The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 352 - The Purpose

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Chapter 352: The Purpose

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“Primogenitor Devil?” Qi Zhengyan frowned, feeling an inexplicable fear of Primogenitor Devil who was equivalent to the reincarnation of the Demonworld Fragment.

Initially puzzled, Jiang Zhiwei nodded thoughtfully. “I’m afraid that the normal Exterior experts can’t surpa.s.s Primogenitor Devil even if it doesn’t revive completely. But it’ll be tough if Primogenitor Devil is the task of the Myths or the Immortals.”

Zhao Heng wore a grave expression. “Buddhist Monk Jiuzhen is probably on the Dharmakaya level. That is, Primogenitor Devil was better than that in his prime. Thus, even if he can’t completely revive due to his serious injuries caused by that one blow of Nirvana, I fear that his strength is close to that of a Great Master. There’s at least one Peerless Master Pro joining the Myths or the Immortals, so we must be careful.”

In consideration of this, Zhao Heng and the rest tried to maintain as low a profile as possible. They didn’t want to take part in the side task, lest they died without a burial place. Although Thunder G.o.d from the Ninth Heaven was only the Second and Third Heaven of the Exterior at the beginning, he had destroyed the whole team. Zhao Heng was the only one who had narrowly escaped death, never mind the experienced person with Peerless Master Pro level.

“We may not escape…” Ruan Yushu said coldly.

“Exactly.” Meng Qi nodded. “They’ll certainly go deep into the Demonworld Fragment if their task is to wipe out Primogenitor Devil. In other words, they have to resort to the pa.s.sage of Demonic World in the Palace to prevent others from destroying the Demonworld Fragment. Otherwise, the task will fail in advance. If so, the hard part of our task is to control the time. If we’re early and they’ll have yet to enter the Demonic World. If we’re late, then we’ll be closer to our deadline.”

“No, I think the task has gotten very strange.” Jiang Zhiwei pressed her lips together, denying Meng Qi’s speculation. “If I were them, I wouldn’t guard the pa.s.sage on purpose unless I have an abundant manpower. I’d exterminate the rest of the devils while True Devil goes out. Then the Demonic Crystal would be in my hands and no one would be able to destroy it.”

“For us, we can go deep into the Demonic World to seek other strong evil spirits and kill them. Otherwise, we have to collect items to finish the side task and save up enough Karma point for deduction.”

In fact, Meng Qi and his friends couldn’t be obliterated due to short of Karma points if they returned now. Dominator of Samsara in Six Realms would first convert their weapons, elixir, and other items into points for deduction. But the conversion would be cheap in this case and everything that Meng Qi owned was estimated to be worth 1,000 points at most.

Meng Qi sucked in a breath after listening to Jiang Zhiwei’s a.s.sumptions. If the opponent was tyrannical with strength and the task was correct, it was likely that they would have to take action this way!

Jiang Zhiwei acted in the same manner in which she wielded her sword, aggressive and direct. When it came to deducing the moves of a strong master, her predictions were more accurate than others.

“Usually, if Samsara travelers of two teams aren’t in direct compet.i.tion, their tasks shouldn’t be conflicting. It’ll directly increase the difficulty of our tasks…” Zhao Heng was confused.

Meng Qi smiled bitterly. “Perhaps it was thanks to them that we managed to kill the three devils. Otherwise, why would they be seeking the Fate-protecting Triratna out of nowhere? If Seven Great Demons live in the Palace or guard each place, it is limited for us to choose the object due to the time limitation. We might have to fight True Devil recklessly. There are pros and cons.”

“We should hurry to the Palace first and enter the Demonic World directly. If the rest of devils are not there, we can kill other strong evil spirits. I hope we can leave before Primogenitor Devil revives.”

They just had to kill three more evil spirits. It should be relatively quicker!

“This is the only way we can do it and we can only expect failure if it doesn’t work.” Zhao Heng once again displayed an air of a rich family’s son, something that Meng Qi couldn’t stand.

Suddenly, they heard a wispy woman’s voice. “You still have another choice.”

Someone managed to conceal herself and got close to them?

A startled Meng Qi forcibly steadied his state of mind. Tilting his head on one side, he only saw a lady in green dress coming up slowly from the fringe of the woods. She wore a mask. It seemed that her temperament wasn’t only as delicate as running water and flame, but also as calm as lofty mountains and huge trees.

The mask had the face of a delicate and clever woman painted against a red backdrop. There was a bluish sand on the mid-brows.

“Bluecloud Progenitor?” Zhao Heng murmured.

This mask could be seen in many plays. It belonged to Bluecloud Progenitor, the famous sect G.o.ddess!

Was this woman from the Immortals? Meng Qi made eye contact with Jiang Zhiwei and his friends.

The lady stopped about ten feet away from Meng Qi and the others, not approaching them rashly as not to make them uneasy. Her breathing was a little unstable as if she was seriously injured.

“I’m Bluecloud Progenitor from the Immortals,” she said.

“Why have you come here?” Meng Qi asked, thinking to himself. Could it be that she was the one who took the Fate-protecting Tripod?

Was it possible that she followed them all the way here from the ruins of the Evergreen Temple?

What on earth was her purpose since she had obviously achieved the strength of the Exterior?

“Except for going deep into the Demonic World, cooperating with us is your other choice,” Bluecloud Progenitor said at a pace that was neither too fast nor too slow. “It was the Matriarch of the West of the Myths who took the Fate-protecting Tripod in the Evergreen Temple.”

Why were the Myths involved again? Meng Qi frowned. Was it their confrontational mission?

Bluecloud Progenitor continued, “Star of Northern Dipper was also there and hurt me. If they didn’t consider that I might be coveting it, the two of them would likely kill all of you. For them, the fewer the variables, the better.”

Meng Qi didn’t expect that they would be put in such dangerous circ.u.mstances. He increasingly found the task strange. They had not taken any action but had been confronted with death so many times. Their main task had also become more difficult…

“Is killing Primogenitor Devil their task?” Meng Qi asked, aiming straight at the heart of the problem.

It was certainly true that Bluecloud Progenitor had followed them from the ruins. Her hiding technique was of such high level!

“To be exact, it was our task, but they discovered some information and forcibly gathered several members to break in with the Samsara talisman. They fought for the Fate-protecting Triratna with us to go deep into the Demonic World and suppress Primogenitor Devil,” Bluecloud Progenitor explained briefly.

“What kind of information?” Zhao Heng asked with concern.

In the World of Samsara, information was always valuable. It could even save people from hopeless situations.

Instead of answering, Bluecloud Progenitor said, “Xi, Star of Northern Dipper, Military Star, and Matriarch of the West have joined the Myths. They’re truly experienced specialists, except for the newcomer Matriarch of the West. Xi is especially close to the level of a Great Master.”

Xi was the name of a certain ancient emperor and it had been pa.s.sed down to now.

“Our members include me, Primogenitor Guangcheng, and Yun Zhongzi. Since I’m not as good as them, I want to cooperate with you.” She introduced the comparison of the strength between both sides.

Primogenitor Guangcheng, also called Guang Chengzi, was one of the nine sect primogenitors. Meng Qi had long since heard about him, so he wasn’t surprised. However, there hadn’t been any records of the Immortals about Yun Zhongzi. He had only seen it in a certain cla.s.sical novel in his previous lifetime.

He asked calmly, “I hear that the Immortals are named after ancient immortals, but why haven’t I heard about Yun Zhongzi?”

He noticed the response of his companions. They nodded, showing that they hadn’t heard about the person.

Bluecloud Progenitor replied coolly, “There are countless ancient immortals. How can people know each one of them?”

Meng Qi was inwardly stunned to hear such a perfunctory answer, not knowing if it was surprise or shock. Was it possible that there was an apotheosized world?

Was there a Yang Erlang? A Sky-reaching Eminentor?

Then there wouldn’t be any need to talk about Heavenly Primogenitor. He was one of the top three sect nine-primogenitors of the main world, which included Heavenly Primogenitor, Morals Primogenitor, and Primogenitor Lingbao.

“I see,” Meng Qi said. “How you would like to cooperate with us? What on earth are the Myths forcibly breaking in for? It won’t be good for our cooperation if you keep it a secret.”

Bluecloud Progenitor coughed a little. Evidently, she hadn’t recovered from her injuries. “If the information hadn’t come so suddenly, it wouldn’t be just the three of us. As for the reason why the Myths are entangled with four full members, it’s of grave importance. Would you please swear the Soul-pledging Oath not to disclose the information?”

She didn’t worry that Meng Qi and his friends would gain great benefit from it since their strength determined that they couldn’t take part in the core issue.

Meng Qi and his friends communicated with each other for a while, thinking that the condition was acceptable. So they all swore the Soul-pledging Oath.

“Due to the intrusion of the Myths, the difficulty of your main task is changing. And if there are only our members staying there, we’ll leave the Demonic Crystal behind before entering the Demonic World as long as you’re willing to wait.” Bluecloud Progenitor said something redundant, making Meng Qi and his fellows share bitter hatred against the enemy with themselves. They didn’t expect to leave normally after entering the Demonic World. “The reason why they invested the capital to break in is that they wanted to get the information on Buddhist Monk Jiuzhen.”

Meng Qi and the rest held their breath. The purpose of the Myths in forcibly gathering members and using four Samsara talisman couldn’t be simple!

“If we have enough time, Patriarch of the East, Myrtle Star, and the other Great Masters of the Myths, as well as the mysterious Heaven Sovereign will rush over for this information.” Bluecloud Progenitor stimulated their desires again.

Patriarch of the East wouldn’t be coming since he was dead… Meng Qi and Jiang Zhiwei exchanged glances, making an unspoken comment.

Bluecloud Progenitor’s voice became grave. “Buddhist Monk Jiuzhen had once met an adventure and grasped the greatest Zen art. He had claimed the Dharmakaya by it. Later, he went deep into the Demonic World with the items he gained from the adventure to suppress Primogenitor Devil and then pa.s.sed away inside.”

This, they knew… Meng Qi’s interest was piqued and became upset with Bluecloud Progenitor because she didn’t finish the story in one breath.

“Based on the information, it should be…” Bluecloud Progenitor paused, her voice getting faint. Her voice simply danced in the air, not traveling anywhere.

“The first form of the Buddha’s Palm!”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 352 - The Purpose

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