurprisingly saw the sixth lady of the Sha family. She stared at him with a strange expression as if there were ghosts latching onto him.

“Friend, I know it’s hard for you to let go of your resentment but we bear no grudge against each other. Why do you trouble me so? If you let me go, I swear I’ll burn some nether money for you this time every year and get the monks to set your soul free.” Black b.u.t.terfly tried really hard to contain his fear and managed to speak without stuttering.

It was completely quiet without any reaction, with only the breeze still blowing. Black b.u.t.terfly was numb. He was frightened and cold.

“I… I’m cruel and insane. I killed you but we’re in different worlds now. It won’t benefit you in any way to kill me. Will you please let me off and let me send you some nether money every year?” Black b.u.t.terfly was so terrified that he finally lost control of his emotions.

His nature and strength weren’t inconsistent but any other Acupored master facing such strange situation would be frightened too. Besides, he had committed so many bad deeds. It was only natural that he would suffer a mental breakdown.

A sudden gust threw the wooden door open and a ghostly shadow broke into the room. He was expressionless, making him look like a dead man.

Black b.u.t.terfly shrieked in terror as he wet and shat himself. He blacked out and he was close to fainting.

Just then, he felt a hand press the center of his back and countless power flashes pushed their way into his Protective Upstanding Qi. The power broke his Dantian and destroyed his main meridian.

All of his kungfu was now ruined… Black b.u.t.terfly fainted, carrying this thought on his mind.

“You frightened him so much that he fainted,” Meng Qi said, staring at Qi Zhengyan without a righteous expression.

The latter’s face twitched as he gripped the gold sword with the dragon stripe in his hand. Who was the one who had been playing so happily earlier?

Meng Qi had been relieved to see the sixth lady of the Sha family safe upon their arrival. He took the chance to use Wolf King’s tricks and took advantage of the fact that he could sense the flow of Black b.u.t.terfly’s genuine Qi and his muscle reaction. He made use of his surroundings and the Hallucination Body Movements to trap Black b.u.t.terfly in a nightmare, where he could tell that he was being attacked but couldn’t figure out who was the attacker.

Under such circ.u.mstances, the will of any average master would collapse without control!

Whenever Meng Qi fought a top master, he would try his best to study their tricks and improve himself. This was a part of his practice.

“Sixth lady, let’s go out and meet the others.” Meng Qi dragged Black b.u.t.terfly by his vest and imbued his genuine Qi into his body, not giving him any chance to gain control.

The lady’s fears and worries largely faded after seeing Meng Qi tricking Black b.u.t.terfly. She held her tears and gracefully bowed with the hands folded in front of her chest. “Thank you for your help. Will you please let me know your names?

“I’m Su Meng and this is Qi Zhengyan, a disciple of the Huanhua Swords Sect. We met each other on the way to Ying City and happened to learn about your predicament.” Meng Qi didn’t conceal his ident.i.ty as he was planning to openly challenge Master Lotus.

The lady’s eyes lit up. “You’re Killing Blade, Young Master Su. It’s no wonder that Black b.u.t.terfly couldn’t fight back.”

“Both of you are incredibly chivalrous. My family is bound to reward you,” she said.

“We did what we should do. How can we accept your reward?” Meng Qi was acting like a decent Young Master while he secretly searched Black b.u.t.terfly for items on him. He found ten concealed weapons, two tubes of knockout drops, four antidote pills, and many scented handkerchiefs and innerwear belonging to women.

He gave the lady an antidote pill, restoring her ability to move. They then took her and rushed out of the forest.

Arrester w.a.n.g, Lin Baozhi, the Elder of the Sha Family, and the others had arranged the route and teams for search. They held the torches, about to march into the forest to arrest Black b.u.t.terfly and settle old scores.

They stopped after seeing the lady and the two men who had just rushed into the forest earlier.

They saw a handsome young man with a blade in his hand carrying a man dressed in nocturnal clothing, whose figure was similar to that of Black b.u.t.terfly.

“This is Black b.u.t.terfly.” Meng Qi threw the man in front of them.

This… this was too fast… They were shocked into speechlessness, with their torches slowly burning.

The family elder first came back to himself. “Hu’er, are you okay?”

As soon as she saw her beloved father, the lady burst into tears and vented all her inner fears. “F… Father, I’m okay. Thanks to these two Young Masters, Black… Black b.u.t.terfly didn’t succeed…”

Was this man really Black b.u.t.terfly? They all looked at Meng Qi in awe. Barely any time had pa.s.sed since he rushed into the forest and conquered Black b.u.t.terfly, leaving the latter to smell of s.h.i.+t and p.i.s.s in all over his lower half!

The father comforted his daughter. He first nodded at Meng Qi and Qi Zhengyan to express his thanks before stepping forward to cut off the troublemaking root of Black b.u.t.terfly. He said, “Arrester w.a.n.g, I hope you can punish Black b.u.t.terfly according to the law soon.”

Arrester w.a.n.g said with clenched teeth, “He’ll be put to death through dismemberment.”

“Two Young Masters, may I have your names?” the lady’s father asked, cupping one hand in the other before his chest.

The lady wiped her tears and said, “Dad, this is Young Master Su, the Killing Blade. That is Young Master Qi from the Huanhua Swords Sect.”

“Oh!” Similar cries suddenly came from the crowd. So it was Killing Blade! No wonder Black b.u.t.terfly was captured. These two truly deserved their reputations!

“Young Master Su, you’ve come highly recommended. You’re famed throughout the River East ever since your fight against the Astounding in Maoling,” the father said. “I’d like to invite you to my home and hold a banquet to express my thanks.”

“There’s no need for a banquet. We just need our rest and then we’ll be off to Ying City tomorrow.” Meng Qi didn’t refuse the man’s invitation. He generally wouldn’t maltreat himself. He’d rather stay in a courtyard than an inn and an inn than the streets. Of course, any place could be his temporary tent if circ.u.mstances forced him to.

“Ying City?” The man smiled happily. “I was planning to give you some traveling expenses. But since you’re heading to Ying City, I’d take you there myself. The legends there will help you if I present you to them.”

Meng Qi nodded, agreeing indifferently.

He spent a good night in deep sleep and woke up in high spirits.

He was about to meet Qi Zhengyan when the father and daughter of the Sha Family came over in a hurry.

“Young Master Su, I request for your help to help us judge a case,” the father sincerely asked.

Meng Qi smiled. “What can an outsider like me for you?”

The father shook his head. “Being one of the best fighters on the Ranking List of Young Masters, you’re well-known to be a great legend everywhere. Since you’re an outsider here, you’ve nothing to do with both sides so your judgment must be impartial.”

Meng Qi was indeed famous, but the father had neglected to mention Qi Zhengyan earlier. Thus he hastily added that the Huanhua Swords Sect disciple was great too.

Huh! It felt pretty nice to be unexpectedly called a famous legend! Meng Qi was feeling rather excited for he had never encountered such a thing and asked, “What is it then?”

“There’s a local Elite-gathering Gang whose leader died a few days ago. His youngest disciple was suspected to be the murderer and fought his way out of his sect and went into hiding. The eldest disciple and the leader’s son then fought over the leader’s position. Who knew that the youngest disciple would return and claim his innocence. He has asked the local legend to exercise justice for him,” the father said, briefly telling them the story.

Meng Qi chuckled. “Fighting his way out of his sect? Does this mean the youngest disciple is far stronger than the rest?”

“This disciple had learned some kungfu before joining the sect,” the daughter answered, chiming in.

“I see. Do you know what kind of kungfu has he learned?” Meng Qi asked, acting as if he was some legend of justice.

The father answered, “I don’t know. I only know he has outstanding strength and seems to be a hunter living near the Shaolin Temple. After disaster struck his family, he became a beggar. He made his way to the south before his talent got him accepted into the Elite-gathering Gang.”

“A hunter near the Shaolin Temple…” Meng Qi gnawed his teeth. This youngest disciple unexpectedly shared a fate with him.

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 319 - The Famous ‘Legend’ Xiao Meng

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