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Chapter 368: t.i.tle

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“I can choose any of these?” Meng Qi asked inquisitively. There were three Taoism Celestial Venerables that were not highlighted by the green glow with many other immortals to choose from. “Why did the others before me not choose them? Could it be that there were differences in the selection range between full members and probationary members?” Meng Qi wondered to himself as he considered his options.

Bluecloud Progenitor snorted, “Why wouldn’t you take my word for it?”

She paused for a moment before saying, “Each of the t.i.tles before you have their own prerequisites in terms of compatibility in an individual’s corresponding martial skills or some other matters of affinity. There are also t.i.tles that have yet to reach the peak of their cultivation. Without skills of higher levels they are not suitable for the core development of one’s personal skills. Not every t.i.tle fits the conditions of everyone. Hence the remaining t.i.tles, which are available before you.”

“There is a portion of t.i.tles which are likewise on hand simply because their previous possessors have become deceased. This results in their current availability for your choosing, like Lord Taiyi for example.”

“Lord Taiyi?” The name was familiar to Meng Qi. He had heard about this previous holder of the t.i.tle. Word has it that he was a notorious figure in the main world. Captured by Abbot Kong Wen of the Shaolin Temple, he was slain but his body was not destroyed. Meng Qi would not choose a t.i.tle that bore such ill fortune.

Bluecloud Progenitor had mistaken Meng Qi’s pondering on the Lord Taiyi t.i.tle as keen interest. Pointing to it, she explained further, “Lord Taiyi of the Celestial Venerables, one of the Nine Taoist Venerables. I shall spare you from further ramblings of his tale, which I am certain you are already well aware of. We shall just go over the anecdotes.”

Meng Qi had nearly retorted about his indifference to the unlucky t.i.tle which he had disinterest in until the word “anecdotes” slipped the lips of his host. Bracing himself, he kept tight-lipped and smiled to Bluecloud Progenitor with feigned antic.i.p.ation and excitement, “Do carry on, Master Progenitor.”

“The legacies left by the great powers of the ancient often bear with them corresponding fortunes. The influence of the fates might not be exceedingly compelling, but it is sufficient to affect your future encounters. The influence grows stronger as the cultivation of a t.i.tle matures. Hence, t.i.tles of the ancients with modest upbringing and lesser enigmas are often favored choices. It would also mean one would be less likely to suffer the trappings of destiny and the vortex of cycles and karma. Immortal t.i.tles of the ancients that carry a certain allure with their mysterious enigmas might embroil the beneficiary of the legacies into whirlwinds of tribulations. Heavy rewards shall be in store, but not without greater risks and perils.” Bluecloud Progenitor eyed Meng Qi with gleeful, black eyes hiding her laughter, taunting Meng Qi with her embellishment.

Not reacting to her jab, Meng Qi understood the intent of the Bluecloud Progenitor. She had spoken the truth, albeit with an ounce of hyperbole.

“He has, in spite of all that, had the misfortune of tasting the bitterness of the purported ‘trappings of destiny’ himself!”

The indifference of Meng Qi over her taunts baffled Bluecloud Progenitor. She added dryly, “Observe the cultivation of the Lord Taiyi persona. Have you noticed its resemblance to a certain great power of the ancients?”

Meng Qi noticed the inscription on the jade bamboo scripts that said: “Taiyi’s Secret of Longevity”, “Taiyi Savior Spell” and “Qinghua’s Magic Script”.

“‘Taiyi’s Secret of Longevity’ was the foundation of the cultivation of the Lord Taiyi persona, while ‘Taiyi Savior Spell’ and ‘Qinghua’s Magic Script’ were secondary utilities which focused on Kung Fu strokes and movement as well as talisman enchantments. Do you not notice the similarities to a certain great power of the ancients?” Bluecloud Progenitor repeated her question, concluding her explanation.

“Longevity… Qinghua…” Meng Qi murmured as he mulled over his host’s query, “I suppose they are similar to that of the Azure Emperor…”

“Tsk! Not bad! You’re not completely ignorant. Rumor has it that the Savior Celestial Venerable was, in fact, the Taoist incarnation of the Azure Emperor.”

“The Taoist incarnation of the Azure Emperor? Is it not the same as the Zhenwu, the Devil-Rinsing Primogenitor?” Meng Qi was shocked by the revelation.

“Nay,” Bluecloud Progenitor shook her head, “Not exactly similar. The Great Emperor Zhenwu was a true Taoist. The Devil-Rinsing Primogenitor was his t.i.tle, a persona. The names of Zhenwu and the Dark Emperor were actually bestowments by the Celestial Court. The Azure Emperor was an Inborn Spirit who controlled parts of the heaven and earth. But therein lies the conundrum too, he was never able to be on par with the Heaven Sovereign.”

“Therefore it was rumored that he secretly left his Real Body and entered Taoism. Then he adopted the Taiyi persona. Of course, these speculations are based on the similarities between their Kong and bits of clues here and there. No one knows if the rumors are true. But what’s certain is that both had existed during ancient times, after Azure Emperor’s downfall, Lord Taiyi remained at large until the Nine Serenities had gone into hiding.

Detecting a hint of concern in Meng Qi’s expression, Bluecloud Progenitor laughed, “What? Are you unnerved by this? There were rumors that another part of the Azure Emperor had left his true body, entered Buddhism and then a.s.sumed the form of the Apothecary Buddha, one of the Three Buddhas and Master over the Pure Lands of the East.”

“d.a.m.n, the Azure Emperor had such unspoken invincibility. Each of these great powers of the ancient seemed stronger than the next…” Meng Qi grimaced with shock and awe. “The emperor that has transcended the realms of Immortality, Taoism and Buddhism might even still be present to this day…”

“I believe your choice would be Lord Taiyi then?” Bluecloud Progenitor asked sarcastically. She was content knowing that Meng Qi was frightened.

“I had never once intended to choose Lord Taiyi. Thank you very much!” Feigning a grimace, Meng Qi declined, “The cultivations of one of the Nine Venerables of Taoism is most unquestionably enticing. But the tale of the Azure Emperor is but a little too formidable and mysterious for my taste. I would like to keep a safe distance.”

“This is a t.i.tle that bodes of ill fortune. The last possessor of the persona had been struck with a most terrible death, and the Azure emperor is completely entangled with Buddhism. Surely this is not a perfect choice for me!”

“A wise decision, you are most perceptive indeed.” Bluecloud Progenitor remarked with a laugh. Her laughter carried a tinge of raspiness which hinted at her maturity.

Turning around, Meng Qi looked and saw the Lord of Purity and Magic persona, this was the t.i.tle that he had desired. Unfortunately, it had already been chosen by someone else!

I would have looked rakish in the slick Taoist garb and priest hat, with the silk belt and gra.s.s-woven shoes. There was also the added benefit of the Exterior Eight Nine Mysteries spell in the future!

“I believe I had mentioned that this t.i.tle has already been taken? Without the Lord of Purity and Magic’s cultivation of the Eight Nine Mysteries technique, we would not have known of its accorded ability of emulation? Could we have taken out parts of the Qi-Channeling pathways, the Dharma Access energy concentration techniques, for his consumption and use? Do you think the Dharma Access mastery of the Sky-throwing Palm technique had just hit me suddenly?” Bluecloud Progenitor reb.u.t.ted rhetorically with sarcasm.

She had not even the slightest comprehension of Meng Qi’s pain of not being able to fulfill his ambition.

Meng Qi coughed, “Master Progenitor, I’m only wondering about the lack of epiphany surrounding the Lord of Purity and Magic.”

Bluecloud Progenitor replied coldly, “There were countless immortals during the ancient times. One could only know so many of them.”

Presuming Meng Qi’s disbelief over her remark, she added, “Primogenitor Lingbao once said that a long measure of the ancient history has been lost. Traces of which could only be found within the World of Samsara. It is highly unlikely that you would have great knowledge on the matter when even he does not avow of a firm grasp of history.”

“Of course…” answered Meng Qi as his mind spun wildly with thoughts.

Bluecloud Progenitor then gathered herself and said, “‘Lord of Purity and Magic’ was known by another name, ‘Erlang Lord Saint’. If you were in ‘The Myths’, you could choose that t.i.tle, much like the ‘Azure Emperor’ is known as Azure Emperor, the Patriarch of the East in ‘The myths’. Here, he is known as Azure Taiyi: Savior of the Celestial Venerables, though they do not have the Eight Nine Mysteries. So it would be useless even if you could choose it.”

“Right…so the deaths of high-level masters in The Myths and The Immortals all had something to do with Azure Emperor! Could it be a mere coincidence?” Meng Qi was dubious but he showed none of it. Instead, he nodded and turned towards Immortal Yuding. “The student has grasped the Eight Nine Mysteries technique, as should the Master.”

“Hey, ‘Nine Revolving Mystic Kung Fu’? ‘Yuding’s Immortal-stabbing Sword’?” Meng Qi seemed surprised.

“What’s wrong?” Bluecloud Progenitor asked, not understanding Meng Qi’s surprise.

Meng Qi let out a breath and said, “Oh, the name sounds very much like the Eight-Nine Mysteries technique, so I just blurted it out.”

“You have a keen eye, both are similar and are authentic Taoist Mystic Arts. I have forgotten to mention that Immortal Yuding was actually the teacher of Lord of Purity and Magic. So if that is what you end up choosing, I can imagine Qing Yuan being upset.” Bluecloud Progenitor gave a smile in antic.i.p.ation of what would follow.

“Aha, I’d love to see that too!” Meng Qi thought before he laughed, “But if I’ve cultivated the Eight Nine Mysteries, how was it that my teacher had not?”

Bluecloud Progenitor thought for a moment and answered, “It’s rumored that the Heavenly Primogenitor had imparted the Eight Nine Mysteries to the Lord of Purity and Magic through the Immortal Yuding. The skill rivals the Buddha Heaven Interception. But no one is certain of its origins.”

“I would advise against choosing Immortal Yuding, for the Nine Revolving Mystic Kung Fu is too similar to Eight Nine Mysteries, so it would be easy for people to guess your ident.i.ty. You’d be better off choosing a totally different style. You’ve harnessed the Eight Nine Mysteries anyway, which means you could just emulate the Nine Revolving Kung Fu, that way you wouldn’t need to waste energy or worry about any complications.”

Meng Qi nodded in agreement and turned towards the Heavenly Primogenitor persona. Did the Eight Nine Mysteries have something to do with him?

“The persona of the Heavenly Primogenitor. The origin of all things. He who holds the secret of nihility in his hands even before heaven and earth came into form. Hence his skills are frighteningly strong. It was whispered that he possesses powers that could rival the Buddha’s Heaven Interception. But since the lore about the Heavenly Primogenitor is scarce even within the Six Realms, we could only procure sections about the unsealing of the Acupores and the Exterior Scenery on this persona. Therefore many of us have opted on other t.i.tles and personas, besides him,” explained Bluecloud Progenitor. This justified the reasons that all have forewent the opportunity to secure the persona who was reigned supreme over the Celestial Venerables.

She then added, “At first, Primogenitor Lingbao and his crew were only able to stumble on a few dozen cultivations of certain t.i.tles, the rest were acc.u.mulated through various tasks. That is why we now have such an abundant array of cultivations to choose from. However, some cultivations have parts missing, such as those of the Heavenly Primogenitor, or the Eight Nine Mysteries technique, where we only have the first chapter of the Dharmakaya. Some t.i.tles we don’t have at all, like Morals Primogenitor, Duobao Primogenitor, Devil-Rinsing Primogenitor, etc.”

Meng Qi listened carefully as he browsed through the Kong of the Heavenly Primogenitor.

There was a jade bamboo script, in which some writing that resembled both ancient and today’s writing could be read directly from the heart,

“Heavenly Golden Scripture!”

“Also called Jade Virtual Cave Skill, we know it as Jade Virtual Sky-opening Skill,” Blurted out Bluecloud Progenitor carelessly. She then introduced the t.i.tles Primogenitor Fuangfa, Immortal Cihang, Purple Virtual Progenitor, Progenitor Jinmu, The Matriarch of the West’s Taoist name. When she finished her introductions, she added, “Mull over it yourself, choose something that is totally different to your own Kong in the main world so that you would not reveal your ident.i.ty.”

Meng Qi nodded as he mulled over his choices. He browsed through the Kong of Primogenitor Lingbao, where there were four parts, Immortal-extincting Sword Method, Immortal-ensnaring Sword Method and two others. It also contained the Immortal-destroying Sword Method , which was not found in the six realms, but there was a line that read, “Second chapter of Dharmakaya missing”.

Then, he started focusing his thoughts on all the missing t.i.tles,

“The t.i.tle I choose cannot be from a woman!”

“Nor can it be related to Buddhism!”

“The best choice would be one that has fewer missing chapters, and fewer misfortunes attached to it. My main cultivation is the eight nine mysteries anyway…”

“Of course, it must also have style!”

After a long while, he let out a sigh of relief and said, “Primogenitor, I’ve made up my mind.”

“Which t.i.tle do you choose?” Asked Bluecloud Progenitor, excited with antic.i.p.ation.

Meng Qi lifted his head a little and uttered two words,

“Heavenly Primogenitor!”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 368 - Title

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