The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 379 - Expressing Gratitude with the Blade

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Chapter 379: Expressing Grat.i.tude with the Blade

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The incidents unfolded with horrifying suddenness. Besides Green-blood Dragon King and Red-eyebrowed Saber King, everyone was shocked still. How had a peaceful ancestral prayer ceremony abruptly turned into a coup, with Young Master Wen being held at knife-point?

Even Madam Huangfu and Huangfu Fei felt the same. So this was the Taoist Qingyuan’s so-called brilliant plan…

But he must possess great and hidden powers for him to be able to seize Weng Hengshui with two of the great Guardians present!

Whether or not it was truly a brilliant plan would depend on whether they could make their escape. If they succeed, then it could be called as thus!

Green-blood Dragon King watched in disbelief, hot blood rus.h.i.+ng to his face as he seethed in rage. He had just been cleanly defeated by a raw, inexperienced fledgling who had just barely enlightened his Acupores. As a Guardian with Half-Step to the Exterior Scenery skills, he had now allowed his young master to be taken hostage right before his very eyes. Feelings of guilt and shame stabbed him. A sudden impulse to kill himself before Mr. Moon-was.h.i.+ng for his negligence nearly overcame him.

His reputation would surely suffer if word of this incident spread!

He might not have had a well-loved reputation or tremendous popularity but the mention of his name was enough to at least command fear and respect. However, his name might be uttered in jest and mockery from today onward!

He didn’t instantly reply. He glanced at Huangfu Fei and Madam Huangfu as if considering securing a hostage for his own to even the tables. Things would be easier then.

But even his thought was within Meng Qi’s calculations. He chuckled and asked, “Could it be that you two think that I wouldn’t dare to kill with my blade?”

“Madam and Miss Huangfu have nothing to do with me anyway; they’re neither friends nor family to me. I’m only trying to repay Master Huangfu’s kindness. My life takes precedence, after all. If they end up dying, I’ll just slit Donor Wen’s throat to avenge their deaths. Then I’ll return another day for more blood.”

He gestured for Huangfu Fei and Madam Huangfu to remain close to him. His blade bit a little deeper into Wen Hengshui’s throat, causing blood to trickle from the wound. His nonchalant and cold tone belied his callousness over the lives of others.

The eyes of the Kings nearly popped out of their sockets at the sight of blood but they could only watch helplessly as Huangfu Fei and Madam Huangfu moved. There couldn’t do anything lest their young master would be slaughtered right before them.

Being experienced Jianghu folk, they knew there was a possibility that Meng Qi was bluffing about his disregard for Madam and Miss Huangfu. But it wasn’t a possibility that they were willing to bet on. After all, it was their young master’s life at stake. They couldn’t jeopardize his safety, not when a blade was pressed so close to his artery.

Through gritted teeth, Green-blood Dragon King said, “Taoist Qingyuan, consider the consequences of making an enemy out of our Moon Village. We’ll retaliate with all the fury we can muster and won’t rest until your blood is drawn.”

He was trying to delay and distract Meng Qi. He motioned with his hands silently, gesturing to his men to inform Mr. Moon-was.h.i.+ng instantly so they could rescue their young master and slay the d.a.m.ned Taoist!

With his extensive experience in the Jianghu and his reputable strength and powers, he looked tense but unfazed. He remained calm as he tried to formulate a plan.

Meng Qi laughed cheerfully. “I wouldn’t be here today if I’m worried about dying here. Why bother trying to intimidate me with the pain of death? Hurry and prepare a carriage for us. I wouldn’t want to meet the good Mr. Moon-was.h.i.+ng!”

He had seen through Green-Blood Dragon King’s cunning.

Huangfu Fei walked past the guardians and instructed a servant who had followed them to prepare the carriage. It was to wait for them outside the manor.

The servant glanced at Green-blood Dragon King, perplexed.

Meng Qi pressed the blade deeper against Wen Hengshui’s throat. The latter could only gasp in pain and mutter unintelligibly out of intense fear.

Drops of blood had trickled down the blade and dripped onto the floor in the dark corridor, making vivid crimson flowers blossom on the snow and ice.

Green-blood Dragon King was angered and anxious but he didn’t dare to risk his young master’s life. Thus, he nodded at the servant.

“How long before it’s ready?” Meng Qi asked Huangfu Fei.

“If they work quickly, 15 minutes should be enough,” she answered, recalling her past experience.

Meng Qi turned to the servant and said, “If I don’t see a carriage waiting at the entrance in 15 minutes, be prepared to receive your n.o.ble master’s corpse.”

Green-blood Dragon King’s breathing became haggard and barely managed to stop himself from striking the Taoist. Red-eyebrowed Saber King appeared furious as if he had minced the Taoist in hundreds of ways in his head.

The Moon Village disciples and the Kings trailed warily behind Huangfu Fei and her mother as they carefully walked to the entrance under Meng Qi’s escort. He still had his blade up against Wen Hengshui’s throat. As everyone s.h.i.+fted slowly behind them, word of the incident had been pa.s.sed on to alert the rest of the manor including Mr. Moon-was.h.i.+ng. Loyal disciples of the manor including Qi Shaochong, Redline Lady, and Holy Hunchback Beyond the Great Wall had also remained in hiding, biding their time to mount a rescue and retaliate.

When they went outside the manor, a four-horse carriage neared them. The horses were of the breed accustomed for winter journeys.

Meng Qi instructed the two women to inspect the carriage lest there was any trickery or scheme. He drove the coachman away from his charge and sheathed his sword. With his left hand across his hostage’s throat, he started to guide the horses slowly forward.

“Dragon and Saber Kings, there’s no need to accompany us or send us off. Once we reach a safe distance, I’ll unseal your young master’s acupoints. I won’t harm him, but I won’t be in a good mood if I see you trailing the carriage. And when I’m in a bad mood, I might just slay your helpless master,” Meng Qi said, threatening without shame.

He had to thank all the police thrillers that he watched for equipping him with the knowledge of holding someone hostage!

More importantly, it was the hostage in his hands that kept the rest at bay. They had to be reminded of the consequences of besieging the carriage and potentially harming the hostage.

Green-blood Dragon King stopped in his tracks. He said bitterly, “Taoist Qingyuan, I look forward to meeting you again.”

Meng Qi laughed and replied without much thought, “I’ll pray for otherwise.”

The horses gradually picked up pace and galloped swiftly across the snowy landscape, pulling the carriage behind it. All the woods and land about the carriage disappeared into a white mist as they sped through the snow-covered vista.

“We’d be faster if we’re on a snow sled…” Meng Qi thought, lamenting as if he watched the scenery zipped past his vision.

He could have just taken both Madam and Miss Huangfu and raced to safety with his Lightness Skill movement. He would be swifter than both the carriage and a snow sled, but running would rapidly deplete his energy and he wouldn’t be able to maintain his speed for long. Without such a concern, he could concentrate on securing his hostage while healing and preparing for any potential uncertainties. The carriage was his most viable option.

Meng Qi put down his saber and consumed the healing elixirs from the Six Fan School while keeping his on the hostage. He didn’t lower his guard even after they left hostile territory. He continued to project his mental energies and watch his surroundings as they traveled, always wary of sudden ambushes by enemies in the hiding.

There was no sign of wildlife across the white, bare tundra of the snow-filled land. A few people walked about, busy with their daily affairs. The sounds of the ferocious galloping and the convulsive bangs and thuds drew their attention to the speeding carriage, driven by a handsome Taoist dressed in tattered robes.

What an odd spectacle… The common folk couldn’t help feeling puzzled by the peculiar sight of the carriage, but kept a distance from it.

The carriage hastened forward, skirting past the side of a forest where bare branches of the trees stood out like skeletal limbs against the sky.

Inside the carriage, Huangfu Fei was silent. She trusted in Meng Qi’s words, believing that he would deliver them to safety. She understood that he had to be completely focused in healing and securing the hostage at the same time, thus made no attempt to distract him by engaging him in conversation.

With his acupoints sealed and movements restricted, Wen Hengshui could only glare at his kidnapper in disgust and hatred. Bitterness and contempt flared in his eyes that gleamed in hopes of vengeance.

Meng Qi tended to his wounds calmly, ignoring his captive’s stabbing glances. Still, he has remained watchful of his surroundings. He calculated their distance from the Moon Village, making estimations of Mr Moon-was.h.i.+ng’s possible appearance.

After traveling for some time, Meng Qi’s senses were fully restored with his lighter wounds fully treated. This allowed him to sense his surroundings to the minute detail. Still, there was no sign of anyone from the village.

Then again, he understood he could only detect common disciples from the village with his senses. It would be simple to conceal energy and breath from him for enemies on the Half-step Exterior Scenery level like Green-blood Dragon King, especially if they were trained in the village’s mystic arts of camouflage.

A sudden thought struck him. He clutched his saber and grabbed the immobile Wen Hengshui. With a quick spin, he threw his hostage off the galloping carriage. He laughed boomingly and bellowed,

“Donor Wen, you don’t have to send us off anymore!”

His voice had yet to fade when flashes of movements appeared from the side of the horse trail. It was Green-Blood Dragon King who hurled himself onto the speeding carriage with a quick leap.

Dark and cold energy like gales of wind enveloped his bolting figure. The snow that Green-blood Dragon King had stood on before was left with a green enamel-like layer. The sudden drop in temperature frightened and confused even the hurrying horses.

He concentrated his energy in his palms. He really couldn’t wait to kill the Taoist to quell his anger!

A blurry figure flickered before him. His target, previously seated in the front of the carriage and driving the horses, had vanished!

No, his target hadn’t disappeared! Instead, Meng Qi had leaped high up in the air when he had pounced forward. The former wielded his saber and, like an eagle swooping down on its prey, was about to strike Wen Hengshui whom he had hurled into the air earlier.

Meng Qi’s eyes were steady and icy cold, keeping only the immobilized Wen Hengshui and his blade in his sights. With a slash like the fall of lightning, the cold-white flash of his blade blurred as Meng Qi delivered a fatal blow. Green-blood Dragon King was horrified to see his young master placed at the edge of a saber. The murderous Taoist was trying to brutally murder his young master, without any regard for Huangfu Fei and her mother!

“Young Master!”

Wen Hengshui’s survival was paramount to the entire Moon Village. Green-blood Dragon King had to forgo his pursuit of the carriage carrying the Huangfu women with the life of his young master in peril. With the momentum of a stroke, he spun in mid-air and attacked Meng Qi from behind.

Since it would be difficult for them to change directions mid-air, he was confident his attack would be force Meng Qi to withdraw from his a.s.sault of the young master and evade it with the Thousand Pounds Falling technique.

But his calculations had proved too sanguine. He had underestimated his opponent. Wide-eyed with shock and fear, he couldn’t believe the spectacle unraveling before him. Without any means to propel himself in mid-air, the Taoist had managed to flutter and floated behind his young master. He turned and faced Green-blood Dragon King, the restrained hostage between them. He hovered around as if he had wings and whirled mid-air like a fluttering b.u.t.terfly. The grace he had displayed, as if he had put on a magnificent performance, awed his enemy in wonder and fear.

How was this possible?

He wasn’t yet of the Exterior Scenery! How did he soar weightlessly in mid-air?

Stunned, Green-Blood Dragon King could only watch as Meng Qi thrust his sword forward.

The thrust came with such destructive force that the snow on the ground around them melted in an instant by b.l.o.o.d.y flames that burst in response to Meng Qi’s reprisal.

The sword light of the energy of his stab glistened like rays of a rainbow. The flow of time seemed to slow around Green-blood Dragon King as he braced for the impending strike to his forehead. Helpless and frail, he could only behold the extent of Meng Qi’s power and majesty. Like a deity from heaven, a divine glow seemed to shroud the Taoist.

An unearthly fire smoldered under Meng Qi’s feet, blazing the ghastly energy that encircled them before. A miniature flame appeared between his brows, flaring brightly as it dispelled evil and bestowed him protection.

Meng Qi had been expecting an ambush since they left the Moon Village. His plan didn’t include hurting Wen Hengshui, but did include incapacitating or, if necessary, eliminate Green-Blood Dragon King. It was crucial that they remove any loose ends and flee before the arrival of Mr. Moon-was.h.i.+ng!

“Arghhh!” Green-blood Dragon King screamed as his body erupted into emerald-green flames. The cold and dark energy around him darkened his surroundings. He concentrated his powers and dispelled the invasive Qi energy from Meng Qi’s attack with another destructive strike from his palm.

The flames extinguished in a poof and the ring of dark energy encompa.s.sing them dissipated. With another step mid-air, Meng Qi leaped back onto the carriage. He returned to his original position in front and drove the horses forward.

The horses galloped and sped away. His trailing laughter came from afar.

“Thank you for seeing us off, Dragon King!”

Carrying the young master in his arms, Dragon King raised his head in time to see the carriage as it sped away.

His legs crumbled once he fell to the ground, his knees nearly failing him. Blood spewed from his chest and his face turned pale.

In the exchange of blows moments ago, he had tried to avoid Meng Qi’s blade but was still pierced in his chest. Fortunately for him, the blade didn’t strike any of his vital parts. His life wasn’t in danger even though the wound looked severe. With his caliber and strength, he could have continued for another 300 rounds.

However, he had reacted hastily. With no means of propelling himself mid-air, he hadn’t been able to fully nullify his opponent’s Qi energy with his powers and injured the meridian channels in his body, thus crippling his Vital Spirit. His internal injuries were so terrible that he could be dead if Meng Qi was determined to take his life!

Still, he managed to recover his young master despite his injuries. He watched the carriage, now a mere dot, with an intensely hateful and darkened expression, narrowed eyes, and gritted teeth. Meng Qi’s laughter and voice still rang in his ears.

“Thank you for seeing us off, Dragon King!”

The Sage Who Transcended Samsara Chapter 379 - Expressing Gratitude with the Blade

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